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Eczema case - almost cured!

Hello Telescope/Simone/Others,

Our 3 son recently developed a fever after taking a mixed remedy that contained the following:

Arsenicum Alb 6c
Calc Sulph 6c
Nat Phos 6c
Silicea 6c

The only remedy on that list that we did not administer to our son previously was Silicea. It clearly had a marketed action on his skin because it healed his Eczema to almost 80% cure with progress slowly continuing week after week.

We have done a lot of research, studies into his symptoms, lab results, medicines we administered on him (toxic essential oils, allopathic suppressants) chinese medicine observations and we are 100% certain that all his eczema symptoms are due to Liver toxicity, which still requires a cure.

We have found a homeopath in our area that is highly rated and experienced but we would like some feedback on the remedy he has prescribed to be certain we are headed in the right path.

Kali Sulph 6X - One single dry dose pellet once a day (during night).

I have three questions if you could please advise me:

1. The homeopathic doctor is not familiar with the wet dose process and I would like to know if Cell Salts can be administered in wet doses instead of dry dose

2. Should cell salts be administered in "Tablet" form (Hylands Tablets for example), Globules, or Ethanol Dropper configuration?


- Dark oval spot on left cheek that recently developed and according to chinese medicine charts it's a correlation to the liver organ

- Waking between 1am - 3am (also liver organ according to chinese medicine)

- Much straining while passing stool

- Complains of tummy pains all the time

- Urine has yellow tint sometimes and smells (typically only morning urine smells)

- Malabsorption of food. Son will eat full meals but then feel hungry again a few hours later.

- Color of all foods he eats show up in his stool (another sign of liver bile production issues)

- Has yeast overgrowth symtoms due to extensive use of Antibiotics, Vaccines, Fever Suppressants (Paracetamol), Essential oils use.

- Craves for Cheese. Loves Olives.

- Drinks a lot of water

- Unable to tolerate dairy, sweets (particularly Fructose). Both cause issues with digestion, gas, etc.

- Very reactive to vitamins, even simple Vitamin D3 drops cause itching and aggravation of symptoms (because liver has to process and filter)

- Flatulence in the night that is difficult to pass and must squeeze tummy and walk child around all night to help him fall asleep.

- Very irritable in the mornings.

- Gallbladder issues are also there since he is very irritable until he is able to passing urine first thing in the morning or has gas issues.

- Teeth are sensitive and gums have become dark due to antibiotics use.

- Tongue is normal now (previously it was white).

My wife, son and entire family thank you all for your help (in advance)!!

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  kaunhe on 2015-07-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What do you mean the homeopath is not aware of wet dosing?

If they are not aware of this- I don't think they could be a real

What kind of Dr. is this? A chiropractor or naturopath?
simone717 8 years ago
whether homeopathic medicine should be taken dry or in wet doses is a matter of controversy. there are people on both sides and they are very good doctors. when it is taken in wet doses it acts faster. however speed is not always important and dry doses serve equally well. moreover in certain circumstances like when a patient is unconscious wet doses are not possible.
telescope 8 years ago
Sorry, I should have been more specific.

The Doctor, an MD Doctor who has been practicing homeopathy for 20 years now administered our son the Kali Sulph 200C dry pellet remedy vice the wet dosing that I've noticed a lot of homeopaths use.

I assumed cell salts aren't given in wet dosing so I didn't ask. I didn't want to be disrespectful either so I couldn't cough up the courage to ask him.

He's asked us to give 6X nightly globules nightly.

Thanks for Simone.
kaunhe 8 years ago
Thank you telescope!

Telescope: Any thoughts on the remedy being prescribed?

Thanks again.
kaunhe 8 years ago
I do not want to discourage you but I feel your doctor is on the wrong track. he is concentrating on the eczema which is not correct. all the symptoms of your son has to be covered by one medicine. the morning and night aggravation, digestion difficulties and straining to pass stool are very important symptoms which cannot be overlooked . once these things are taken care of the eczema will dissappear. skin eruptions are actually attempts by the body to get rid of toxins and as such should not be tinkered with. anybody who does that will be doing harm. actually homeopathy is a very difficult art to practice and to be successful a certain bent of mind is required. if that is not there it does not matter how senior he is or what degrees he writes after his name.
telescope 8 years ago

Please trust the Dr. for awhile and see what goes on.

Cell salts are given dry but they can be put into water- it just
sounded like the Dr. had no idea there was such a thing-
which is why I asked.

Telescope, there is more going on here than eczema, more things
that are not on any posts if you click the user name.
simone717 8 years ago
Thank you all for your input.

I'm in total agreement that his skin eruptions are a good sign of his body pushing out toxins. We made mistakes suppressing if previously but we are no longer doing that.

We will try this doctors approach and see how things go. I will provide updates.

Based on stool test results he has SIBO (small intestines bacteria over growth - some really bad bacteria safe trapped in his digestive system) and yeast overgrowth.

I will provide updates on this thread for everyone.
kaunhe 8 years ago
Bacterial stool tests just came in and it turns out our son has SIBO. Which explains why we keep facing copious gas and bloating. Let's see what happens with the remedy being prescribed.
kaunhe 8 years ago
We met with the homeopath earlier this week and he prescribed our son Lycopodium 200c after matching his tummy ache symptoms and asked us to do a follow up in one month.

The good news is that within 24 hours his hands and legs looked completely cured and his long potty sitting times also came down. No tummy ache complains either.

The doctor recommended probiotics and so we started giving him Probiotics that night. The next day everything started gowing down hill.

Now our son is itching his hands again and legs which were previously cured by the mixed remedy (Silicea ingredient in the remedy was what cured his skin I think). He also has the thick white coating again on the back of the tongue that was previously gone.

Tummy aches are gone, straining is still there but he's able to pass stool without as much trouble as before. Gas is less now as well.

Question I have is wether these are the effects of the remedies or did the remedy get antidotes by probiotics that he was allergic to (we did an energy test and turns out he was allergic to one of the ingredients in the probiotics - we've switched brands now).

Appreciate any thoughts you might have. I'm planning on discussing this with the homeopath on Monday to get some guidance from him as well.
kaunhe 8 years ago
What I would suggest is to stop the probiotics for 2 weeks. Then you
will not have confusion about it.

Remember the way homeopathy works is to bring back ( for a short time)
everything that was suppressed by drugs, herbs and even other remedies.
This is where you have to hang in there and let things come up and this
is where many get confused and naturally want to suppress everything again.

It has to come back up and out. For example, it is quite common
for kids that have eczema and take medication to later then get
allergies, and then sometimes those turn into asthma. I have
seen this happen with children of my friends. A good homeopath will
tell you, that when you start treatment, that when the asthma and allergies
leave, the eczema is going to show up again.
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simone717 8 years ago
Good points thank you. Our son did have a lingering cough from a recent cold so I guess it makes sense that he's better overall even though he skin is not in good shape
kaunhe 8 years ago
The skin is going to take some time of things showing up and then
releasing from previous suppression.
simone717 8 years ago

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