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Want to make my own Home Kit

I’ve never had any official learning of homeopathy.
Everything I know is from readings and what my homeopath shares with me.
Ive been using homeopathy for 6 years now.
If I buy my own remedies now online, do you think I can prescribe them correctly with just on readings?
If yes, what remedies should I buy? And what potency?
I specifically use homeopathy to treat my children’s cough and flu.
They are 6 and 2.
Constantly with a cough or cold.
Thank you!
  namn on 2018-03-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Google online 30c remedy kits for children or family- choose one of those.

For acute illness you can use the app at top of this site, to see the remedy that matches the best. There are also many books on treating common
Conditions that will guide you. My homeopath
Advised me to buy a kit, it had a guide with it
And it worked quite well, especially when a child starts getting sick and
It is after hours. I would also purchase cell salts
And use the book , natural healing with cell salts,
By dr Skye weintraub as many times if you do salts at the onset it solves
The problem in a day or so.
simone717 4 years ago
To prescribe correctly it requires two years of serious learning ---this would hold good for any discipline.

There would be many remedies covering cough and flu.
maheeru 4 years ago
Thank you simone for the suggestions, I will take google that homekit.
I’ll also buy a book to guide me as well.
Mind sharing what homekit that you purchased? Thank you
namn 4 years ago
I wish I could have an official learning of homeopathy but for home use I hope my readings and helpful people like you in this site would help.
Thank you!
namn 4 years ago
I had a b o i r o n 30c home kit.
simone717 4 years ago
Thank you! I’ll search for it.
namn 4 years ago

When i said serious study i was not talking about official learning. Even informally one can learn a subject with enough seriousness :)

This was a list i used to send people when they asked for travel kit with a few indications(not deep though) next to them. It may or may not be useful for you considering you are concentrating on cough and flu. It's not clean edited and in raw form but you(and people who might come across this post) can make use of a few pointers from this if one is thinking of making a kit.

1) Aconite: Shock, dust in eyes, Acute fear of death.
2) Antimonium tart:. (cough as if it's coming from a pot)
3) Apis mellifica: (allergic response when it's worse with heat, bee bite, swelling lips, eyelids),
4) Carboxylic acid after apis to prevent anaphylactic response.
5) Arnica montana: (For bumps, bruises, injuries.)
6) Arsenicum album: (For travel sickness, diarrhea after food poisoning or bad food)
7) Belladonna: (Inflammation, redness, quick fever, Preventative for scarlet fever, meningitis)
8) Bryonia alba: (Diarrhea from heat, some specific dry coughs, when some symptom is worse for movement)
9) calc. carb: (a polycrest remedy covering a lot of issues including constitution)
10) Calendula: (For cut injuries and scrapes. Also external application cream.)
11) Cantharis: (For burns and urinary tract infection.)
12) Carbo veg : (bluishness over the skin, effects after taking bad fish, gastric ailments)
13)Chelidonium: (Liver tonic, a preventative for Hepatitis)
14) Cinchona officinalis: (Liver tonic, may be useful for malaria, some kind of diarrhea)
15) Cocculus indicus: (vertigo, nausea, headache with sea sickness)
16) Drosera rotundifolia: (Preventative for whooping cough, Tuberculosis)
17) Ferrum phoshoricum: (Inflammation, cold, cough)
18) Gelsemium sempervirens/Influenzinum (flu remedy)
19) Hepar sulphuris calcareum (It can help as a followup remedy after aconite if there's too much of cold draft---especially useful for dry colds and aftermaths)
20) Hypericum perforatum (Tetanus prophlaxis, any nerve injury.)
21) Ipecacuanha: (wheezing, nausea and persistent vomiting)
22) Kali bichromicum: (Helpful for some colds/sinusitis)
23) Ledum Pal: (Tetanus prophlaxis with any puncture wound or bite.)
24) Magnesia phosphorica: (muscular cramp, nerve pain, hiccups)
25) Mercurius solubilis: (Ear inflammation, tonsil inflammation, ulcers, funny jaws)
26) Nux vomica: (Obstruction of nose, stuffy and heavy headaches, constipation)
27) phosphorus: (Preventative for Hepatitis, pneumonia, can be helpful for hoarse cough, loss of voice, some types of colds and fears, electric shock)
28) Pulsatilla: (preventative for measles, pox)
29) Rhus toxicodendron: (Sprains, exertion after lifing objects, body pain with a need to stretch oneself), Also external application using ointment or cream.
30) Ruta: (dry socket after dental work, also bony bumps, bony pain)
31) Silicea: (pus related infection)
32) Spongia tosta: (It may be useful after Hepar sulph. for coughs/croup)
33) Sulphur (An antibiotic equivalent can cover a lot of issues including constitution)

34) If there are children: Chamomilla (ear ache, not satisfied until carried, want something and when they get, throw things)
35) Bone fracture specifics: Symphytum
36) Bleeding specific medicine: Hamamelis.
[Edited by maheeru on 2018-03-04 23:10:05]
maheeru 4 years ago
Hi Maheeru,

Can you clarify what you mean by preventative?

For example, my child had whooping cough, no one else had it- I gave drosera, it cured in a day or so. Many people new
To homeopathy think in terms of giving remedies just as vitamin
System boost and get in trouble doing this.


simone717 4 years ago
I appreciate this Maheeru! Thank you so much for sharing! :)
namn 4 years ago
Welcome Namn. Glad to be of help.
maheeru 4 years ago

Preventative is what it literally means. Just trying to prevent a problem before it becomes a full blown one. Often preventative medicine is the first aid or first line remedy for the problem like drosera that worked for your child's whooping cough.

Prevention or prophylaxis is a contentious topic. Some are for and some are against it. I'm not opposed to it. I advice prevention where there is palpable apprehension that a problem might develop and give a lot of trouble. But i have to say that responsible and conservative users of h'pathy will not have trouble, they would stop the medicine when they spot trouble, only those who are sensitive and follow advice to the T would develop proving or unwanted symptoms.

Belladonna for scarlet fever was given as prophlaxis during hahnemann's period itself. It has been used as an effective prevention during outbreak of brain fever/meningitis even by governments. Another example was use of ars. alb. during swine flu outbreak.

I know numerous people who travel take chelidonium to ward off hepatitis/jaundice and those who visit places where malaria is a hanging sword taking ipecac and china just to prevent falling sick. I have suggested preventative for yellow fever on this forum itself.

My conclusion is prophylaxis works----may not be 100% effective------ if used responsibly ---will be a great help. And for those people who just go overboard with reckless self-prescribing i would request them not to self-prescribe at all or to develop some self-discipline.
[Edited by maheeru on 2018-03-05 23:05:57]
maheeru 4 years ago
If I may ask, my homeopath who I mentioned does not tell me the names of the remedies, always made sure that I have a bottle of ‘multipurpose’ remedy.
I should give it to my kids before we travel, or before they go in crowds, or if I just simply suspect they’re going to fall sick soon.

I think this has got to do with what you’re explaining, Maheeru.
Its a prophylaxis.
Would you mind sharing what do you think that remedy is?
So that I could purchase it online? It has been great help for my kids.
namn 4 years ago
For anxiety bach flower essence Rescue remedy is used.

Could it be a combination remedy what you mention as a multi-purpose remedy? Not sure what it is.

Or it could be a combination of tissue salts like Ferr.phos 6x+calc. phos.6x. This generally prevents a person from falling sick like fever, diarrhea, picking up infection etc esp. when going into crowds.
maheeru 4 years ago
I think that is exactly what it is.. because besides ‘multipurpose’, she always calls it ‘antivirus’.

So to make it, I drop 3 drops of ferr phos 6x and 3 drops of calc phos 6x in a bottle of globules?

Is that correct?

Again, I truly appreciate your guidance! :)
namn 4 years ago
Tissue salts generally come in tablets. And it's rare people tend to prepare them on their own.

You can get those unmedicated tablets 80/20 lactose/sucrose or if you want you can use globules. Here the drops can be increased to 5 as this is low level dilution of just 6x unlike the potency medicines.

I have only suggested an equivalent i'm not sure if this is what your h'path is suggesting. But remember the first preference should be for constitutional treatment and only if it's inadequate or there is not much chance to get access to this, can these ---sometimes classical, sometimes not classical over-the-counter way of doing things can be done.

Even though tissue salts being low dilutions may need to be repeated for some days/weeks on to get results but even tissue salts can aggravate and if they do, they need to be stopped.
maheeru 4 years ago
Seems like tissue salts is a whole new field that I need to dig into.
Will just give my child the remedies that I have first then.
But thank you for your time and generosity of sharing knowledge.
May God bless you. :)
namn 4 years ago
Thank you. The best thing is unlike other material things knowledge does not dwindle on sharing, rather it tends to increase :)
maheeru 4 years ago

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