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Procrastination - Perfecionism - Depression - Insomnia

Hi everybody, I have just read a post about some of the symptoms I have listed above, but as it includes some I don't have, I will tell you my story so the forum can give me some advice.

I am 55 years old, female, live now in Brazil. Moved to different countries many times.

I procrastinate a lot about things that really matter to me. I am a painter and I think I could do nice stuff, but always the duty calls me first; my mother's health, my daughter's homework, a pipe loosing water, whatever. I make long lists about what to do, what to read about art, check lists, organigrams, loose a lot of time doing them and I hardly check them in order to start working. It's like everything is already organized in my mind or on the paper, but then I analise so many factors and stuff at the same time that I loose the momentum or the goal. Everyday as I wake up and go to the studio, i feel as if I have forgotten all I was doing or working on and I start everything again; so I can't follow a path and nothing is done.

It is funny because in other matters I can be very efficient. It is about my old passion when I get confused.

I went to a psychiatrist in Brazil that prescribed a remedy against ADHD, Venvanse (an anphetamin). I felt very powerful and full of energy but mind dispersion continued. I had to go to Argentina and went to another doctor for him to prescribe the drug, but he advised not to take it as it has some collateral effects I would not profit of. He told me I would feel gloomy as Venvanse generates dependency. Actually I have been quite gloomy lately, like depressed, and had trouble for sleeping. I could start sleeping but I would wake up all the time. So in the morning and during all day long I feel very tired.

On the other side, I lost the drive of doing things. Before I was very passionate about art and painting. Now I lost interest, and this makes me very unhappy.

A physical symptom that started some months ago: I started having urticaria, it appears in any part of the body except the face. It itches a lot and when I scratch the skin, it gets marked (dermographism urticaria).
I have hypertension but it is controlled now. I made blood tests one month ago and everything was normal.

Some time ago I took Nux moschata 6LM and Passiflora for sleeping.

thank you for any help!
  Sugaron1 on 2017-11-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

I am surprised to read about a person who matches my attributes. In my case I get relief when:
a. I spend more time interacting with others away from solo activities.
b. Keeping task list very short- 2-3 items for the day and meet those.
c. When I dont sleep alone.
d. Keep blood pressure normal ( I too have BP but recently controlled).

My foremost problem is procrastination and other subsequent things like insomnia.

ravi11 5 years ago
Amazing! So we are at least two!!

Actually, I am a loner. Since I was a little girl. I feel as if I cannot have my own ideas when I am with other people.

This tip about shortening task list for less items is awesome. I will apply it.

Do you take any homeopathy for this? I would love all this to come together.

Thank you for your answer!!
Sugaron1 5 years ago

Folks can only give views on your case if you reply in time REGULARLY.

(save your case page link and refresh the page daily for updates / replies at the bottom . Login first then paste the link)

you can click any ones name for email to remind them.
Patient name, age, from ? profession, how long patient got married, if married how many children, patient daily routine ? Any sleep disorders or foul breath now ? Any thick yellow discharges , boils , open infections .. now ? how long patient suffering from this problem ? Any fever or coughing now ? what kind of pain (symptoms, sensations) patient have ? Any cold or congestion feeling in head, watery discharges, Sun sensitivity or cold sores now ?? When symptoms / suffering / pains etc aggravates and when ameliorates ? do you have swollen hands or feet , foul smelling gasses ? Any light sensitivity ? Sweaty hands or feet ? Do you feel pronounced weakness in body ?? Thick yellow discharges, changing symptoms now ?

What you like in food and what not ? Do you feel thirsty mostly ?? or do you like water ? Or mostly thirst less ?? Any cramping, shooting pains, hiccough, spasms now ? Choose one condition. Either thirsty or towards more thirst less ?? Acne blackheads, greasy or brittle hairs ? Do you feel cold in body ? or hot ? Choose one condition .. Do you like to be warped in a blanket even in summer ? Or feel hot in body mostly and dislike hot weather etc .. no normal words etc .. what you like in food The most = sweets or salts ? Do you have any other problem beside these ? Describe in details.
E-mail me any reports .. Click my name for email. Tell doctors opinion regarding your problem as well ..

What medicines you used in the past ? Name and potency ? Are you dibetic or suffering from high blood pressure ? Or any other chronic disease .. ??
Forum rules .. any advice etc on the forum can't be considered as a clinical advice or treatment or etc .
[Edited by healer21 on 2017-12-08 23:58:18]
healer21 5 years ago
Thank you very much for answering me.

Primary/main problem: abulia, lost passion in usually important matters (my work as painter), I make very plans and then have difficulty in putting priorities between them, so I finish doing nothing; lack of perseverance.

I am Susana, 55, artist painter/illustrator, married twice, second marriage 20 years ago, one daughter.

Routine: wake up at 6/7 (difficult to wake up, stay one hour in bed after first beep of my clock), take breakfast, take my daughter to school. Go back home where I have my atelier. Normally I use some time with computer, then write some morning pages; I do some order in the atelier and then start to work. Work is interrupted frequently by sudden ideas that come to my mind and i need to write them on. This puts me out of focus so I hardly can finish a piece. I write a lot of ideas. My work is getting rachitical as I don't put energy enough in it. I loose a lot of time. Lately I watch too much Netflix. Sometimes I can spend two hours or more doing different "out of the matter" stuff before I really start working. Everyday is like starting again as I cannot give priority to one subject and almost forget what I was thinking about doing the day before. I also have difficulty understanding what is being spoken to me (I get distracted). I also get distracted while I am reading, so I have to read same paragraph many times.

All this got worse some time ago. I had to travel many times in the last four years due to family health problems. This took me totally out of track. At the same time i started having high blood pressure, palpitations and high cholesterol that are being controlled.

Depression started many years ago, after my daughter's birth, bu started to have medication only three years ago. Lack of focus started around 10 years ago. Abulia and passion on doing things maybe one year ago.

Other symptoms: dermographism urticaria, specially with dry weather; insomnia at night; tiredness during the day, specially in the afternoon; I gained 10 pounds weight three years ago, so I have a slight overweight; I fractured a kneecap three months ago and I had to pass through surgery, so at the moment I stopped doing exercise. I hope to start doing soon because I feel much better after doing exercise.
Symptoms get better outdoors and after doing any kind of exercise. Even knowing this, I have to put a lot of will to do them.

Five years ago I started to use sunglasses as light started bothering me. I never liked going to the beach or similar to take sun as it bothers me. So my skin is fine but I lack vitamin D.

At the moment I prefer sweet food, but I also like eating salty food. I started to prefer vegetarian food as it fits me better. I feel wonderful after eating vegan food but I don't cook that at home. Don't like very much heavy or fatty food. I love Thai food as it is delicate and natural. I am not thirsty at all. I have to put a bottle of juice or similar to remember drinking. Hate plain water. At night I crave for a glass of wine.

Lately I don't feel as cold as I felt some years ago, but I like to be warped in a blanket even in the summer. Sometimes in bed I feel my feet hot and I have to take them off the blanket, then they get chilly. I like all kinds of weather, even those gloomy grey days.

I use olmasartan and spironolactone for hbp, and sinvastatine for cholesterol. Sertraline for depression. Six months ago a psychiatrist prescribed Venvanse for ADHD, but I quit one month ago. Felt terrible for two weeks but now I am better. I started taking ginseng at it really makes me feel better. Also some Bach florals like wild rose and mustard. Depression symptoms went away but I still am very desorganized.

When I went to an homeopath doctor, I was prescribed nux moschata, 6LM.

Thank you for your attention!
Sugaron1 5 years ago
Hello Susana,

your problem is that you feel "stuck in art".
If you feel like "always preparing, but never able to start to perform art" than this could require Niobium metallicum. This chemical element belongs to the silver series and the entire series is known for having issues in art / communication / science ... everything which requires to bring forth something new and a almost independent kind of work.

Also Niobium is related to the Malaria nosode. This does not mean necessary that you got problems with malaria in your past, but you may be in a energetic condition where "your surrounding resets your preparations" repeatedly. Such a condition is known in malaria because the parasite hides inside the organism and regularly shows off and weakness is the result.

Another aspect is your frequent travels. If you believe that this adds a lot of stress too, then maybe it's not Niobium metallicum, but Niobium phosphoricum.

Jan Scholten, a well known homeopath and researcher writes about Niobium:
- Doubt whether they will be able to develop their creative talent.
- Art is an impossible task.
- Preparing their performance.
- Evading their talents.
- Tormented by ambition. (I know this too well, too by the way!)

Hydrogen2oxygen writes about this remedy: "After the right homeopathic therapy, the blockage, which can be very deep, dissolves and the gift(s) of the person are unleashed."

You could try Niobium metallicum first, C200, single dose, wait 3 to 6 weeks and please report back by writing some feedback. I hope you will get out of this "stuck situation".

Best regards
Lamary 5 years ago
Hello Lamary,

First of all I welcome you on the forum. Forum rules .. >> when a person "starts following someone" other prescribers can't interrupt .. And she started following me. Given answers etc ..

It can create a lot of confusion for people coming to the forum. please follow the rules.

You seems a learned person. I welcome you once again on the forum. New guys are always welcome.

[Edited by healer21 on 2017-11-19 17:57:55]
healer21 5 years ago

Sorry for interruption from "lamary" .. a new person.

Your case is very scattered. It seems a lot of things are due to external reasons .. it seems you alone have to handle entire show .. means handling home duties as well as outside activities .. or you are more philosophical minded person .. more theory less practical work ..

May be this is the reason you lost your focus or concentration .. and became slow .. where you have to focus .. on theory or on practical .. you are confused .. maybe a question can solve your problem ..or another philosophical or theoretical discussion can Take place in your mind now .. :)

May be you need to ask from yourself .. why you need to work ? not anyone else to do that ? If there is someone for outside works you can work on theory .. relaxing your mind. AND if there's no one for "ESSENTIAL WORKS" than you have to cut down the same repeated theoretical ideas or work etc to save time.

and it is causing depression, insomnia, lack of concentration etc .. and more over hopelessness .. maybe.


As far as your answers are concerned .. they were not clear. Sorry to say. They are confusing like all other things in your life .. and you skipped may questions without answering. Not a good thing.

As far as I understood you are more towards thirst less .. RIGHT ?

And feel more towards warm in body .. RIGHT ? Because not feeling cold like in past. And feel warm in bed as well ..

Or you are more towards cold ? As you put your feet outside and it gets cold very soon .. now tell me in a day you feel more hours towards cold in body or more hours warm in body ? You have to differentiate between two conditions ..
more cold in body nowadays ?
or more warm in body nowadays ?

[Edited by healer21 on 2017-11-19 18:36:58]
healer21 5 years ago
Hi Sugaron1 and ravi11, I noticed this thread yesterday (I'm just another patient) and some things really hit home. I hope you guys find cure here. Not really a mighty helpful post, but just cheering you on.
cosmicweaver 5 years ago
Thank you very much for your advice! As I am new to the forum, I was not aware about the forum rules, it seems I have to first continue the answering process I started with healer21. Then we can talk about your remedy advice. Thanks again!
Sugaron1 5 years ago
Hello, healer 21. Indeed my case is very scattered as I am very scattered myself. I have always been like that. When I was 17, i studied law at the university but I would attend at the same time some drawing and painting ateliers. I started to study conservation of paintings at 23. Finished law school at 24. Worked in a law firm since I was 20. Had my own law firm with some friends when I finished law school but always conflicted by my passion for art. At 27 I got a job in a museum for doing conservation and finished working as lawyer. I loved working there but when I was 34 I had a vocation crisis, felt that being a restorer was very repetitive and lonesome so I got into the Foreign Relations career. I always talked with an uncle about all this difficulties in finding my way, he always told me that I was lucky as I had so many chances. And indeed I was lucky because I always managed to change and find amazing jobs. I dare say that I did pretty well and could work efficiently in all those activities. At the beginning of my career as diplomat I met my second husband and I am happily married with him until now. At the beginning it was quite a mess as he was living in Brazil and me in Argentina. I got pregnant and I decided to put my family as a priority and moved to Brazil. I was 37. I felt sorry about living my job, but took the situation as an opportunity to give a chance to art in my life. So I studied fine arts in Brazil.

After my daughter was born, some symptoms started to appear. I lost a lot of my memory. It was difficult for me to remember appointments. My life changed very much and there were many aspects in my life I was not satisfied with but I had a lot of fun at the university and indeed art was a real passion. After a while I could desenvolve a very good habit of working alone and painted a lot. I was well considered among my colleagues but had a lot of critics as well. I was very scared about criticism. After we started to travel to different countries because of my husband job. Argentina again, Spain and China. Now we are back in Brazil.

I will continue in a second reply so I can answer your questions. Or try to do it!
Sugaron1 5 years ago
Continuing my last reply. When you do arts, specially now with university's orientation, you always do some theoretical searching so you can find your sources, what language you will desenvolve etc. I like a lot of stuff. Some teachers would say in the past that I have to choose between different possibilities so I can get deep in one. I am not sure if this is right for me, as I am, as we said, scattered and I have to respect this condition. This is part of me. Of course it is more difficult, but I am sure I can do that.

All the theoretical job is already done. This is for sure. I just have to start with my to do lists (about painting, drawing etc), that are huge. I know that I can start by doing a first task and then let where the working process will drive me. This is perfectly clear. The problem for me is how to start... I get confused, too many plans. I need to be more determined, more focused, but as I have already told you, it is difficult for me.

What do you mean about having a true friend?

Generally speaking I don't feel thirsty. If I don't have a bottle near me, I can stay a whole day without drinking water. Except for tea, of course! I take one or two cups everyday.

Before I felt cold under 25 Celsius. So I felt cold most of the time . Since I lived in Beijing (very cold city) I got used to cold weather and I enjoy it. And yes, I can say I feel more warm nowadays. Sometimes I feel my feet warm under the blankets (only my feet) so I need to get them uncovered.

There was a question you asked that I skipped and it is important, about feeling weakness in the body... yes I feel. After any task I feel exhausted. Physically and mentally. I need to stop and do something to relax, read a book, watch tv. This is quite recent.

I hope I answered all your questions. Please tell me if there is something lacking.
Sugaron1 5 years ago
Thank you, cosmicweaver, truly grateful about your message. And I love your username!
Sugaron1 5 years ago
Another aspect I was not clear enough: all my life a had a tendency to gain weight. I did many diets. Three years ago I gained 10 Pounds and it is being impossible for me to loose weight this time.
Sugaron1 5 years ago
Do you have greasy, brittle hairs ?

Acne on face ?

Swelling in hand or feets ?

Foul smelling gasses ?

No details .. clear and short answers.

healer21 5 years ago
Acne on face: no
Swelling in hand or feet: not lately. Hands swollen sometimes while I walk. Swollen feet and ankles some years ago.

Foul smelling gasses: no
Sugaron1 5 years ago

Here I am, back again.

I took Natrum sulphuricum 200c, two doses as I was told by Healer21.

What happened:
I started to sleep much better, like 7-8 hours without interruption. It is still difficult to get asleep. This was the most strong change I had. Very grateful about that. This makes me feel much better.
Strong hives (almost unbearable)
Some days bad mood, gloomy, but generally better
Still difficult to deal with people
Still difficult to deal with work, but not anguish. Just indolent.
Depression gone.
Generally speaking, I feel better. But I still can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Guess it is normal? Healer21 told me I should take a battery of remedies. What's next?

Thank you! BTW, I am learning a lot about homeopathy.
Sugaron1 5 years ago
Other new symptom after Natrum sulphuricum: I sweat a lot, specially in my forehead, in the evening. Quite weird!

I did some questionnaires, it seems that my simillinum is Phosphorus. I read about it and I identify myself totally. What should I do? How I should take it?
Sugaron1 5 years ago
4 drops once a day only. In a separate disposable glass with some water in it shake well before drink. Notice changes and improvements in next2-4 days and report back.
healer21 5 years ago
What is the potency of phosphorus for her??
simone717 5 years ago
healer 21, are you refering to phosphorus? Whic potency?
Sugaron1 5 years ago
healer21, are you referring to Phosphorus? What potency?
Sugaron1 5 years ago
Ok, here I have healer21 answer:

Well what about other things after Nat.sulph ?? Like weakness, General health improvements etc ??

About phosphorus .. Well try 200c in a separate disposable glass with some water in it shake well before drink. 4 drops only once a day. And see how it affects in 2-4 days. And update me
Sugaron1 5 years ago
After Nat sulph:
one day or two very sleepy dall day long.
one day gloomy (very) but just for a short time
Poo very well, every day (I have cronic constipation)
Strong hives, every day, in all the body
Started to sleep at night, good sleep quality. seven hours without waking up during night. Amazing. Very happy about that.

mild apathy
Want to be alone
Avoiding company
Thoughts more organized
Starting to quit zoloft (slowly). I think that it keeps me out of being passionate generally speaking, even about my job.
Timidly starting to go outside, like going to the cinema or similar.
Sugaron1 5 years ago
Means Nat.sulph showed very good results ..

after correct homeopathy medicine "FEELING OF FREEDOM" is really a blessing .. it is really good experience ..

I think you should stop and see how long Nat.sulph works for you .. when you feel symptoms are coming back take another dose of it .. same way as earlier.
And again stop and see how it affects FOR HOW LONG .. and after that report updates.

Regarding phosphorus .. it is your choice .. so I just suggested a dose of 200c .. once only .. and see how it affects .. and update.

[Edited by healer21 on 2017-12-08 19:10:59]
healer21 5 years ago
Hi healer 21.

I tried phosphorus as you said. Before you wrote to me I bought 30ch of it, so I tried this potency, taking everyday morning and night. Should I change to 200C? What is the difference?

Results after some few days:
Apathy went away. A marvelous feeling of well being.
Still want to be alone, except some people I really like. I try to avoid or see less some people who are very invasive (very Phosphorus trait as I read).
Sleepiness during day disappeared.
I am sleeping very well at night and waking up with a nice sensation. Maybe it is because of me sleeping well that I feel better.
A lot of strange dreams during sleeping.
Hives still strong.
Thoughts don't bother me any more. I still organize a lot but once I get things organised, I trust my plans and do work.

Should I change to Phosphorus 200?

Thank you! You helped me a lot.
Sugaron1 5 years ago

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