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plzzzz help dr.nawaz or dr. kadwa chronic constipation, depression , suicidal tendency

suffering from last 15 yrs. worsened for past one year. was passing hard stools with weak urge, with burning after passing. took 3 homeo medicines. dont know their names.first medicine for 1 1/2 months , 2nd 1 week , 3rd 15 days. after first medicine the stools were moderately soft but had difficulty passing stool initially. then doctor gave me other 2 medications9one among them was sulphur) when i started these medications stools became soft but the quantity had decreased significantly and also the urge. i was off medication for 3 months i was having a regular bowel movement, but decreased quantity and weak urge. after 3 months when i consulted my doctoe he prescribed me alumina and sulphur to be taken alternatively but after taking that the urge has decreased further. kindly suggest me what to do?
othre symptons are drowsiness, headache, low energy, anxiety, depression.
  abdullah3 on 2016-03-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take Sulphur 200 in morning and Nux Vomica 200 in evening for 7 days.
kadwa 6 years ago
thanks a lot for replying sir, before taking the medications i want to tell u my present condition, i pass stool daily,but small amount, with almost no urge, with lot of straining to pass the initial part, flatulence, bloating and headache in the morning.
i read somewhere that absence of urge is a contraindication to nux.
should i still take nux?
whats the dose of both medicines (i mean how many pellets/ grains)? and how should i take it (in water or chew)?
one last question sir, does anxiety/worry effect the action of these drugs? because am really worried with lot of negative thinking.
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abdullah3 6 years ago
There is no unanimity on the suggestion that lack of urge should contraindicate nux. There are no side effects of these remedies. You may take 2 pills or pellets as one dose. Dose size doesn't matter in homeopathy as the medicinal substance is already highly diluted. Please drink papaya and apple juice daily.
kadwa 6 years ago
thanks a lot for replying sir. as i mentioned earlier after taking alumina and sulphur, the urge which was decreased earlier has almost gone.i know homeo drugs dont have any side effects but i think if a proper drug is not selected then things can go wrong as in my case.am just looking for drugs to restore my urge and the quantity of stools back to normal. alumina is a good drug for me (soft stools with lot of straining) but i dont know why it is not working.whenever i take it it makes me strain very much. i will take the medicines you have prescribed me and report back after 7 days. thanks again.
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abdullah3 6 years ago
one last question sir,does anxiety/worry effect the action of these drugs? because am really worried with lot of negative thinking.
abdullah3 6 years ago
Negative thinking wont hamper the remedy action.
kadwa 6 years ago
kadwa sir one more question, the principle of homeopathy is "like cures like". for example Alumina if given to a normal person will cause decreased intestinal peristalsis, if given to a person with decreased intestinal motility (ex-constipation)will improve the motility and cure constipation, but if these does not happen and the Alumina produces its known action which is slowing down the intestinal peristalsis then it will actually do more harm, as in my case.
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abdullah3 6 years ago
The remedy won't create any specific action. It will only stimulate the vital force. Vital force acts judiciously without causing damage to the system.
kadwa 6 years ago
then how to explain the increased straining after i started taking alumina?
what i believe is when i took alumina which was the right drug for me(soft stool expelled with difficulty)it failed to awaken the vital force and produced its known action that is, its tendency to cause paralytic state making me strain even more.
abdullah3 6 years ago
When the drug produces it's symptoms in patient in the course of drugging, it is called as proving. All proving effects go away within few days of discontinuing the dosing.
kadwa 6 years ago
sir, after taking alumina and sulphur for 5 days i stopped both. then i didnt take any other medicine for a week then what i did was i took sulphur (dont know the potency) every 4th hourly for 6 doses ( as i had only that much medicine left) then for next 7 days i was having regular bowel movements, with better urge and no straining,but only problem was incomplete evacuation this lasted for a week after that again the same problem( straining). so what am thinking is to take higher potency sulphur( like 30c) for better effect and for 1-2 weeks for prolong effect. as i feel from my last experience of taking 6doses of sulhur that it will help me.sir what do u suggest me? is it right what i think ? presently am on lycopodium for 3 days, though there is some improvement but it was more better with sulphur i feel. my constitution/personality is lycopodium. i just dont want to keep changing my medicines. every time i take new medicine some new symptoms will emerge.
[message edited by abdullah3 on Mon, 18 Apr 2016 06:56:46 UTC]
abdullah3 6 years ago
Decisions on dosing are taken by trail and error. There is nothing hard and fast.
kadwa 6 years ago
sir i was still editing my post when u replied so please go through my full post.sir are u there?
[message edited by abdullah3 on Mon, 18 Apr 2016 07:01:36 UTC]
abdullah3 6 years ago
Now a days i don't believe much in the theory of constitutional remedy. i believe in the indicated remedy. So you should not be prejudiced against sulphur. Fruit juices do wonders to overall health when taken regularly. Fruit juices like pine apple, sweet lemon, apple good for health.
[message edited by kadwa on Mon, 18 Apr 2016 07:25:44 UTC]
kadwa 6 years ago
sir what am trying to tell is lower potency and 1 day of sulphur helped me (by trial and error) but the effect was incomplete due to lower potency and short course. if i increase the potency and taking it for longer time the effect will be complete and prolong. should i continue lycopodium or restart sulphur?
abdullah3 6 years ago
The effect should be complete over a period of time. Unnecessary dosing or use of high potency may create confusion.
kadwa 6 years ago
sir am still confused. are u telling me to continue sulphur lower potency or lyco?.
[message edited by abdullah3 on Mon, 18 Apr 2016 08:13:06 UTC]
abdullah3 6 years ago
Of course Sulphur as it is working.
kadwa 6 years ago
thanks for replying.sir u told me earlier about provings and told me it goes off in few days after discontinuing the remedy. its been more than 15 days since i discontinued alumina but the loss of urge caused by it still persists. sir what should i do?
2nd thing is after taking lycop symptoms have change should i still try sulphur?
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abdullah3 6 years ago
Bry,camph, cham, IP are antidotes to alumina. You may select the appropriate one. I think that bry should work.
[message edited by kadwa on Mon, 25 Apr 2016 06:31:34 UTC]
kadwa 6 years ago

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