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breastfed toddler eczema

This is my first post and I'm very new to homeopathy but I'm hoping someone will be able to help me.

My biggest concern is my 20 month son. He's been plagued by eczema since he was just a few months old. It was all over his body and face for a time and was cleared by the help of a naturopath who used homoeopathic Candida drops, probiotics, bentonite clay. Rash reappeared on face only about. 9 months ago.

Baby was exclusively breastfed until 6 months and is still breastfed 3 times a day. We are both on a whole foods diet, no gluten, no processed foods, hardly any grains, no dairy, nightshade's, etc. We eat very healthy. Tons of veggies, good fats, meat, some fruit.

Super happy baby. Always has been. Biggest smile ever. Rash on his face has been there for 9 months. He's tested negative for food allergies and the allergist suspects it's a teething rash. Rash feels hot.

He was a great sleeper until a month ago. Now he wakes every night. He fights naps and bedtime now, too. Very clingy to mom only.

Steroid creams have been used and make it appear much better but it doesn't go away. He sleeps on his face and it always appears most red in the morning. All creams (most of which are natural) have not helped. Humidity doesn't help.

Family hsitory: mother has history or anaphylactic allergies to peanuts and shellfish. Lifelong eczema that comes and goes. Since I was small, I always itch overnight but the itch stops some time in the middle of the night. Creams do not help itching and if anything make it worse, no matter how many healing ingredients they contain. You name it I've tried it. After I started having childden, my health tanked. I lost weight, chronic diarrhoea, cramping. Took antidepressants for 2 years and weaned off when I became pregnant with my 20 month old. Switched to paleo diet 4 years ago. Saw much improvement in digestion but still have a sensitive stomach at times. I supplement with digestive enzymes, betaine HCL, antioxidant, prenatal supplement, b complex, probiotics, magnesium oil spray. My skin still has eczema, on my hands and chest (teething baby related?). Energy is good but prone to mild anxiety.

Father is allergic to latex but no other notable illnesses or allergies.

I've researched about Miasms and with my limited knowledge I consider baby and myself to be psoras.

The homoeopathic drops I was using before helped me tremendously. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction for how to fix his and my rashes. More concerned with him but I feel like we're both so intertwined that treating one will help the other and vice versa.

Thanks for any insight.
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  Jeborkow on 2016-09-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Well, just because you say you are new to homepathy I would like to enlighten you about few ppoints if you really opt for homeo treatmnet.

In homeopathy local applications are not recommended (ointments etc).
You will be given only medicines and that too only as much dose your baby needs (really few).
There could be some worsening of his skin condition before he could be all right.
You need to keep your cool during such times.

If you think all that suits you and you opt for homeopathy then please write about your son's peculiarities in emotions reactions behaviour, etc. write your mentaal and physical health during pregnancy. details of delivery and post birth conditions.

I will try my leevel best to help your baby.
DrKulkarni 6 years ago
Please try to upload snaps of baby's skin.
DrKulkarni 6 years ago
Thank you! I do like the idea of no ointments as they aren't working anyway.

He was a beautiful natural birth. Very quick. Almost painless. I was group b strep positive so I took antibiotics while pregnant as well as during delivery.

I was taking citalopram (antidepressant) while I was pregnant and weaned off by the time I was, 2 months pregnant.

I gained about 40 pounds. I'm 5'6" and 118lbs normally. I had gestational diabetes with my first child so I've always taken care to include protein at each meal, very limited sugar intake. I'm the kind of person that feels amazing when pregnant. I love it.

I was taking L-glutamine as a supplement when in my last trimester and was reacting terribly to it, although I didn't realize that was the problem. My midwife thought my hormones were making me itchy but it turns out it was the glutamine which I didn't realize for about a month after he was born. My body was so incredibly itchy, especially my stomach.

Baby's personality was super relaxed and happy go lucky until the teething really started. He has the loudest and most contagious laugh. A twinkle in his eye. Loves attention. He stares at people until they look back at him. He is constantly babbling and talking. 3 word sentences. Very intelligent. Can be bashful.

He was on antibiotics for impetigo (certain he was misdkagnosed) when he was about 5 months old.

He's physically solid. In the 90th percentile for weight and height. Very healthy looking (except for the rash).

Very physical. Climbs everything he can. Runs everywhere.

Has a very curious and naughty side, picking on his older siblings. Taking toys away, purposefully acting to provoke negative reactions. (ie/ stealing his sister's teddy while she's quietly watching tv). He bites, too, when he is playing more so than out of anger.

I understand that I'll need to be patient and these things take time. I really appreciate your help.
Jeborkow 6 years ago
Also, the rash consists of red patches with raised little bumps. They don't normally open up an bleed or pus unless he scratches but I usually stop it before that happens. He also gets single little red raised bumps on his face or occasionally on his body when he overheats. For the body, I put on a dusting of Bentonite clay under his clothes and it'll be gone the next day. This doesn't work on his face. I will post pics when I can get a good one.
Jeborkow 6 years ago
Could you please tell me about his weather tolerance / preferance?
DrKulkarni 6 years ago
I'm not sure about his weather tolerance. He is always happy. We live in a climate with mild winters and warm summers but not much when it comes to extremes.

He likes water, baths and showers. Never complains about them being Luke warm.
Jeborkow 6 years ago
Please start with following prescription:

1. BARYTA CARB 200C , pills (buy minimum qty dispensable at the shop), take 5 pills (for one dose) ONCE DAILY MORING (NO EXCESS DOSES PLEASE).
Nothing else to eat or drink 1 hour before and 1 hour after the doses.

Do’s & don’ts:
1. Stay away from Strong odors.
2. Do not touch medicines or spill them. Use the cap of container (of same medicine) to transfer the medicines.
3. Place the prescribed dose under the tongue and let it dissolve. Keep the dose for at least 2 minutes in mouth.
4. Keep medicine containers airtight, away from direct sunlight, heat, any smell and children.
5. Avoid strong smells and odors AFAP.
6. Do not take any other medicines for any health problems. Most symptoms go as they come within 24-72 hours.
7. Report any problems & seek appropriate advice.
8. Otherwise report progress after 1week.
DrKulkarni 6 years ago

I noticed one of you earlier small post just now which I had missed somehow. So, There will be a correction please.

Instead of Baryta Carb give him, PULSATILLA 200C, dosage and all other instructions same.
DrKulkarni 6 years ago
Thank you for your reply. Do these need to be taken in pellet form? It would be near impossible to have him hold it under his tongue for 2 minutes.
Jeborkow 6 years ago
It's not appearing as red because he's got a zinc cream on.
Jeborkow 6 years ago
You have to stop all applications like creams, oint, etc.

If you find it difficult to give him pills. You may give him liquid medicine as follows:

PULSATILLA 200C, dilution (buy minimum qty dispensable at the shop). give it once every morning after preparation as follows. If not available easily at your place you may buy this online.

Preparation of dose:

A. Buy 1 ounce size dropper bottle (preferably of glass otherwise plastic. Buy it from homeopathic shop only.).
B. Fill it with clean potable water.
C. Mix 5 drops of prescribed medicine in it. Shake it 2-3 times & keep it for 10 minutes.
D. Now it is ready to use. Give APPROXIMATELY 1/2TH teaspoonful (2.5ml) of this solution as single dose directly under the tongue. (You get approx. 12-13 doses from 1 ounce bottle).
E. Repetitions as prescribed above.
F. Nothing else to eat or drink 1 hour before and 1 hour after the doses.
DrKulkarni 6 years ago
There something else I feel are worth mentioning that I had forgotten. When my baby was 8 months, he broke out in eczema all over. Literally his whole body. Something told me it was a vaccination reaction. Even though the vaccine was a month previous. This is my mother's intuition.

I'm not sure if that has any impact on your suggestion.
Jeborkow 6 years ago
Vaccination reactions are common; immediate in some and remote in others.

At present, no change, continue as prescribed. I do not know if you have already started or not. If yes, is their aby improvement?
DrKulkarni 6 years ago
I'm waiting for the remedy to arrive in the mail. How many days do you recommend I administer the drops to my son?
Jeborkow 6 years ago
As soon as you see any effect (whether positive or negetive) of medicine stop it. You may see effect after first dose or it may take 3-5 doses. In any case soon after you notce any change stop it. No overdosing.

Just observe changes wth patience and keep reporting.
DrKulkarni 6 years ago
Just an FYI there was a mixup in the mail... 2 weeks later and still no remedies... I've cancelled my order and am trying to source it locally.
Jeborkow 6 years ago
Ok. If you have any problem getting 200C potencies, you may procure 30C and use them. Dosage will be same.
DrKulkarni 6 years ago
I was able to buy the 30c pellets. How many pellets should I dissolve in water?
Jeborkow 6 years ago
No need to dissolve in water. Give just 3 pills directly in mouth twice. 2nd dose 3 hours after 1st one.

No more doses required it will work for several days. Just wait patiently. Report all change in behavior / emotions /skin etc after 1 week.
DrKulkarni 6 years ago
He just chewed them... Is that ok?
Jeborkow 6 years ago
ok. no problem.
There could be some worsening of his skin. No need to panic.

Report if anything important.
DrKulkarni 6 years ago
There has definitely been some worsening. It does worry me but I know patience is important. Thank you for your continued support.
Jeborkow 6 years ago
No need to worry. In fact, it could be sign to be happy, though sounds weird . Let's wait and watch.
DrKulkarni 6 years ago
The eczema has gotten progressively worse. It's the worst I've ever seen it. I was hoping it would start to get better but each morning I become more stressed out over it. He's going for environment allergy testing on Monday.

Also - he came down with the virus that went through my other children. It lasted between 1 and 4 days with my other children and his only lasted one day.
Jeborkow 6 years ago
Unfortunately, real cures often have to go through such unpleasant events. Eczema like chronic problems take quite a long time to improve. If we meddle with it at this stage to relieve it, he might never be able to get rid of it.
I understand it's unpleasant and undesirable to keep watching it but need to keep some patience.

See if those allergy tests can be postponed, they are likely to interfere. We are already treating him for allergy, testing now however, has no much importance at this stage.
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DrKulkarni 6 years ago

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