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She complained of leg pain again a while ago

I dry dosed her mag phos 6x 1 tablet.

She was better in 15 Mins
NiniM 5 years ago
Next time try carbo veg one dose if it does not hold then move to mag phos.

Since already 5 doses were given you need not give 8 more doses. Restrict the doses to 4 or 5.

Do you think the leg pain episodes are increasing in frequency?

How is her sleep, appetite, energy, mood?

If you have not ordered carbo veg 1M yet, then hold on---do not go ahead.
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maheeru 5 years ago
Do you still want me to give 4/5 doses of Carbo Veg 200? I cannot shake off the feeling that the last Carbo Veg 200 5 doses ( 2 doses for 2 days and 1 last dose the morning when I reported ) is causing these.

I have reported every instance of the times she complained of leg pain without omission. So yes I feel they have become rather regular the last 2 days ( happening twice a day ).

Sleep has been the same last 2 months.

After her appetite increased last time it increased a bit more. It’s now 80% of her normal. Energy 80% of normal. Mood fine. She is at home and increasingly bored or excited with play so can’t tell but it seems normal.

Won’t purchase 1M Carbo Veg.
NiniM 5 years ago
Yes try it esp. during gas attack like acute episodes and let me know what comes off it.

Since she is sensitive, try it in water. Put a pill/drop/tablet in 200ml mineral water bottle. Just before the dose, shake the bottle up and down gently for four times and give half a teaspoon from this solution as a dose.
maheeru 5 years ago
I will try Carbo Veg 200c in water during her next gas episode.

She had leg pain again today ( it’s a different place every time ) and I gave her mag phos 6x one tablet , dry dose. This thing is very puzzling to me. Hopefully it is making sense to you and you are seeing a pattern somewhere in here :)

Can I ask a huge favor ? Can I ask you a private question ( pertaining to me ) via email ? It’s not a remedy consultation but it is homeopathic related.

Thank you.
NiniM 5 years ago
ok you can ask.
maheeru 5 years ago

Yesterday night Nini complained of nausea ( wanting to vomit) an hour after dinner. I rubbed her stomach cos the first thing that came to my mind was arsenicum album.

You told me to give her Carbo Veg 200 during an acute gas attack but I wasn’t sure if that was indicated for nausea?

Today morning after breakfast she is again complaining that the same feeling is back. She left her breakfast half completed. Gave her nothing. Rubbing her tummy.

What can I do ?
NiniM 5 years ago
Both ARS and Carbo are high ranking remedies for nausea. You could have given Carbo veg in water for the acute gas attack.
maheeru 5 years ago
She insists there was no gas ( she is over that episode now. I just rubbed her tummy for a while ). She says it was like a churning. Since ars alb antidotes Carbo Veg I didn’t want to give her ars alb.

So can I give Carbo Veg 200 if there is a churning feeling but no gas like sensation ?
NiniM 5 years ago
Yes for any abdoment/stomach related symptom try Carbo veg.
maheeru 5 years ago
will do. Thank you
NiniM 5 years ago
Hello Maheeru

There have been no real episodes that needed Carbo Veg except maybe yesterday when she was eating bread and suddenly she said she didn’t feel like eating bread ( she loves wheat products usually ) and asked for rice. She said she felt slightly queasy or put off by wheat. By the time she finished her rice she said she was fine so there were no symptoms and I didn’t give her anything.

But since 2 days her dance practices have gotten regular again and what is being highlighted is the fact that I don’t think she regained 80% of the stamina at all ( like I mentioned in a previous post). She is getting easily exhausted and protesting that she doesn’t want to practice anymore.
NiniM 5 years ago
Please give a break up of her complaints and generals like appetite, energy, mood, sleep pre carbo veg and post carbo veg remarking where things have improved and where things have worsened and where things are neutral.

How is her leg pains? Since when is she having pains occurring on different places every time?
maheeru 5 years ago
Timeline: When you entered the picture with Nini she had recovered from 'flu (she got a month before we first talked) and since 4 weeks I had noticed a little lack of appetite, periodic leg pains and cramps and lack of stamina especially during dance classes.

Then you prescribed Calc Carb 200 once a week. I gave her 3 doses and during those 3 weeks I noticed extra lack of appetite, continued leg pains and cramps, lack of stamina with extra grogginess (yawning during dance classes) and a 2 lb weight loss. I was relating all these to you and just about at the end of 3rd week I once gave her Bryonia 30C for leg pain.

By the end of 3rd weeks you asked me to stop Calc Carb 200c and mentioned Bryonia antidotes Calc Carb 200. I was asked to wait one week before I started Carbo Veg 30c (2D for 4 days).

Instead of 7 days I had to wait 9 days before I started Carbo Veg 30C and during day 7,8,9 I felt I saw a return of her appetite and her stamina. I was giving her nothing during these 9 days. Her leg pains went away during this time too.

After 9 days I started and finished the 4 day Carbo Veg 30C protocol (May 19-22). Her appetite and stamina were still the same (improved unto 70% of normal). No marked difference positive or negative from Carbo Dev 30C

You wanted me to wait 12 days without any remedy and just observe and then give Carbo Veg 200C (2 D for 4 days).

8 days later (May 30) she had a bad reaction to drinking soy milk late in the night (nausea and wanting to vomit) and I gave her Arsenic Album 30C one pillule which cured her vomiting feeling in 15 minutes.

After 4 more days (12 days rest after Carbo Veg 30C) I started the Carbo Veg 200C protocol (June 3rd-June6th). But after 5 doses you asked me to discontinue it and instead use it on acute basis.

On the second day of Carbo Veg 200C, when she woke up she had her first leg pain (which had disappeared for a while). Third day I still gave her carbo veg 200C ( my 5th dose). You asked me to discontinue it after I gave her her morning dose. Third day she had leg pain.
4th day two episodes of leg pain and leg cramp. 5th day again leg pain. Only once in there I gave her mag phos 6X. Rest of the times I dry rubbed or massaged.

Her mood was ok. Her sleep was ok. Her appetite and stamina which had increased about 70-80% prior to any Carbo Veg (but after stopping Calc Carb) were still the same.

Intermittently she had two gas attacks and I rubbed her stomach but gave her nothing. 3 days ago her dance practices became more intense due to an upcoming concert and I felt that maybe I gave a incorrect optimistic report of her stamina increasing unto 80% back to normal but it was maybe only 60%-65% back to normal. Earlier she had a break from continuous practices so I wasn't able to judge but 3-4 days back when continuous practices restarted I noticed that her stamina still wasn't back to desired level. That's when I wrote my last post to you and you asked me to give you a break up.

Sorry I couldn't get to it earlier.

Her continuous leg pains seem to have stopped. She hasn't complained of leg pains last week (June 11- June 19)

Her leg pain episodes happened between June 4- June 11)

From June 6th through today she has gotten no homeopathic remedy except one dose of Mag Phos around June 9th? maybe for leg pain.
[Edited by NiniM on 2018-06-19 19:05:41]
NiniM 5 years ago
Please give her Chininum Ars. 6x one dose a day for some days. Report changes appropriately.
maheeru 5 years ago
Will do Maheeru.

Although - 6x? Or 6c?

Not finding it readily - doesn’t seem like a common remedy.

Amazon has Boiron in 30c and another company I don’t trust in 6c.

Will keep looking. Please confirm if you really meant 6x?
[Edited by NiniM on 2018-06-22 02:56:45]
NiniM 5 years ago
Hi nini,

If you go to top of forum, click “store” you will find boiron
Has it in 8x.

Wait for Maheeru to advise . Just wanted you to know you can order off this site.
simone717 5 years ago
Yes it was 6x, other possibilities are: 3x, 30x---8x/12x will also be ok. If you are not able to get in X at all, you could try 6c.
maheeru 5 years ago
Any status update?
maheeru 5 years ago

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