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seek classical homeopath to suggest me the treatment

1. Name Rajiv Bakshi
2. 56 years old
3. Male
4. Married for 26 years blessed with 2 daughters
5. Approx. Weight 100 kg
6. Approx. 5 ft 10 in
7. Born in India but travelling a lot
8. Variable climate (Not quite sure how to answer appropriately), Four seasons. Extreme. I hate summers. Need to cool myself immediately. Enjoy monsoon and winters. Enjoy natural cool breeze.
9. List of complaints and since how long -
a. high blood pressure: 27 years
b. enlarged prostate: 2 years
c. cervical spondylosis: 5 years
d. Obesity: 10 years
e. knee pain: 5 years
f. uric acid: recent
g. cholesterol: 10 years
h. Claustrophobia: since childhood. Even my mom had.
i. fear darkness
j. don’t like sweating out. Enjoy indoors, sleeping, etc. Anything related to physical effort has to be avoided. Stay away from NO PAIN NO GAIN. I want no pain and yet gain.
k. medicine dependent any type
l. palpitation: since 27 years
m. Average Self-Esteem: childhood
n. bowl not cleaning in one single go: child hood
o. warts: 10 years
p. gas formation: child hood
q. excess wax in ear: childhood
r. cramps: past 6 years

10. Non-Diabetic: hopefully. Will get it checked before we meet.

11. Food Desires - like salted foods, rich foods, tea and dairy products. I also tend to eat sweets or crave them. I desire more. I'm also vegetarian, in case that's important and eat almost everything. Enjoy home cooked food more than outside. But I control whenever needed!

12. Thirst - I do not crave cold soft (fizzy) drinks. I like lemon water. Am not very thirsty and drink water in low qtys. Often.

13. Tongue and Taste: I'm not sure if anything stands out for me in regards to this, although I do enjoy rich, mild chilly and sour foods.

14. Current Blood Pressure: with medicine 120/80 without medicine I do not know. I regularly take medicine for High Blood Pressure.

15. Few situations that had a big effect on me
These are things I feel stand out during my life, although the events in between are the most prominent and the things I feel like I can't let go of or move past the most.
-parents always controlled me and I wanted to be a free bird to peruse my own interests.
-elder brother was mentally retarded and I loved him a lot.
-that’s left me to be less social. His responsibility was there on every member of the family and everyone took good care of him equally.
- I did not get admission in engineering and then later in MBA.
- I had a very strong headed boss where I worked who always looked at my negative sides and ensured that I failed at every step, which prompted me to be careful and today also I dream fearing him.
- Twice have been taken for a sweet ride by my friends and made to undergo heavy financial loss.
- So I am introvert, shy, fearful yet happy, bold, adventurous in phases.

16. Current and previous remedies/medicines I am taking or took in the past?
I follow all pathies. For any disease I would visit a allopathy doctor, a homeopath and a ayurved doctor, simultaneously. In every field of cure I have very close doctor friends. My simple view is to get cured fast. I fear diseases a lot and then after these three pathies are started, I forget about the disease…
I wish I had been treated by a classical homeopath because my father in law was a classical homeopath and have seen letters and heard stories about cures. I have never met him but hold him in very high respect.

17. Educational Qualification
I would say I was an average student academically speaking, I was a quiet student and always tried to please. I loved team sports. I was good in languages, science and maths. Since I was not permitted to challenges I lost all interest and motivation.
I went to college for the heck of it. I was adventurous by nature but had no motivation and this was also when I feel my depression started and I closed myself. But whenever I desired I would study smart and pass out with flying colors.
Am M.Sc. in drugs chemistry and then did several organizational sponsored management and leadership courses for top management, looking at my leadership qualities.

Am a slow learner for anything in life but work with compassion to and steadfastness to master it.

18. Nature of work.
I am currently a BUSINESS GROWTH ADVISOR for small and medium enterprises. Its more of mental work. Requires lots of travelling, thinking, reading, alone time. Whenever there is work I am very active but whenever there is no work then I it requires effort to come out of the bed and do any work.

I was a strong leader when I was employed due to my coaching, excellent bosses, team and my adventurous nature. I now feel I have lost the cutting edge.

I am very cautious now. Though risk taking is my second nature.

19. Vigour and Vitality: low.

20. Mind-behavior: anger, irritability, hurry, impatient, slow in decision, deep thinker, unorganized, want others to do my work, vary of non-productive jobs, love my work and less of domestic work. Oflate I have become very social after my mom passed away and my dad is aged.
I am kind hearted and never cheat anyone. On the contrary go a step ahead to help anyone even if he/she is not known to me.

Money doesn’t have much importance in my life. I consider ease in life more important than money. Have very basic needs and not very ambitious anymore for more for money but yes for fame and recognition.

I have very sharp memory and always want to look good so dress up very decent. I wish to have a wonderful body.

Trust others easily and expect to trust me too equally.

21. How am I different from other persons? I am good at public speaking. I am decently behavioral, and has loads of love and affection for family, friends, and relatives. Medium in confidence.

22. Mood :
-really low mood, numb feeling, often no interest or energy to do anything, indifferent to everything.
- easily do not get angry, but when continuously haunted then can’t control the aggravated anger within me, easily startled, anxious
- sudden noises set off anxiety e.g. car doors slamming, people shouting/screaming
-I also will feel anxious in anticipation for things, for example if I know something's being delivered to my house that day I will feel anxious all day or in anticipation that something can go wrong.
-I feel intense pressure to be perfect, and to do everything perfectly. I feel extreme responsibility to keep family safe and happy. I do not trust anyone else to care for my things like I do.
-I find it difficult to focus on things, if I'm concentrating on something but there's other things going on around me or someone's trying to talk to me then I can get very irritated.
-anxiety symptoms: weak heavy feeling in pit of my stomach, and sometimes in the anus area. Trembling. Heart Palpitations. Mind feels like it's racing but I am not able to focus on anything or recall anything I was thinking during that time. I often feel exhausted if I've had a particularly anxious day. I feel anxious just thinking about situations that have or would make me feel anxious.
-My mind is on overdrive constantly, I am going over all of the negative things that have happened to me in the past no matter how long ago. And no sooner I realise I easily let it go.
- I like to dance and sing hindi melodies and ghazals.
- I like comic, suspense and martial art movies a lot

-I used to be angry about past experiences and hold resentment towards people who have caused me pain, no matter how small. But not now.

23. Dreams: not many but usually of fear, negativity and depressing.

24. Fear: snakes, darkness, closed areas.

25. Any surgery: anal fissure in 2001 and appendicitis in 2015. Now I am told that prostate will have to be removed, which I do not want to.

26. Enjoy: swimming, water, trekking – feel low now when I can’t play them due to knee problem and palpitation.

27. Excretions - I sweat a lot. At the slightest exertion I sweat. And I don’t like it. Urine quantity is good, clear

28: Like: meditation, non-invasive or alternate health therapies, dark clouds, getting wet in rain, spiritual, religious and motivational talks, interacting with leaders and intellectual people. Play safe.

29. Sleep: is sound, but I of late take medication for claustrophobia while sleeping. It is these disturbed to enlarged prostate since I have to go for urination several times. Usually I like to go to sleep around 9:30 pm and wake up at 6: 00 am.

30. Physical exercise: whenever I can I love to go for swimming if the pool is neat and clean, otherwise I do want to but don’t like.

31. Avoid: confrontation, gossip, boasting and listening to people who boast, talk a lot, crowd, going out.

Additional points:
1. Large stomach area.
2. Can’t wear very tight clothes.
3. Not spend thrift but not even miser too.
4. If I stand longer then my legs go numb from hips downwards.
5. My mother was heavy and she had border range diabetes. My dad is stout and sturdy.
6. Nose dries up often these days and breathing becomes difficulty during sleep.
7. These days I get tired fast. While lying on the bed or sofa if I get up immediately, there is strong giddiness.
  NIIEV16 on 2016-08-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am not a classical types but you r personality is indicating phosphoric acid.

since no one has responded till now so i have interjected.

you may like to read and match your symptoms with the remedy.
anuj srivastava 5 years ago
Thanks Mr. Anuj Srivastava.

how does one take phosphoric acid? i mean doses...
NIIEV16 5 years ago
five pills 200 potency ones in three days.

you may like to study CARCINOSIN ALSO
anuj srivastava 5 years ago
thanks doctor.

i was confused since few doctors have told me nat mur or lyco or stahpysiagara.

is it there cannot be consensus amongst homeopaths on a single remedy for same person?

i approached this forum so that i could get clarity and confirm my medication.

when the doctor says that x/y/z is your constitution type, then does it mean that taking that particular medicine will improve my overall health forever?
NIIEV16 5 years ago
exactly,it is curative.

read the two medicines and try to analyse yourself,selected based on your symptoms.

alternatively send me a mail and i will forward the flow chart of both the remedies incl others which have been suggested.
[message edited by anuj srivastava on Sat, 13 Aug 2016 10:21:16 UTC]
anuj srivastava 5 years ago
Let us say you want to go to Sydney. You can start from Mumbai, go to New York and then Sydney.

Or via chennai, Singapore.

The destination is same. Routes are different.

You are right. No two homeopaths are likely to give the same starting prescription for the same case. It happens rarely, particularly for chronic cases.

But, both of them may nudge you towards cure. The treatment depends upon their knowledge and experience.

That is why homeopath is considered as an art too.
gavinimurthy 5 years ago
very convincing response mr. murthy...

what would you recommend for my case?
NIIEV16 5 years ago
Mr. Anuj Srivastava: which one would you suggest between the two?

How long would i need to take it, in what potency, how to take it, how many times?

NIIEV16 5 years ago
phosphoric acid. 200,five drops in an ounce of water every three days.

how long---cannot forecast.

feedback every 4 days
anuj srivastava 5 years ago
thanks sir...

right now i am out of country. once back will start and keep you posted.

thanks again!
NIIEV16 5 years ago
i hv started taking acid phos 200c since last 12 days.

the major problems that worry me now are:

1] BPH - enlarged prostate
2] Gout of the left hand side big toe. i fine great difficulty in walking; and
3] Claustrophobia attack.

please help.
NIIEV16 5 years ago
You can safely take urtica dioica 6c..4 pellets thrice a day..on the days you are not taking other homeopathic medicines.

Report after two weeks.
gavinimurthy 5 years ago
Thanks Shri Gavin Murthy Sir...

Will revert to you after a fortnight.

NIIEV16 5 years ago
Shri Gavin Murthy Sir, I tried to send you a mail to your yahoo id, but it did not get through.

May I have your personal email id so that my daughter can communicate with you.

NIIEV16 5 years ago
I prefer to give help on the forum itself.

Ask her to open a separate thread.
gavinimurthy 5 years ago
Sir, I could not get Urtica Diocia 6c or any other potency in whole of Ahmedabad.

Please suggest an alternative for the same. I have severe pain in left big toe joint. Seems gout/ uric acid.

NIIEV16 5 years ago
You can order online from Schwabe India.
gavinimurthy 5 years ago
gavinimurthy 5 years ago
Urtica urens is widely known. Few people know about urtica dioica. Even Schwabe India made a mistake when I ordered. They sent Urtica urens instead of urtica dioica. Of course they sent the correct one later.

Talk to them after placing the order, and make it clear that you want dioica not urens.
gavinimurthy 5 years ago
Thanks sir...

I shall do as directed.

As regards my daughter she wants to have personal exchange of emails to discuss gynaec problem.
NIIEV16 5 years ago
My email is in my profile. Click my username.
gavinimurthy 5 years ago
As suggested by you i have ordered the medicine and since i am leaving for out of country, will not be able to spk to them.

On my return i shall be able to begin with it.

NIIEV16 5 years ago
i have recd Urtica Dioica 6ch. and i have returned from abroad too.

i shall start it as directed by your esteemedself.

when u say homeopathic medicines do you mean cell salts and BFR also.
NIIEV16 5 years ago
I didn't get you. What is BFR? Are you taking any medicines presently? If so, list them out.

Did you get liquid or pellets?
[message edited by gavinimurthy on Thu, 22 Sep 2016 13:50:15 UTC]
gavinimurthy 5 years ago
respected sir,

i am treated by a homeopath. i do not know what medicines but my prostate and uric acid problem persists. tomorrow i will have lipid profile, sugar and uric acid tests done.

he once told me that for claustrophobia i take kaliphos 6x and for prostate i should take nat sulph 6x.

he also recommended me Bach Flower Remedy Mimulus.

besides i am taking an allopathy medicine one tablet for high blood pressure.

I got liquid. so i have put four drops in half a cup of water. since 4 am i have taken twice.

today i am not taking any other medicine, as was suggested by you.

NIIEV16 5 years ago

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