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Homeopathic or Bach flower Remedy for Depression, Mood Swing s nervous system weakness, low self confidence, no will power. Over indulgence in masturbation.

Recently my friend reported me about his problem, he is suffering depression , because of his family environment s some childhood mental habits which in turn making him irritates , force him to think about unwanted images which comes involuntiary, he cant worship or devote or meditate, negative images s thinking arouse in his mind while step forwarding towards some good deeds , sexual images comes in his mind if he thinks of any lady.

Symptoms Are Explained Below Plz Read Carefully:-

1. He is very cool s good person , no anger at all.
2. He is not having a clear mindset, some involuntary thoghts arouses rapidly about nudity while doing some holy works, it makes him feel guilty.
3. He also suffered the habit of masturbation, nightfall it may be due to seminal lose.
still he cant avoid it , the night he masturbates after night passing he feels great nervousness, irritation.
4. Low self confidence, he is very little self confident , he leave every works for tommorow, and tommorow and so on.
5. His likes s dislikes changes dynimically, he is not stable in those matters though in some field he is stable.
6. During night he cant sleep well during initial hours , the evil force makes him force to think of sex etc.
7. There may be emotional bockage, suggest remedy for menatl clarity, removing grief s delusion, geting rid of masturbation s getting a clear mind with fearlessness , geting rid of irritative desires s clearing subconscious mind from older sexual passions , images , grief s trauma.
8. In the presence of people i worried about what they think about me, i feel shame.
9. I fear if they criticise my work or my behaviour.
10. Masturbation desire is so heavy at night, plz help.

I also posted his previous post here about The suggestion of bach flower remedy . PLZ SUGGEST ANY REMEDY , HOMEOPATHIC OR BACH FLOWER , HE NEEDS IT URGENTLY.


Bach Flower Suggestion for certain issues SUCH AS 1.Excessive Involvement, 2. Mood Swing, 3. Negative Desires, 4. Lack of will power
s confidence s fear, lazyness 5. Irritability and its related to
I have few questions related to depression, sexual thoughts which
disturbs during night time makes me irritates and force me to think of
nudity and to do masturbation, desire are repetitive and mind is not
stable though i am very peachful s cool from inside, lack of
concentration, want to get rid from those passions , desire s negative
thoughts which made me weak , porn to disease, nervousness and a
victim of masturbation s seminal loss, plz help to overcome those
issues. Suggest remedy s show me knowledge to rise the ladder of
success , health and vigour s vitality, i actually want those remedies for
will power to stop masturbation, removing negative thought patterns
and menatl s emotional balance which got disturbed due to over
masturbation, and still i am not getting rid of this habit. Plz show me
way Doctors , plz suggest Bach flower remedies for geeting will power,
removing negative habits s desires, and supporting the mind to get rid
of masturbation, and also suggest remedy for spiritual progress of
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  Pran7 on 2016-02-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
STUDY THE QUESTIONAIR BELOW AND INDICATE WHICH MATCHES WITH AND YOU CAN ADD MORE ALSO 1 Mental agony ,does not disclose his suffering to others ,visibly appears happy.
2 Baseless fear ,doubt,anxiety.
3 Mean mentality, finds fault in everyone and in everything.
4 Lack of will power, follow other advise..
5 Foolishness, lack of confidence ,on his decision .
6 Complete saddness.
7 Repeat mistakes again and again.
8 Selfish nature .
9 Careless attitude ,does not care for others.
10 Tendency to throew away unwanted things/disease.
11 Lack of confidence in a able person.
12 Total sadness ,find baseless reason to be sad.
13 Total hopelessness .
14 Self centered, talkative, always talks about his problem ,does not listen to others .
15 Jealousy, doubts,hate ,he does not like others happiness.
16 Busy in old thoughts repents on past mistakes.
17 Mental/physical weakness tiredness before work.
18 Impatient nature.
19 Lack of self confidence ,sure of failure ,sad attitude .
20 Fear of any known things/shy/hesitation/fear of stammering while talking,addressing,meeting.
21 Sadness without reason ,any time for sometime ,cloud of sadness for short duration .
22 Strong belief optimistic attitude.
23 Weakness,tiredness,physical weakness /mental weakness.
24 Self cursing sad,curse self for any mistake.
25 Fear excessive, terror .
27 strictly to rule attitude .
28 Unstable indecisive,delay work,keep work pending ,postpone work.
29 Problem after shock and accident..
30 Extereme mental/agony total sadness /hopelessness/no ray of hope.
31 very encouraging over active result in mental fatigue.
32 Proudy/high goal/ambitious .
akshaymohl 7 years ago
Thanks Sir Very Much For Taking my case.
The,matching symptoms are. I am writing serial wise like A,B,C,D

A. Mental agony ,does not disclose his suffering to others ,visibly appears happy.

B. Baseless fear,doubt,anxiety.

C. Repeat mistakes again and again.

D. Total hopelessness

E.Busy in old thoughts repents on past mistakes.

F. Mental/physical weakness tiredness before work.

G. Lack of self confidence ,sure of failure ,sad attitude.

H. Fear of any known things/shy/hesitation/fear of stammering while talking,addressing,meeting.

I. Sadness without reason ,any time for sometime ,cloud of sadness for short duration .

J. Weakness,tiredness,physical weakness /mental weakness.

K.Self cursing sad,curse self for any mistake.

L. Unstable indecisive,delay work,keep work pending ,postpone work.

M. Problem after shock and accident

N. Extereme mental/agony total sadness /hopelessness/no ray of hope.

O. Proudy/high goal/ambitious but goals s ambitions changes dynamically. Sometimes I feel there is,nothing in this life s society and sometimes desire to become a well person, successfully person is more.


1. Desire of masturbation during night time.

2. NO mental awareness,, very poor concentration.

3. Nervousness ,, irritation but i did'nt show angry to others i even dnt see faults in others.

4. Sexual thoughts comes in mind during some moral activity.

5. Cant wake up early at morning ,,pending; i say to myself let me sleep i will change'er my has habit from tommorow etc

6. Desires of sex,, desire to watch porn disturbs at night.

7. If i dnt do masturbation at night the the mind goes go negativity ,, testicles feels heavy sometimes.

8. Negative thoughts are continious ,, they are involuntory ,, negative feeling about family ,, about ladies to whom i show etc

9. Desire to elevate spiritually is higher,, i really want my spiritual growth.

10. Wet dreams happens if I quit masturbation for few day as resultst of subconscious mind .

11. Tiredness at night time sleeping due to disturbing sexual thoughts.

12. Mind is not clear,, likes s disad likes changes. I feel shame to talk with other peoples due to my thin body.

13.Sadness , grief due to poor s weak s thin body .

14. Spiritual health is not nourishing.

15. Mood swing due to old thoughts which i created due to my old psychological habits.

16. Want to get rid of masturbation. Want a silent mind from inside with positivity.

17. Cant do anything in the presence of family members ,, i feel shame , cant sing or listen to song in the presence of my father. I even dnt talk to him he is very angry.

18. Feel the negative people's,negativity easily ,, feel their subtle negativity in their presence which makes me, irritate.

19. Nervous system is weak due to seminal loss. Bones are weak s small.

20. And,, Grief s unknown fear is there no ray of hope .delusion is also there.

Plz,help doctors . Suggest remedy to create strong will power to stop masturbation, to be responsibe to rise the lost self confidence .
Also suggest remedy to clear old thoughts whether it is sexual thoughts or thoughts related to childhood trauma faced due to family members of environment which is causing present disturbance of emotions.

And also for mental awareness,, concencration, nervous system weake,, irritation lack of definite objective.

Thanks Very Much.
Pran7 7 years ago
pl have whitechestnut, mimmulus, cherryplum ,walnut and olive .pl have whitechestnut and mimmulus together twice daily olive at bedtime and walnut and cherryplum both together evening time .pl have staphysagaria 200 evening time for five days and then start bach flower for three month.pl report after 15days.
akshaymohl 7 years ago
Thank You Sir For Suggesting These Medicines, very much thanking you.

these Bach flower remedies are available like homeopathic sugar pills??????????????????????? Yeh homeopathic shop mein mil jayega Sir ????????????

ya online order dena hoga

Joyoflife 7 years ago
Its from my cousin account, i forgot my password of that account, somewhere i have written that, have to search,
Joyoflife 7 years ago
I asked my homeopath,he told me that he never bought bach flower , and its nt available easily here.

leaving the depression, subconscious part and comming to General Health s mind s nervous system weakness due to fluid loss s masturbation

can i try this protocol of treatment after staphysagaria 200 c , as it matches my symptoms of weakness, malnourishment, weak nervous system, weak bones, depression, thin body, poor memory, irritation , Poor assimilation of nutrition and general weakness due to DRAINAGE OF FLUID S MASTURBATION s its effects ???????????????????????

I COPIED THE PART , Which is for General Health Building



First Few Weeks (3 to 6 weeks) for General Health Building:

MORNING (say 10 AM): Acid Phos 3x , 2 tablets (or 6c pills 2 pills, if tablets are not available), once a day, in the morning

AFTERNOON and EVENING (say 2pm and 6pm) : BioChemic Combination # 16 (Nervous Exhaustion), 6 pills, once or twice a day. (classified under Bio Chemic Medicine or Cell Salts ). If you dont get this, the alternate is FIVE PHOS 6x and repeat the same way

NIGHT (before going to bed): BELLIS PERENNIS 6c , 2 pills, once a day. This will increase general strength, reduce frequent urination if present, and add strength to all Pelvic organs, including Kidney (Kidney weakness accompanies Sexual Weakness according to Chinese Medicines)

ONCE A WEEK: Take BARYTA CARBONICA 200c , 2 pills, once a week (not daily). This will stimulate the body to assimilate nutrition. Dont take any of the above medicine on that day.

Continue the above medicine for a month or till you feel very energized.
Joyoflife 7 years ago
Doctor Plz Reply , Help.
Joyoflife 7 years ago
Other Causes (from Dr. J K Mohla): Hypersensitivity to touch (treatable), Constipation, indigestion, excessive tea /coffee/tobacco chewing /smoking.

Stop Masturbation:
Yes - You have to stop Masturbation. You cannot continue draining your health on one side and try to add nutrition on the other side. If you cannot stop (due to habit) inspite of sincere attempt to stop, there are some medicines to help you (thanks to Homeopathy for even helping to break the habit!)

FLOWER MEDICINE (Thanks Dr. J K Mohla) : Whitechestnut and Walnut (sold in Homeopathic Shops). Add 2 drops of each in 10ml of water and drink it, once or twice a day. These two medicines will give mental strength to break the habit of Masturbation
HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE: If after trying the flower medicine for 3 weeks, if you cannot still stop the habit, take USTILAGO 6c, 2 pills, twice a day for 3 to 4 weeks. You can either stop or continue taking the Flower Medicine.

1. Stop further drain (night fall, involuntary emission etc)
2. Add plenty of nutrition to compensate the years of losing them
3. Improve digestion to assimilate nutrition. Without this any amount of nutrition will not reach the body
4. Eliminate toxins (weakend body let the toxins stay in the body)
5 Food and Life habits (stay away from sexual stimulations, watching sex pictures etc), reduced sexual act till enough strength is developed
6. Constituitional medicine finally or intercurrently

If you dont masturbate, but loose semen during sleep (night fall) or loose when sexually excited (involuntary), this takes the priority for treatement. If dont have this complaint, skip this section.
akshaymohl 7 years ago
thank you sir,
i researched then comes in my mind after reading both drafts. the following sequence which i belive would help me particularly in my case . sir , can i try in this way the following medicine. please read then tell me what to correct or its okkkkkkkkk

first . ustilago 6c twice a day and bufo rana 30c at evening once a day till i get rid of masturbation and bad thoughts , for how many days i have to try ???????? bufo rana is to take at the same time or after ustilago??????????????????????????????

to cure masturbation bad effects :--

1.first, stphysagria 200c one dose , plus nux vomica 30c two times a days for five days .correct????

2. then from next week , staphysagria 200c only one dose per week for one month . correct??????

3. after one month phosphoric acid 6x two dose per day for one month. ( to stop nocturnal emission /wet dreams etc, because in my case if masturbation stopped for long time causes nocturnal emission ) also to strength the nervous system then i will switch to 30 c one dose per day for three weeks. correct?????

4. dioscorea 6c, twice a day and natrum phos 6x, 4 tablets, twice a day , for stoping nightfalll completely . for how manys days????????????????

to improve food assimilation, strenghening plevic organ and rebuilding general health:-

1. next selenium 6c (for lost nutrition) for how many days ???????

2. aloe 30c and bellis perenis 30c to stengthen the pelvic organs, including kidney. for how many days?????????

3. then. instead of five phos can i use calc phos 6x at morning . mag phos 6x evening and kali phos 6x at night for 3 months and acid phos 6c at morning 10 am and baryta carbonica 200c one dose per week. correct ??????????????????????

the above sequence will be good for me as i modified few which suits me , please answer sir . any correction????????
Joyoflife 7 years ago
ok as you like.
akshaymohl 7 years ago
its not about choice,
But its important to Conform from professionals before taking those medicines , plz help its very much important to conform. Plz answer
Joyoflife 7 years ago
Hi joyoflife,

hope you are doing good. it's glad you want to learn homeopathy which I came to know in your other thread. actually Dr akshay mohla is highly experienced homeopath in forum and he treated many complicated case by bachflower remedy.. as you have asked for bachflower remedy he replied you after detail analysis. I advise please take his prescribe remedy don't go with selfprescribing remedy.you will see miracle power of Bachflower. you can online order bachflower remedy from nuest bachflower remedy or st George bach flower remedy shop..

god bless you..
sabkamalik1 7 years ago
Hi Sir.

Yeah, i will learn it soon, hope i will succeed . Thanks for your good wishes.
Yeah i will try to follow , actually a lot questions arises when we discuss on such problem and mind sometimes goes to selfPrescribing, sorry for that. Thanks , for giving the Shop names, i will try to buy them soon.

i will report my progress after using Bach flower remedies .

Thank You.
Joyoflife 7 years ago

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