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"And thou shalt have goats' milk enough for thy food, for the food of they household, and for the maintenance for thy maidens."
Proverbs 27:27.
jeniffer last decade
Thank you for bringing back the perspective, kuldeep

-Goat's milk contains only trace amounts of an allergenic casein protein, alpha-S1, found in cow's milk.
--Contains slightly lower levels of lactose (4.1 percent versus 4.7 percent in cow's milk)
--13 percent more calcium,
--25 percent more vitamin B-6, --47 percent more vitamin A, --134 percent more potassium, and three times more niacin. --It is also four times higher in copper than cow's milk. -Goat's milk also contains 27 percent more of the antioxidant selenium than cow's milk.

-ALL animal milk is not the same and therefore does not act the EXACT same way in the human ody.

- I say, anyone should do better on goat's milk than with cow's milk.
WNCGirl last decade
Does anyone know if Goat's Milk has been potentized homeopathically ?

Boricke lists Dog's milk (Lac Canium) and Skimmed Milk (Lac Defloratum).
Joe De Livera last decade
My general experience indicates that people who drink goat milk, even in small quantity have better immunity than people who drink other milks.

Like anywhere else in the world goat milk is replaced by cow or buffalow milk because goats yield low quantity of milk and raising other animals is more economical.

Even in my own country it is difficult to obtain goat milk commercially. I fed it to all my sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am proud to say that they all have better health.
tamiano last decade
As Sir Hoolio Tamiano mentioned. I see goats all around me but when I tried to obtain its milk, it was impossible to found because of low yield and also people just want it for themselves.

Finally I obtained a little quantity for my nephew.
harsh last decade
Does anyone know if Goat's Milk has been potentized homeopathically ?

I am aware of a tribe in the Himalayan high mountains, they give one drop of goat milk to all new born, it is the first thing they get.

I have several reasons, the main is:
This practice protects their children from colds and other diseases.

Also they believe Goat represents the God Saturn. Astrologically Saturn represents the zodiac sigh Capricorn whose ruler is the planet Saturn. Saturn is considered a planet of revenge and punishment. Most of the astrologists agree that under Saturn’s influence most of the miseries and diseases invade the subject. Those tribal believe that by feeding goat milk to infants protects them from Saturn or rather from diseases and more.
kuldeep last decade
I forget to mention, those tribals never eat goat meat. They believe eating goat milk brings violence in home and around. They cherish their goats and never sell their goats for slaughter.
kuldeep last decade
I haven't tried potentized goat milk but I will try it. Thanks kuldeep for bringing more information on goats. I think you are Goat PhD, not me. Ha ha ha.
tamiano last decade
I think The-She-Monster is still sleeping
typing long emails
sanj551 last decade

I don't know what do you mean by your post reply.

Hoolio Tamiano.
tamiano last decade
Has anyone associated a constitutional remedy to the zodiac sigh Capricorn (Goat)
jeniffer last decade
As I mentioned at WNCGirl's post: I put Chamomile herbal tea as second thing after Goat Milk that contributed to my long and healthy life.
tamiano last decade
Grandpa Hoolio Tamiano, you forgot the third recipe.
fred06 last decade
Thanks for reminding me. Of-course Arnica is the third or rather first.
tamiano last decade
To Hoolio

Has Arnica helped with your Eczema ?

You may like to know that I have a friend 88 years old who suffered from Eczema from age 15. He had consulted doctors and ayurvedic physicians and their treatment afforded only temporary relief.

He had refused Homeopathic help many years ago as he was a skeptic but when he suffered from some pain in his spine which confined him to a wheel chair, I gave him Arnica 30c and he discovered to his surprise that his Eczema responded in a week and dried up after almost 75 years of constant discomfort. He was on his feet in a week and does not use the wheel chair any more.

He now takes 2 teaspoonfuls daily and confirms that it has done him a lot of good and regrets that he refused it when I first suggested it as it would have saved him from a lot of unnecessary irritation and

He was also due for surgery a few months ago as he was constipated with some blockage in his Sigmoid Colon which his doctors wished to explore. At the last moment the surgeons preferred not to open him up due to his age. I gave him Nat Phos 6x and in just 2 days his blockage was resolved and he is prefectly well. He takes this biochemic remedy whenever he is constipated and it always helps him the day after.
Joe De Livera last decade

Yes Arnica definetely helped me with Eczema. I had gravity eczema on my lower legs. Due to scratching they look black and burned. I tried Graphites and Petroleum and was half better. I have no access to homeopathy medicine in my country so I made both Graphites and Petroleum at home (as kuldeep prescribed.)

Later on I visited United States and found Arnica plant in Oragon State. So I did my best to potentize it and used it. After Arnica, my eczema is almost gone.

tamiano last decade
Joe, Kuldeep and Tamiano

Can eczema be cured? Some people advise to get the allergy tested and then avoid all things containg allergins. Use this or that oil. Mr. Tamiano's post reflects that his eczema is almost cured by hoemeopathy.
I have severe eczema same as Mr. Tamiano says: Gravity Eczema. I went to a homeopathy doctor. He charged me a hefty sum of money and never disclosed me the medicine but my eczema is still the same.
fred06 last decade
Eczema is a very confusing affair. Never one remedy or constitution fits. Allergy tests may educate one about one's allergies, that it. One can avoid one or several things but still there are accidental exposures.

I never saw an open and shut eczema case. Never saw a case where one particular medicine suits. Following are the medicines one can use in eczema in cycle.


Let's say 30 potency of each medicine. Just bi-weekly dose of one medicine (evenly spread) Next week next ... so on.

This about prescriotions if for people who have no access to a qualified doctor or are fed up with qualified doctors.
kuldeep last decade
By mentioning Arnica you are risking waking up sleeping she monster.
sanj551 last decade

Glad to note that your Eczema was helped by Arnica which you state you potentized with the plant that you brought from the US. As far as I am aware it is the flower that is used to make the remedy and it would be interesting if you can please let me know how exactly you potentized your stock.

Homeopathic remedies are not freely available in Sri Lanka and I have to depend on a friend in Mumbai to bring remedies for me. In the past I used 4 drops of the remedy in ethanol to activate about 150 lactose pellets in a little glass vial which I get from an Optometrist who usually discards these bottles after the contact lens in each is dispensed. They are all sterilized first to take out the saline solution and are then ready for use.

About a year ago I changed my method of giving a remedy to a patient by using the liquid dose which I make up by using a 500ml bottle of spring water which is sold in supermarkets. It is best to check the source of the water as it must not be chlorinated tap water which is used by some suppliers. I use just 2 drops of the remedy for a bottle and have found that this method is easily the best way to give a remedy to a patient. It is the succussion of the remedy that seems to help in the cure of the ailment and I now use the liquid method exclusively.

You mentioned that you cannot get Homeopathic remedies freely in your country and if you wish, I can send you a few pellets of any remedy that you wish to have in cellophane sachetes which I can enclose in an envelope which I can send you by post. All you do to use the remedy is to drop 3 pellets into a bottle of spring water and after you succuss it, a teaspoonful is a dose.

I first used Arnica in 1996 when I discovered that Hytrin that was prescribed by my Uro knocked me out as it depressed my BP 120/80 down by about 10mm which meant that I could stand up due to the low pressure. I discarded it and used Sabal Serrulata and later Conium but when I used Arnica for a slight skin wound, I discovered that Arnica was far better than these other remedies used for BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and took this remedy in the 30c potency daily till I had surgery in 2002. I continued with Arnica daily and it is amazing how I discovered that it seemed to cure many ills common to mankind which I have collected in a short article which you can read on this forum entitled Arnica the Miracle Remedy.


I believe that my discovery that Arnica helps to control Diabetes is the most significant of its uses and I have many Diabetics who are using it daily instead of the drugs that were prescribed like Metformin. I have recommended they also use Cinnamon 1/4 teaspoonful twice daily as this too helps.

Coming back to your Eczema, I have many patients who are completely cured of their ailment and there was one case who suffered for 20 years and was almost cured in a week, used the remedy for another month, and does not use the remedy any more. My 88 year old patient prefers to use a teaspoonful at night as he discovered that he sleeps deeply and feels that this helps with his Eczema which is quite dry today but which he fears may stage a come back if he stops his nightly dose. It has also helped with his back ache problem which at one time confined him to a wheel chair.

Joe De Livera last decade
I think honey is also something to consider for good health.

Since we are talking about goat's eating everything and passing those things on to us through milk for immunity.

Worker bees are doing the same things with flowers. Honey is flower nectar enhanced by bees by repeated regurgitation and dehydration.

A honey bee can go from 50 to 100 different flowers in a single trip.

It takes about 2 million flowers to make one pound of honey.

Just thought this was something to consider.

WNCGirl last decade
The only problem with honey these days is that it is difficult to obtain naturan honey.

Most of the money available in the market comes from honey farms. I have seen people feeding sugar to honey bees.
kuldeep last decade
"kuldeep" : jihad or no jihad,
Since you do not drink Goat's milk or any animal fluids (milk), here's Nesha-India, wishing that the Astrological God "saturn" may bless (gift) you, with a Capricorn (Goat), for that.

AND, do not keep'eth the Capricorn. In turn, please gift it to your lascivious pal "Hoolio Tamiano", when you visit him in Dominican Republic. He worships you as his "Hero", AND do let's all know his true age.
Nesha-India last decade
Thanks Nesha-India. Life is not only action/reaction but some fun also.

Thanks for your Goat-Wish.
kuldeep last decade
and may goat bless you!
kuldeep last decade
True about the honey. But there is a supermarket here that sells pure raw "mountain" local honey. Even if it says those things I need to go to the place to find out whether they are feeding sugar. You still never know with labels.
In my family, we had honeybees along with our goats.

I think it is interesting kuldeep, that you say this tribe in the Himalayan mountains believes drinking goat's milk protects them from Saturn. While others believe that by not drinking it, you are blessed by Saturn.

It is interesting how vastly different cultural beliefs can be.

Like the devoted people of Krishna believe in only drinking the sacred cow's milk, not killing the animal, and that the milk is produced from the blood of the cow. That this is a complete food and there is no need to eat the flesh. And by killing the cow, the violence and war we face today is karma.

And even more "Milk kalpa" or a milk fast is a treatment by homeopathic doctors for patients who have lost hope of living a healthy, happy life. It is also believed to cure premature aging. During the fast, the body reorganizes itself. When the process of assimilation malfunctions, various organs in the system are unable to receive the proper supply of nutrients and thus begin to age quickly. They believe milk cleans the digestive tract. That it expels toxins and waste from the stomach and intestines and supplies nutritious food material readily digestible and convertible into blood. And that milk is alkaline in nature and an aid to the stomach in its digestive function. In turn, because it helps the digestive tract, it also helps the circulatory system, in turn helping the nervous system.

Since, these three systems regulate the human body, milk helps to regulate them.

On another note, the Masai tribe of Kenya, Africa still drink cow's blood as a main source of protein. They draw blood from their herds and use it for ceremonial purposes. They drink it fresh or boiled, or mix it with yogurt or cow/goat milk. They also use animal urine to cure sickness.

They have a great respect for nature only killing animals for food, not hunt or sport. (Like the Native Americans tribes).

Cultural/personal/religious/ opinions/beliefs are so different. I think respect is the most important belief any culture/person can have.
WNCGirl last decade

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