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It will so happen that in some cases, we will get pictures of more than one remedy at a time, but we can not use all simultaneously. Now we need not run after other remedies, let her finish the one we have chosen. We'll move on to other remedies based on the progress. I won't rule out future sulph. remedy use. But we can't use it after Calc. carb. as it can not be given after this remedy.
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maheeru 5 years ago
I understand what you write. I just was spooked about her similarities. Weirdly though she doesn’t show any pressing need for Sulphur in terms of eruptions in skin. Just wanted to bring it to your attention.

I have 2 questions. You wrote we cannot give it after Calc Carb and yet write that you do not rule out future use. Aren’t they contradictory ? Unless you mean way out in the future ?

2. Do her sleepiness and loss of appetite signify anything ? Or are they coincidental ?
NiniM 5 years ago
1) Sulph. should not be given immediately after Calc. carb. There are certain relationships like A remedy will anti dote B, A will be inimical and will aggravate if follows B, A follows B well and hence desirable to give A after B. Keeping these in mind, i'm saying sulph. should not be given after Calc. carb. But if a remedy shows many similarities to a patient and comes out on top of the analysis but not as the number one remedy, it may be indicated in future, at that point one can give that remedy.

2) Sleepiness ok, loss of appetite is minus. But we'll have to wait and see.
maheeru 5 years ago
Sorry to be a pest but how much time should elapse after the last dose of Calc Carb for sulphur to be ok to dose ?
NiniM 5 years ago
Some would consider a six month long period to be a good gap. But if sulph. has to be given absolutely after calc., then an intercurrent remedy can be given after which sulph. can be given and this can be done even if the time gap is short.
maheeru 5 years ago
Excellent. Thank you.
NiniM 5 years ago

I feel my daughter really needs calc phos 6x cos sometimes she complains of growing pains and is in the midst of a growth spurt ( feels like). Any suggestions ?
NiniM 5 years ago

I have another question. During these 7 weeks - what if my daughter needs something on an acute basis ? Like if she gets hurt and I think of Arnica or if she gets an allergic reaction and I think of Apis Mel ?
Thank you
NiniM 5 years ago
For bumps, bruises----arnica yes can be taken.

Cuts, grazes----calendula ointment, and at times 30c can be taken.

What kind of allergy do you foresee? Why would you think of apis?

What is her percentile of height and weight? Is she lean/fat or short/tall for her age?
maheeru 5 years ago

Am really sorry - I got no notification of your reply. Today I was wondering if you had gotten super busy and logged in to remind you and see you replied.

Daughter has severe allergies to milk, eggs and nuts. Currently she gets no form of eggs or nuts but milk she gets only in the form of milk powder ( as in cookies, biscuits or boxed cake mixes) or pizza with very processed cheese like Pizza Hut pizza. The more processed the better. Fresh cheese pizza she reacts. Chocolates with some milk in them are ok but again good quality chocolate where the milk protein is not sufficiently denatured she reacts to.

But allergies are fluid - one day she may not react to a certain chocolate brand and another day she suddenly may. Her minute reactions are tongue tingling , throat itching , ears itching and mild stomach ache. She has had reactions to baked eggs(cakes) in the past ( we no longer give eggs in any form ) where she has vomited and once 2 years back had a severe anaphylactic episode where we would’ve lost her within 10 minutes. We always carry Benadryl and epi pen.

As I said but even with milk products reactions are unpredictable. So these days instead of Benadryl for small reactions ( tongue tingling , ears itching ) I am trying Apis 30c. We have used it once and it worked as well as Benadryl ( we watch very closely and are ready to give Benadryl immediately ).

Sometimes for growing pains and leg pains I used to give her calcphos 6x or mag phos 6x or sometimes Bryonia 30c.

These are the acute situations I was talking about.
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NiniM 5 years ago
Daughter’s height and weight are in the 35% percentile. She is deemed average.

Coincidentally in the last two weeks she has dropped down 2 pounds. I do not know if it’s cos of Calc Carb or coincidental.

She had a flu during March ( it wasn’t a severe flu) but since then I feel her stamina has gone down a bit. She is part of 2 dance groups and excellent at it and during practices she seems to tire a bit more easily these days. Sometimes she would get leg cramps ( I used to give her mag phos 6x in warm water then). Cramps didn’t happen in the last 2 weeks. But the lack of stamina I still notice. It isn’t a lot but as a mom I can see it. Also as I mentioned - I think she may be in the midst of a growth spurt and I want to support it with calc phos , CALC FLUOR and silica Cell salts but I don’t know the right protocol for it - how often? How much ? For how long?

I was wondering if you could help me.

Her weight is 61 lbs.
height - 51 inches
NiniM 5 years ago
Something is amiss. Need to go through this again. How does she react overall to apis during these episodes? Does she improve in mood and energy as well when she responds to tingling and itching? During these episodes how does she respond to heat or cold?

Does she respond positively to Bry?

If a medicine is not sufficient, then will let you know what to do with tissue salts.

For now just use benadryl and the epi.
maheeru 5 years ago
I very recently got into homeopathy. I used Apis 30 only once. She reacted the same way she would with Benadryl. I asked every 4 mins or so and her tongue tingling went down from 3 to 2 to 2.5 to 1 to 0. All in 15 mins.

I didn’t check ( was a bit too anxious cos I hadn’t given Benadryl for the first time in her life for such a reactive episode ) her reaction to cold or heat or anything. I was too focused on getting her histamine reactivity under control.

I hope never to have to injecting her with an epipen again in her life but if things come to that - yes I will. I am a bit surprised you are choosing Benadryl to Apis. Isn’t Benadryl suppressive at best in these situations ?

And how should I help her when she comes from a dance practice and complains of leg pain. 4 days back I gave her Bryonia 30c and in 15 Mins her leg pain was gone.
NiniM 5 years ago
You write “ something is amiss and you need to read my daughter’s case history again ( paraphrasing)”.

Yes please do. It will help me immensely if you can go through everything I wrote about her in all my previous posts 😊

While I am at it - I apologize. To you and the original poster of this thread. I asked one question on this thread and ended up hijacking their whole thread. I should’ve started my own thread.
NiniM 5 years ago
Can't leave you hanging if i just said stop apis for a while without saying you can use b'dryl or the epi injection. It's just to make your decision making easy for any contingency. General advice is one can go ahead with doctor prescribed medicines and emergency medicines without having to wait for their h'path's opinion to make it practical.

It's rare when acute episodes demand apis and bry in a calc. constitution but it's possible---that's the thing struck me odd. And again you are telling me that her appetite is going down. Has this appetite problem existed before calc. doses----has this been a fall out of flu and pneumonia episodes?

You said she has been catching cold frequently? Has this been the trait from her early days or there has been a change after some specific episode?

Yes new thread would have been fair to the OP, but i have no problem.
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maheeru 5 years ago
I see your reasoning about Benadryl.

The Apis situation ( when she reacted in a very small way to a pizza she always has eaten. Pizza Hut pizza ) was 4 weeks ago. Before Calc Carb. Bryonia was 4 days ago. But her complaining of leg pains and sometimes cramps and general decrease of Stamina has been going on for 4 weeks ( since after her flu). They aren’t related to the Calc Carb. 4 days ago when she complained of leg pain I gave her bryonia 30c.

Lack of appetite seems to be related to Calc Carb. And a bit of sleepiness. She seems to be waking up a bit groggy and in the evening in a dance practice she seems to be yawning a bit. She used to be very energetic. Her decrease in stamina happened since 4 weeks but lately grogginess I am noticingsince Calc Carb. Overall effect isn’t what I like. One likes to see their child be their old self - full of stamina and vigor :)

The one nostril almost always blocked ? I think since 2 years. Or more. As a kid she was prone to colds. Part of the reason was - cos of her extensive food allergies I didn’t put her in daycares. I kept her with myself until kindergarten. So in kindergarten she started getting exposed to simple viruses. Whereas other kids may have already developed an immunity. Plus allergies equal weak immune system anyway. So it felt like she caught colds very easily.

During second grade she caught the low grade pneumonia and bronchitis. Maybe since then I think ( so for 2 years) when she sleeps she has the slightest nose block in one nostril ( like she says 20%). It doesn’t seem to bother her. She doesn’t breathe heavily in sleep. She doesn’t sleep with her mouth open ( maybe sometimes ). When she wakes up , while brushing her teeth she sometimes tries to clear her nose but she has no mucus. But cos she is up her nostril gets unblocked.

I am not getting a great feeling about her Calc Carb. I feel it contributed to her slight loss of appetite , 2 lbs weight loss in the last 10 days and extra loss of stamina ( certainly didn’t bring it back. ) or the grogginess has made it look like extra loss of stamina.
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NiniM 5 years ago
How many doses of calc. has she taken till now?

You can stop calc. doses with immediate effect.
maheeru 5 years ago
3 actually.

I will.

Should I antidote it ? With camphora 200 ?
NiniM 5 years ago
What should be the follow up to it?
NiniM 5 years ago
No need to anti dote Calc. now. By the way did you give BRY after calc. dose? Bry can anti dote calc. Interventions in form of remedies can be unpredictable and can spoil the action of the original medicine. So one needs to show some conservatism before frequently intervening with medicines.

May be it's not time yet for calc. I'm inclined towards Carbo veg as of now. NBWS Never Been Well Since ---theme can be seen from the time of flu with her energy, appetite, stamina, cramping and even digestion.

So leave a gap of a week from the last dose, and give her Carbo veg 30c, one pill/drop as a dose two times a day for four days only. If there are new uncomfortable symptoms you may stop and report appropriately.
maheeru 5 years ago
Yes I gave her Bryonia in the midst of Calc Carb. However - by then her loss of appetite , sleepiness and loss of weight had already happened.

Point noted about indiscriminate use of remedies. What should I do the next time she complains of leg pain or leg cramp ? My acute remedies in such situations are - mag phos 6x , calc phos 6x or bryonia 30 or Arnica 30. Any one.

Will give her Carbo Veg as suggested after 1 week from last dose.

I have Boiron’s Carbo Veg- and a dose with them is usually 3 to 5 pillules.

Even so you want me to give one pillule as one dose ???

Thank you
NiniM 5 years ago
2 incidents came to light yesterday that I want to share with you : Yesterdat my daughter brought back her lunch untouched. Said she wasn’t hungry. That’s a first.

Today I was clearing up her shelf and I found a journal like small book their class made them do for mother’s day project. There are many pages like what do you love most about your mom ( she has to answer ) etc. one page asked - give an example of a small fib you told your mom and why. She answered - one day I told her I was hungry even though I was very full. I wanted her to feel happy cos she was worried I haven’t been very hungry these days!!

That hurt. Apart from the fact that I didn’t realize I made her realize I was worrying the fact that she says she hasn’t been very hungry these days.

So yeah - now all I wish is that we go back to status quo. Forgetting her food allergies for a moment - I just wish she could gain her normal appetite and stamina back. That was square one. Then we can go from there to uprooting her allergies. Now it feels like we went in the negative direction.

Thank you.
NiniM 5 years ago
Yes one pillule for one dose is sufficient. It's a very generic advice to say take three or five pillules, it also helps them sell more with more tubes emptying soon. But only non-sensitive people tolerate this kind of dosing. Sensitive people would start to have new proving symptoms. One or two pills/drops/pillules/tablets will be more than adequate.

Temporarily you can use mag. phos. 6x for pain or if pain is really bad, arnica 30c one dose. I'd expect some improvement on this front if medicine starts working. In long run these should not be needed.
maheeru 5 years ago

Oddly I am hopeful that this is the right direction :) . Will report back. Her first dosing will be Friday for Carbo Veg.
NiniM 5 years ago

My daughter had a dance concert on Friday and a party Saturday afternoon so I started Carbo Veg 30 1 pillule on Saturday evening.

Saturday evening was 9 whole days after her last Calc Carb 200 dose. On 8th and 9th day ( during dance and party) I felt her appetite had shifted slightly towards normal. Maybe stamina too. Slight positive shift. Or it could be adrenaline. But noting this fact is important. These changes were noticed on day 8 and day 9 since last Calc Carb 200 dose but I had not yet started Carbo Veg.

During these last 4 days I gave her Carbo Veg I felt the same slight positive shift in appetite and stamina.
No other perceptible change. One day ( second day) she was gassy but she gets gassy like that once in a week. Don’t know if it’s related.

So I don’t know - frankly - if carbo Veg’s total effect was even slightly positive or completely neutral.

I didn’t notice anything untoward though.
NiniM 5 years ago
Hi Maheeru

Awaiting your input.

Also - do you believe in targeted approach to allergies. Like I recently came across a milk allergy protocol but that targets only milk I think. Or no you want to go via constitutional approach all the time ?

Two months back I had an epiphany- I think I understood why my daughter was born with allergies.

She is my second. My firstborn I lost 1 day before delivery day. My pregnancy was going picture perfect. Then that happened. We were being seen by the best doctors then - and they couldn’t figure it out. So the next time I got pregnant - as per their protocol - they said they will induce my daughter as soon as she was 36 weeks old cos my last month pregnancy seemed incalculable ( so as a precautionary measure).
Since they were about to induce her at 36 weeks they gave her steroids intravenously to mature her lungs faster just before delivery. And gave me antibiotics. Her too I think ( hazy about this detail).

She was 5 lbs when she was born. So the doctor wanted to bulk her up to withstand any childhood infection and told me to breastfeed and formula feed her. I agreed - not knowing better. Her first feed was formula. She guzzled it up. The first two months she got more formula than breast milk cos she was taking to the bottle more easily. But in the first 1.5 months we noticed she had a bit of eczema, lot of cradle cap and dry skin that wasn’t shiny like new baby skin. So my mom wanted me to give her milk cream bath. We made milk cream , massaged her body and she broke out all over in hives. Doctor said she is allergic to milk. Is when I stopped all milk from my diet and in 2 weeks weaned her off formula and from month 2 onwards she was on breast milk only. But the damage had been done. That’s how she comes to have so many food allergies from birth. Though I have food allergies too now ( I didn’t have any from age 13-age 35.... different story). So there was the inheritance factor too , I guess
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NiniM 5 years ago

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