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Severe aggravation after Rhus Tox 200c for pompholyx/dyshidrotic eczema Page 2 of 2

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
1. What exactly happens?
2. Describe all sensations and pains. Each pain or sensation should be described in such a way that allows us to imagine having the same pain.
3. What causes the problem to get worse after it has started occurring?
4. What creates some relief for the problem?
5. What triggers the problem into occurring?
6. What time of the day or night does the problem occur?
7. When did the problem start? What was happening in your life at that time? Did some specific event or treatment take place just before the problem started?


As well as this, please describe any traumatic incidents that have taken place in your life. Discuss anything that has had a lasting impact on you mentally, emotionally or physically.

Discuss the way that you manage or deal with your problems, or any problems that occur in your life.

Discuss any patterns you have noticed in your behavior.

Discuss any part of your life where you feel stuck or unable to change and grow.

Describe your childhood and the kind of environment you grew up in, with reference to your relationships with your family, your school experiences, and any serious childhood diseases.

If your earlier discussions have not mentioned these already, please describe:

1. The specific foods that you crave (not just like) or hate
2. The specific drinks that you crave or hate
3. What your sleep is like
4. How the weather and the temperature affects you
5. What kinds of things in the environment you are particularly sensitive to
6. What your general level of energy is like
7. What your level of sexual energy or desire is like
sameervermani 4 years ago
Dear Sameer Vermani,
I have now finished writing the part about my dyshidrotic eczema and my full history, posted below. If it's too much information, kindly let me know and I will cut it down and post a shorter version.
Perhaps I could post the details about my other ailments once my eczema is under control? Or should I do it now as well?
Many thanks, I'm very thankful you are willing to help me. Gos bless you.

Dyshidrosis/ dyshidrotic eczema/ pompholyx:
1. I get blisters/water filled bubbles under the skin on my fingers and now also on my palms. The second day they start itching. Even without scratching them they break and get crusty. They clump together and my whole finger becomes dry, scaly and has no more elasticity to bend and so there are cracks all over the finger that bleed and ooze.
2. There is itching, which comes in extreme bouts during the day, mostly after I've come downstairs and the blood starts flowing. And a few bouts during the day, like after I've cut up some fruit or just without any clear cause. The itch is so bad I could literally rip my skin off and sometimes I can feel the itch burning through my whole bloodstream. The pain I feel over the whole area feels like stinging, especially where there are tens of tiny paper like cuts, they sting all the time, and more when I touch water or soap (all natural). But then I also get an overall painlike a burn wound type of pain. It also feels like my fingers are on fire and they are super red in some areas and the joints feel very inflamed and swollen.
3. I noticed that stress but also certain foods make it worse. However the reason for it to have flared so badly and to have spread to all over my hands, I'm not sure of.
4. For the extreme itch the only thing that calms it is ice. I place my hands in a bucket of ice.
5. I don't know, it must be the fact that I am still waking up every hour/2 hours because of my baby, it has been like this for 2 years now and for a year all I slept per night was no more than 4 hours.
6. 24/7
7. It started like 6 months ago, just had the tiny blisters that occasionally itch a little but didn't think much of it. First on one finger, left index. Then gradually got worse, spread to right middle and ring vinger. It is now all over my hands, on every finger and both palms and today noticed it started also on the backside of my right hand.

My childhood was kind of ok, grew up on a beautiful island in the North Sea of Europe, had lots of fun outdoors. But having an extremely narcissistic mother, which definitely left some scars , who was also very loving at the same time (confusing to me, to hate her or love her?) and her being Middle Eastern and my father European, confused me about reality and gave me a sense of not belonging anywhere. Because I did look different than all the other blond kids and I also had a few different behaviors than them. I always felt that I will never find a friend that suits me because I'm too different.
I also felt and still feel that my mother is weird, doesn't have good intentions at times like I do, and she still plays her narcissistic game on me which makes me feel very sad and lonely that she as a mother can't just be a mother to me when I need her. My true wish is to lock her out of my life completely but since my dad passed away I can't bring myself to do that.
I left the island to live on my own in the big city at age 17. I had boulimia since the age of 11 that first showed its face during big dinners such as Christmas etc. But once in the big city it came on full blown and it overtook my life. It did and still has changed the way I look at food. Food and I have a very complicated relationship. And now with my auto immune issues, not knowing which foods are safe to eat or which trigger a reaction, sometimes I'm so fed up with having to eat. I sometimes wish I could fast, tried but I will pass out. My boulimia is now basically gone, but the feelings that belong to it when eating remain. Guilt, disgust...
After a few years I developed chronic lower back pain, bouts of hypoglycemia especially after doing sports and brain fog after eating. I decided to get a job as a flight attendant, but had to stop after a while because of my health; always out of breath, dizziness and hypoglycemia. The jetlags were making everything worse and also here couldn't make real friends and felt very lonely. I quit, moved to the Middle East, found a job, fell in love and was very happy. All existing ailments went away and felt really good.
My dad then died suddenly from a stroke, however the last time I saw him when he was alive we were fighting. This still makes me feel bad, that we never had the chance to make up, that he never saw me getting out of that teenage mess I was in and actually doing better than before. I moved back to Europe to help my mom out for a while.
A few months later the love of my life broke up with me. This was a heartache beyond explaining. I did not see how there can be life without him, I did not want to live anymore. I still think about him a lot and the love we had. I totally adored that man. I don't have that with my husband.
Married for 7 years now, very difficult marriage, daily fighting because of different backgrounds (he is 100% Middle Eastern) and he is not accepting my health issues and how I need to deal with them. He feels this is all inflicted upon him.
A few months into our marriage, I developed full blown Spondylitis, Endometriosis, IBS, brain fog, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Epstein Barr infection, and Interstitial Cystitis. My husband was bitter about it, despised me for being sick all the time, got angry at me when I wanted to sleep in some days or that I was lying on the sofa when he got home. This left me with a huge feeling of constant guilt, that I still have today when I'm not feeling well. Like I'm not allowed to show any signs of "weakness", as he said he hates weakness. I also hate him because he never stepped in when things got out of hand with his horrible mother who has been so mean to me from the beginning. He could have easily stopped her as she adores him and would listen to him whatever he tells her.
I wanted to divorce but he wouldn't let me. I got pregnant. I was extremely sick and nauseated the first 4 months, then I felt very good and was able to swim everyday, slept without feeling guilty for at least 14 hours a day. By the end of the pregnancy I developed plantar fasciitis that I later learned to control by giving up peanuts and too many raw vegetables. I also developed hip bursitis and pain in the bones of my upper arms. The arm pain comes back when I eat too much gluten.
My husband has moments where he listens to me and that gives me enough hope to keep going, but usually I look at him and hate him, for not being kind and loving as I have always been to him. And am always thinking about how I can find a way to leave him. I feel unloved and not being allowed to be who I really am. This saddens me so much and makes me want to escape to a life where I will flourish again like a flower that lost its vitality. I feel sometimes my husband's negativity towards me is the main reason I'm ill or at least not getting better.
About food, I try to eat a paleo diet most of the time(but meat only at dinner time) and to feed my daughter the same as she has eczema and a rare type of contact dermatitis. Her skin improved a lot by sticking to the diet. I breastfed her since birth (which was c-section) until now, she is 19 months old and still feeds 8/10 times per 24 hours. I wish we can night wean but she wakes up too many times, leaving me drained.

The ailments I have today are:
dyshidrotic eczema, spondylitis, interstitial cystitis that only comes around before and during ovulation, IBS-D diarrhea each morning, hip bursitis, very bad case of tinnitus that mostly bothers me at night, super dry eyes which makes it hard to read, an extreme itch around my c-section scar that bleeds and crusts, debilitating brain fog that is worse after eating, can't tolerate alcohol or I need to be carried to bed, chronic fatigue that makes it impossible at times to set one foot in front of the next, out of breath with minor tasks, my ear wax is liquid, and I have an extreme lack of sleep that I will probably never catch up on.
I also gained weight uncontrollably after the delivery that is not related to food. My food intake is the same, but can't shed any weight. I need to loose around 7 kilos to have a better bmi, eventhough that's not my usual old weight.
I deal with my health one day at the time, say no at times to outings with friends or even with husband because I'm too tired and can't even walk some days. I leave everything for what it is if my fatigue is too much, but the guilt would then eat me and I would feel miserable not doing anything at home like I should.
I don't work, I have an almost 2 year old girl who is very needy and sometimes I feel suffocated. I love her and feel blessed with her, but I wish I had the energy to not get frustrated at her neediness. It makes me feel like a bad mom and again the guilt is eating me.
I feel stuck in my life because of lack of sleep and no prospect of better sleep coming anytime soon because of my daughter her sleeping problems. And my husband sleeps in the other room since she was born because he can't stand any lack of sleep. Neither can I but I have to do it. My daughter wakes 8 times a night and I'm the one looking after her.
I feel stuck in my life because my health is so bad that I don't have energy during the day and am forced sometimes to stay on the couch. This makes me feel so frustrated and guilty and confused. Confused because I don't understand how I can improve my health. Guilty because I feel I should be taking my daughter places for her to enjoy. We get sunlight everyday, beach in the weekend, paleo organic diet, I take vitamins and cod liver oil, we live organic in terms of household products. Why am I not getting better? That's my main worry.

1. The specific foods that you crave (not just like) or hate
I crave coffee, with cream, it's an addiction. Life without coffee and cream scares me. And homemade french fries, how can I live without them. Pathetic, I know. I do hate it when we eat out or order and the food tastes like rancid oil, which basically is in all mass produced foods even salads. I can't even stand the smell! I also hate it when a dish that isn't supposed to, smells like egg. I can't eat that if it does.
2. The specific drinks that you crave or hate
I crave coffee 24/7
And I crave alcohol but I don't have any, because it knocks me down.
And fresh orange juice, but don't drink any because it flares my eczema.
I hate the idea of tea, but when I have to drink it I'm kind of ok with it.
3. What your sleep is like
I forgot what sleep is
4. How the weather and the temperature affects you
I notice I don't feel good in the heat, get dizzy and will look for shade. Heart starts beating fast in the sun, feel faint. When it gets extremely cold and I don't stay super active, I get adrenal fatigue.
5. What kinds of things in the environment you are particularly sensitive to
Electrical noises bother me a lot, even the ones others can't hear. From the wifi, to the rooftop AC, to the waterpump in the garden etc...
Smells, I have a strong sense of smell and can detect any smell. My husband has a very bad case of bad breath and it bothers me so much to the point I hate kissing him.
6. What your general level of energy is like
I call it my good days when my energy level is about 50% or even 60%.
But usually my energy is totally zapped, where standing up is impossible and getting up to use the restroom is a struggle. But I have to, because I have a little girl to take care or, which then causes me to feel out of breath, and faint all day long.
7. What your level of sexual energy or desire is like
My energy is long gone, but I do think about it. I used to be very in touch with sexuality, but I just don't have the energy right now.
EliSka 4 years ago
I could even post a photo of one of my fingers if that would help show the lesions, bumps and cracks?
EliSka 4 years ago
Hi Sameer, I don't know if you remember me because I see most of this thread is deleted for some reason.
I have not taken any homeopathic remedies after the last time you advised me to take the 1M dosage and what i've found out is that I can stay pompholyx free as long as I don't come near garlic and onions. There are a few other triggers as well (eggwhites, nuts, soy and tomatoes) but garlic is the big bad offender. If I as much as come close to it my hands go back to that horrible state they were in.
Do you think the remedy is still working?

Thanks so much for everything

EliSka 3 years ago

I hope I am not intruding but I believe the continuing discussion of you case is on the following thread:

Dear Sameer Vermani, please continue to help, thank you so much.


All the best JS123
JS123 3 years ago

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