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Suffering from 3 year long depression, panic and axiety. Can it be cured?

Age: 27
Sex: Male
Weight:63 kg.
Height: 5'7
Country: India.
Occupation: Artist. (Currently unable to work).


major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder diagnosed last year (March). After the onset of illness 3 years back.

Have taken medication - prozac, vilazodone, bupron. Temporary helped but later regressed back into depression. Doing Cognitive behavior therapy - helping in reducing the symptoms. But vitality is not being restored.

Associated issues :

Feel "fragile", "brittle" and "wounded" inside the upper area of my body, starting from behind the eyes down till the chest. Feel tear - y at times for no reason "within" the upper body. Immense loss of vitality - suffering from constant fatigue. Get immense burns in the back and side of my head during panic and anxiety triggers. Regaining vitality after therapy. Though immense aversion towards work (something I enjoyed immensely before) persists.

What triggered the onset?
Inability to complete an over ambitious project. My first major failure in the field I am passionate about. I used to have a very bad diet, entirely of processed food, during that time.

Childhood : Very bad. Was never interested in studies. Always wanted to pursue arts. Mother used to beat me up severely. And constantly humiliate me. School felt like prison. Wanted to always "break open" from it. College was a immense let down. The faculty was servery dysfunctional. Had fights. Largely self taught from online books and sources. Was a exceptional student academically.

History of illness/es : Up til 4-5 years of age I remember having a strange illness which would cause me constant dry cough, scabs in my nostrils, and asthma. It was treated by homepathy rememdy.

By the age of 15 I have had jaundice 5 times. Malaria one time.

Conditions under which it (depression) is reduced : When I have coffee / tea, I regain vitality and reach normalcy again. However, body craves more and more of the caffeine. And then it backfires - increasing panic disorder to uncontrollable levels.

Family history of similar disease : My father is a little (moderately) depressed. And is a heavy smoker. My grandmother committed suicide (due to a fight with grandfather). Grandfather died of alcohol consumption, with c*ncer. Maternal grandmother has asthma. My mother constantly suffers from weak bones and bladder infection.

Habits / Addiction : Video games. Do not smoke/drink.

Masturbation : Once a day.

Appetite/ thirst : Normal.

Likes : Sweet food. Milk. Chicken. Cold food. Chocolate. Coffee.

Dislikes : Oil and oily / fried food. Egg.

Hate cruel people. Specially towards animals. Feel like murdering such people. (Hypocrite, as I myself have chicken - though feel immensely guilty).

Bowel movements : Normal and satisfactory. Once a day. During the onset of depression I had flatulence all day. And motions were lose.

Urine : Frequent. Within half an hour of having water. Color : White.

Sleep : I used to sleep better and more peaceful before depression. Now I do not sleep as deeply. And stay half sleepy all day. Sleep is not satisfactory.

Sweat : Groin area and arm pits. Smell : Mix between damp - muddy and acidic.

Weather : Can not tolerate heat. Love cold weather.

Emotional shocks during depression : Had a break up. Developed panic disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. Took medicines. But only cognitive behavior therapy fixed it.

Memory : Poor.
Ability to comprehend : High.
Concentration : Poor.

Fearful of : Higher status people. Feel like they are laughing at me / despising me. I have low self esteem.

Anxious about : Not reaching my potential as an artist. My mental functions deteriorating, inhibiting me from pursuing my artistic goals. Excessively paralytic about other's impression of myself.

Impatient : Very.

Doubtful / Suspicious : Not much. But can sense untrustworthy people. And do not want to be near them.

Hurt easily : Yes. Feel like taking revenge.

Pride : Gets hurt fairly easily.

Face : Dark circles under the eyes.

Tongue : Coating in the center.

Other noticeable symptoms : Constantly shake my legs.

Prakruti :

Vata 38
Pitta 47
Khapa 16

Earlier homeopathic medication :

Have been given ignatia. Did not cure depression. Though provided little relief temporarily. After which depression came back.

*Note* I would like to add that I remember I was exceptionally motivated and energetic before the on set of depression. The levels were always above normal. And I used to stay happy all the time.

What I seek from the therapy : Restoration of life energy so I can go back to loving what I do (arts) with peace of mind.

Is this possible?


Remedy Finder gave Phos, Sulph, Arg-n, Puls and Luc as my highest recurring matches.
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  Manushya on 2017-02-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Check prakriti at holisticonline. Com under ayurveda section and report scores.
Teupne 6 years ago
If you are thinking of homeopathic treatment then you may take Sulphur 200 one dose in the morning.
Do not eat or drink sour articles for three weeks.
Report after one week.
Do not take more than one dose.
telescope 6 years ago
Hey Teupne, I did take the test and have posted the results in the opening post.

They were as follow -

Prakruti :

Vata 38
Pitta 47
Khapa 16
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Manushya 6 years ago
Thanks a lot Telescope. I will buy Sulfur right away. May I know how to take the dose? I am going to buy the medicine in liquid form. Should I take one drop? Put it in luke warm water and have it?

My general diet considers these item I think are from the sour food category - oranges, tofu, cabbage, bitter gourd, tea. Should I avoid all these?
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Manushya 6 years ago
Dear manushya

Either you try ayurveda or homeopathy not both.

I will prescribe if you opt for ayurveda alone.

Make your choice.
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Teupne 6 years ago
Hello Telescope .. as per your advice I took Sulphur 200.The shop did not have it in liquid form so I bought the pellets and added 6 of them in half a glass of water in the morning and drank it.

I slept all day and then in the evening had headache behind my eyes (similar to what I used to) which went away within 20 minutes.
Manushya 6 years ago
Hey Teupne. Unfortunately I saw you message today after I had consumed the homeopathy meds. I am curious to know if the two therapies can not work together?
Manushya 6 years ago
If you try both simultaneously you would never know what worked for you.

Give homeopathy a try first if it fails try ayurveda.

However by diet change you have already started ayurveda which is the most important step.
Teupne 6 years ago
Hello Teupne, I did a Vikruti test and found that my Pitta is highly imbalance. I am now trying to find out how to balance my pitta.

I know that I would not be able to tell which treatment helped me and when I get ill in future will again have confusion over where to go. However do forgive me as I am right now very anxious and hasty and feel desperate. So I am unable to control myself when it comes to doing research and trying out various treatment in an attempt to heal this paralytic illness.
Manushya 6 years ago
Fair enough

I understand your agony and plight.

Start following and you would never need homeopathy.
1.Avipattikar churna

2.Liv 52 syrup

3.Aloe Vera sap

4.Giloya churna

Take above morning evening on empty stomach nothing till one hour.separate each by 5-10 mins.

Strictly anti pitta diet. With sweet astringent and bitter tastes.

Strictly no pungent, sour and salty tastes. Eat bland food
No tea coffee spices meat

Whats your cooking oil?

Coconut oil, ghee are best for you.

Yes excess pitta is the root cause. It corresponds with failure and its fear.

Report after 20 days.

If possible avoid homeopathy. It does not give you the root cause or the diet that brings about imbalance.It may help you but you would never know why you suffered .With ayurveda you would know and can avoid suffering in future.

For pitta it is essential to keep cool. Do not try to control.Let things be.

Be a witness with no desire to achieve .Pitta wants control dominance and fame/recognition which are hollow.

Your worth is in self love and acceptance.

Pitta is balanced by carefree, beauty, affection, delight.

No videogames, eyes/sight is pitta so artificial games /light increases pitta.

You would never receive this life changing wisdom from homeopathy.

I will advise more first start these.

Expected healing time for 3 years Is 3-6 months. So be patient.
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Teupne 6 years ago
Hello Teupne. Thanks for understanding. It means a lot cause it is really hard to make people understand what it happening to you when you are in depression.

My cooking oil is soy bean oil. Though after reading at various places about pitta imbalance and coconut oil as a balancing agent I started taking it raw from today (as I love coconut oil). I also started taking warm milk (as it was mentioned) and it is providing instant relief to me mental panic.

What you mentioned about spices - am I to take no normal spices like turmeric and cumin as well? I have started avoiding things like mustard sauce and tomato sauce and vinegar. And what about Garam Masala?

Also I wanted to mention that after taking some allopathic medicines I feel certain numbness in my mind when it comes to experiencing some emotions while thinking about things. Do you think this handicap will also be healed?
Manushya 6 years ago
Everything will be healed. Stop all allopathic medicines.

Check Anti pitta diet on banyan botanical site.

No garam masala, mustard, vinegar ,tomato, no soy

Turmeric, mint,coriander, cumin, fennel , cardamom that's all in spices for you.

Take my prescription religiously. Pitta depression affects liver.

Report after 20 days. You will be healed .Be patient.

Sweet bitter astringent are good. Maximise.

Strictly no pungent, sour and salty taste.

Stop allopathy and free yourself from all commitment till you heal.

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Teupne 6 years ago
Hello Telescope. As per your recommendation I took Sulphur. And it's been about 20 days.

There were two major issues in my "head". One was a feeling of constant "wound" and another of recurring inflammations / burns. Inflammation has subsided by about 90% and the feeling of wound by about 70-80%. General fatigue level has also reduced by about 50-60%. And passion towards work has started coming back. It has returned to about 30 - 40% of what it used it be. My right foot will constantly shake - which has reduced to almost stable.

However, another major issue of constant anxiety and mind running certain "issues" in a endless loop remains as it is.

Kindly suggest what can I do next? The recommendations has been helpful a lot. So I have become really hopeful in a long time.
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Manushya 6 years ago
Hello Teupne ... As per your recommendation I have shifted to the Pitta pacifying diet as much as possible. A good amount of constant bloating in my stomach has gone away. Also I realized I have a immense issue of constant anxiety which keeps my mind hijacked and I can not focus at all. However, warm milk instantly, but temporarily, soothes it.

Should I add something to the medicines you had recommended?
Manushya 6 years ago
Dear manushya

Kapha will balance you and heal you. As your pitta reduces gradually kapha will Increase and heal you. Kapha is in cow milk, ghee, organic sweets,
Apple,pomegranate, raisins soaked in water, coconut water/oil, rice, wheat.

Start taking sprouted mung.
Eat only satvik food.

Kapha is the power of love that heals us and brings smile on our face. :)

Eventually you have to become sweet to heal.

It would take time to heal.
After 15 more days start taking brahmi and bhringaraj also. Both mind herbs.

keep reporting periodically.
Teupne 6 years ago
"Eventually you have to become sweet to heal"

Haha this actually brought a smile to my face. Thanks a lot Teupne for being so helpful. :)
Manushya 6 years ago

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