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Hi Maheeru

Awaiting your input.

Also - do you believe in targeted approach to allergies. Like I recently came across a milk allergy protocol but that targets only milk I think. Or no you want to go via constitutional approach all the time ?

Two months back I had an epiphany- I think I understood why my daughter was born with allergies.

She is my second. My firstborn I lost 1 day before delivery day. My pregnancy was going picture perfect. Then that happened. We were being seen by the best doctors then - and they couldn’t figure it out. So the next time I got pregnant - as per their protocol - they said they will induce my daughter as soon as she was 36 weeks old cos my last month pregnancy seemed incalculable ( so as a precautionary measure).
Since they were about to induce her at 36 weeks they gave her steroids intravenously to mature her lungs faster just before delivery. And gave me antibiotics. Her too I think ( hazy about this detail).

She was 5 lbs when she was born. So the doctor wanted to bulk her up to withstand any childhood infection and told me to breastfeed and formula feed her. I agreed - not knowing better. Her first feed was formula. She guzzled it up. The first two months she got more formula than breast milk cos she was taking to the bottle more easily. But in the first 1.5 months we noticed she had a bit of eczema, lot of cradle cap and dry skin that wasn’t shiny like new baby skin. So my mom wanted me to give her milk cream bath. We made milk cream , massaged her body and she broke out all over in hives. Doctor said she is allergic to milk. Is when I stopped all milk from my diet and in 2 weeks weaned her off formula and from month 2 onwards she was on breast milk only. But the damage had been done. That’s how she comes to have so many food allergies from birth. Though I have food allergies too now ( I didn’t have any from age 13-age 35.... different story). So there was the inheritance factor too , I guess
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NiniM 5 years ago
Milk Allergy
In thin subjects: Abrotanum 6, followed by Thuja 30 (after 30 minutes). Repeat every day for a few months.
In fat subjects: Mag Mur 30, followed by Thuja 30 (after 30 minutes). Repeat on alternate days, then once in 4 days only.

After a week, give milk, (1oz or less then slowly increase) once a week. then twice a week and slowly increase the frequency. Continue medicine for one month or more, till giving milk still keeps healthy
Use milk from cow that are fed with grass only. In western countries, cows are fed grains (corn), to save cost. However, grass fed milk are also available.

See the above ? I found that protocol ( I think it was given by a homeopath on this forum but not sure where I found it. I had saved it )
1. It speaks to me on two levels - Abrotanum is for bulking up thin kids so that’s a plus ( although daughter isn’t too thin. She is low normal ). And Thuja is for medicine and vaccine detox. Plus the protocol tells me to test every week. I found that very exciting.

But what would it mean theoretically ? That if a person had milk and egg allergy then only milk would be eradicated ? Not egg allergy ? How can it heal so selectively ?

Anyway - so yeah. That’s my question about targeted approaches.
NiniM 5 years ago
Will answer in detail later.

For now observe for 10 to 12 days without medicine. Then Please give her Carbo veg 200c in the same manner you gave her 30c, 2x4 meaning two doses every day for four consecutive days only.
maheeru 5 years ago
Will observe.

If there’s no change I will start the Carbo Veg 200 regimen. If there’s any change ( positive or negative ) - will report.

Thank you.
NiniM 5 years ago
Anything I can give her on an acute basis for a gas attack? She gets one once in 5-7 days. Often times it goes away cos there’s an urge to poo. She goes to the restroom and it’s gone after. A few times it stays after she relieves herself too. The whole thing lasts about 20-30 mins. It’s maybe 4 on a scale of 1-10
NiniM 5 years ago
Since the gas attack comes under the carbo veg';s direct action radar, i'd prefer not to use a remedy for this type of acute. I'd expect these to come down soon under the action of this remedy.

If it's absolutely important, you may use tissue salt mag. phos 6x.
maheeru 5 years ago
Thank you

I will try alternate methods meanwhile ( making her drink water , urging her to visit the restroom etc. )

Only in a dire situation will I resort to the mag phos 6x.
NiniM 5 years ago

May 22 was my daughter's last dose of carbo veg 30. You asked me to wait 10-12 days and observe and give her Carbo veg 200.

May 23-25 I noticed nothing different in any way. May 25 was their last day of school.

From May 25th evening through yesterday May 30 my daughter has eaten a lot of junk food cos of being in playdates or going to movies so like a chewy bar on the way or pizza etc.

May 27 was her bday party and she ate pizza, soy ice cream and homemade chocolate cake. And at home too snacks and candy have been consumed more abundantly than not - they are kids after all.

That background being laid out - I found from May 25- May 30th no perceptible positive change in appetite. Her stamina seems to be not so bad. Its not 100% where it was but at least its 80%. Her appetite is still 60-70% of what it used to be.

May 30th (yesterday) afternoon during lunch she complained of stomach pain and gas (her once in 5-7 days thing). Since her lunch was also not her favorite I let her be excused. After half an hour it dissipated by her just lying down. She ate normal dinner around 9 pm.

Around 10 pm her brother wanted to drink milk and she drank a cup of soy milk. Immediately afterwards she complained of a bad stomach attack. She said it wasn't her typical gas attack. I asked if she felt it was like allergy and she wasn't sure. It was bad and she wanted to vomit she said. In my emergency arsenal for stomach pain of that sort which could be allergy related I have arsenic album 30c. So I gave her 1 pillule. Her stomach pain dissipated in 10 mins. From a 4 to a 1. In another 15 mins it was all better. She never has reacted to soy milk that way. She drinks it like once a week (although not around 10 pm).

Knowing my luck of how I had to choose Bryonia during the period of Calc Carb (which is inimical) I later checked Ars Alb relation to Carbo Veg. It antidotes Carbo Veg. Great- I thought. :(

Its like dumb luck is preventing me helping my daughter or some force is acting magically in guiding my hand. I don't know and I am exhausted from over thinking.

That's not all. I have tons of food allergies and other gastric problems too (story for another day) and I prove homeopathic remedies very very easily. Someone suggested colostrum for me and some pure colostrum is helping me marvelously since 2 weeks. So today , May 31, I made my daughter try one smallest dot of powdered pure colostrum. In 1 min she says her tongue is tingling and ear is itching. So I had to give her Apis Mell 6 C which took care of it in 1 min. Sorry about that. But I am really tired. I am not sure if classical homeopathy is for her. I have my friends and a forum I visit where people have reversed food allergies within 4 months with practical homeopathy but my daughter proves remedies fast too (although not as fast as me). So am a little torn what to do. I keep thinking miasms maybe blocking her ?

Today during lunch she was gassy again. She mentioned she thought she has been gassy a bit more the last 3 days (she told me today) but that could be the extra junk food she has been eating last 6 days. I packed away all their snacks today and established rules about them.

Thoughts? :(
NiniM 5 years ago
Don't worry if the changes have not been visible after carbo veg 30c. Please go ahead with 200c as scheduled---just make sure the three days prior to it she does not take any other medicine. If she proves or aggravates stop the doses.

With so many allergies it's a given that one more allergy like soy(it's an usual allergen) hopped onto the bandwagon. Sensitivity was also expected.

What do you want to try in practical h'pathy?
maheeru 5 years ago
Hi Maheeru,

Thank you. Will try to stay on schedule.

Practical homeopathy - like the protocol I found which I mentioned in my comment many days ago - the abrotanum and thuja. Something that targets the allergy more directly rather than the whole constitution ( which classical homeopathy does ) - you also said you would tell me your thoughts on that protocol later.

Some protocol where the results are more tangible I guess. Excuse my impatience with my daughter’s Allergies- it’s not how much has elapsed with your approach. It’s just 9 years worth of frustration.
NiniM 5 years ago
How does she fare about Ars alb in general---what are all the complaints she has taken ars alb for? Does she improve on all generals like appetite, energy, mood etc? It's one of the remedies that came up on top 5 for her analysis. If it does good overall then we can think about using it.

Carbo veg covers tingling of tongue and ear itching. So would you be open to try this when she has those symptoms? Also during gas attack?

Do not try colostrum like things when she is having so much going on.

Targeted approach for allergies may be acceptable when situation demands it. Let's see, if i think specific targeted approach is needed will let you know. Abrotanum does not seem indicated well. It has that one component---weakness after influenza but otherwise it does not seem close.

Yes what you said is correct. When they gave her steroids even before birth that messed her health. It'd be complicated and tedious but patient step by step approach can help.
maheeru 5 years ago
Hello Maheeru

I could definitely try Carbo Veg if her tongue tingling or ear itching is mild but if it seems a bit moderate I would want to reach for Apis Mell :( cos it has proven to work twice so far. If it is more than moderate I reach for Benadryl anyway.

Will not try Colostrum or suspect foods.
NiniM 5 years ago
Arsenicum Album :

There's a big story behind this. So the first I got introduced in a huge way to practical homeopathy was by finding out about Banerji protocols. There's a thriving community of folks in the USA and a forum where we learn , take courses and learn protocols. You will be astonished by the number of people who are getting cured and that too of many acute and chronic situations using their protocols. It boggles the mind. Yes - these are the same Banerjis from Calcutta (now only Prasanta Banerji).

So anyway I took the Allergic course and based on my daughter's problems my protocols that rang true were mixed remedy of Lycopodium 200 and Arsenic Album 3c twice a day for 6-8 weeks for her stomach issues. Till I started the protocol her stomach complaints were :

Almost daily gas upset, constipation sometimes, bloating every night, stomach aches every day.

Alongside I started their protocol of Bovista 200 one dose every other day. This protocol is for food allergies.

I started this protocol on Feb 16 2018. I didn't want to autosuggest anything to Nini (my daughter's pet name). So I just kept observing. After 4 days I remember casually asking her how her poop was (this I would ask her every 3-4 days normally). She suddenly says "Mom, I didn't poop for 4 days. Cos remember I used to sit on the potty cos my stomach ached? I haven't had a stomach upset since 4 days".

I was stunned! Also a bit scared. I wrote in the forum and people said - its cos she was responding to stomach ache as the urge to poop and it will take a bit to now get used to pooping normally. Sure enough within 3 days her poops and urges also normalized. I asked her every 3-4 days about stomach. No ache, no gas, no nothing. For the first time in her 8.5 years she was free from stomach aches.

That was Feb 16. My protocol was until April 16. But in the interim she had her mild flu which I resolved with all acute homeopathic remedies (no allopathy). But after the flu she seemed to have leg pains during dance. Around April 4th I wondered if she was proving Arsenicum cos of nerve pains and muscle pains (there were other symptoms too). Also she had a couple of stomach aches. All these were in the material medica for Arsenicum.

So I antidoted her with Camphor on April 4th.

If her poop is any indication she was very much better from day one of starting the lycoars protocol. From Feb 16- to almost April 1st she had no stomach aches or gas or bloating.Maybe I should have stopped but then I wasn't so savvy about provings. And usually the protocol takes 6-8 weeks so I thought I needed to keep going.

After that she was on only bovista and that's a different story but I felt she proved that too after a few weeks. So I stopped everything. Around that time I was researching Calc Carb 200 and came across this thread. And our communication happened.

I was also researching what to do with sensitive individuals like my daughter who was proving remedies a little readily (but better than me - I seem way more sensitive. I am proving some remedies at first dose). Some folks said that for moderately sensitive folks (like Nini) maybe classical approach was better. And the Banerji course and forum was already indicating calc carb as the next remedy for her. So I was already inclined towards that. Then I read another article elsewhere (not Banerjis)- that mentioned increasing her vital force with pure colostrum.

After antidoting Lycoars (mixed together remedy as one liquid) her new gas episodes are now-once in 5 days. Which is still better than when I started - when they were 6 days a week.
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NiniM 5 years ago
We were out of our house last 2 days. When you asked me about Arsenicum I didn't have my notes with me to look at dates about her usage and proving.

I think she did extremely well on lycoars. I don't know specifically about mood and energy but from Feb 16- to at least Mar 30 was a very good period for her (barring a short flu she had in between)
NiniM 5 years ago
NiniM 5 years ago
Sometimes i'll be busy and answer after three to four days so no problem---no need to buzz :)

I've gone through your posts. Seems you are very much into targeted protocols and using specific medicines and definitely these are not my cup of tea, however in certain instances i do use targeted approaches or specific medicines. Additionally reckless targeted approaches have a couple of minuses---sensitive people can not tolerate such frequent dosing or chosen medicines on just specifics; can lead to suppression or some sort of messed up health later.

As you say Banerjee protocols are very popular and i get to hear from h'paths and some people that they are good, but i have not heard from patients directly after they have taken these for a long time and had good results without any negatives. Probably i'm the only person on this forum who would say this :) a lot of them vouch for the efficacy of these protocols. Even Ruta for cncer became popular around here. My experience either trying remedies on me or while helping others i have never got any supporting evidence to suggest that remedies can be taken for long periods without any aggravation or new symptoms.

I think you can use Carbo veg 200c on Nini whenever she gets those gas attacks, stomach pain or even tingling/itching etc instead of concentrating doses on a few consecutive days subject to the MAX 8 or 9 doses.

We'll try to use remedies one by one for a few medicines including Sulph.(Ars is also on my radar) esp. given that she is sensitive, if results are not satisfying then we can go for other approaches. Let us get a handle on her case first and some remedy starts to work with her issues, then we can see what can be done for your case.
maheeru 5 years ago
Hi Maheeru

While I know I saw almost immediate result from lycoars ( the Banerji protocol) I also got disturbed after Nini proved the remedy. Which is why you find me on this forum - consulting you. I apologize if I gave the impression that I wanted you to use a Banerji protocol with her. I know practically all protocols pertaining to allergies and I can just as easily use them. But after her proving I am torn. So I want to take it a bit slow and a bit classically with her. You asked me about ars alb - how does Nini fare on it and I had to give you the complete picture so you know she once proved it. And i cannot disavow the protocols either cos I have real examples of people taking them and faring so miraculously on them ( as I have seen people going the classical approach and faring miraculously on them.) I have seen numerous examples of the miracles a well chosen constitutional remedy can work on a person within a short amount of time. Anyway - I am very very new to this whole world of homeopathy and all I want is for my daughter to get rid of her food allergies :)

I started her Carbo Veg 200 1 pillule twice a day 2 days back. Today is her third day and she has had her morning dose. Will give her night time dose later.
I have nothing to report on it’s effects - positive or negative. She is normal.

I am expecting you want me to do the 4 Day protocol of Carbo Veg 200 right ?
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NiniM 5 years ago
.... or should I discontinue the 4 day Carbo Veg 200 protocol ? Am a little confused here Maheeru. Need some guidance.
NiniM 5 years ago
Yes discontinue the 4 day protocol midway wherever you are and follow the advice of giving it during acute episodes.

No need to apologise, i know a lot of people come to homeopathy after coming into contact with these protocols or their proponents. Protocols and specifics also have their place. I only wanted to talk about certain things(using some personal experience) so that people do not think that targeted approach is the only way to go about and make it a norm.

If a targeted approach/specific approach whichever protocol it is, if i'm convinced it'd work and would be less harmful, definitely i would use it.
maheeru 5 years ago
Got you.

Just need clarity on two aspects.

You wrote I could dose Nini Carbo Veg 200 the days she has stomach aches “ subject to the max of 8 to 9 doses “. Does that translate to 8 or 9 consecutive days you mean ? Am a little confused on that.

And - otherwise I am currently doing nothing for a few days - right ?

Maybe it is noteworthy that yesterday morning she woke up with her left foot aching. She called for me in bed , I dry rubbed her foot and she was ok. She said it wasn’t like a cramp. I didn’t put any weightage on it but right now ( even while I was composing this post ) she says her right leg has like a slight cramp ( where her leg meets the hip joint). She says it’s a 4 out of 10.

Yesterday morning ( after breakfast) she had gotten her 5th consecutive dose of Carbo Veg 200 1 pillule.

Yesterday night I did not give her the nightly dose after our communication.
NiniM 5 years ago
No consecutive 8 or 9 doses at a time. One or two at a time.

Also purchase carbo veg 1M.


You had asked about proving/sensitivity on a new thread, would like to give my comments on that. There are people who are sensitive to very sensitive. There are a few remedies to try for sensitivity like LYC, Sulph., Puls, N. Acid etc but if they aren't effective, then one could try doses in water and if still sensitive one can smell doses instead of taking orally.

Sometimes meditation can help reduce sensitivity, Hahnemann suggests a way of moving hands all over the body(without actually touching but leaving an inch of a gap) if too much irritability has been produced by medicines.

If everything fails, then one needs to take a break from h'pathy for a period and then retry again.
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maheeru 5 years ago
Hello Maheeru

Just so I have full clarity on this - say Nini has a stomach ache. I give her 1 pillule of Carbo Veg 200. In 20 minutes she isn’t well. I give her another 1 pillule of Carbo Veg 200? Like that go on every 20(?)minutes but no more than 8 or 9 doses ? Is that how you mean ? And what if she has a stomach ache the very next day? Sorry - I know I may be being daft but something isn’t quite clear to me. Maybe I am having an off day mentally.

Provings - yes that other thread is for me. I get what you are saying conceptually but what dosage and potency should I use the suggested remedies ? And what meditation should I follow? Also any link to Hahnemann method? Help clarify water dosing ? I didn’t want to ask on this thread cos this is for my daughter. I would be very open to be guided by you on the other thread. Or if you want to take my full case ( and maybe if we find the exact similum I may not prove it?) I am open to every suggestion.

Thank you. Will purchase Carbo Veg 1m for Nini.
NiniM 5 years ago
No definitely NO for 8 doses in quick succession. When she has an acute episode give her one or two doses ONLY. If no relief you can move to your stock remedies esp. for gastric attack mag.phos 6x. If there is relief, then do not use stock remedies. In any case at a time use only two doses.

If this episode happens again after a few days say after four to five days again you can use the medicine. If you do it four to eight times eight doses will be exhausted depending upon the doses used ---two or one

If this episode happens the very next day after the medicine has been taken the previous day, do not use the medicine. Either wait it out or give mag phos.6x.


About wet dosing and stuff i will try to write later. If you can you can search some of my past threads or even on the forum in general searching for 'wet dose' to understand how it's used generally.
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maheeru 5 years ago
Hello Maheeru

Yesterday we went to a store and she had a leg pain again and started limping a bit. Came home and gave her 1 tablet mag phos 6x in water and she was better in 20 Mins.

But in the night she again complained of a different part of leg hurting . Not a lot but little. Didn’t give her anything. That’s the 5th episode of leg pains or cramps ( once her foot fell asleep ) in the last week.

All of them after I dosed her the 5 consecutive doses of Carbo Veg 200c

I don’t know if there’s a connection.
NiniM 5 years ago
Today after Nini woke up she complained of leg pain again.

I made her smell peppermint essential oil. She was all better in 20 minutes
NiniM 5 years ago
She complained of leg pain again a while ago

I dry dosed her mag phos 6x 1 tablet.

She was better in 15 Mins
NiniM 5 years ago

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