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Need help with rear lameness in dog

Hi everyone,

I hope someone here can help me...my four year old female Rottie started favouring her left rear leg last August ..almost 6.5 months ago...and I took her to the vet, who said she thought it was a sprained cruciate ligament and to rest and restrict her activities.

I took her to a canine chiropractor who found she had subluxations in her lower back and sacroliliac area and he has been treating her periodically.

Since the first vet check, Bailey would get better and than regress,,show more favouring and it would go back and forth like that.

A week ago, she was feeling frisky in the house and ran around too quickly in circles and really wrenched that leg, so that she would not put weight on it for about 4 days.. The day after she wrenched it this time, I got her to a different chiroparcror who also did acupuncture on her within 24 hours of that latest injury.

A little more background..... A year ago, this month, I was talked into giving Bailey a vaccination for Leptosporosis, because some cases had been reported in the Maritimes.

Other than her puppy vaccinations, which were singles and separated, she had a Rabies vaccination at 9 months and one Parvo booster at one and a half years of ago.

She is 4 now..just turned 4 on Feb 4th :o)

I just wondered, if any of this could be a reaction to that lepto vaccine ? Is there a homeopathic remedy that would take away any negative side effects of that vaccination?

I have used Thuja 30c when she had the previous vaccines and the Rabies vaccine.

Anyways..my friend suggested Ledum 1M..it would clear negative side effects of vaccine and also eliminate Lyme Disease..in case it was also indicated from exposure....it did nothing for the lameness...2 days before she was given Sulphur 30C.

Then the accident where she wrenched it last weekend....was given Phosphorus 30C....two days later Ruta Grav 30C 2 x day for two days...saw some improvement..putting a little more weight on that foot and then yesterday I finally got the Ruta Grav 1M and gave her a dose (2 pellets) at 3:30 p.m. and by 10 p.m. she was noticeably improved..still favouring, but improved.

This morning, she is a little better again...should I give her another dose of 1 M Ruta GRav ?

Sorry this is so long,

Thanks for any suggestions !

  Ilovemypuppy on 2006-03-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
As the effect of 1M should last for a period leave it until she starts to get WORSE.

You could also consider Bellis 1M --- just one dose.
walkin last decade
what response observed with sulphur 30c? please explain
John Stanton last decade
The sulphur was given "to clear her system of previously used homeopathics"...I think that is what she said...I had been using Traumeel....a combination remedy for inflammation.

I did notice Bailey was starting to look like she wasn't feeling as well around 11 this morning, so I did give her another dose of Ruta Grav 1M and she seems better now..I expect this recovery will be a slow process since it has been going on for some time.
Ilovemypuppy last decade
Bailey appears to be a little bit better again today...should I just stop all dosing and wait and see ?

Sje is still on three legs..holding the left rear leg uo, when going any faster than a very slow walk. At a slow walk, she favours that leg alot, but does use it.

Thanks for any advice.
Ilovemypuppy last decade
Please..can anyone help ??
I can't get Bellis here....

How long before I should see a positive change with what I have tried.....before I can try another remedy ?

Suggestions appreciated.

Ilovemypuppy last decade
firstly need to know if cruciate ligament is truely affected?

chiropractic adjustments--what subluxations typically on return visits? contact chiroprator for exact data of exact adjustmnets made each visit...

what changes observed after acupuncture treatment?

meantime get info and (3 pellets of nux vomica 200c in 10 tablespoons of water in CLEAN glass)..stir vigourously--
single dose (1 teaspoon of mix in mouth under tongue)nux vomica 200c give in evening --no food for at least 2 hours before..No repetition of dose

next morning single (3 pellets of sulphur 30c in 10 tablespoons of water in CLEAN glass)--single dose (1 teaspoon of sulphur mix in mouth under tongue)....NO SWEET treats at all for her..NONE--no sweets in any form---also be watchful of handling her--sulphur has tendency bring out hidden anger...KEEP this in mind...

post back answers to above questions

NO other remdies --no acupunture --no other treatments at all yet..

post daily back here with observations after remedies..or more frequent 00poat as FEEL need..
John Stanton last decade

DO not repeat sulpur or nux-v dosing at all---need to access and decide from there..

also get info from second chiro/accunpunturist of accu points used?and exact chiropractic adjustments made? be thorough
John Stanton last decade
Answers to chiro adjustments made... L sacroiliac joint was posterior inferior (L1),
T13/L1 subluxated to the right

L2-3. L5-6 were both posterior/right

Hamstring was hypertonic
Ilovemypuppy last decade
more like calc will be needed acute rhus-t---but still start with sulphur as mentioned..
John Stanton last decade
Dear walkin,

I have the Bellis IM coming tomorrow or Tuesday.

Today I had my dog Bailey to the chiropractor and she also had acupuncture. This doctor feels her problem also involves the sciatic nerve and related muscles which twitch from time to time.

Her last dose of Ruta Grav 1M was on Friday and she does seem to be improving, very slowly, but I should still stop the Ruta and give the Bellis 1M when it arrives?

From the Materia Medica description of Bellis, I do think it covers more of her symptoms than Ruta...I can not find the constitutional profiles on either of these remedies?
Ilovemypuppy last decade
nah...your looking at first arnica -vary potency 30c then 200c then 12c --FIRST--observe if response at all-once a response to one potency --observe and no more til symptoms seem return or change-------if not then rhust tox--same vary potency--this affinity for hip dislocation --torn ligaments...always vary potency --ensure that remdy and acute state match....if no reaction then calc-carb 30c (1 dose ) will be needed and go back to rhus-t...all depends on dogs ate of health and susceptabilty to such injuries as well the ability to heal promptly..
John Stanton last decade
Hello Walkin,

I gave the last Ruta Grav 1M last Thursday and since that is one week ago, I gave Bailey the Bellis IM dose today...so now...we watch and wait.....
Ilovemypuppy last decade
Dear John Stanton,

I wasn't noticing any changes with what I have tried previous recommendation from others...so I have given Bailey... Cal Carb (wet dose) and after three days her first Rhus Tox (wet dose) last night....so far this morning, she seems improved. Putting more weight on that leg and walking better. Your suggestions ?

Thanks :o)
Ilovemypuppy last decade
Mr. Stanton...I forgot to mention, she was given Nux Vimnica (wet dose) three days prior to first dose of CalCarb.
Ilovemypuppy last decade
That should read..Nux Vomica :o)
Ilovemypuppy last decade
what potency wet dosed of calc and rhus-t?

any outstanding stool/urine characteristics?
John Stanton last decade
Thanks for the quick response John Stanton..should I call you doctor ?

I made the wet doses with 5 pellets of 30C Nux, 30C CalCarb and 30X Rhus Tox...each in separate amber glass dropper bottles that are about 1 ounce each and filled with distilled water...allowed to dissolve and than shaken before using.

Bailey is a very healthy dog overall and has no urine or stool issues. She has had a full panel CBC and Chemistry..all normal and was also tested for heartworm, Lyme and ethrichia..all negative.

She has clean, bright eyes, clean ears, nice breathe and shiny black coat.....although I have noticed tiny little white flecks of dandruff recently, but we are just coming into spring and we use wood heat, so this dry skin is typical of this time of year...we do use a humidifier 24/7.

CalCarb was chosen as her constitutional remedy.

As I say, other than this favouring (short stepping) on her left back leg..she is very healthy.

I really want to resolve this for her as the lack of exercise will cause muscle loss and exercise is so good for her. I realize I must keep her restricted so as not to make the limping worse.
Ilovemypuppy last decade
give single dose only rhus-t 200c---no repetition--wait and observe response..

keepin touch


just call me john
John Stanton last decade
Thanks John ,

I just called around and found a pharmacy about an hour away from here that has the Rhus Tox in 200C...so we'll go right away and get it.

One dose of the pellets and wait........I'll post again when I get the remedy and give it to Bailey. Any ideas as to responses I should be looking for ?

Thanks, Jory
Ilovemypuppy last decade
Hi again John,

I gave Bailey the Rhus Tox 200C (dry dose) at 6:15 p.m. today....watching and waiting with note pad in hand :o)

Thanks, Jory
Ilovemypuppy last decade
John Stanton last decade
Any ideas as to responses I should be looking for ?

Thanks, Jory
Ilovemypuppy last decade
if response is wel--then most like she will give more attempt at behaing as though no leg complaint---possibly after what will seem a worsening of the symptom--maybe liing around--dry nose---allow this as long as she is eating---but if too prlonged will need to water dose the rhus-t 200c---but only as long as no new symptoms occur--and not prematurly---we need be patient and allow whatever response comes --to occur uninterrupted--and ONLY intervene if non curative accessment is made..
John Stanton last decade
Hi John,

It's been 10 hours since Bailey got her dose of Rhus Tox 200C and this morning I am noticing she is very lively, eating well, wet nose and seems very happy. She is favouring a little less and moving better.

She also wants to stay closer to me, moving with me around the house.

Bailey loves to be touched and petted and massaged and she's getting lots of all of those...as usual :o)

I will report again later on today and let you know any observations.
Ilovemypuppy last decade
Yesterday, later in the day, Bailey was favouring that leg more than in the morning.

This morning is about the same as yesterday morning...are we going in the right direction...time for another dose...or another remedy ?

She still toe touches with that foot when standing, but does walk on it when moving, although does short stride.

Suggestions ?
Ilovemypuppy last decade

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