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How to antidote ant crudum? Please help!

Hi ,
My husband has been belching a lot for months now after taking antimonium crudum 30C...we've tried different remedies and currently taking calcarea carbonica 30c because that's his symptoms right now.
I am hoping this will work but I am wondering if there's other way to antidote it like giving high potency then later give a low potency?
Has anybody has experience with antimonium crudum?
Thanks and hoping for a reply!
  Jane77 on 2017-11-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Calc. is one of the anti dotes for ant. crud.

Higher potency could anti dote aggravation or side effects arising from lower potency of a medicine. But it should have been used then and there.

Belching can also find help in a medicine called Carbo Veg. Please read upon it.

But give some time for calc. carb to work. It also helps with gastric disturbances.
maheeru 5 years ago
Thank you for the reply maheeru...yes, will give sometime for calc carb to work... I gave calc carb 30c but he said he's better with 2 doses a day... would it be better if he just use 200c a day?
Jane77 5 years ago
Regarding carbo veg, i tried giving it before but he said he doesn't feel ok with it... I rechecked my book and it says "better eructations" while that of my husband's is "worse belchings"...
Jane77 5 years ago
Calc. carb must not be repeated frequently in adults.

Ok if he improves on 200c, fine, but do not give him too many doses. May be restrict between half and one dozen doses. If he is sensitive do dosage in water.

Ok one symptoms worse for eructation is there. Will have to see more symptoms to think about other choices.
maheeru 5 years ago
Hi maheeru, his symptoms improved a lot with calcarea carbonica...he stopped taking last Sunday I think...but he still has belchings once in a while....am still checking his symptoms...he has swelling of both lower eyelids...then last Saturday his nose bled while washing his face in the morning, around 9am.. I gave kali carb 200 but belchings came in vengeance so he reached for calc carb 30c agaib... haven't tried giving calc carb 200 though...
Will update you once I get to see more symptoms maheeru... thanks again for the help
Jane77 5 years ago
Hi maheeru, just want to update you...after calc carb i gave my husband 1 dose of nux vomica 200c...and you Know what? It's been 3 days that he hasn't had belchings! Whereas before it's several times a day..so fingers crossed he's cured! Thanks for the replies maheeru, you made me more confident with my Choice of calcarea at that time
.. I am on to his next problems, which is sneezing a lot when smelling strong scents (which I gave phosphorus 30c) today....his fistula (ears, anus)...and his eyes (growth and swelling of eyelids, frequent lachrimation of left eye, color blindedness)...will start a new thread for each problem though...
Again, my thanks!
Jane77 5 years ago
No jane every symptom should not be taken in isolation. The best approach is to see them in a holistic manner so that a medicine covers most or all of the complaints well.
maheeru 5 years ago
Yes I should do that maheeru thanks a lot for reminding!
Jane77 5 years ago
Hello Maheeru

You write Calc Carb must not be repeated frequently in adults ? Will this be different for kids though ? Please clarify.
NiniM 5 years ago

Yes this will be different for children. In children this medicine is indicated frequently and it's repetition is generally tolerated well in children.
maheeru 5 years ago

Thank you. It is very heartening to read that. My daughter 9 years old shows a need for it due to the fact that she has many food allergies , stomach upset, bloating , gastric distress due to that and immunity problems like catching colds much more easily than her friends and sometimes the colds turning into bronchial disturbances. I once read that Calc Carb 200 once every 7 days was a good fit for these symptoms. Would you agree with this ? Or have a different potency and frequency and duration suggestion ?

Thank you again.
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NiniM 5 years ago
Is this the first time you are going to try Calc. carb for her?

Before the potency choice and deciding repetition, would like to make sure the medicine is indicated. Can you give some more details about her making use of the following questions?

1) Write down worsening and bettering factors and any associated symptoms about these complaints.
2) Details about emotional state, personality, temperament, fears/anxieties.
3) Details like cravings/aversions, climate/temperature preference, thirst/hunger/sleep/sex/discharge issues and about physical appearance and nature of occupation.
maheeru 5 years ago
Yes first time.

1. She is 9 years old. She has severe food allergies to milk, eggs, nuts, sesame seeds. Moderate allergy to banana, avocado, metal earrings.

Because of the food allergies her diet is very restricted. Even then she complains of gastric upset like bloated tummy in the night or food not being digested (she asks to rub her tummy which makes her feel better) and sometimes stomach pain too. She has ok poops (goes 5 times a week). She gets no egg or nuts but milk in a very slight form (like cookies which have milk powder and is baked or some kinds of pizza where the cheese is very processed. she doesn't do well with fresh cheese pizza. A few types of cheese crackers.

- If she accidentally ingests her offending food her reactions are tingling of lips, tongue, throat itching and ear canal swelling, bit of headache, nausea and vomiting. Depending on how much she has ingested. Most times we give her Benadryl immediately and she just complains of tingling of mouth and tongue and throat.

- She catches colds more frequently than her friends. She doesn't really exhibit spring allergy symptoms. Her allergic response isn't respiratory either. But her immune system is definitely compromised. She has had early onset pneumonia too twice in her life and had to go on inhaler for a few days. She has no asthma.

2) Emotionally - She is a very soft, very sentimental, very mature child who is easily affected by hurt. She doesn't cry out or speak her hurt too much but tries to "get on with life" in a mature way. Since childhood she has been deprived of cakes, ice creams etc and has come to accept it as a way of life. Personality - even at 9 years she is pretty childlike. She is pretty innocent too and easily gets lost in playing with her 5 year old brother and finds happiness in children games. She is over the top brilliant in anything she touches - mentally or physically. She gets awards and accolades for studies, spelling, debate, dancing, swimming, ice skating, piano. She is a prodigy. She excels at whatever she tries her hand at.
Temperament: Mostly well behaved. Sometimes I think her restricted life gets to her and she shows it as wanting to rebel at silly things. Physically a bit slow - at dressing up, cleaning her room. Wants to avoid work :)
Fears- She isn't afraid of the dark. Or much anything. But she craves friendship (cos I dont just send her to playdates for fear of allergies. Her friends meet more often than she does and she misses that)

3)Cravings: Nothing particular. She loves her soy ice cream. Aversions- nothing striking. She doesn't enjoy taking a bath too much. Climate : She loves sunshine. She doesn't get too cold - her body stays pretty warm. She doesn't need to be wrapped in a blanket. Pretty normal that way. She doesn't take anything too hot to drink. She gets a bit melancholy in the night. She loves outdoors and Sun. Thirst - ok. Not too much. Like most kids - she doesn't drink enough water I feel. Forgets and needs to be reminded. Sleep - ok. Sometimes grinds her teeth in the night. Every night just as she lies down to sleep she says one of her nostrils gets a bit blocked. She also sniffles a bit. She tries to clear her nostril and throat. And sleeps that way. I think she has some blockage of one nostril every night. And in the morning too when she wakes up she tries to clear her throat a bit. But she doesn't have active nasal discharge. If her stomach hurts a bit she sleeps in a bit of disturbed way. Otherwise pretty decent. Gets into bed late. Wants to play around and doesn't sleep immediately. Takes a while to wind down. And a while to wake up. But within normal realms for a 9 year old.
She is a grade 3 student.
Physical appearance: Her skin and hair are very dry since she doesn't get good fats. No butter, ghee or nuts, avocado. Also her skin color has a concentrated pigment appearance like a bit of a cast (it feels like if only she could eat yoghurt then her complexion would just blossom). Her arms and legs have a bit of kerastis pilloris - as if she may have a slight gluten sensitivity. But not too much. Bit rough and scaly from the dryness. Nails and hair are pretty abundant and fine. Height and weight ok.

I tried to write the best I could - hope it is satisfactory? Thank you for considering her case.
[Edited by NiniM on 2018-04-28 19:36:29]
NiniM 5 years ago

You can go ahead with Calc. carb. doses. You can also proceed the way you intended----one dose of calc. carb 200c every week to the maximum of EIGHT doses.
maheeru 5 years ago
Thank you. I will let you know of her progress

Did any other remedy jump out as a better fit to the whole case though ? Just curious :)

Do you think Calc Carb will address food allergies too ?
NiniM 5 years ago
I was also thinking about sulph., and Phos. Sulph due to metal allergy and general symptoms and phos., due to past pneumonia and in general it covers the symptoms. But calc. carb took the top spot for most of the symptoms and also constitutionally slow, sentimental, shy and behaving in a matured manner with a susceptibility to catch cold.

Calc. carb helps with allergies----if it does not work----then we need to cross the bridge when it comes.
maheeru 5 years ago
That’s wonderful.

Can you just shed a bit of clarity on constitutionally slow ? What aspect of her personality does that refer to ?slow digestion you mean ? Am a bit new to homeopathy and am trying to understand.

Again - thank you.
NiniM 5 years ago
NiniM said Physically a bit slow - at dressing up, cleaning her room. Wants to avoid work :)

That bit of info. you wrote indicated in general she is a slow constitution---slow digestion is a subset otherwise she will not have this gastric problem. Also calc. carb can be lazy, averse to work and be slow in any type of work. Calc carb comes from oyster shell, and by doctrine of signature, this shell is slow, sluggish and likely to be not inclined towards travelling or adventures. In some asian countries usually matrimonial advertisements will mention a requirement while trying to find a bride --'HOMELY Girl/Bride', calc. carb constitutions are HOMELY they easily become homesick :) Homely girls are family oriented, less ambitious, sentimentally they are close to the family than to the work place.
maheeru 5 years ago
Hello Maheeru,

I dosed her the first dose of Calc Carb 200(1e7d)this past Thursday. For all practical purposes I have seen zero change so far in her.
Just letting you know :)
[Edited by NiniM on 2018-05-05 12:02:15]
NiniM 5 years ago
Too early to judge :) Let's wait atleast for four doses and four weeks from the first dose.
maheeru 5 years ago

When you wrote that apart from Calc Carb , Sulphur and Phosphorous were coming close you struck a chord about the Sulphur. I am trying to read homeopathy just a bit and earlier I thought (in passing) that maybe my daughter needed Sulphur. It was almost like an intuition. But I moved on and didn't think much of it.

After you wrote Sulphur I tried looking into the Sulphur type and am a bit shocked by how many things are matching for her.

I selected one article and wrote my notes about my daughter (or percentages which match my daughter) beside the lines. It is exhaustive going through it but can you please do when you get a little time?

I took the characteristics from the below article

NiniM 5 years ago
People needing Sulphur tend to have very strong egos. In this context, ego doesn't mean arrogance, rather it refers more to one's sense of self.

They will have a fragile ego, that has both self-esteem and arrogance or vanity. This means that Sulphur-type people are very susceptible to feeling disrespected or humiliated. Their pathology is affected when their ego is threatened or attacked.

This is the main mental and emotional issue for your average Sulphur patient.

This describes my daughter 65%.

Philosophical, Deep Thinking Personality

People needing Sulphur tend to love their thoughts and ideas, and they want everyone else to be equally interested in them. They love to come up with new ideas, theories, or philosophical insights. - 80%

They may even strive to be like Moses or any similar spiritual figure. -Dont think so

They can also be ecstatic, religious, or philosophical about their ideas and deep concepts that they theorize about. They have a lot of curiosity, which can lead to obsession. N/A

However, these do not get materialized. It's not easy for Sulphur to manifest these ideas in the physical world. N/A

On a similar note, they also love research, because it's a great place for their ideas without much physical investment. Deep down, they believe that their ideas, research is right and you should pay attention to it. 60%

Alternatively, they can be hopeful dreamers or visionaries that may have fantastic ideas on how to solve the world's problems.- N/A

Service and Dedication
Sulphur people may love to write books, but they never get them published or finished. Publishers don't recognize the genius in their books. N/A

Because of the work that they do for themselves or others, they feel that they are working for the good of humanity and should be recognized for that. N/A

Not having that kind of recognition from others is their core of depression. N/A

If things don't work out, then they can be destructive in a variety of ways. They really don't like a partner that's demanding or peeves them off. Not pretty!70%

Sulphur types are very well known in homeopathic literature to be lazy and rebellious. 90%

They are the classic "couch potatoes" that want to be naked and loose (not in a sexual way). They just want to run free. 90%

They have a complete disregard for rules and authority, and they like to write their own rules. This is because they think that they know better than other people. In their own words: "what I think is special is most important to me." 80%

Dirt and Disgust
Another major aspect of the Sulphur personality type is their utter lack of self care. 85%

People that need Sulphur will tend to hate to bathe, and they can be dirty and unwashed. They will hate to do house cleaning.90%

On the flip side, they can wear strange or eccentric clothing. 30%

They are sensitive to odors. 50%

They may even have a disgust of body odor whether in themselves or others. 10%

Sulphurs are known in the materia medica to have three major fears (among potentially may others). They are:

Heights, and they may have vertigo from high places. 100%
Diseases and germs.70%
Fear of poverty, which drives them to save money, be cheap, and/or work hard. N/A
Heat Issues
A great way to know if someone needs Sulphur (although not always confirmatory) is if they absolutely cannot handle heating whatsoever. 70%

They are simply worse from heat, and they cannot stand heat. 70%

The burning heat radiates from them so intensely (like Belladonna), that they end up needing lots of fresh air and water. 70%
Because of this, they will tend to stick their feet out of bed, 70%

and they love cold showers.WRONG. Daughter doesn't like cold showers.

Metaphorically, Sulphur persons will also have a very "hot"temper. They can be impatient and irritable. When they're angry, they tend to yell and curses, but afterwards they cool down.60%

Hunger & Food
Strong desires for tasty foods such as spicy, sweet, pickles, and salty are very prominent in Sulphur patients. 80%

They may love meat, and they LOVE junk food as well as beer and whiskey. 80%

Sulphurs may have weakness from hunger and hypoglycemia.Not yet noted

Sulphur patients can be either obese or the opposite. Wrong. Daughter is normal (but could be cos of allergies.)

They are always hungry especially at 11AM, and they cannot wait for lunch.60%

This is in part because of the fact that they have defective assimilation. 70%
Also, they may experience stomach burns 80%
and may be prone to diarrhea, that can drive the out of bed in the morning. Wrong. She gets constipated

On the opposite spectrum, they may also experience constipation with large, hard stools that are offensive and can smell of rotten eggs. 90%
This may also include an excoriated or prolapsed anus.No

Sulphur is one of the top remedies for various skin issues. In fact, Sulphur has helped several of my clients with severe, chronic skin conditions.

These include, cellulitis, eczema, and much much more. NO eczema. Had it as a baby. Daughter's skin is rough, scaly and on thighs has some blackheads (few) and on arms has some keratosis pillories type of bumps (very small areas of both arms)

Persons needing Sulphur may have offensiveness of secretions from their skin that are excoriating and burning.Not true

They will have rough red skin that itches a lot. It's so itchy that they scratch it until it bleeds. Daughter's skin is rough and dry which is why it sometimes itches.

All Sulphur skin problems can have many types of eruptions that are worse from the following:

heat and sun.
night and the heat of bed.
wool clothing.

Daughter hates woolen clothing.Hates bathing. She hates night time emotionally for some reason. Says it makes her sad. Apart from normal temps she hates hot weather more than she hates cold weather (and we get snow too)

Sulphur patients can have unstable circulation that produces congestion. This can lead to congestive headaches, portal congestion, or venous congestion. Her one nose is always blocked at night. She says 25% blocked

Because of this congestion, they cannot adopt to atmospheric changes, and as mentioned earlier, this leads to Sulphur women having intense flushes of heat. N/A

Sulphur Kids:
Kids that really can use Sulphur will tend to be active. 90%

They can be very messy, hungry, lazy, impatient, but can also be kind and charming. Like adults, they also will hate to bathe .90% (except hunger may be 70%)

Sulphur kids will stand out by the fact that they are very curious and ask a lot of questions. During the consultation, they will constantly ask about homeopathy and the remedy given. 90%

Their curiosity may lead them to want to touch everything that they see. 100%

Kids will also think they know better than others. They can be argumentative, disruptive, authoritative, asserting, and even dictatorial.Daughter 100% gets in these moods sometimes.
On one side my daughter seems very mature and kind and gentle she does have this side to her very much so.

Sulphur kids like to stay up and sleep late, 100%
and they are easily bored. 90%
If they have something to do, they will be fine. Otherwise, they will be complain a lot. 100%
Sometimes, Sulphur kids may have a habit of biting their nails. 100%
They loves to play outside in the open air, if not on the computer. 100%
Their food cravings include sweets and junk food only. 90%

They can also like olives, chilies, pickles, and peppers. Often they will eat the whole jar of any of these foods mentioned. Daughter hates olives and doesn't care for peppers. She loves chili flavored anything and loves pickles.

People needing Sulphur are generally worse from

standing. 80%
after sleep.20%
heat and becoming heated.90%
wearing wool next to skin. 90%
atmospheric change. Don't know
between 5-11AM. Don't know
All physical complaints will be left sided or worse on the left. Did not observe

They are better by..

open air. YES
motion. YES
lying on the right side. WRONG. She says better on left.
NiniM 5 years ago
Above I copied the article from the link and wrote my daughter's notes alongside.

Awaiting your input.

NiniM 5 years ago
Side attention : Yesterday my daughter , while eating dinner , said that she hasn’t felt very hungry since 2 days. And also extra sleepy. I don’t know if they are even connected. She has just gotten out of a slight cold and has been having too many extracurricular activities plus the weather has suddenly gotten warm and slumbery. I will try and notice this more but let me know if this is something that rings a bell ?
NiniM 5 years ago
It will so happen that in some cases, we will get pictures of more than one remedy at a time, but we can not use all simultaneously. Now we need not run after other remedies, let her finish the one we have chosen. We'll move on to other remedies based on the progress. I won't rule out future sulph. remedy use. But we can't use it after Calc. carb. as it can not be given after this remedy.
[Edited by maheeru on 2018-05-06 18:30:04]
maheeru 5 years ago

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