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Recipe of my good health at age 90

Hello all

Today is my ninetieth birthday and I want to share the secret of my excellent health. That is goat milk. I drink it two times a day, at each morning and evening.

  tamiano on 2006-02-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Congratulations, Pop Tamiano!

I was wondering if you have your own goats?

By the way I always thought you are a young man, what a surprising news.

Happy birthday to you and thanks for sharing the secret with us.
kuldeep last decade
Dear Dr. Kuldeep, I am honored that you replied my post. Please don’t call me Pops because I am your best friend.

I used to have three goats but now I buy the milk and I make sure that they are milked in front of me.

Thanks again.
tamiano last decade
Happy birthday Tamiano. I think you were on Arnica for last 90 years.

Well I haven't tried Goat milk. How it taste, I heard it is yellow colored. I cant' get it in my area but I think I can get Goat Cheese. Is that any good or one must drink fresh milk only.
sanj551 last decade
Hello Tamiano. Now that you are my best friend so let's talk more. Where do you live? I guess not in New York City (this I am 100% sure)
kuldeep last decade
sanj551: I think you are mistaken. I was never on Arnica for 90 years but for the last one year. It is doing good to me. I used to go to bathroom at least 10 times at night but now I go only twice (may be thrice sometimes) and I sleep well. But it is not about Arnica but about Goat Milk. I am sorry that you can't obtain it in your area. I eat Goat cheese also, it is also a good stuff on this earth.
tamiano last decade
Like a medicine Lac Canium comes from Dog's milk.

So you say that Goat's milk can be made a homeopathy medicine for a long and healthy life?
silverman last decade
My reply to Kuldeep:

Of-course I don't live in New York City. I live in Dominican Republic. My daughter lives in New York and I visited there but I didn't like it there. I own a ranch on the low mountains on the island, Dr. Kuldeep you are always welcome because we have goats and herbs there. You will like it there.

For Silverman:

I never said a medicine can be made with Cabra (Goat) milk but it should be taken just like cow milk. It is even tastier. Actually our goats eats lots of greens and herbs so the milk is already a composite homeopathy medicine.

I will welcome any other question regarding Goat milk.
tamiano last decade
Dear Sir Tamiano:

It is interesting to know about the Goat milk. Actually cows and buffalos too eat herbs equally. Is not that milk also is equally a composite homeopathy medicine?
harsh last decade
As Mister Harsh has pointed out that, is not that milk also is equally a composite homeopathy medicine.

No Sir, as far as goats are concerned you are quite layman. Cabra (Goat) eats everything. They even eat things what cows and buffalow avoid. They can climb mountains and eat the things unaccessible or too small for cows. They even eat bitter and sour herbs. They have voracious apetite and eat a lot. That's why wild goats are always an invironment problem.

Hope this answers your question.
tamiano last decade
That's why cows and buffalo's milk is no way equal to goat's milk.
tamiano last decade
Dear Tamiano (The Goat PhD)

I am moved by your invitation, actually I am planning to visit Purto Rico in few days. Who knows, may be we two will know more about goats.

I took your statement seriously that goat milk is equally a composite homeopathy medicine. I have same opinion about Petroleum.

Take care.
kuldeep last decade
That is super Dr. Kuldeep. I will be honored to receive you from Puerto Rico. I read about your Petroleum post and also Graphites post. I hit this site becasue first I discovered your Graphites post. I had bad eczema on my lower legs and then I used Graphites and it was half cured. Then I read about your petroleum post and half of the half was cured by petroleum. Then I read Joe Livera's thread and started using Arnica and half of the half of the half is cured. I am almost releived.

Actually Goats are a wonderful creatures. Later on I will discuss more powers of goat milk.

Thanks again.
tamiano last decade
One of my friend recommended eating goat milk ice-cream. He also told me where to get all goat milk products. There are several websites where order can be made.
I haven’t ever tasted goat milk or any of its products but once a while I used Goat-butter-moisturizers and they are good.

Also it is another pleasant surprise that Arnica is working on you. May be Arnica works well upon age related ailments and complications.
jeniffer last decade
Jeniffer you better belive it that all goat products are super super.

And about Arnica, it does not only work on senior citizens but works on all people. I get no homeopathy medicines in my country but I have to order it from other countries. I am so much inspired by Kuldeep's and Joe Livera's threads I make about 10 medicines at home and also prescribe Arnica to most of people. Not all of them cured but I will rather say half of them.

About goatmilk butter creams. That's what I used to massage myself. I send it to my frineds and family in USA to be used as hair-oil or baby-oil purpose. Actually we used this oil for cooking also.

Hope it answers more of your questions.
tamiano last decade
You are successful to treat half of your patients with arnica and home made medicines. You are doing better that most qualified doctors as well qu-acks here.

Tamiano keep up doing good work.
alexi last decade
Hey Tamiano, watch your back because we have a vicious militant lady here, she will target you and accuse you of promoting Goat products for a certain company.

Keep watching your back Man.
sanj551 last decade
Tamiano, I agree with you on most of your goat points. People should take this post seriously.

I used to visit a Himalayan mountain town and thousands of goats pass each day that way because goat-herders move them from high mountains to the plains in the winter and other way in the summer. Now governments are limiting a certain number of goats to pass through each trail because so many goats were denuding the mountains of all vegetation. I witnessed that goats eat Urtica Uranus, Rhus Toxicodendron, Rhododendron, Hedera helix, Euphorbia, Alstonia and what not. They even eat Lantana that no other animal touches.

This means milk of the goat raised in wild atmosphere contains many things as well many antibodies of the poisonous plants etc.

Actually I never thought about these goat things before but you brought an idea. When next time I will visit the Himalayan mountains I will certainly observe people who drink goat milk.
kuldeep last decade
I just have to add my two cents about goat's milk. We had a small family farm and practically grew up on goat's milk.

I complained as a child of it's taste until my mother started putting it in a cow's milk container???

I haven't drank goat's milk since I was about 12 but I am never sick and take no medications. If I ever catch a cold (once every few years) it passes with hardly a scratchy throat or congestion.

I wonder if I should be accounting my good health because of the goat's milk?

I always eat goat and sheep cheese, but now I am looking forward to that long forgotten taste of goat's milk.

I have always heard that if a mother cannot nurse her child, she should use goat's milk before anything else, (I think I read because the proteins are similar to that of human milk?)

My mom always did know best!
Thanks Tamiano!
WNCGirl last decade
My Question to you are :
1. If you drank the Mother-Goat's milk, then what did the Goat's KID drink.
2. The Goat's KID obiviously can't eat greens right from birth and needs its mothers milk. If you swindled the Goat's milk, then what did the Goat's KID feed on.
3. The Goat's Kid cannot be fed on any other Animals milk nor will it drink from any other Goat - Mother. It will be half fed and always take a chance to feed from its mother when you are not around.
4. That's one big bad act you continue to do so. AND THAT TOO AT YOUR IMAGINED AGE OF 90 ??

5. Animal's milk is NOT digested in the human G.I.Tract and causes host of pathological problems, like eczema, mental disorders. ASK, Nesha-India to Explain, if inclined enough.

Incidentally, is your BP at 120/80 with Pulse of 65, since you too are taking Arnica (in the wet dose ?? )

Try to read my answers on http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/50156
"A R N I C A - For Anything and Everything",

Nesha-India, the "vicious militant lady", as mentioned by member "sanj551" in the above posts. I liked it. Proves me.
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha,

I read your posts on how milk is NOT digested in the human GI tract, but I would like more information, from your understanding.

I have read in many places that the casein protein is more similar to human than cow and is more easily digested, less allergenic,less lactose, although another protein that is similar to cow's milk could cause allergies.

Also read that the fat in goat's milk because they are much smaller, doesn't stick together like that in cow's making it easier to digest.

I would like for you to give your educated opinion on whether these could make a difference in absorbability.

(I know you did not ask the question to me, but I feel the need to explain - our family did not take the milk away from the kids. We had many milk goats at once, The kids would take the colostrum completely, and after many weeks, we would begin to "share the supply", and only from those with single births.)

I'm not saying this was right or wrong, just as it was.

Thank you for any reply,

P.S. My infants "eczema" looks on the way OUT -Thank You
WNCGirl last decade
Oh, and I wanted to add of my own witnessing, that sometimes when we would have a new Mother goat that did not want to nurse her kid, another mother would take over. If not, we would have to milk another goat to feed the kid.
WNCGirl last decade
Hey Pal Tamiano.

I Told you so.
(About this self declared Taliban)

Buclke up man. There is going to be a good dog-fight.

Hay man, I am with you.

sanj551 last decade
Dear Tamiano

Nesha-india has some valid points here. You are around goats for long enough, so you should say some more about goats.

I find this discussion very educational. Thanks.
kuldeep last decade
Dear Kuldeep Sir, as you asked I am answering neesha's questions but I doubt if she wants to learn anything new but she wants to teach the old things.

We drink goat milk and goat kids also drink some milk. They cherish us, we cherish them. In this era when most of the animals are exterminated or poached only few species of domestic animals have survived.

If we share our resources with goats and the share our resources we all survive well. That’s what is happening in the world.

It is a fallacy that goat’s kid will be half fed. Animal mothers in jungle are always half starved, they are always unable to produce enough milk but domestic animals are well fed and have enough milk. If take proper care they are happy.

4. That's one big bad act you continue to do so. AND THAT TOO AT YOUR IMAGINED AGE OF 90 ??
That is your judgement.

I doubt if animal milk is NOT digested in the human G.I.Tract and causes host of pathological problems, like eczema, mental disorders. I have my experience too.

My BP and pulse are fine with Arnica.
tamiano last decade
Thanks Tamiano, I am convinced with your answers. I don’t drink milk because don't like the taste but I request you to continue sharing your experiences about GOATS.

As you mentioned that goat is called capra in Spanish. That’s why the zodiac sign Capricorn has the symbol Goat, they share character with goats.
Born between December 22 to January 21

Few of the similarities between them and goats:

They can digest most of the food. Stomach ailments are rare with them.

Their natural habitat is mountainous, they are attracted to the high places both socially and economically.

The terrain the goat seeks is rocky, unarable, and sometimes sparsely vegetated, yet they seem to manage quite well under such austere circumstances, even to prosper and flourish.
kuldeep last decade

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