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Yes, i gave him mercurius around 10 days ago. He is only on allopathic treatment now. Symptoms changed. I should probably fill in the questionnaire again.
aflorea 6 years ago
Hello again.

Today was finalized the nose secretions test. He still have the streptococus pneumoniae MRSA and it's not responding to the antibiotics that he's been taking for a week now. We have to change the antibiotic. Can I help him with an homeopathic remedy, like Influnezinum?
aflorea 6 years ago
He also made candida in the mouth. The tongue is white at the base and he has white spots on the tonsils.
aflorea 6 years ago
If symptoms have changed, can you give me details. I will then add those into what we already have (and remove the no longer relevant ones).
Evocationer 6 years ago
He does not have that intense salivation and he does not want to drink so much tea.
"We treated" the eczema with an ointment that has antibiotics and cortisone. The doctor sad to me that if we do not treat it, it could expend to other parts of the body. I gave him that ointment for 5 days. The skin looks healthy but yesterday I've notice that during bath time some red sports appeared on the area of that eczema. The spots disappeared after the bath.
He has rough skin at the enter of both ears. He probably had a reaction to the ear drops, that he toked for the otitis.
The tongue is clear now. The doctor prescribe him an solution for the candida. The tongue get cleaned after the first application of this solution.
From the nose I feel a strong smell like sulfur, I guess. The secretions are yellow-green now.
He also have some purple rings around his eyes.

I think that all.
Thank-you again.
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aflorea 6 years ago
Hi Evocationer,

As I was told you in a previous message the doctor said that we have to change the antibiotic for my son. Today he made another nose secretion test. The results will be ready in aprox. 4 days.
But I don't want to give him another antibiotic. I know that homeopathy can help him more.
He is not taking any drugs for almost 3 days now. How much do we have to wait until he can take the homeopath remedy that you will prescribe?
He is well now (except this little nose secretion that is yellow - greenish and it smells) and I don't think that he needs another antibiotic, but the doctor told me that we don't know if the streptococcus it's not spreed in other parts of the body, like the lungs and will be activate we the next cold.
I know that I am to anxious, but at every 2 or 3 weeks he catch a cold and he starts again with the problems: running nose, cough, bronchitis.

Please help me with an answer. I need to understand how do you see his problems, when do you think that it's proper to act with a homeopath remedy.

Thank you again.
aflorea 6 years ago
This doctor does seem to like fear-mongering doesn't he?

This is a slippery slope you are on - cortisone, antibiotics, more antibiotics - I see this so often, and it never results in cure or good health. Orthodox medical doctors are so lost when it comes to chronic disease, and when it comes to the concept of healthy living.

Let me go over the information now, adding in those new symptoms.
Evocationer 6 years ago
So this case looks like a Sycotic one, especially with all the excessive discharges. There are some keynotes for a particular remedy here - Medorrhinum. I would also be considering Pulsatilla, which is another sycotic remedy.

If you have to order and wait for remedies to arrive, I would probably get both. Obtain in order of importance (based on what you can afford):

Medorrhinum 30c
Medorrhinum 200c
Pulsatilla 30c
Pulsatilla 200c

Get these in liquid form (oral dosing liquid).

If you have obtained pillules or pellets, you will need a small bottle and a dropper to make your own liquid dose. Mix water and alcohol into this small bottle to the ratio of 5:1. Dissolve 3 pillules/pellets into this bottle. All doses will be made from this bottle.

If you already have a liquid dose just start from step 1.

1. Hit the bottle 5 times firmly against the palm of the hand

2. Place 3 drops into 100mls of clean fresh water

3. Stir very thoroughly

4. Take 2 teaspoons out into the mouth and hold for 20 seconds, then swallow.

This is one dose and the same steps should be taken for any further doses, unless I ask you to change them in some way.

If any old symptoms reappear, or any current symptoms worsen, this is a GOOD sign in most cases. DO NOT SUPPRESS them with other kinds of medication unless you are in real danger (which is a highly unlikely reaction to a remedy).

However, if you are on regular medication it is also important that you do NOT stop taking this unless it is perfectly safe to do so. Once it is determined the medicine has acted beneficially, we can look at reducing such medication. Regular medication in this instance is NOT defined as other homoeopathic medicines which MUST be stopped. Tissue salts are the same as homoeopathic medicines and are in this category, as are Bach Flowers, Flower Essences, and Bush Flower Essences.

I will only ask you to give one dose of Medorrhinum 30c initially to see what reaction he has, then we can give more doses after that.
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Evocationer 6 years ago
Thank-you very much Evocationer.

Other symptoms that changed yesterday:
He is thirsty again for tea only. He does not have any more secretion in the nose but the nose seems blocked and he sleeps with the mouth open and he snores. He is again irritated especially in the evening around 7 o'clock. After he take his bath and he drinks some milk he calms down.

I have called to the pharmacy and they have all the remedies in dry dose. I will take them today and start with the first dose of Medorrhinum 30ch.
Thank-you again.
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aflorea 6 years ago
I forgot something important. Yesterday I have manage to see in his through and he still have withe spots on the tonsils and his tongue is white at the base.
aflorea 6 years ago
Hi Evocationer,

Today my son toked the first wet dose of Medorrhinum 30ch. I'll keep you informed about his state.
aflorea 6 years ago
Hi Evocationer,

After one day since he took Medorrhinum 30c:

- yesterday in the evening some red points appeared on the neck, in the place where was that eczema. In the morning the skin was clear.
- first part of the night he tossed a lot in the bed, he waked up but he didn't cried. The second part of the night, after he drank his milk he calm down and he slept uninterrupted.
- today he begin to drolled more, but not so intense, like he used to do before taking the mercurius.
- yesterday he was red around the anus and on the bolls, today it's not anymore.
- he was happy and content during the day. Usually when he has red skin around the anus I used baby diaper rash creams. Yesterday after the dose of medorrhinum I didn't used this creams.
aflorea 6 years ago
First part of this second night he was very restless and he cried a few times. I gave him his milk, he didn't drink-it all and he began to cry when I put him down to his bed. Right now he tries to go back to sleep again. He is grumble and tossing in his bed.
In the end I could say that I don't see no improvement in his sleep, neither aggravation.
aflorea 6 years ago
During this day I understood why he had a restless sleep last night. He breath only through his mouth. He has no secretions in the nose, but the nose it's blocked.

The cheeks skin is very red and dry. He was a little bit more red than usual before he took medhorrhinum, but it was not so dry. When he had atopic dermatitis at one month, his cheeks was very red and with red spots. I don't now what to say: if this is an aggravation or a new symptom.

The stool was sour in this evening and he burned his skin.

He was nervous and irritable today.

He also had an increased appetite.

What should I do? Should I give him another dose of medorrhinum?
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aflorea 6 years ago
Please wait for instructions- he is aggravating
and you do not give more when aggravating or
you make it worse.
simone717 6 years ago
Thank-you Simone. I'll wait for instructions.
aflorea 6 years ago
The third day after Medorrhinum:

Last night he slept much better, he still tossed a lot but he did not wake up crying so often.

During the day he was calm and happy, he slept much less that usual but he was not tired or nervous like he used to be when he did not slept enough.

No discharge from ear and eyes today. The day before he waked up in the morning with golden secretions from the eyes.

His skin on the face is still dry. He still has the dipper rash from yesterday. The tonsils are still with white deposits.

Yesterday (more) and today (less) he eructated, like his having some acidity on the stomach. The stomach content comes back and make him to choke. I could say that this is an old symptom, because until 9 month old he regurgitated the food, including the solid one. He stop regurgitate when I give him Ippeca 9ch for the cough.

Usually he fall asleep alone in his bed, but in this evening I had to hold him in my arms.

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aflorea 6 years ago
Day 4:

- sleep still restless. he waked up very early in the morning.

- right eyes with golden scabs in the morning.

- happy and hungry during the day. he is longing for everything that he sees on the table or if he sees you eating. (like he was at 7-8 month old)

- skin on the face still dry, but not so much, like yesterday

- tonsils same like the other days

- less eructation

- diaper rash still a problem

- he fell asleep alone in this evening
aflorea 6 years ago
Hi Evocationer,

It's been a week since the dose of medorrhinum.

His sleep it's getting worse. He wake up after an hour or two and he can not get to sleep back if I don't put him with me in the bed. Even so he is tossing and crying all the night.

Noses till blocked when he is sleeping - he breath through the mouth and he snoreS.

Still happy and hungry during the day.

Skin on the face still dry.

Tonsils same like the other days.

No eructation.

With diaper rash.

No other discharges from ear, eyes or nose.
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aflorea 6 years ago
Is everything worse?

Is anything at all better?

Is anything much the same as it was?
Evocationer 6 years ago
Worse - sleeping, nose blocked during sleeping, skin on the cheeks (new symptom).

The same - tonsils, diaper rash, stool sour (sometimes), salivation.

Better - state of mind, appetite, no secretions from nose, ear and eyes.
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aflorea 6 years ago
8 days after Medorrhinum 30c.

I could conclude that:

Better - state of mind - 100%
Worse - sleep, nose blocked, skin
Same - tonsils

The other symptoms changed with every day. One or two days better, another day worse. For example yesterday he waked up with no secretion from the eyes, today with. Salivation one day without, the next day with.
Skin symptoms, also changeable. Today on the neck, in the place of that eczema it appeared some little red spots. It could be because of the intense drooling. Another eczema appeared on his right hand. I think it's from the egg -withe. He ate just a little bit, but the next day that eczema was there.

Should I report you every day or after a number of days? I don't want to butter you with information that are not important.
aflorea 6 years ago
to the top
aflorea 6 years ago
How should I handle with a flu? He sneezed a lot today. If it's getting worse what should I do?
aflorea 6 years ago
Hi Evocationer,

He slept a little better for 2 nights. (not waking up from half and half an hour)
He has two big molar tooth that are growing now and they are probably the cause of his intense salivation and restless sleep. One of it it managed to brake into the gum ( the second part of the tooth) so I guess that the pressure was released and that why he slept better for 2 nights. They are only half grew and they are growing for nearly 2 month now. I don't know if I it's correct to say it's a slow or difficult growing.

This night he cried a lot. He never cried so much before. I still think that is because of the molar tooth. He was nervous during the day to. He throw up things a lot.

His nose is stuffed up now with egg-withe secretions.

The eczema on the neck it reappeared. It looks like a crowd of red spots.
aflorea 6 years ago
Ok, great result so far! I would repeat the Medorrhinum first, and then we can see if we need to look at an acute remedy for teething.
Evocationer 6 years ago

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