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Acute respiratory infection - best dilution for children? Page 4 of 9

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He begin to cough now. It 3 clock in the morningmornig here. I think it went down to the chest from what it sounds.
The secretions are like egg white and greenish. The tonsils are enlarge, but clear. He also have intense salivation and purple rings around the eyes. The right eyes looks much worse.
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aflorea 6 years ago
When he cough his forcing the stomach, he tries to bent. I have kali bich, carbon, sulfur at home all in 30 ch.
aflorea 6 years ago
I would try a dose of Kali Bich 30c.

Take 2 pills and dissolve in a couple tablespoons of water.
Give him a tsp. for a dose.

If he aggravates stop dosing.
If he improves then wait to see how long it holds before another dose.
Or if nothing happens give him another dose 4 hours later.
simone717 6 years ago
Thank-you Simone.
I gave him Kali Bich and he is much better now. He cough often, but he does not have the nose blocked and he does not salivate so intense. He is very happy, not needing me so much.
The purple circles around the eyes looks a little better.
The secretions of the nose seems to get dry, they became greenish cream.
aflorea 6 years ago
Good, I thought it matched him well, it
has the salivation, the blue color of skin,
similar discharges, and blocked nose.

Watch for improvement now. If he goes
backward, or if it seems like it has
reached a level where there is no more
improvement, then give another dose at that time.
simone717 6 years ago
I gave him another dose because he began to go backward. After the second dose the nose remained blocked and his been salivating much.
But his nose it's not running like before. He is happy and full of energy and he did't want to make his morning nap.
He cough less to.
aflorea 6 years ago

I give him 3 dose of Kalium Bich.
- cough (he did not cough during the night or days naps).
- full of energy and happy
- sleep, he manage to breath a little bit through the nose ( he is still tossing into the bed, like before this cold)

- nose obstructed,
- salivation increased,
- secretions from the nose green like the white of an egg consistency,
- voice hoarse,
- some cough during day, especially after he wakes up.

Worse: appetite

What should I do next? should I just wait for the remedy to continue his act or should I gave him another dose, or other remedy?
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aflorea 6 years ago
Hi Aflorea,

How many hours ago was your last post? What is going on with teething- is another tooth coming thru? bc increased salivation has a lot to do with teething.

Is that the situation as of now? I am writing Pacific
Standard Time 8:40 in the morning.

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simone717 6 years ago
Hi Simone,

I have written the post about 6 hour ago.

He has two molar tooth that are growing. But I've notice that he has intense salivation when he can't breath through the nose too, probably because he has the tonsils enlarge too. When he has no trouble with the nose, even he is teething the salivation it's not so intense. (intense = I have to change his tee-shirts 4 or 5 times on one day).

Mean time I gave him another dose of kali bich, but I prepare the dose as Evocationer indicate.

He woke up from his nap and he can breath throw the nose, he much less secretions and just a little salivation.

Here is now 7 PM in the evening, (10 AM Pacific Daylight Time).

Thank you.
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aflorea 6 years ago

kali bi seems to be working-I would continue
dosing only if you see he is going backward.


simone717 6 years ago

I would not give him another dose only if he is going backward.
Hope that Evocationer will be online after this weekend so I can receive his advice to.

Tank-you both of you a lot.
God bless you for your kindness.
aflorea 6 years ago

Happy that I could check in and help you on Saturday-
Sunday this site crashed, glad that it got fixed.
simone717 6 years ago
I also tried to log in over the weekend and found the site unavailable. I am glad Simone was able to offer you some help though. Kali-bich was a good prescription for this acute.

How is he this moring? (or perhaps evening where you are)
Evocationer 6 years ago
Hi Evocationer,

He slept much better. He can breath partially through the nose.
He looks all better.
aflorea 6 years ago
Today he breathed partially through the nose. He salivated, but not so much like yesterday. He cough only a few times in the day.
He still have secretions from the nose that are greenish. Should I gave him another dose of kali bich because he still has this secretions? Last dose (the 4th) was yesterday in the afternoon.
Thank you?
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aflorea 6 years ago
Hi- I would give him one more dose.

If he gets a bit worse, it will wear off
and get better,

If he continues to improve, then you know
it helped.

You can report tomorrow.


simone717 6 years ago
Hi Simone, Evocationer

I gave him one more dose of kali bich about 8 hours ago. Nothing changed so far.
Nose still blocked. Sometimes he can breath through the nose sometimes no (mostly no while standing up). It seems that he can breath much better through the nose while he is lying down. ( while sleeping - quite odd for me, because he could not breath through the nose while sleeping before this cold began).
Little salivation, especially when he can not breath through the nose.
He still have greenish secretions from the nose and cough, if I can't manage to drag them out.
No secretions from the eyes when he waked up in the morning.
Tonsils a little bit more large than before this cold began.
No dipper rash.
Eczema - the skin is dry now, no reaction to the warm water.
Sleep - last night he slept pretty good. He is still tossing, but he is not waking up crying. He falls asleep alone in his bed, but after 1 or 2 hour he wakes up and looks for me. He wants me to put him into my bed and to sleep near him, if is possible. If he can't feel me through the night he wakes up.
Happy and content during the day. Appetite normal. Thirst normal.

Thank you.
aflorea 6 years ago
I would give him a couple more
doses, 6 hours apart and report
the next day. It seems to be
working for him and he is not
aggravating. If he aggravates
after the next dose, then stop.


simone717 6 years ago
Hi Simone, Evocationer,

Just little improvements in his state.
Still having secretions from the nose. Sometimes the nose is blocked, sometimes no.
But his stool is changed. It's full with mucus and it's very sour. He usually has this kind of sour/acid stool, but now the stool it's green and more creamy than usual. Probably from the mucus. First time I thought is from what he ate, but from yesterday evening the consistency of the stool is the same.

What should I do next?
aflorea 6 years ago
Stop dosing now and then report how he is doing
in two days.
simone717 6 years ago
This night he is waking up crying a lot. I think it's another tooth that will come out.
aflorea 6 years ago
I would also consider giving him 200c of the Kali-bich if he doesn't improve further.
Evocationer 6 years ago
Sometimes the stool can get
this way when a tooth is coming.

Wait the 2 days and report and
like Evocationer said you can
try the 200c then of Kali bich
if needed.
simone717 6 years ago
Hi Simone,

The stool was ok this morning. Also for the second part of the night he slept in his bed and did not waked up until morning. It's been a long time since he managed to sleep so good. The tooth that I thought that it's responsible for his crying did not broke into the gum, so I think it was an aggravation from the last dose of kali bich 30ch.
I also think that kali bich works for him at more levels. His sleep it's been a problem for me since he was a little baby.
Anyway, I will wait 2 days and report. I have kali bich 200c in case he will need it.

Tank-you again.

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aflorea 6 years ago
Good result so far, very promising. Nice work Simone.
Evocationer 6 years ago
simone717 6 years ago

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