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Thanks Tamiano, I am convinced with your answers. I don’t drink milk because don't like the taste but I request you to continue sharing your experiences about GOATS.

As you mentioned that goat is called capra in Spanish. That’s why the zodiac sign Capricorn has the symbol Goat, they share character with goats.
Born between December 22 to January 21

Few of the similarities between them and goats:

They can digest most of the food. Stomach ailments are rare with them.

Their natural habitat is mountainous, they are attracted to the high places both socially and economically.

The terrain the goat seeks is rocky, unarable, and sometimes sparsely vegetated, yet they seem to manage quite well under such austere circumstances, even to prosper and flourish.
kuldeep last decade
I have a goat experience to share. Once we were tracking on the Himalayan high mountains. We walked through a high mountain pass and few goat-herders offered us tea.

In those days I used to have a stony growth on my left eyebrow and no medicine worked over it. I went to many homeopathy doctors also but nothing worked.

We had goat milk tea and in half hour I felt strange tingling on my eyebrow and in matter of hours it turned to burning. We slept in the village and stony our-growth on my eyebrow was gone in the morning. Now after reading this post, I get it, it was the goat milk. Probably those goats ate some herb and that cured my tumor or may be goat milk was curative.

Well I feel it is just beastly to discredit a wise-old-man because he drinks milk.
kapil last decade
Thank you for sharing with us about goats milk. I will certainly start drinking it.

If someone can recommend a company that sells it, I would appreciate it.

As far as goat kids being depreived of their milk goes, it is not a problem.

Human mothers when unable due to health reasons to produce breast milk have taken their infants to another breast feeding mother and the other mother is able to feed both hers and the adopted infant well. The breasts have the bility to produce enough milk as it is demanded to. When less demand is put on them, the less milk they produce. I suspect the same goes for animals.
Pat2006 last decade
When I was growing up goats were all around us. One thing I know that they don’t like to be tied up and if tied up they get sick and depressed. Like cows and buffalos they refuse to eat hay, so usually people either leave them untied to wander around or give them to a long walk. They are the choice of animals for Nomads and Roma people because their life style suits them.

But one thing is too clear that they eat almost every thing that grows, I believe the goat milk is good for immunity. I saw them eating even Euphorbia amygdaloides and Ranunculus etc (Not the whole plant but they chewed some of it and then moved on to feast on better things.)
kuldeep last decade
To Tamiano

Please accept my belated greetings on your 90th Birthday you celebrated on February 23. May you enjoy good health to a 100 years and it is my hope that Arnica will help you to achieve this goal and maintain a better quality of life as it as it has done for me. I also hope that you will take an active part on this ABC forum which is read by many thousands daily. You are surely the oldest member of this community and I may be one just junior to you in age.

I discovered that Arnica helped me 10 years ago when I first started to use it daily and I have done so daily since that time and am convinced that I owe to it my present state of wellness. I believe that you too will benefit from its daily use and I recommend that you use a teaspoonful of Arnica 30c in the liquid dose which I believe you know how to make with just 3 globules of the remedy in 500ml water which is succussed every time before each dose is taken twice daily.

I was glad to note that you too have discovered that Arnica has helped you with your Eczema and also with your waking up at night. I must consider myself fortunate that I discovered the many faceted uses for this remedy which I consider is perhaps the most amazing remedy used in Homeopathy. It give me deep satisfaction to read that your Eczema has been helped by this remedy and you may be aware that it has not been referred to in the Repertories as a remedy for this ailment. You may be interested to learn that I have another patient in Sri Lanka where I live, an 88 year old Engineer, who had suffered from Eczema since the age of 15 whom I cured with Arnica 30 about 6 months ago. I have no doubt whatever that Arnica helps in many ways as it has helped me at my age 76 and I have ample proof of this fact. It is when I read a post like yours where you give independent testimony to the efficacy of this remedy that I feel that all my efforts to post my success with it on forums like ABC and others, have not been in vain.

It is a matter of concern that one or two members of this forum feel impelled to criticize my allegiance to Arnica. However I do believe that the vast majority of the members of this forum have confirmed that those who use this wonder remedy are amply satisfied with its beneficial effects. Many have responded to this harsh criticism on the many threads where it has been made and others have contacted me by email and expressed how appalled they are at the manner in which my efforts to place my discoveries on the use of Arnica for various ailments, have been subjected to criticism in the lowest imaginable terms, which perhaps indicate the character of the persons who post them. I hope that they remember that their criticism has not deterred those like you to use it and to post their independent testimonials to the efficacy of this amazing remedy.

I was very interested in the discussion on goat's milk and although I know that goats are reared in Sri Lanka where I live, I do not think that their milk is available in the supermarkets. It is possible that the reason for this milk having beneficial qualities is due to the fact that the goat eats so many varieties of plants and as a result, its milk has the trace elements of these plants which are beneficial to those who drink it.

You may like to know that I had a flock of about 500 goats in the farm that my late father and I owned which was acknowledged as the largest privately owned Dairy farm in Sri Lanka which we owned up to 1971 with 2500 heads of cows. The milk was sent in bowsers to Colombo till the Land Reform Act reduced the acreage owned by each person to just 50 and when the government acquired this land of 700 acres of prime Coconut land, we were compelled to sell the cows to whoever would take them at give away prices. The goats were all slaughtered for their meat. This episode broke my heart and my father passed away shortly after, felled by a heart attack.

May God Bless you and keep you in good health to be over 100 years.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
Joe De Livera last decade
Oh Man!
You guys are risking Broom Hilda's displeasure.
May God help you now.
She now travels with a gang.
sanj551 last decade
My Dear Fellow Sanj

No story is entertaining without a villain.

Thanking you in anticipation.

kuldeep last decade
Dear Joe T Livera

Thanks for your effort to convey your feelings towards me. You are a true healer. Now I have realized that a healer is more effective that the medicine. You and Kuldeep are my heroes.

Indeed Arnica has significantly improved the quality of my life, but not just my life, some other peoples life too, whom I helped. I can’t itemize the benefits but it helped a lot. I live in a country where people don’t even know what is homeopathy but internet has brought all of us together to share experiences.

Some arrogant people who don’t have experience of their own but made a book their god are definitely upset by your posts, they are Bohemians.

I am really sad knowing your story that you lost a prime coconut grove. I know how it feels. My sole dwells in my own land; I can understand your feelings.


Hoolio Tamiano
Dominican Republic.
tamiano last decade
Dear Sir Hoolio Tamiano

My nephew has week immunity. He falls prey to most of the infections. Do you think we should try goat milk for him.

harsh last decade
To kuldeep

Why you are not taking part in treating people anymore, like you used to do before?
wilma last decade
Wilma, when I am unable to treat a patient I lose my sleep. That's why I don't reply to posts anymore but only share my own experiences. There are many other able people helping people selflessly and sincerely.
kuldeep last decade
I was wondering if badger milk would be beneficial to longetivity.
hotty198 last decade
Um, how would you milk a badger?
WNCGirl last decade
I have never seen a badger in my life and have no idea about its milk.

Sure you can use goat milk for your nephew. I bet my life that it will do well to him. Even little milk and even once a week would be therapeutic to him. Try to obtain it from goats raised in natural environment. Avoid boiling it.
tamiano last decade
you can milk just about anything with nipples.
hotty198 last decade
Dear Pal Hoolio Tamiano

Obliged by your words but please … stop.
So what are herbs around your ranch? Now I am too tempted to see you in person. Have you ever tried Silica/Silicea?

Take care.
kuldeep last decade
To : "kuldeep" :
YOU said : " ...when I am unable to treat a patient I lose my sleep... "
For your sleep, Try Arnica in wet dose. sSplit Dose. After the water fizzles out. Do not wait till age 76 & BP of 120/80 with Pulse of 65. Start early.

A proverb by Nesha-India :
" Early to Arnica and Early again to Arnica makes a man Sleepy, Hairy & PACIFIED "
Nesha-India last decade
"tamiano" :
Yes. I did pass my calculated judgement AND NOT MY OPINION / GUESS, on your imagined age of 90. Your ABC-Forum profile and the contents of all your lascivious postings clearly indicate that you can never be age of 90. An attempt by one more to garner eFAME by capitalising on age respect factor. Also HOW did you have root-canaling (as per your other postings in your profile) at your age of 90.

Atleast "Joe", while helping people appreciably never uses lascivious language like you, as is evident by your various other postings found under your login name profile.
You said you CHERISH & share your resources with the goats and the goats share their resources with you.
- The goat shared their Milk and Meat with you. You selfishly CHERISHED the goats.
CAUTION : "Kuldeep" proposes to meet you in person. Don't let "kuldeep" ever meet you, else he will be SHOCKED out of his mind, when he sees that the Goats milk has reduced your age to 35. Keep on swindling (milking) the poor goat.
Nesha-India last decade
To : "WINCGirl"
For understanding Milk absorption (your key question), Nesha-India, has started a new thread titled " MILK - Why is it not absorbable in the human body ? " in the following link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/52848/

1. If the Mother-Goat is not willing to feed her kid, her brain by default, is releasing appropriate hormones which will sensitise her milk producing organs and again by default will create those allergens (due to excess in in-appropriate hormones) (major factor in allergies = inappropriate hormones suppressing the enzymes catalyst for biochemical reactions). These allergen react violently or unpredictably (omni) in human beings.
Be Aware, that there is a vast difference in the G.I.Tract ANATOMY STRUCTURE in Humans and in Animals. You should also be aware that there is very vast difference in the way Human G.I.Tract FUNCTION's and the Animal G.I.Tract FUNCTION's (brief understanding in : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731/.

The process of DIGESTING & ABSORBING and ASSIMILATING foods by animals and humans is very very much different. The acid structure, enzymes, hormones required for the above process is totally different in Animals and Humans.

2. Nesha-India, says that SWINDLING (or even sharing) out the Animal body fluids (Milk) which serves as a food to the animals child, is IN-HUMAN, and against the rules of nature. The nature, by default, provides each living creature with appropriate foods.
- Herbiv'orous animals meat for the Carniv'orous animals
- Greens for the Herbivorous animals
- Algae, Fungi, Larvae .... for the Fish kingdom
- seeds, worms, insects ... for the bird kingdom
- Greens, Grains, Seeds, Tubers .... for the Human kingdom
... so on.

3. Try to swindle out the HUMAN mothers milk (for commercial exploitation) for another human being or for an animals child.
- This SHOULD be an HUMAN act
- Will anybody do it.
- If NO, Why NO
- The Human mother is wildely protective about her own Milk for her own Child. That's her emotion & fierce-ful possiveness. She won't even allow her EXCESS milk to be used for drinking or making Tea or Coffee for her own other children or husband .... ANY ANSWERS TO THAT.

4. EVER wonder :
- how much milk the child (animal or human) requires for its optimum growth at that age.
- how many feeds per day the child requires (animal or human) and how quickly.
- why milk is produced
- why milk is stopped after certain period
- could it because the G.I.Tract has lost the capacity to digest milk
- is DIGESTING & ABSORBING and ASSIMILATING foods one and the same process
- why children, feel nauseatingly refuse milk (even "kuldeep" refuses milk)
- why certain African females can produce milk upto 60 odd months for its child.
- what does human milk constitue of
- what does the animal milk biologically & chemically constitue of (any animal)
- why human did WANT to drink milk (as a food) in the first place
- ever wonder why the protein (sugar component) in grains... can be converted to alcohol
- ever wondered why the animal protein is not used for alcohol conversion
- ever wonder why animal blood is not used in human for blood transfusion.
- ever wonder as to why we wonder .....

- TRY to swindle nature & nature will not allow you to function appropriately, even at the cost of VACCINATIONS & IMMUNIZATIONS.

5. A free grazing Goat produces less than 1000 ml of body fluids (Milk), per day, which Nature intended for the Goat's Kid, for optimal FAST growth, since the Goat's Kid is on its feet in less than 3 hours (unlike humans). This fast growth is intended by nature for its own self preservation. If the Goats (any animal) Milk is SWINDLED out for human use, at the cost of the Animals child, morally it is very very bad and totally inhuman.
BAD ... BAD .. VERY VERY bbbbbBAD.

6. People, HAVE TO HAVE a justification for Drinking Animal Milk. So they can create one ;
- saying it is good for this.. and good for that.
- cows milk is good for this .... & it is very much Holistic (for the cow or the human mind ?)
- goats milk is good for this ....because it eats so and so herbs in the mountains
- that it is very light and easily digestible (the Rat or the Dog's flesh too is digestible)
- that Animal's milk contains calcium, vitamins .... (the organic / vegetable kingdom provides "n" numbers of 1000% superior fully digestable, absorbable & assimilable calcium, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The range is of vegetable kingdom food is unexhaustive)

7. MOST IMPORTANT : It is apparently the residual evolve'itionery ANIMAL INSTINCT URGE that's left in the Human gene, that urges or compels it to go ahead grabbing or jostling for Animal protien. Hence the constant human urge or desire or CRAVING to feed on Animal protien.

- Try getting the Carniv'orous animals to feed on Greens, Grains, Seeds, Tubers
- Again, as a routine, try getting the Herbivorous to feed on Carniv'orous animals
- ......

* * * * * Nesha-India, is surprised that apart from "WNCGirl", nobody had the courage to ask intelligent questions, but ordinarily and habitually tended to criticise "Nesha-India". I love the LOW capacity guts to get at me ( "vicious militant lady" & "taliban" & "villian", as mentioned by member "sanj551" ). Go ahead, beeeeat the head against the wall. ( & then take Arnica )

"sanj551" : Do you know the meaning of "taliban". If yes, let's all know. I can assure you that in your school student days, you have silently & habitually called your school teacher a "vicious militant lady". What say ? She sssure was a villian to you, having taught a critic Hero like you with quality education.
Nesha-India last decade
harsh last decade
Wooo! Hooooooooo!
Grandpa Tamiano V/s Queen-of-means.

Give Hoolio Tamiano a good hand, I am with you. Man.
sanj551 last decade
Wooo! Hooooooooo!
Grandpa Tamiano V/s Queen-of-mean.

Give Hoolio Tamiano a good hand, I am with you. Man.
sanj551 last decade
Dear Nesha,

You make very valid and sensible points. I still have questions, though.
(I like the way you post, it is easy to read, so I am copying)

>>>"Nesha-India, says that SWINDLING (or even sharing) out the Animal body fluids (Milk) which serves as a food to the animals child, is IN-HUMAN, and against the rules of nature. The nature, by default, provides each living creature with appropriate foods.
- Herbiv'orous animals meat for the Carniv'orous animals
- Greens for the Herbivorous animals
- Algae, Fungi, Larvae .... for the Fish kingdom
- seeds, worms, insects ... for the bird kingdom
- Greens, Grains, Seeds, Tubers .... for the Human kingdom
... so on."

-Are we herbivores? Since beginning of time humans have consumed vegetation and animal products for food. So have other omnivores like bears and pigs and chickens and racoons and flies and...other animals.

-Are not omnivores and herbivores both are a part of the animal kingdom?

>>>>"Nesha says:- The Human mother is wildely protective about her own Milk for her own Child. That's her emotion & fierce-ful possiveness. She won't even allow her EXCESS milk to be used for drinking or making Tea or Coffee for her own other children or husband .... ANY ANSWERS TO THAT."

I am only responding to those things I have reasonable ideas for:

-I pump milk and give it to my 2 1/2 year old when he shows signs of a runny nose.

-Some humans nauseatingly refuse all kinds of foods.

Nesha questions us to wonder: "- how much milk the child (animal or human) requires for its optimum growth at that age."

My response is that mothers have the ability to produce as much milk that is needed (which is why mother's can nurse twins, or triplets, or others can nurse a child not of her own ("wet-nurse")

Did you know that you can produce milk again after you wean a child, if properly stimulated?

-Feeds per day is based on supply and demand.

-When a baby goes through a growth spurt and nurses more often, the mother glands are triggered to automatically make more milk to supply to baby/babies.

-Milk is stopped (either weaned by mother or child) after a certain period because babies are developing their own immunities and do not require that of the mother's.

Nesha "- why milk is stopped after certain period"

-Alot of human babies will nurse for many years if you let them. I weaned my first at 17 months when I got pregnant with the second and he had no intentions of stopping and even wants to nurse still when I nurse the infant.

-Some mothers tandem nurse (the older one through second pregnancy and continue to nurse both after second is

-I would most definitely nurse a friend's baby if needed.

Nesha "- why certain African females can produce milk upto 60 odd months for its child."

-So can human females if they continue to nurse.

The rest of the wonderings, I am still wondering. I need to learn more about alcohol conversion, and free grazing goats.

This is a very interesting thought invoking conversation.

WNCGirl last decade
Also, after reading your other post about why milk is not absorbed, I again would like to ask this question.

If SOME milk is more digestible than others?

Not ALL milk, but some kinds? ALL animal milk cannot have the exact same protein makeup (the difference between human milk and cow's milk).

For instance the casein/protein of goat's milk is very different and actually more similar to human milk than cow's milk.

I am asking purely out of the need to "absorb and assimilate" this information correctly.

Thank you again,
WNCGirl last decade
I think this is a simple discussion about goats and Material Medica of goat milk. It appears that Mr. Tamiano is around goats for last nine decades so what’s wrong if he shares his experiences.

Who knows may be somebody here gets cured by goat milk (in homeopathy doses) and then respect and cherish goats.

I think Jihad against milk or goats is not an objective here. Our objective here is to explore further into this subject.
kuldeep last decade
"And thou shalt have goats' milk enough for thy food, for the food of they household, and for the maintenance for thy maidens."
Proverbs 27:27.
jeniffer last decade

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