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OOh my goodness. I'm so upset.
I just carefully typed out some very important information and hit submit and it did not update. it's all gone
rom109 5 years ago
My naturopath has me taking quite a few natural supplements.

•Multivitamin with methylated b vitamins and folate
•Ascorbic Acid (to aide in detox and support breastfeeding)
•Maca Root (which I feel very low without)
•Nettles for seasonal allergies (both mine and my sons)
*Vitamin D (she says my levels are low and to take 5000 IU/day and to retest them in 2 months)
*Milk Thistle (liver support and detox)

Shouldn't I maintain my established routine, instead of making a bunch of drastic changes, so I know what is doing what?

I am sorry to spring this on you after the fact, I don't mean to complicate things, but you hadn't asked.

I would like to clarify some things about myself before we continue here. And I apologize in advance if this sounds at all snappy, as I just typed out a very thought out response and it all got deleted, so please don't take any snappiness personally!

I mentioned in my first post that I have a genetic mutation called MTHFR...
While I am aware that homeopathy does not treat a diagnosis/disease, but rather treats the whole person and his/her symptoms, I do feel that it should be clarified what this is.

It's not a disease, it is part of me and my picture, and has a lot to do with why my body responds the way it does.

This mutation means that my body has about a 60% capability to detox compared to that of an average persons.

It also means that my Folate assimilation capabilities are hindered in the sense that my body has a difficult time processing folate, and also that I cannot tolerate the synthetic Folic Acid. The latter only goes in and sits on top of the folate receptors and blocks them from absorbing real folate. So I must cleanse from the previously supplemented folic acid.
This means I am set up from two different angles to be deficient in Folate.
Homeopathy, wonderful as it is, cannot replace folate supplementation.

Among other things, I also have a much lower tolerance to toxins in the environment, and many chemical sensitivities. Since learning this I have made an effort to eliminate toxins and unnatural things in my environment. That means eating clean, non toxic household chemicals, and also natural cosmetics (as much as possible).

My ND has helped me to get a long term goal of gently encouraging my body to detox through eating right, avoiding the above things...primarily dairy, soy and gluten -all of which I will never be able to tolerate- and to help me to understand that you can't change your genetics, but you can change the way you live to help your body function optimally.
For me that means always, always, always encouraging gentle detoxing.

I suppose my goal in this long post is to make sure you understand where I'm at for one, and for two that any drastic changes in my regimen are not acceptable for my condition.
In my first post I did state my genetic condition, and I also stated my goal of 'complementing my Naturopathic Doctor's treatment with homeopathy.' My intention was never to override her treatment.

Also, for educational purposes, (and as you stated in a previous post, trust should be earned) could you kindly tell me what lead you to choose Chamomilla 30c for my case?

Thank you for your time and effort.
rom109 5 years ago
no mix therepies
John Stanton 5 years ago

(1) primary concern is breastfeeding--so as mentioned --child and mother are considered as whole---both symptomology is considered.
(1a) child maybe little clingy-- because young

(2) ur relationship with coffee--and alternating at the 7pm-ish area
(3) intolerance of milk

chamomilla covers ur generals as well as these points mentioned above--- symptoms are pointer--and chamomile also is antidotal to coffee usage---taj=king in account any coffee taint that is existing
John Stanton 5 years ago
considering your logic for not stopping ur supplements..

if using other treatments--it will be impossible to tell the pure affect of any medicine given a single most homoeopathic to case...

now it Is true --that the use of such as u are--is not guarantee that what u are using--is helping or not--as a lot of ur explanations for use--are scientific termology for allo doc scene--doesn't help make it true--just doc lingo...

if u are unable to stop treatment u are taking and is life supportive --then --we are in another ballgame----I will not be able with confidence monitor treatment--over internet--due to fact u will need constant monitoring from supplement prescribing doc to wean u from this treatment--and prescribe homoeopathically as weaning is occurring..
John Stanton 5 years ago
classical homoeopath u ask for
organon of medicine--tells no ever mix treatments as I mentioned

might be better if u put ur querry out for someone (which will be easy) to treat u while taking other treatments

John Stanton 5 years ago
That's odd I never mentioned "coffee". I said caffeine as a general.

If you want to discuss coffee, I have gone a whole year without coffee and this pattern remains. I currently do not drink coffee.

I have read much about the usage of other things that may or may not "antidote" a remedy and there are mixed opinions. many of which come from "classic" homeopaths. Evocationer being one of them.

I do not see an alopathic doctor. and I'm not using her "logic".

I'm taking the vitamins that my body requires and I know how they make me feel and what "symptoms" they cause; that is well established.

If I were to stop taking all of these things then a myriad of symptoms would occur. If I stopped these and began a new treatment at the same time, then who's to say what symptoms were an aggravation from the remedy, or an occurrence of lack of necessary nutritional support??

I mean how far would you take that system of thought? some foods could be considered "medicinal". will you tell me to stop consuming protein because you don't know if protein is helping or not? Maybe the lack of protein would exhibit new symptoms...surely it would.

If you didn't want me to "mix therapies" then you shouldn't have taken the case as I stated in my original post I want to "compliment" her treatment.

This is very unfortunate. I've looked at a handful of threads on this forum-- seems you do not have a very good reputation.
[message edited by rom109 on Wed, 15 Jun 2016 17:36:20 UTC]
rom109 5 years ago
Regarding Chamomilla,

"There must always be intolerance of pain, aggravation at night, and aggravation by warmth. This applies to the toothache, earache, facial and cervical neuralgia, and to the abdominal colic, and distinguishes it from the symptoms of Colocynth, which are diminished by warmth."

I hate being cold, love to be warm, feel better when I am warm, I get angry when I'm cold and the cold leads to tension headaches.
I feel better at night; I feel alive at night.
[message edited by rom109 on Wed, 15 Jun 2016 20:46:36 UTC]
rom109 5 years ago
"if I take any caffeine during the time I feel awful it makes me feel more tired. But if I take caffeine after I "wake up" then it does what it is supposed to do."

caffeine in what form?
John Stanton 5 years ago
Any form. it does not matter. red bull, rock star, green or black tea, and yes even coffee.

my point was that you jumped to assume coffee without asking.
it is not IN PARTICULAR coffee. Any caffeine.

so i do not like to take caffeine at all.
rom109 5 years ago
no u should not keep doing what ur doing.....all substances affect --each individual has their personal sensitivities to substances--if substances do affect ur well being--then they are medicinal----u can do whatever u want--homoeopathy is my thing--so I tell u real..no problem u lookin for someone whom will cater to wrong thinking...

vitamin d not a problem--but if is valid to ur case--then omega oil blends is to be used--assimulation of d vitamin --oil---

maca root--no
nettles --no

ascorbic acid --no

vitamins---??--not certain
John Stanton 5 years ago
My point remains.

-you shouldn't have taken over this thread if you were going to tell me to override my ACTUAL DOCTOR'S advice.

-it's not only your way or the highway.

-in 2014 I was treated by a legitimate homeopathic doctor and he did not tell me to stop ANY medication/supplement, rather he said do not ADD anything new, and by no means take any other HOMEOPATHIC remedies.

-If you were to legitimately take my case with the absence of all of my supplements, you would have to FIRST assess me when I have been off of all of them for a time and prescribe NOTHING until you were sure of my true state without any influence.
This is unrealistic and impossible, since there are a million influences- from daily water intake, to chocolate bars, to the amount of sun shine I was exposed to in a given day.
You can't possibly know.

-you have to be a cave man to not know that Vitamin C(ascorbic acid) is essential for it's antioxidant properties and for general health. Especially for breastfeeding. Vitamin C helps with protein metabolism, and iron absorption.

You're right in saying I can do what I want. you are not the only person who gives homeopathic advice.
There are many who have differing opinions and you cannot claim to be the ONLY right one.

No one knows truly how homeopathy works, it just does somehow. you can't claim to know all and to understand it fully over and against everyone else. and you can't monitor me closely over the internet, regardless of if I stopped taking all my supplements or not.
All you have to go off of is what I tell you, and how often I tell you.

You've really wasted my time here on this thread. The only reason I keep going is in hopes that someone will take a moment to read this and get the full picture.
And maybe, just maybe you'll gain some humility from interacting with another human being.
rom109 5 years ago
don't put it on anyone--ur the patient -ur in charge of ur-scene....bottom line is u don't know what ur talking about---so stick to being a patient and stop pushing ur weight around...
John Stanton 5 years ago
free help--and ur time was wasted??? anger got the best of u..for someone whom cared--this response of yours tells much---aggressive
John Stanton 5 years ago
Im not putting anything on anyone.
and im not being angry.
i do know what i am talking about in what I said. Im not claiming ultimate knowledge like you are...

pushing my weight around?! if im just a know-nothing puny patient then what weight do I have?

I made good arguments and all you have are insults.

you who follow the God of the Bible,

doesn't it say somewhere in the prophets,'...walk humbly before your God..?'
rom109 5 years ago
Hi there---I'm not a homeopath, but just wanted to say something. I also have been greatly helped by Evocationer in the past. I'm really bummed that he seems to no longer be practicing. I also don't trust easily and for awhile I was lost without having a homeopath I could trust.
If it helps you, homeodr has been the one who seems most similar to Evocationer's sytle on here. He does not ask you to discontinue any medications you're taking, and works with you wherever you're at. He also doesn't make disparaging remarks when you go to your regular doc and get medication for something when you feel you need to. He prescribes a single remedy in the classical way.

Evocationer was an amazing homeopath---I know I sure got spoiled under his care (in a good way). Hope this helps.
alaskamom 5 years ago
thank yooou!!!
yes that helps! I will try to reach out to him.

:) :) :)
rom109 5 years ago
You're welcome! Good luck :)
alaskamom 5 years ago

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