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Seeking Classic Homeopath

I'm looking to get an assessment for constitutional remedy.

Due to religious beliefs, I do not do any eastern mystic stuff (no yoga/meditation, or face mapping).

I am 7 months post pardum, and have recently found out I have the genetic mutation MTHFR C677T. Naturopathic Doctor says I'm slightly hypothyroid.

I've been working on cleaning up my diet as she recommends; no dairy, soy or gluten. And I've been feeling much better.

I believe that homeopathy would be a wonderful complement to my ND's suggestions and for my gentle detox protocol.

Any takers?
(not 0antivirus0) please.
  rom109 on 2016-06-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
contact to Dr. Jitesh Sharma on www.jdshospital.com `he was a student of George Vithoulkas at Greece.

dr. deoshlok
deoshlok 5 years ago
Thank you.

Any other suggestions or takers?
rom109 5 years ago
what is ur symptomology?

how u define 'classical homoeopath ?" someone whom follows Hahnemann's teachings?...??
John Stanton 5 years ago
My most pressing symptoms include general fatigue/sluggishness/lethargy and brain fog all day until around 7ish pm.

lack of hunger and thirst all day until the same above.

takes me about an hour to get to sleep.

have not had a menstrual cycle in three years.

I was treated by Evocationer about two ish years ago on here. i can paste the link to that thread. (http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/457150/)

He is what I would consider a classic homeopath.

(also I should mention I have a difficult time with trust. I suppose I trusted him and he helped me immensely and now I have a hard time trusting any other methods.)
rom109 5 years ago
no one should be eagar to trust--that is something earned....

gleaned over some of ur old case (9 pages)---how do you see then and now associated--? if at all?

between then and now--what treatments u used? and reasons?
John Stanton 5 years ago
I appreciate you taking a look at that.

Short and sweet, I would say that I am much more grounded and not an emotional wreck.
I think I'm still that same basic lac equinum person. same fears, dreams, connection with horses. but I have this baby now and he is my life.

I have stuck with the Lac Equinum, as far as homeopathy. With the exception of (trying to) use cimicifuga and caulophyllum to induce labor 7 months ago. I don't know that they were of any benefit. lol.
[message edited by rom109 on Tue, 14 Jun 2016 20:58:51 UTC]
rom109 5 years ago
u breast feeding?
John Stanton 5 years ago
rom109 5 years ago
child and mother case become one until feeds on own...

what sons current health?
John Stanton 5 years ago
Okay. He's healthy. He is beginning to eat solids.
We discovered he has a dairy sensitivity. As do I.
(so I don't eat it anymore). He loves Avocado, bell peppers, carrots, various fruits...

He has 5 teeth, he's just begun to crawl.
He's a pretty happy kid.

I would say he's probably kind of clingy to me. I suppose that can be normal while he is learning independence.

He nurses very infrequently during the day (as if he is extremely distractable and impatient.) But he nurses every 1 1/2-2 hours through the night. He will not sleep for more than 2 hours at night in his own bed.
Not too concerned with that; co-sleeping works well for our family.

he loves to play in water....
rom109 5 years ago
7pm-ish---how much exactly does 'pressing symptoms' change at this time?
John Stanton 5 years ago
they completely reverse. My appetite is up, I'm very thirsty. I feel motivated, very clear thinking, and inspired. Want to be busy and am looking for things to do and to organize.

and then when it is time to go to bed my mind is racing and I can't get to sleep for at least an hour, even though I am very tired.
rom109 5 years ago
what occurs around ur house in that 7pm-ish time period?
coinciding events--?
John Stanton 5 years ago
My husband gets home from work around 530. And he is then getting cleaned up and eating dinner and ready for bed.
This has been a consistent pattern for me over the last few years. I have been through a few jobs and I'm now a stay-at-home mom. And it's always the same for me feel awful during the day to varying degrees depending on what I'm doing and how early I have to wake up. And then wake up around 7 PM-ish and wish I felt as good all day.
Another interesting thing about it is if I take any caffeine during the time I feel awful it makes me feel more tired. But if I take caffeine after I "wake up" then it does what it is supposed to do.
rom109 5 years ago
u wake at 7pm-ish?
what time u go to sleep before waking at 7pm=ish?
napping when son naps?

please explain this area?
John Stanton 5 years ago
what is ur 'religious beliefs" u mentioned at start?
don't answer if feel personal..
John Stanton 5 years ago
Sorry, I typed that response from my phone. I meant "wake up" as in the brain fog goes away and I become alert and focused etc.

I usually get up in the morning between 7-10AM and go to sleep around 10-11pm. Sometimes I wake up around 4:30 AM when my husband leaves for work and I can't get back to sleep. Those are the days I need a nap as soon as baby takes his first nap.

My religious beliefs are that I am an Evangelical Christian. I believe in the divine inspiration and inerancy of the Bible. The God of the Bible is the one true and living God and I don't participate in the worship of any other.
That was what my statement was geared towards at the start.
rom109 5 years ago
i too live this....''...no be unto you gods of others toward presence yhwh elohim....one and ony true living god..."""
John Stanton 5 years ago
well that is great! :) Happy to hear it.

what is your first language, may I ask?
rom109 5 years ago
English----2 things are my focus-in this area -torah (5 books of moses) and jehoshua (jesus)
message teaching us the true application of torah..
John Stanton 5 years ago
upon waking tomorrow--(if have on hand)---single dose chamomilla 30c---2-3 pellets in 4 oz water-stir heavy --1 tablespoon dose--no repeat dose at all

no coffee/teas/colas at all
also avoid strong acidic foods

post info as things come up---or as you feel need...
John Stanton 5 years ago
okay. interesting choice. thank you.

(that is a good thing to focus on. I also appreciate studying Jesus is hidden in the Torah((revealed in the New Testament)).)

I will get back to you as things progress.
rom109 5 years ago
also--no other meds or tretaments--vitamin..supplements..etc ...
etc....nothing at all remotely medicinal--that goes for skin applicants...
John Stanton 5 years ago
My naturopath has me taking quite a few natural supplements.

•Multivitamin with methylated b vitamins and folate
•Ascorbic Acid (to aide in detox and support breastfeeding)
•Maca Root (which I feel very low without)
•Nettles for seasonal allergies (both mine and my sons)
*Vitamin D (she says my levels are low and to take 5000 IU/day and to retest them in 2 months)

Shouldn't I maintain what I've been doing, instead of making a bunch of drastic changes, so I know what is doing what?
[message edited by rom109 on Wed, 15 Jun 2016 00:22:53 UTC]
rom109 5 years ago
OOh my goodness. I'm so upset.
I just carefully typed out some very important information and hit submit and it did not update. it's all gone
rom109 5 years ago

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