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Eczema and sulphur and breastfeeding


I'm a 32 year old female with 3 kids 5 and under. Still breastfeeding. Period hasn't returned yet (baby will be 2 in January).

Eczema my whole life. Allergies, too... Including peanuts and shellfish, dairy, corn, latex, raw veggies like carrots,. Diagnosed with oral allergy syndrome. Suspected histamine intolerance. Everything I eat is made from scratch, no gluten, hardly any grains, low to no sugar, little fruit. Lots of meat, veggies and healthy oils..

Currently I have eczema on my breasts, one worse than the other. This is my biggest complaint. Confirmed eczema, not Candida or fungal. It feels worse with heat.

My entire life I've been an itchy person... Seasonal allergies and food allergies combined.

Itch ING worse over nigh t. I scratch my fingers and hands in my sleep almost every night as far back as I can remember. There are some days I don't do this but it's rare.

I've had issues with tingling when I scratch eczema on my hands. Tingling will travel up my arms to my head.

My ears are always feeling full... To the point that I don't even notice anymore.

Bowel problems and problems with diarrhoea started after having children although much improved with dietary and supplemental changes.

I don't sweat even when I work out. The best I can do is get clammy but never a bead of sweat. Instead I overheat.

Showed low iron and manganese on a blood heavy metals test.

Tendency toward anxiety and depression although I am usually OK.

Random fact: I've always suspected issues with cabbage and onions...

Reading through sulphur, it really resonated with me. I was able to locate just about every symptom there... But am new to homeopathy on my own (haven't seen my nature path in a while). I don't want to waste money on something completely wrong.

Or are there better things to try?
  Jeborkow on 2016-10-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Since dr k is treating your child it would only make sense if he also was handling your issue as well.

This can be a long treatment bc everything you have used to suppress symptoms will over time show up again.

Have you clicked on dr k user profile?
This forum is lucky to have a professional like him on here.

Ask him about what you should do for you on your child's thread.
simone717 5 years ago
Thank you I guess I should have posted this directly to him... I am new here. Now sure how it works!
Jeborkow 5 years ago
You can click user names and see their profile. You can read previous posts.

The forum was designed as a discussion place about any healing not just homeopathy. It is not a clinic
But the owner lets people prescribe.
It is up to members to say if they think suggestions are not safe.

When people post without asking for a person they could have anyone give them advice, which could be
A person who read about homeopathy yesterday. Everyone on here volunteers their time, many do it as service to the suffering who have no alternative.

You are in good hands.
simone717 5 years ago
Good advice Simone.

I am on the forum since 2006, and I have not seen any other professional doctor like Dr.Kulkarni, who is very competent and gives selfless service.

There are others, who basically come here to attract patients to their paid websites.

Dr.K. is one exception. I too hope his services will be available to patients here, for a long time.
gavinimurthy 5 years ago
Thank you Mr. Murthy & Mr. Simone (I hope I am not wrong in adrressing you gender).

It is good to see at least some people like you are capable of perceiving genuineness.

I have seen a lot in professional practice how doctors and even homeoapths rival each other. Innitially I was under impression that prescribes here might be exchanges there views and learning for each other without such reservations because there is no commercial gains here. I was very much willing to educate if anybody interested in learnign some genuine homeopathy with advanced practices. But unfortunately, my assumptions were blew in air very soon.

However, my continuation here now depends on the patients' responses. As of now I am not finding it very encouraging. Couple of common points I observe in patients here is that they all keep seeking some substandard knowledge of homeopathy through web and books and try to apply there own loginc to prescriptions provided. They do nlt have patience, they need a medicine for every symptom and they do not realise the effortsof the prescriber.

Let's see how it works. It is too early to decide anything.
DrKulkarni 5 years ago
That is what I am afraid Dr.Kulakarni. My request will be to warn those people once and sign off if they keep annoying you.

But, there are many genuine seekers, who need help. Keep helping such people.

Please don't quit the forums. This is a selfless service and you will be blessed for it.


gavinimurthy 5 years ago
Let's hope for the best.
DrKulkarni 5 years ago

In fact, I wanted to suggest you also to start on homeopathy when I first read your post about your baby but somehow it skipped my mind by the time I finished your baby's prescription.

If you want to start on you may answer following questionnaire a fresh.
Write about following:
Age/Gender/Location/Country/Ethnicity. Height / Weight /Skin color/Eye color.

Please explain everything in detail. Don't try to cut short.
When & how your present trouble started? What is the probable cause of each of your health problem according to you?

All your past and present health in sequence oldest to newest. All details of previous treatments (oldest to newest) and their effects.

Write in detail about you – emotions, fears, sentiments, etc. your personality, physical parameters, habits, feelings about life, etc.

Write in detail about your life: social, family, occupational, schooling, childhood, etc. You should mention about incidences that might have influenced or impacted your mind / health / life considerably.

Write about what common opinions most people have about you; what most people comment /say about you frequently; how they react / interact with you & why?

Write something unique about you (how you are different from others or what makes you special).
DrKulkarni 5 years ago
You may just provide only left out info if any.
DrKulkarni 5 years ago
Hi dr kulkarni,
My name is easy to mistake as a guy.
I am a female, studying homeopathy for some years, as I had a wonderful homeopath MD early on when my children were young and even though
My career is in business, my real enthusiasm is learning healing systems. I have been using the robin Murphy courses .

You are a really great teacher,( I used to teach and counsel , before business) many prescribers on here have zero interest there. That is fine, we all have our gifts. But I really believe in the " teach a person to fish"
Philosophy when appropriate. People
Have to get a driver license to drive and I think they need to understand the basics of allopathy and homeopathy.

On forum: would be good to have a standard opening paragraph- where you state who you are and rules for using your time and what treatment rules are. Time after time for years on here, you find people have been going to a naturopath or other and one finds out in middle of case. Or they think all on here are free md's and when bad advice pops in due to ignorance they think why not??

I saw this annoying stuff coming and I think if you set up your response with caveats it will be ok. Am learning a lot
From you! Thanks for being here.

simone717 5 years ago
Hello, Mrs.Simone,

Yes, somewhere I was doubtful about your gender identity. There is one more funny reason why was I mislead about your gender. You may believe it or not many a time we can judge a persons gender by the person's writing style. You writig style lot more resembles that of males.

Well however, your thoughts and writings are good, social and sensible. It's good to be communicating with you. I also appriciate the knowledge you have accumulated about the healing systems.
DrKulkarni 5 years ago
I, for one, always thought Simone is male.
[message edited by gavinimurthy on Sat, 01 Oct 2016 16:35:21 UTC]
gavinimurthy 5 years ago
Part of my work used to be writing and designing advertising for male dominated business: marine industry, dealing with alpha male adventure get it done executives-my father ran our home in military fashion, guess it rubbed off, lol.
simone717 5 years ago
Good background!
DrKulkarni 5 years ago
Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my story. I do/have seen naturopaths for years. I have experienced some incredible healing by implementing changes from these naturopaths. However, I have spent way more money than I can afford (testing, supplements, etc)...I feel like my healing is missing something. Like my body hasn't quite tuned in to it's ability to heal itself and this is where I hope homeopathy can help. I feel like if I can balance myself internally, I hopefully won't require all the digestive enzymes, betaine hcl, b vitamins, multivitamins, antioxidants, etc.

Age - 32
Gender - Female
Location/Country - Vancouver, Canada
Ethnicity - a mix of European ethnicities
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 118lbs
Skin: fair (but I tan, don't burn)
Eye color: green

When & how your present trouble started?

Breast eczema started in June - 4 months ago. Eczema in general has been a lifelong problem.
What is the probable cause of each of your health problem according to you?
Leaky gut from years of eating foods which I knew I was sensitive to. (Dairy, corn)

All your past and present health in sequence oldest to newest. All details of previous treatments (oldest to newest) and their effects.

Eczema that comes and goes but never FULLY goes. It shifts over time. For years, it was my neck, other years it was my wrists, other years my scalp, arms, etc. My other problem area is my fingers/hands. This has been ongoing as long as I can remember. I remember it affecting my hands in elementary school. I remember it affecting my wrists even before school years. I would wake myself scratching every night, often until I bled. I still scratch overnight in my sleep. My parents used Atarax orally for the itching. Topical corticosteroids, too.

Also have lifelong food allergies - anaphylactic to peanuts/shellfish, but also to dairy, wheat, soy, corn, raw veggies (oral allergy syndrome), etc. Always carry an epi-pen but never used it.

Hives, itchy lips, itchy skin. These are all lifelong problems. This was much worse when I was younger.

I THINK I had ear infections as a child, but only a shadow of a memory about that.

Severe chickenpox in Grade 1.

Several cases of strep throat growing up - several rounds of antibiotics.

2002 - heart palpitations for 6 months. I was then able to trace it to a sensitivity to aspartame. I was an avid gum chewer. I haven't chewed any gum since then.

Breast lump which turned out to be nothing, surgically removed in 2005.

In 2006(ish) my ears started to feel full all the time. I don't notice it anymore but my ears pop when I go up one flight in an elevator.

In 2008, my nerves started to feel tingly. Specifically, when I scratch eczema on my hand, I will feel a tingle all the way up my arm to my scalp.

Bad breath. Not sure when it started but it was a significant problem until I really changed my diet/supplements in 2013 or so.

Prone to headaches, especially before my period. Cramping on day 1 of period. (Haven't gotten my period back as I'm still breastfeeding.)

I don't sweat properly. No matter how hard I try, I can get clammy or damp and overheat. My mother is the same way.

I am usually cold. Hands and feet, especially. I can be wearing socks and boots yet my feet will still be cold.

Many other health issues, which really became problematic after I started having kids 5 years ago. I lost weight uncontrollably, was depressed, anxious, chronic diarrhea, cramping.

I was put on antidepressants in June 2012 and took these until summer 2014 while I was pregnant with the child who now has eczema.

In 2012, I switched to a paleo diet to deal with digestive issues and added some supplements which helped tremendously with the weight - digestive enzymes, multivitamins, probiotics.

Suspected histamine intolerance. Eating anything fermented makes me itch like crazy. Although my reactions are most often delayed. I stopped all alcohol and aged/fermented foods a few years ago.

Currently, my digestion is quite good with all the supplements I'm taking. However, my diet is very restrictive.

Heavy Metal Testing showed I'm low in Manganese and Iron (though blood tests later showed my iron was fine). An organic acid test showed that I struggle to convert folic acid into the active form of folate - likely genetic. Also, my neurotransmitters are low.

Write in detail about you – emotions, fears, sentiments, etc. your personality, physical parameters, habits, feelings about life, etc.

I am more often than not, a super happy, happy go lucky kind of person. I've actually said many times that I'm the happiest person I know. And when I'm feeling well, I think this to be true. There are times I get very anxious and become more introverted, preferring to be alone. (In fact, I never mind being alone. I enjoy quiet time. I also enjoy being social.)

I was terribly shy as a child, hiding behind my parents. Now I consider myself more outgoing and friendly. I get along with everyone and anyone. I tend to see the best in others. I have a very positive outlook on life in general.

I am sensitive in some ways but not in others - I can easily cry at commercials or at the thought of something sad. Growing up, I would cry at the thought of saying goodbye to a relative who lived far away, I cried at every wedding I went to. On the other hand, it is hard to personally offend me.

I am not very patient - I get frustrated rather easily.

I am a religious person, so I consider myself to be somewhat meditative, although I don't spend nearly as much time on this as I'd like to or as I should. I know this is an important area for me to work on...may help with the itch?

I am a bit obsessive when it comes to health. I want to figure myself out and fix myself (and my children). I research, read, and commit to making necessary changes. I've always had a restricted diet due to allergies growing up, so making dietary changes now is not as difficult for me as it is to an average person.

My children are major stressors. I see eczema in my oldest and youngest and it brings up all of these fears in me that they'll turn out to have all the same problems as me. This is especially the case right now with my youngest who has eczema all over his face. It is a major stressor, especially since it's the first thing I notice when I look at him.

On the surface, I am a calm and collected person, however, I know I internalize my stresses.

Write in detail about your life: social, family, occupational, schooling, childhood, etc. You should mention about incidences that might have influenced or impacted your mind / health / life considerably.

I have 3 young kids, am a stay at home mom (on leave from work - will return in 3 years). Being a mom is the best job I could ever hope for. It's hard but I absolutely love my life.

I have a BA in Criminology. I have a background working in offices (courthouse, police office). I've spent a considerable amount of time working in courtrooms which were full of negative energy and where people are constantly arguing and twisting truths. This undoubtedly had a stressful effect on mye. I also dealt with a coworker who harassed me and it took me years to speak up about it. This was a big giant stressor.

I eat awesome, whole foods which I absolutely love. I am always in the kitchen cooking and consider it a form of therapy. I do, however, have some hangups with food. This, I'm sure, stems from growing up being terrified that certain foods could kill me. My parents always made it clear in restaurants that I could DIE from ingestion of peanuts or shellfish. This was ingrained to me at a young age and so I know that fear sits in the back of my head. I never experienced any eating disorders (in fact, I have always eaten more than the average person), but I do believe this fear has impacted my experience with food. Always wondering if what I'm eating is contributing to my health problems. Sometimes consciously, sometimes not.

I had an awesome childhood. Great parents, great siblings. No traumas. I'm blessed.

Write about what common opinions most people have about you; what most people comment /say about you frequently; how they react / interact with you & why?

I think people consider me to be nice. Like i said above, I get along with everyone. I never fight with my friends. I do not like drama and I've chosen friends who feel the same way. My husband is wonderful but we know how to push each others buttons much like every other couple. Overall, my relationships with others are positive. My family is very important to me.

Write something unique about you (how you are different from others or what makes you special).

Good question - I don't know how to answer that! I think my generally upbeat personality makes me special. I am optimistic with myself and others, in a society where there is so much focus on the negative. I don't have cable tv - so I don't watch commercials, the news (I read it online). I keep as much negativity out of my life as possible. I'm quite blissfully unattached to technology. I can easily go days without using a cell phone or computer.
Jeborkow 5 years ago
Please start with following prescription:

1. PHOSPHORUS 1M , pills (buy minimum qty dispensable at the shop), take 5 pills (for one dose) SINGLE DOSE ONLY, (NO EXCESS DOSES PLEASE).
Nothing else to eat or drink 1 hour before and 1 hour after the doses.

(As you are a sensitive person to many things I prefer to advise you mimimum medicines. Please take a single dose which is capable of working for days. Just wait patiently).

Do’s & don’ts:
1. Stay away from Strong odors.
2. Do not touch medicines or spill them. Use the cap of container (of same medicine) to transfer the medicines.
3. Place the prescribed dose under the tongue and let it dissolve. Keep the dose for at least 2 minutes in mouth.
4. Keep medicine containers airtight, away from direct sunlight, heat, any smell and children.
5. Avoid strong smells and odors AFAP.
6. Do not take any other medicines for any health problems. Most symptoms go as they come within 24-72 hours.
7. Report any problems & seek appropriate advice.
8. Otherwise report progress after 1week.
DrKulkarni 5 years ago
Thank you for your reply. I take supplements to help with my digestion since this is a very weak point for me. Things like digestive enzymes and betaine HCL, prenatal vitamins, vitamin c, vitamin b complex. The enzymes and HCL are vital for me right now. The others I could forego for a few days during treatment. Thought I'd check with you first. Also, probiotics...?
Jeborkow 5 years ago
I would suggest you to gradually reduced those doses. If you are dependant on them your system is grossly out of order which needs repair rather than suppliments. Suppliments are however, synthetic /artificial foods. No doubt they penetrate the system better than natural ones. But on long run they are likely to cause some adverse effects which no doctor will tell you then.

Homepathic remedies are capable of repairing the system so that it can utilise natural nutrients efficiently. You may not need those suppliments later. Therefore, I would suggest you to start reducing the doses / frequency of those suppliments.
DrKulkarni 5 years ago
I am just waiting for the remedy in the mail. I'd love to be able to get off all or at least many of my supplements.

One more thing I failed to mention... My neck glands have been swollen for 10+ years. Tonsils, too.
Jeborkow 5 years ago
This was very vtal iformation which you could have mentioned earlier. However, I need to change prescription now.

Instead of Phosphorus you please take CALCAREA CARBONICA 30c, 5 PILLS DAILY MORNING AFTER 10AM. Stop doses as soon as you notice any effect.

Please avoid, taking bath at least first day of dose and then as infrequently as possible. Rest all instruction to follow as advised before.
DrKulkarni 5 years ago
I took my dose yesterday. I had a horrible headache (although this may have been due to some dairy free chocolate chips) and a very vivid dream last night. A nightmare in fact and this is very unusual for me.

I'll post as I notice symptoms or changes so I don't miss anything.

Thank you!!
Jeborkow 5 years ago
No need to take any further doses. Just keep watch on changes.
DrKulkarni 5 years ago
Last night I had the most horrible headache of my entire life. My entire head was throbbing and it felt like someone was squeezing the top of my neck/base of my skull. It's still there a bit but tolerable now.

My oldest daughter has been sick and has complained of her neck and head hurting so I suspect I may just be getting her virus.

I've still been scratching at night. The skin on one of my hands, however, is soft like skin should be, though it's still red. Other hand was bleeding a bit from scratching.

Glands in neck more swollen than usual which makes me think I'm fighting a virus.
Jeborkow 5 years ago
Now my daughter is saying she never had a neck or headache. It was a sore throat she was describing.
Jeborkow 5 years ago
Stop the medicine and wait. It will be all right.
DrKulkarni 5 years ago

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