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Simone717 / mani jee ?15 weeks pregnant - acid indigestion/reflux

I have been dealing with nausea these past few weeks and although it has gotten better between homeopathy and chiropractor, I would like some help for my acid indigestion/reflux. All foods make acid worse in my stomach. I also have had post nasal drip for years. It has become worse over the past weeks. Some nights I wake up and I don't feel the urge to swallow or expectorants because there is nothing there and it feels so relieving. I would like to clear it as the excessive swallowing of mucus makes me gag more.

Any pregnancy safe remedies for acid indigestion/reflux and post nasal drip?

Thank you!
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  Nataliesammi on 2015-07-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
sepia 200 one dose only.

but before using it, let me know which was the last homeo remedy you used?

mani_jee 7 years ago
Last I used was ipecac 30. A few weeks ago was the last dose.
Nataliesammi 7 years ago
I have Sepia 30c on hand - can I use that ? The acid is killing my stomach!!! If not then I will order
Nataliesammi 7 years ago
if u have natrium phosphirum 6x, u may take 4 tablets.

and please order for sepia 200 (sepia 30 is not recommended).

mani_jee 7 years ago
its natrium phosphoricum 6x
mani_jee 7 years ago
Do I take both remedies? Or which one first?
Nataliesammi 7 years ago
Natrium Phos 6x, you can take it at any time whenever you feel acid reflux. It is an acid neutralizer.

Sepia 200 needs to be taken only once.

mani_jee 7 years ago
Hi Natalie,

I see you asked for me and Mani Jee answered.

As far as the post nasal drip, ENT drs say that having post nasal
drip can cause acid reflux because of the mucous getting into
the stomach.

I have had relatives with this post nasal drip/acid stomach issue
and when the drip was reduced the acid stomach disappeared.

You can try the Nat Phos 6x if you want and see if that helps.
I would not take Sepia.

More information needs to be given on all of this.

1. How many years has the post nasal drip gone on for?
2.What do you think is the cause: pollen, dust allergies, food allergies like milk?
3.Have you been to an ENT for diagnosis?
Re: dizziness, vertigo and inner ear problems? How is that since the chiropractor?
4. Are you continuing to see the chiropractor as allergies are the immune system out of
whack, and when the spine is running right people do get relief from allergies.
5.What have you tried, allopathic and homeopathic for the post nasal drip?
simone717 7 years ago
Thank you for your reply Simone.

1. I have had post nasal drip for years and years. I have always suffered from it , some days worse than others. I have a constant sensation and need to swallow what is coming down from the back of my nose into my throat. It's always thick and yellowish or clear but thick. My ears usually make a "pop" sound every time I swallow and I always feel that "something" is being pushed down.

2. I have no clue what the cause could be. I am sensitive to some smells especially perfumes with lilies extract. I don't see what could cause it.

3. No ENT . I try to stay away from conventional medicine as much as possible. The chiropractor has helped tremendously and I go every week. The nausea creeps up every once in a while but I don't have the vomit sensation with rancid feeling anymore. Now I just feel disgust in my stomach. Every food will make me turn my face because I'm afraid it will give me acid or make me throw up. Once I eat I feel good for an hour or so. Then the nausea starts again. Followed by acid. When I was a child, 15-16 years old I was hospitalized for Gastritis and Esophagitis. I took omeprazole for months after that episode. With my first pregnancy I did not know about homeopathy too much and drank omeprazole a lot and it's the only thing that helped with the acid I had.

4. I do see the chiropractor every week sometimes 2x if I feel worse but I do not think it is allergies. I live in South Florida and it is very hot. The heat makes me feel very bad.

5. I have not tried anything for the post nasal drip. I always just lived with it and now it has been acting up so I need relief.

I bought the Nat Phos 6x and just took it 20 minutes ago.

Thank you!!!
Nataliesammi 7 years ago
How is the motion sickness and vertigo from driving etc?

See what the nat phos 6x does for you and report on that.
simone717 7 years ago
I will report with nat phos within couple of days.

The car rides are ok but I do think I might have to see an ENT if the motion sickness continues. I want to give the chiropractor a few more weeks to see how it goes.
Nataliesammi 7 years ago
Will the Nat Phos help the post nasal drip/mucus?

I need relief from that :(
Nataliesammi 7 years ago
Natali has given some pecular symptoms of a well known remedy and I am confident that simon would be able to recognize and prescribe it.

kind regards,
mani_jee 7 years ago
Take one remedy at a time and see what the results are.

I think considering your history with the motion sickness
for many years, it is a good idea to see the ENT about
your inner ear state. It does not mean you have to take
any medicines, but get the right diagnosis first and
see if it has anything to do with the post nasal drip also.

Since you are pregnant and these things have gone
on long before and are chronic you want to be
cautious here.
simone717 7 years ago
Mani jee

I am open to your suggestion as well, I just had worked with Simone before and had favorable result therefore I asked for a second opinion.

Which remedy do you feel will help with the peculiar/specific symptoms I feel ? The sepia?

I am cautious because I am pregnant although I have full respect for homeopathy, I don't like taking many remedies.

Thank you Simone and Mani Jee for all your help :)
Nataliesammi 7 years ago

You have to work with one person at a time on here. Everyone approaches
a case differently. One person has to be in charge bc suggestions from
people can be for remedies that do not work together, or the person
does not have enough info on the case and is giving things for
acute conditions which are really chronic conditions and need an overall
case to be taken.

Neither Mani Jee or I are homeopaths.

The best course for you is to see a homeopath in South Florida who
can look over everything for you and get all the needed details in depth.
If you want a list of qualified people, I can give you some options.

Otherwise, I am withdrawing now and you can work with whoever you
chose to work with.

Good luck.
simone717 7 years ago
I do have a homeopath in Miami and she is great I just can't afford her right now. I was not intending to take both suggestions at the same time just see which would work better for me from my own research.

I had favorable results with Simone suggestion for my last symptoms and this is why I reached out for a second opinion. I am also trying to learn so that I can know what to do should I have these symptoms again.

Having two opinions is good because we can all talk and learn to see which is the most favorable result for the patient. I was lucky to find nat phos locally in my city today so I was very happy! It looked like both of you agreed it worked well so that's why I decided to try after I read a little bit more in cell salts.

I am making an appointment in the morning for the ENt to rule out any inner ear problems also. I just hate to hear doctors say things like you need antibiotic or take this drug to see IF it works. I have been recommended afrin and other nasal aspiration medicines but I have never taken them as they are very addictive. I have a compulsive addictive personality so I am scared to try things that will cause addiction. Even aspirin I'm scared of!

Thanks again for taking time out of your days to reply and try to remedy my situation. It is very appreciated.
Nataliesammi 7 years ago
Hi Natalie,

I agree with you about ENT and drugs. But at least get the facts,
good you are doing that.

It does not work on here for two opinions going on to discuss.
Mani Jee and I do not do things the same way at all. If you want
to know more on this you can email me, click my name.

Nat Phos 6x is a cell salt. Cell salts work on the cell metabolism
balancing it- it is more of a sub system of homeopathy. Nat phos
is a known acid reducer, so you could think of it like homeopathic
Tums.There are hundreds of remedies for acid reflux that in
chronic issues should be specifically chosen after taking the
case in detail.

However trying out Nat phos 6x a few times is not going to
be harmful, that is why I said try it.
simone717 7 years ago
I understand your point. I actually did email you before I posted on here. Maybe it went to spam folder. I like that you ask additional questions to get a full understanding of the issue.

I also understand not all people practice homeopathy the same. Some like to mix remedies while classic homeopathists treat one at a time. My local homeopathist is classical but with another baby coming and one in school, we are tight on the funds.

I also did some tangent research on gluten intolerance as whenever I eat wheat products I have more of a reaction in my stomach . My skin behind my arms is full of keratosis Something. I can't remember the name and many of the symptoms associated with gluten intolerance fit into my symptoms. I would say all but have only done minor research.
I do like to believe that if the body is functioning properly there should be no reason for intolerances or allergies but maybe that's just fanaticism of the body being able to heal itself on my part.

I just really hate drugs/medicines.

I hope you can continue to help me :)
Nataliesammi 7 years ago

You can get skin allergy tested - it takes only minutes.

Allergies are the immune system out of whack, so they take a long
treatment. In the meantime, one is still dealing with the allergies and
you have to do what you can to avoid irritating your system.

When you are pregnant it is not the time to start the long term
treatment, do it after you have the baby. I had severe, pollen, grass
allergies after I had my second child. It took about a year of long
term treatment - I was not noticing much relief at all and then after
one year, they just were gone, and never came back.

What you want to do is a process of elimination to see if you feel better.
Dairy and wheat are the main food allergies. What you need to know,
is that if you are allergic and have some wheat for example- it begins
inflammation- the inflammation can go on for a week to 2 weeks
after one meal of it. You could be fine, have some wheat, not notice
anything, and then two days later start feeling your gut not working
right, having mucous etc and then not able to track it back because
it is not always and instant reaction.

I would eliminate the wheat for 2 weeks and see what happens there.
I have to cook for one of my relatives who has wheat and dairy allergy.
They found they can have one type of white bread that does not bother
them at all,so they can have sandwiches, and some Asian noodles etc,
I can use coconut flour to bake things ( difficult) or buy store mixes
of cookies, cakes etc made from Almond flour which I can't really
tell the difference. It is a huge adjustment, but no digestive issues
after doing this.
simone717 7 years ago
Thanks for your reply.

I saw the ENT this morning. He said for the post nasal drip he can recommend Rhinocort (steroid) which I don't plan on using. I asked if it could be food allergy and he said maybe and to make an appointment with the allergist. I'll be doing that this week.

As for the ears, he looked and saw nothing out of the ordinary. They did a hearing test (all normal) and will do a balance test next week to see if there's anything wrong. He doesn't think it's an inner ear issue - he did say that it could be positional vertigo and that would be determined by the balance test.

The day before yesterday I took the Nat Phos and felt relief within 30-45 minutes. Yesterday I ate normal, and after eating a quesadilla I felt heartburn - minor but enough for me to take a second dose of the Nat PHos.

Conclusion, the Nat Phos is helping me control the acid. Should I only take it when I feel symptoms ?

In the mornings I am still dry heaving and gagging (sometimes vomit clear liquid and/or bile) because of the post nasal drip.

Is there something I can do about the drip now?

Thank you!
Nataliesammi 7 years ago
Take a gap day from the Nat Phos. The next day try Kali Bich 30c,
3 times to see if it helps the post nasal drip.

Try 3 pills under the tongue. Once in the morning, Once after
dinner, and again the next morning. Do not eat or drink 15 minutes
before or after taking.

If you feel worse after dose one or dose two, then stop. See how
long it holds for.

Don't take any Nat phos for the day before, the day of, the day

If nothing happens with kali bich, it is the wrong remedy.

I would like you to report 24 hours after the last dose of Kali Bich,
to assess the reaction.

This post nasal drip seems to be what you want to address right
now the most - today if you wish you can take a couple tabs of
Nat phos 6x after each meal and then tomorrow have the gap-
the Nat phos may keep the acid stable while you try the Kali Phos.
simone717 7 years ago
Before I try this, I want to ask you something. I remember with my first child when I had extra secretion or had a cold (I was not using homeopathy back then) I was told to be careful with certain natural herbs or over the counter medications because what made them stop the secretion also would impact the milk I was producing . They said it would dry my mucus but also can Diminish my supply. Would me taking the Kali Bich Impact my upcoming supply? It's still very early I know I just want to know if it can dry me up even before producing .

Thank you!
Nataliesammi 7 years ago
It is safe to take-

There is no actual substance in the remedy-
it is so diluted and you could call it nano medicine, bc the remedy
makes an imprint on the water molecule-

When a remedy is a match to your symptoms, it is a catalyst to
your life force, because the body will not accept a match to
your symptoms. The body will raise the life force to clear the
remedy and the out of balance state.

Your life force is doing the work, herbs work very differently.
simone717 7 years ago
I tried to leave a gap today and a little over half an hour ago I gave up because I was miserable with nausea and what felt like a start of acid.

Could it be mental? I swear I took the remedy (nat phos) and it's suddenly manageable. I couldn't even walk too fast earlier today or I would have a vomit burp come up.

So frustrating. I want to get rid of the post nasal drip!

Let me know what you think
Nataliesammi 7 years ago

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