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To simone- plz help me with weight loss, depression

Hi Simone, I need help for loosing weight. I read alot abt Nat phos6x. I bought it too. Plz advice me if i can have some other medicine for my depression. I read that with nat phos u can not take any other medicine. I have problem of depression as I consulted a psychiatric. After all my routine test there was nothing wrong with me medically. Doctor suggested me to take stalopam20 and sleeping pill of 25mg. After sometime I found that sleeping pill I was taking has less effect. Now a days I am not taking any anti depressants. But I have noticed that now a days I shout alot, gets irritate on very small issues, impatient. I wanted to go for natural medicines That's why i need ur advice on weight loss and anti depressants. I also have problem related to fissure, tonsils, sinus, hair fall, Which comes and go time to time. Plz help me.
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  hon_afn on 2015-07-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
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AsadGhumman 7 years ago

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simone717 7 years ago

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simone717 7 years ago
I withdraw my suggestions. Please carry on
AsadGhumman 7 years ago

please go ahead- I just saw that she
has been trying to get your attention

A. One thing that I think is important here, is what kind of IUD do you have ? Some IUD's
cause hair loss and other things.
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simone717 7 years ago
Hi, I had multiload (IUD) for 5yrs in the month of march 2015. I had a loads of issues in the beginning. Like abdomen pain, irregular menses, body ache. Hair problem I never thought that iud may cause this. So do not remember its up and down after iud.
hon_afn 7 years ago
simone, I think it will be better if you could look after this case. Kindly evaluate Calc Carb & Ignatia as well along with any other possible remedies that come into our mind.
AsadGhumman 7 years ago

The IUD information is very important.

I am going to try to get all your info on this thread, so there will be
a lot of questions as your case is complex.
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simone717 7 years ago
Hi Simone, IUD was installed on 16/12/2014. My son was born on 11/12/2011. Then I conceived again in between aug-sep.2012 and aborted in the month of oct.2012. I am sending you the pics of the IUD card which was given to me at the time of installation. As I do not remember its name. I hope that pics will help.
hon_afn 7 years ago
I do not know why pics are not showing in the post. Plz help.
hon_afn 7 years ago
Hi, I have sent pics on your email. Kindly check it. Meenakshi.
hon_afn 7 years ago

Sorry for delay(had to care for a sick relative)

Patient info : 33year old female. Want to lose weight. My weight is 76kg. Height 5.3 ft. I have warts,mild depression, could not sleep without medicine. I take stalopam 20 with a sleeping pill of 25mg. Shalcal 500 for bones. As I feel pain in legs and muscle are weak. I am a mother of 3.5 yr old..

Main problem-continuing lack of energy, weakness, after TB in 2003. Struggle to do chores, too weak
to carry her baby,personality change into anger, irritation, breaking things, shouting physical abuse
of child,cannot sleep worrying about getting child to school on time. Was a hard worker, fun loving person,
before tb. Loves family, likes things to be perfect.

Currently no allopathic meds-Last prescription by homeopath: Cal Carb 200c one dose ( 5times-Dec 2014, Feb 2015twice april 2015, and July 6th 2015

and kali phos 6x, silicea 6x everyday. Since 7-6-2015 -Patient says notices nothing from these.

6-19, took Nat phos 6x Thuja 200 for warts and Antimonium Cruda, Did not help anything.

2000-Tonsils , Combi-43">allergies, sinus problem. Alleviated by homeopathic remedies, still shows up now and then,
was told it is allergies, tonsils, throat swells up,at worse can barely swallow water, worse in winter.
2003-Tb and then jaundice ( treatment allopathic for 6 months)
After this treatment you began to put on 3 to 4 kg a year.
2002-weight was 48 kg
2015-weight is 76kg
2011-had a son, natural childbirth with an incision by gyno.
Then you develop a fissure. gyno says it is due to childbirth and medicine
given for pain for the incision.
2015-get the IUD in march, had issues with it , but now ok and want to keep it.
Copper IUD. No period problems before IUD ( 6 months of adjustments with IUD and period has
changed due to IUD and additional pains)


Weather - likes winter,cloudy, hates summer, and sun after rain

______________Medicines given__________

Nat phos6x
Thuja 200
Antimonium Crud30 ( no effect on warts or any other problems)

Cal Carb 200 5 doses since Dec 2014- no results
Silicea 6xbd
Kali Phos 6x bd ( Cell salts taken recently)

- did you finish the 15 days..

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simone717 7 years ago
Hi mam,

Nat phos
Thuja 200
Antimonium Crud30

What were results of the above? How many doses of each did you take?

Thuja200 -I took it for few days only as i decided to have your opinion.
nat phos- i have taken for 15 days but no effect on weight loss.

Cal Carb 200
Silicea 6xbd
Kali phos 6x bd

I have taken these medicines for 3-4 days.

What were the results of this- It was a 15 day prescription- did you finish the 15 days..

no i did not finish it for 15 days.


1.tonsils -

Since when? Describe the pain, location of pain in throat, how often, has it
ever gone away? What makes it feel better or worse? What have you
taken, allopathic and homeo for it?

i have been suffering with sinus for 15 years. i was told by ENT specialist that its kind of allergic attack and whenever it happens you need to visit us and we'll prescribe the medicine for my sinus. one day i came to know that homeopathy has its cure. i almost had thousands of pills and inhalers. to get rid of sinus i took sinus medication from a local homeopath for about 18 months. i got a great relief from sinus. it still happens once in a while and mostly in winters. now a days i suffer from throat pain aellopath said its allergy. i had aellopathic medicine for months and after sometime these medicines were not even effective to ease my problem. then i thought of taking an advice from homeopath. she saw and told me its tonsils. i was totally confused but after taking the homeopathic treatment of tonsils it was fine. but it comes back every now and then. i feel pain and see swelling on the wall of my throat. in the worst condition i feel pain even while having water.

2. tb and jaundice 2003
weight gain since this time- did you start feeling muscle aches, depression,
anger after this? Any digestion issues starting after this that are going on now?

mam weight gain started from here only. yes my muscle aches badly. i feel weakness in them that i cant hold my son son for more than 5 mins. depression started 2-3 yrs back. i worked with BPO's in night shift(4-5yrs). i think that also contributed towards my depression/stress level. anger was always there in me but for the last 2-3 yrs it is way too much. i beat my son badly and then used to cry that i have beaten such a small baby of 2 yrs. i used to break things at home. digestion issues are also since TB. bloating, gas, acidity, constipation. i digest food very quickly and gets hungry soon after eating. i am still facing these issues.

3.Fissure- (2011) describe sensation, appearance, stool, what makes it better.worse
has it ever healed or has it stayed the same since 2011

mam it feels like stones are coming out. i have some skin out in 6'o clock direction. the extra skin is always there even after wound heals. when fissure happens this skin swell and pain me alot. sometimes it gets so worse that sitting and walking becomes trouble for me. it come and go time to time.

4.Depression- when did this start? Describe it and what helps it and what
makes it

i do not know when it started.but surely worse after marriage and the baby. when i started yelling and beating my son. i thought this is not normal. i went to see the psychiatrist.they took all my history of relation, got all medical check ups done. nothing was wrong. he gave me stalopam20 mg, and a sleeping pill of 20 mg. i felt good but after few months i felt that i need higher dose of the medicine. but for the last 1 month i stopped all the medication just to see that is there any improvement in me. sadly there is no improvement. noise, hot weather, and when my son cries also when i am tired all these makes me worse

5.Muscle pains and weakness-Describe how it feels, where it appears in the body
When it began, what makes it feel better or worse

mam, this is one of the big issue of my life. i am a housewife. all the household work is done by me. as i mentioned that i cant hold my son longer than 5mins. i broom then i take rest, then i mop and rest (long) and so on i work at home. i feel tired all day long. muscle pain i feel in hands, shoulders, legs, feet. sometime when i sit for a long time and get up i feel discomfort walking straight and feel pain and stiffness in my leg and feet. (just like old people) it began after TB. after taking a long rest i feel better and working hard makes it worst.

6. What is your daily diet like on a regular day? Did you ever have a good diet? Describe coating on tongue and tongue appearance.

( you have to stop colas as they contribute to the fissure) Bad food also
contributes to the fissure)

mam i try hard to stop colas but unable to stop 100%. i take 2-3 bread slice with low fat butter, in less quantity, tea puffs with a mug of tea. then lunch has rice (good quantity) sometimes with lentils. evening tea with biscuits/snack(light). dinner 3 chapati with a bowl of veg/lentils. sometimes i get hungry at late night then i try to have mango or any fruit. sometime i snack at night. i never had a good diet. when i think of diet it makes me alarm and i end up eating more. so i try not to diet. i also cant resist myself towards the eatables my son eats.

7. Anger and shouting and irritation-
How is this at present?
How is the anger on your child now that Veratrum is helping him?

asad sir gave my son medicine helped him so much. now a days i find that i am shouting more than my son. its still there, i get angry and irritate easily and that makes me shout. sometimes my husbands tells me that my voice gets so loud that it goes way far outside the house.

Describe the problem and location and the sensations. When did it start?
What makes it better or worse? How often does this problem go on?
What have you done or taken for it?

it started in yr 1999-2000 as i remember. i feel buzzing like sensation in my nose and head. my head pain and spins badly. it start as a sinus and then throat pain also start in a day or two. sometimes left nostril gets block. steam makes it better, cold weather makes it worse. this goes for atlest a week and doesnt heal without (aellopathic) medicine. i have taken homeopathic medicine for it for 1 yr and it reduced the frequency of sinus. earlier it used to happen like 12-15 times a year. now its 3-4 time in a year mostly in winters.

9.Hairfall- When did this start? I understand it is off and on hairfall-
What is your opinion on why it gets better or worse?

changing weather and coloring hair makes it worse. oiling makes it better (sometimes it doesnt work)


Describe the warts, how many, when did they show up? Did taking thuja 200 help with this?
What is the wart status now?

thuja was for only 15 days and nothing happened to warts. its same as before. it started in yr 2000. i got it removed but they came back. then doc suggested me for homeopathy.i tool homeopathic medicine for 18 months and it disappeared. but it came back in the year 2013-14(i guess) in the neck. now it started to come on my face. there may be 10 on neck and 3-4 on face(very small now) and few on feet.

11.Sleep-What position, and what are dreams like? What things are you afraid of in general?

i sleep on sides,mostly left side. dreams are ok. sometimes scary. when i wake up i feel tired. body feels sore, specially back and legs.

When did the sleeping problem begin? What happens? Can you fall asleep and then wake up? Describe this.
Is this every night now? ( I know you are taking sleep allopathic meds and it is not working now)
Are you eating or drinking things near bedtime?

it began after my child birth. he used to wake me up alot at night. i try to sleep and it takes me 30-60 mins. it is every night story. the more i try to sleep, more i get frustrate of the pressure of getting up early to send my son school on time. no medicines as of now for the last one month. i eat near bedtime sometimes as and when i cant control my hunger. i knew eating near bedtime makes me gain weight too. but there is a problem with me.i cant sleep empty stomach.i try to eat my dinner 3 hours before bedtime. but 3 hours is way long and i get hungry again. i hope you have problem for this solution.

12.Describe your personality-Are you moody, suspicious, want everything perfect, lazy, relaxed, s etc-
What was your personality like before TB? Different?
Has there been big changes in your personality in the last 10 years- if so when did it start?

I just asked my husband and he says that i am big time moody. as per me i want things perfect. i am lazy also. as i can not do things cause i got tired easily. before TB i was very active. i worked in pizza hut where i used to stand and work for 4-5 hours nonstop. i used to up down by crowded buses. even after reaching home i never felt that tired as i feel now just after brooming / mopping. i am 110% different than that time. i do not have personality changes but yes health issues which changed me completely. i love to have fun but being overweight i can not enjoy life. people work outside and in the homes too after office. but me, i cant even take care of my small family.

13.What are your feelings towards husband and loved ones?
Do you get along?
How are marital relations?

I love him so much and also feel that he loves me too, but he never show and care as much as i want. i sometimes feel neglected, and that he doesnt share things with me the way i do. he just says but doesnt care. marital relations are good, sometimes i feel that he is more inclined towards his family and not me and my son. this hurt alot. thats the only issue in our relationship. i love my family so much. i want to do everything for them, fullfill all their wishes and needs. try to do whatever i can. yes i get along very easily even with strangers.i do not hesitate talking to anyone.

14. BEFORE the IUD- describe the period. Regular or ? Was there a small flow, big flow, bright red, dark? clots? Pain?

before IUD period was regular. flow used to be slow on 1st day. big on 2nd-3rd day. then slow on 4th-5th day. 6th day finish. used to happen after 35-40 days (cycle). flow comes dark with ok ok clots and pain in first 2 days. this month i had staining for 10 days and then period started. it is slow. and then gets big and then slow and ends. now pain happens before the period start. after there is very little bearable pain in stomach, back and legs.

15. STOOL-how often and any problem there? Describe appearance of stool.

now a days i am visiting 2-3 times a day. appearance is soft, brownish muddy color. i am almost constipated but for the last 15 days there is no issue and no issue of fissure also. but never know when constipation comes back with fissure.

mam i hope i have had answered all your question in depth. sorry if my answers takes so much of ur time but i think that it will be good if i tell u everything so you can prescribe me the best. i also want to mention that after TB i lost weight badly. my father took my brother to a local homeopath who gave him some homeopathic medicine to gain weight. i took some of that medicine( 4-5 balls dissolve in a bottle of water and sip it through the day) i do not know the name of the medicine.i was too weak then so i took it to gain strength and weight. i thought of telling you that this might be the reason of me gaining weight.

hope to see your reply soon.

Thank & Regards,
hon_afn 7 years ago

Please tell me when you took
the dose of Cal Carb 200c?

Just one dose of it?
simone717 7 years ago
Around 10-15 days back.
hon_afn 7 years ago

When you look at your problems ( not just weight) what effects would
you say the Cal Carb 200c has had? on any issue-better or worse?

The real problem here is what happened after TB- you need your energy
to come back to a normal level. The body has to have the right level
of energy-otherwise nothing will work well including your digestion/weight gain and struggle to do normal, everyday things.Everything becomes
a huge stress on the mind/body if you do not have energy.
[message edited by simone717 on Sat, 01 Aug 2015 18:09:09 UTC]
simone717 7 years ago
Hi mam, you got it absolutely correct. I have low energy level. That's why I am unable to do daily regime. Also slowly I am getting all the problems one by one. I feel that my immunity level and metabolism is very low. I took calc carb 200 (one dose) on 23/12/14, then 5/2/15, 18/4/15, 24/4/15, and then the last one on 6/7/15. That's all I have had as I remember. thanks & regards, Meenakshi.
hon_afn 7 years ago
I always had only one dose of calc carb. Cant say about better and worse of it.
hon_afn 7 years ago
ok then, will be back to you on this.
simone717 7 years ago
Have you ever been given the remedy Tuberculinum after the TB at any time?

Very important to get accurate info- as I thought you had only one dose of
Cal Carb and you actually have had 5. That remedy is not working, but
could easily have given more of it to you - to give it a chance thinking
it was only tried once.
simone717 7 years ago

I am consulting with Dr. Mohla on your case. He is a homeopath
on here of 30 years. He wants to study all of this for a day or two.

Meanwhile let me know if you have been given the tuberculinum remedy.
simone717 7 years ago
Hi mam, I do not remember anything related by this name tuberculinum. Is that homeopathy medicine? Then no, I did not take this medicine. The homeopath I was visiting, into a govt. Organization. They do not take the history of the patient. They just listen to the current problem and give the medicine. thanks & regards, Meenakshi.
hon_afn 7 years ago
Hi- yes it is a homeopathic med.

Will be back to you once I hear from Dr. Mohla or he himself
will reply.
simone717 7 years ago
hi mam, thanks so much for your precious time. thanks & regards, meenakshi.
hon_afn 7 years ago
You are welcome. I am looking forward to seeing you healed and full of energy again.
simone717 7 years ago

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