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Chronic Nocturnal Emission/Very Urgent

Dear Dr. Rewa Sir,
Sir, i was just 14 when i started doing masturbation,i did a lot of hand practice, i was not aware of da negative impact at that time so after starting my masturbation at 14, this practice continued for many years ,even i can say upto 25 yrs . But as a result of now i m facing the following problems for the last 5 to 6 years.Now my present age is 30 yrs and i m going to marry soon.I did not masturbated for da past 5 years as i hv permanently left it out. I have tried many medicines from 4-5 doctors(ayurved/allopathy/homeopathy) but still not cured .Plzz do give me some strong powerful effective remedies to cure diz dreadful disease as m tensed n under immense pressure as hw 2 treat diz problem which m suffering.
I will be deeply grateful to you for your help and kind cooperation at this complicated moment of my life.

1) I face nightfall problem after every 5 to 6 days but finally not more than 4 tyms in a month without seeing or dreaming any sort of porn naughty things.
2) I have the problem of premature ejaculation which i hv felt before undergoing sexual intercourse wit a girl jus twice as the semen ejaculated before entering into the vagina.
3) Dut to diz nightfall for da past 5 yrs m feeling weakness inside of me having joint pain on my thighs, waist , abdomen wit excess pain all over da legs.
4) Am feeling nervousness in doing day 2 day same work talking 2 people while meeting people while doing sexual intercourse i was bit shivering twice i feel utmost pressure n easily turn out 2 be tensed while undergoing any sort of tasks such as sex lyf n work lyf.

5) i feel very tired and down & does not having sufficient energy m feeling dizziness laziness n lethargy so as a result m 2 slow in completing my day 2 day activities both at home n at my work place.
6) Backache & eye pains a lot even if i hv a night fall just once but due to dese continuous night fall for da past 5 yrs hv ruined my health 2 sum extent most probably my eyes n legs to severe extent dat i cud nt recognize nearby people without wearing glasses & my both legs shivers wen i fell a bit pressure n tensed.
7) My penis even gets erected n expands completely within 2 minutes instantly while thinking n watching naughty scenes sumtyms while am on sleep n wets my inner automatically so i cn say m not having erection problem.
8) My semen is too thin n pale similar to water as of now even a slight sexul excitation releases da semen from my penis instantly Some time rarely i feel slight burning pain inside my penis urinary tract once in a month only for 2-3 mins bt doing a slight frequent urination reliefs da pain. 9) My memory is now very weak so i used 2 get confused every now n den.
10) I am afraid weather my semen has enough germs to make me Dad.
11) My penis erection is strong.but very sensitive releases da semen in just 2 to 4 strokes.
12) For the past 2 years i am away from sexy thoughts/girls etc.
13) M having a good nutritious diet m feeling hungry since my appetite is good m having no stomach problem even my stool day 2 day is stable n under control with normal flow of urination used 2 hv 3 glasses of water in an empty stomach. 14) My temper is very cool n calm bt still tension n pressure arises n do exist becoz for diz problem but i want to get escape permanently out of these problems forever since m abt 2 get married n finally wanna satisfy my hubby physically.
I strongly belive u r the only doctor who can honestly cure my disease as i see ur many post on this forum.
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  sukdev on 2015-08-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
In future, please keep the post open for other doctors. I hardly check the forum recently.

Please take THUJA 30, every night before going to bed. Please stop milk and avoid very nutritious food. Take simple to digest food instead.

Every 4th day, also take Silicea 30, in the morning.

Please report after a week or two.

With Prayers
Reva V 8 years ago
Sir REVA, m extremely thankful 2 you for prescribing me wit some useful medicine.Sir, cud you please tell me hw many drops of Thuja 30 and Silicea 30 to be taken orally???? and do please kindly suggest me whether i hv 2 mix it wit water or not???????
sukdev 8 years ago
If you have pellets, take 2 to 4 as one dose. If you have liquid dilution, please take two drops in approximately 15 ml water.

It is preferred to take medicine 30 minutes or sooner, before food. An empty stomach allows our body to respond to homeopathic energy.
Reva V 8 years ago
Sir m confused wit pellets do u mean 2 say globules??????
sukdev 8 years ago
Sir Reva if its globules den hw many no. Of small globules whether size 30 or 40 i need 2 take for hw many tyms in a day???? N if its dilution den hw many times i need 2 take in a day??????
sukdev 8 years ago
Sir Reva, happy independence day!!!! As per ur advise & instruction i hv started taking Thuja 30 & Silicea 30.I will report you after a week or two as u hv said.
sukdev 8 years ago
Good Thanks. Thuja 30 only once a day in the night. Stop taking milk.
Reva V 8 years ago
Respected Sir Reva!!!! since u have told me 2 report after 2 weeks after taking Thuja30 & Silicea30.So therefore for ur kind information sir i started taking medication prescribed by you on 12 th Aug of diz month till 26 th August of dis month.Out of all dese 14 days night emission took place only on 15th August /1day at midnight & da rest 12 days i had no night fall at all.As 2-3 times da night fall emmission was abt 2 happened bt all of a sudden i did it any hw 2 take control over those emmission night fall attack.Before i used 2 b in such a deep unconscious sleep i cud hardly knew before emmiting my semen bt as of nw in da previous 2 emmission night fall attacks i was alarmed n conscious a bit before my semen was abt 2 excrete out as a result i used 2 put an extra strong pressure 2 stop my semen from coming out n finally i emerged successful in 2 successive emmission attacks.If der is no emmission at all den i used 2 feel energetic n active all day long without having any sort of weaknesses.With da effective medication of Thuja30 has played a significant role of an alarm making unconscious mind a bit conscious wen emmission is abt to happen n even i cud say da slightest leakage of semen while thinking abt sex drive is controlled a bit.Sir m very much xtremely thankful 2 u for studying my problem & providing me with good medication.So presently looking forward nw wt medication u gonna prescribed me Sir Reva???????????????
sukdev 8 years ago
Respected Sir Reva!!!!! M also severely suffering from Chronic Dry Scalp with Severe Dandruff resulting in excessive hairloss leading to baldness 1) Since from 16yrs of age m having an excessive dandruff problem.Now at present being 30 yrs of age there is a chronic dandruff/dry scalp problem leading to an excessive hair fall. 2) All these long yrs i hv tried using lots n loads of anti dandruff shampoos such as head & shoulder, clinic active plus, homoeopathic's Arnica Montana Shampoo, baba ram dev's Ayurvedic hair cleansing shampoo. But nothing cud hv stopped diz pathetic dry scalp dandruff problem. 3) Even for ur kind information i hv cutted down my whole hair completely to zero keeping bald headed three times in a row due to an application of crude lemon juice & onion juice on my bald head continously for 1 month cud sumwhat help in destroying my excess dandruff although practising diz home remedy also cud not cure this problem of mine. 4) My hair is thin as of its physical nature.Loose,white, tiny, minute,powdery flakes falls down along with strands of hairs everytime while combing/massaging & while grooming my hair with hair oil & shampoos in both short & long hair. 5) Am having no stomache problem at all m having a good appetite for food. Excretion is runing well n fyn every morning. 6) I used to hv 2-3 glasses of water as soon as i get up from my bed in an empty stomach. 7) i used 2 practice pranayams particularly Kapal bhathi & Lom Vilom every morning. 8) My hair falls specifically from the top centermost root region since the excessive dandruff & severe dry scalp has made my hair roots completely too weak to hold even a small minute hair. 8) Lots n loads of hair strands gathers in my hand particularly while applying & grooming with hair oil n while using shampoos. 9) Am a pure vegetarian used 2 hv a sufficient diet free from spices n oils. 10) At Present since its just been 1 week m using Arnica Montana hair oil & Dr.Schwabes Antidandruff hair oil & Dr. Schwabes Anti Dandruff Shampoo every day in the morning as well as in night. 11) Am having no stress/ tension & worries no internal head problems 12) Baldness has occured at da mid frontal region & in da root region. 13) Itchingness do also persisting in the Scalp...So respected doctor kindly provide me with ur valuable effective hair scalp treatment at de earliest. Your cooperation will be highly solicited.
sukdev 8 years ago
Stay away from porn and sex for atleast six months.
Workout regularly
Take a multimineral amd multi vitamin supplemennt
Eat organic foods
Make a supplement regime for yourself
I was suffering from this problem but now ihave cured myself
You need to muster the will power to stay away fr om masturbation and devote some time to your health.coz after all you will be a better person
holisticcure 8 years ago
Search for shivalik herbals on shophealthy website
There are threeproducts
Shivalik kamastra
Shivalik indiakings
Shivalik gold
All are in capsule form
Take any product for atleast three to four months without any kind of masturbation
Plus take Charak addyzoa capsules same for four months
After four months of these capsules buy a product called Omega 3 6 9 oil in softjel format and take these with meal for atleast one month
You will be totally cured
Remember masturbation is good when done in a limit like once in three months but when done excesively can kill you.
I am a living example of its effect and i have tried different kind of ayurvedic meds and others to help me out.
Take care
holisticcure 8 years ago
Other supplements which are helpful for you
2.korean ginseng
4.shilajit from a good brand
holisticcure 8 years ago
And ahwagandharista syrup can cure your nervousness
And nf cure capsule for nightfall
holisticcure 8 years ago
Hello dear Holistic cure !!! I hv tried using lots of top class costly ayurvedic drugs but nothing worked out instead of decreasing da Symptoms da Ayurvedic regimen alleviated my symptoms completely so finally on Dr. Revas medication n consultation i started taking Homoeopathic drugs which helped me a lot in decreasing my symptoms & sumwat taking control over my disease.
sukdev 8 years ago
Well whatever works for you.
holisticcure 8 years ago
Holistic cure

Thanks for sharing your experience. I appreciate it

For the benefit of others I would like to share my experience in treating this for a long time.

I strongly suggest to stay away from multi vitamins and any thing that adds good nutrition. Even stay away from dates and fruits like grapes etc. These nutrition food increae the sexual strength and leads to more night fall. The system has to be built stronger, but mildly and slowly. After a few months of build up then slowly add nutrition.

I will reply you tomorrow. Until then you can continue the same dosage suggested before.

With sincere modesty
Reva V 8 years ago
Thanks a lot Sir Reva for ur kind cooperation towards me !!!!
sukdev 8 years ago
Phytolacca 6 will surely take care of your dandruff permanently. You can take this later.

It is waning moon for the next two weeks. Remedies that eliminate toxins and pathogens are best taken during this time for life long benefit. Hence I suggest you to continue Thuja 30 and Silicea 30 until new moon day (Sep 13th)

To address your dandruff, buy KALMEGH (kind of bitter) herbal powder. This is available both in US and India through online store. I am sure you will be able to find them in your local town.

Buy this powder, boil it in small quantity of water and then let cool it down. Add yogurt (curd) one small spoon and then apply this mixture on your head thoroughly on a saturday. It is important to cool down before you add yogurt. Let it sit there for 2 hours and then take bath. Do this once a week and your dandruff will be cleared in 2 to 3 weeks.

During the growing moon, we can add nutritional remedies to address your other issues.
Reva V 8 years ago
Dear Reva Sir!!!! all those 3 weeks from the starting of medication right from 15th Aug till 5th of September everything was under control even after da continous attack of night fall emission every now & then bt all of a sudden since from 6th of Sept da night fall has been reoccuring continuosly on 13th ,14th & 22nd Sept for ur kind information.Since while being normal der was a firm grip & energy to take control over da inner emitting pressure of da night fall but as of now dat firm grip n control energy level have lost finally.The continuos night fall emission has adversely affected my eyesight & da vision is getting worst n blurred day by day.Also der is an inner core pain occuring in my eyes.The adverse effect further affected my head & scalp followed by chronic hair loss .While having a romantic naughty conversation with my girl friend over da phone makes my thin, pale, non motile watery sperm leaking out easily every now & den wetting my inners .So therefore kindly advise me with ur effective guidelines n instructions 2 carry out in curing dis emission disease n symptoms.
sukdev 8 years ago
Respected Sir Reva!!!!!Since m abt 2 get married by nxt cuming year so plz do kindly consider the following problems that am severely most affected with-----1)Chronic Night Fall Emission 4 to 5 times night fall in a month. 2) Secondly in the near future after getting married i hv 2 becum father so therefore anxiously wanted my too pale non viscous non motile sperm similar 2 watery liquid which gets leaked out too easily even while having naughty conversation with my future wife.Moreover she had already told me dat v gonna make 2 children so am panic n tensed as 2 hw i cn becum a father as soon as possible after getting married. 3) Finally all dese adverse effects of chronic night fall had resulted in having intraoccular pain in my eyes due to diminished poor blurred vision since m wearing -6 dioptres on each eyes for myopia.Also having a severe hair fall leading 2 excessive hair loss due to chronic dry scalp even though am having a army cut....So plz kindly do take consideration of all dese worst evil problems dat is killing me from inside out.Your anticipation in treating all dese problems hv been outstanding Sir Reva & will be eagerly looking forward to attain ur outstanding medication & treatment.Thanx a lot for ur immense support n cooperation may god always bless u all ur lyf.Keep up da good work dearest Reva Sir.
sukdev 8 years ago
Dear Reva Sir!!!! I hv also forgotten 2 mention da most important thing abt my hair is dat i hv found da root end tip of my hair is attached or covered wit white flaky substance which could help us to find a better therapeutic regimen in fighting against an excessive hair loss & chronic dry scalp problem...Sir plz kindly advice me wit ur useful remedy
sukdev 8 years ago
Thank you for your patience. Sorry that I could attend to emails.

Please take Natrum Mur 30, four pills, every evening (once in a day) for one week only and write back.

In addition to the above, please take one dose of Lycopodium 6 (four pills, in the morning), every 3rd day (2 days gaps, between Lycopodium 6). Lyco increases your sexual strength. You must stay away from exposure as much as possible to prevent any excitement, as it works to build up your internal core.

With Prayers,
Reva V 8 years ago
Thanx a lot Sir Reva for ur valuable advice!!!!Sir iz der any problem in consuming Baba Ramdev's Patanjali AMLA juice since its jus been 1 week m having it jus only once in da morning in an empty stomach.As per regarding the application of hair oil everyday & hair Shampoo twice a week since m having thin hair n moreover its excessive falling & hair loss has lead to baldness occuring from frontal region to temple region so therefore cud u please suggest me wit which hair oil & hair shampoo i sud apply inorder to avoid my dry scalp as well as preventing hair loss & regenerating new hair growth
sukdev 8 years ago
Have you applied Kalmegh powder?
Reva V 8 years ago
Actually 2 say Sir Reva i hv searched a lot in my home town Shillong bt i cud not find since der is no kalmegh powder available here so i hv 2 buy online.
sukdev 8 years ago

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