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Acid Reflux Severe

I have acid reflux that is really severe. Yesterday
I started taking medication for it. It seems to help
a lot and I take it twice a day.

Since I have trouble swallowing pills, I found one
that dissolves on the tongue and its a strong medication
too. I take a PPI (Omeprazole) and then a second PPI
called Nexium 24 hour(Esomeprazole). I take the first
one in the morning before I eat and then the second
one around 6 pm evening.

It's pretty sad that I had to resort to taking these
meds, but I have to so that I can feel better.

However, I am hoping to find here a natural cure in
the long term. I know that Homeopathy takes time, so
I will take these Anti-Reflux pills in the meantime
and any homeopathic med to hopefully cure eventually.

The other day, I ate a burger with fries and a coke.
It gave me so much Heartburn in the chest area that I
got frustrated and just went to the pharmacy and got the
meds. These are strong meds that made the heartburn go
away within an hour and got better as time went by. Gave
me relief I needed. Then about 2 hours or so later, I
went and got a Green smoothie, hoping it would help more.

The Green smoothie had Spinach, Kale, and Spirulina along
with Strawberries. After drinking this, and it was a large
drink too, I got the same Heartburn feeling!! This seemed
to suggest to me that it is because all the ingredients were
raw and raw can be hard to digest for some. Obviously, since
my digestion is so bad, that made sense. This is when I took
the second pill, which is a different brand and drug ingredient
but same exact purpose. This took away the pain and heartburn.

So, I take twice a day. I wish I could take an all natural
approach to all this, but nothing helps like this. These meds
reduce my acid a lot!! Also, the standard here is to take this
pill once a day. The amount that I take (20mg), it is so strong
that most ppl take it once a day and it's enough. But for me,
I take this 20 mg twice a day. That's how bad my condition is.

Anyway, so I'm doing this for now. And I hope someone here can
find a remedy to help. I tried so many natural things but my
condition keeps getting worse or doesn't improved. Lately I've
gotten worse. I will tell you my stats.

Gender: Male Height: 5 Foot 8 Inches = 173 CM

Weight: Currently (About 100 pounds = 45 Kg). Normal weight (About 120 pounds = 55 Kg). Severe weight loss.

Physical Symptoms: Severe Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Chest burning, chest pain sometimes, sometimes Abdomen burning, or burning in
between chest and stomach and abs, Nausea, Phlegm or Mucus, Sinus congestion and sinus phlegm and mucus.

Makes Worse: Eating friend foods, burgers, fries especially! Coke or soda. Tomato sauces or cooked tomatoes. Heavy food, fatty foods, pasta with sauces, alfredo, marina, even pesto. Chocolate. Cheese, butter, dairy. Lying down any time during the day.

Thank you all.
  tod86 on 2018-07-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please answer
Appetite (hunger)
Flatulence (bloating in stomach)
Time when acidity gets worse
Do u feel any Nausea or vomiting
Taste of mouth
Do u have any pain in swallowing
Any Burning in throat
Smoking or alcohol
Timing of sleep
Any other medications or disease
Craving for which type of food

KR 5 years ago
Hi Dr. KR and thanks for responding,

Appetite (hunger) - I have hunger usually every
2 hours. It is very strong during the same time
of the day for the 3 big meals of the day. For
breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is a strong hunger.
Almost like a feeling of starvation. Then it is easily
satisfied after a few bites or half of the meal.

Flatulence (bloating in stomach) - Yes, I do feel this
after meals. Especially if I eat more than usual. It used
to be a lot worse a long time ago, years ago. But I still
feel this way.

Time when acidity gets worse - Waking up, after breakfast, and around night time or even bed time.

Do u feel any Nausea or vomiting - I feel nausea. No vomiting. The last time I vomited I was a child. I am 31 now.

Taste of mouth - normal, but sometimes bitter or sour like in the mornings it is bitter.

Do u have any pain in swallowing - No

Any Burning in throat - No, not really.

Anxiety - Probably one of the biggest problems in my life now that I look back at when all this started. Like they say, one of the main causes of Acid reflux, or any disease, can be due to long term stress and or anxiety. And I strongly believe this and believe it to be the case with me. However, even though I don't feel anxious or stressed on a daily basis, it might still be there subconsciously. Like still rooted as far as the anxieties of my life, even though I feel I am dealing with it better these days.

Smoking or alcohol - I hate smoking and don't drink alcohol.

Timing of sleep - Usually around 11 pm or 12 midnight. It's hard for me to fall asleep.

Any other medications or disease - No

Craving for which type of food - I love so many types of food. Hard to narrow down but I will try. I love dairy - cheese, butter, sometimes milk, cream. Eggs and things made from eggs. Fatty, acidic foods like burgers, fries, soda. The typical American diet. Chicken. Nuts (all kinds, especially cashews as my favorite. Pistachios, Macadamian). I don't like them salty. Either unsalted or light salted. And I like them roasted, not really raw. Pasta's with chicken or meat. With sauces, love alfredo sauce or Marinara. Like pizza too. Like Ranch sauce. Love all kinds of cheeses. Like meals with rice or sometimes sandwiches. BBQ sauce. Love spicy food too. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate with at least 70 percent and with a glass of milk. These are the main things I crave.

Thirst - Thirst throughout the day. I would say its normal. I get thirsty and take sips of water during the day.

Additional Info: This might help too. I also have symptoms like feeling light headed, sometimes feel dizzy, difficulty swallowing, and shallow breathing. These all seem to be symptoms directly associated with severe Acid Reflux.

Thank you.
[Edited by tod86 on 2018-07-30 02:51:45]
tod86 5 years ago
Which taste do u like more Salty,sweet,sour,pungent etc.
KR 5 years ago
Sweet the most. Then probably Pungent like Spicy food, onions, and garlic. Also the rich, creamy taste like cream itself.
tod86 5 years ago
Please take
arsenicum album 200c only 3 doses
morning night morning
(1 dose = 2 drops in cup of normal water)

And From next day take
Robinia Pseudacacia 3X 5 drops in half cup of water 3 times a day.

After 5 days tell me about the condition..

Do not take anything 20 min. Prior and after the medicine.
Avoid coffee, camphor, garlic, perfumes and mint products.

[Edited by KR on 2018-07-30 04:17:24]
KR 5 years ago
Ok. Tomorrow I will go and try to get the medicines and start.

I should be able to get Arsenic 200C easily. Robinia, I might have to order online but shouldn't take too long to arrive. Maybe 2 days. I will keep you updated on the status.

Thank you so much!
tod86 5 years ago
It's still ok to take allopathic meds for now right? Should not interfere with the Homeopathic meds?
tod86 5 years ago
U can take allopathic medicines if required
KR 5 years ago
How do I take it after dissolving in water? Do I take a teaspoon of the water and drink it? Thanks.
tod86 5 years ago
If you have globules then 4 globules directly on tongue (let it be on tongue for long time)

If u have dilution then mix 2 drops in cup Of normal water and drink it..
[Edited by KR on 2018-07-30 17:15:54]
KR 5 years ago
Ok thanks for the quick response!

So, for the Robinia, would it be 10 globules for one dose?
tod86 5 years ago
You bought robinia??
[Edited by KR on 2018-07-30 17:30:56]
KR 5 years ago
I was just looking for it now. I looked on Amazon and there is no Robinia 3x but there is 6C. I also looked on Google and nothing. But I found it here on ABC homeopathy, and I want to buy the 3x pellets. That should be ok right?
tod86 5 years ago
Hi ,

In order to cure this one has to change the diet for at least 2 weeks.
The cells of the body have an alkaline set point
Over time, from eating too much acidic food ,
Like junk food , chocolate, etc the cells are at an acidic set point.

Just changing from eating one healthy choice will not fix this. You
Need to google alkaline foods and avoid acidic foods
For a couple weeks. Then you can gradually add in acidic in moderate
Amounts . I had one relative with a severe problem with this, caused by simply eating a large piece of chocolate after dinner. After a couple months of this, he took the Prilosec for 2 weeks, stopped the chocolate and his system went back to normal.

Remedies will not cure this if diet choices are habitually wrong.
simone717 5 years ago
Yes its fine
Take 4 tablets 4 times a day
KR 5 years ago
Ok. I just ordered the 3x from here and I chose 3 day shipping. So, it should arrive by Thursday hopefully or Friday. I started the Arsenic treatment this morning. Should I continue or do I have to wait until I get Robinia, then start the Arsenic, and then start Robinia next day?
[Edited by tod86 on 2018-07-30 18:09:22]
tod86 5 years ago
Hi Simone,

I appreciate your response and the advice. However, I have already tried that over the years. I know all about alkaline and acidic foods. I did as much as alkaline as I could for at least 2 weeks. That does not help. Also, I don't eat chocolate or anything too acidic all the time, every day.

Please also keep in mind my condition and situation. I am a male who is very underweight, you saw the information I posted right? If I eat only alkaline, or mostly alkaline, I will lose even more serious amount of weight and start dying. I am already dying at this weight.

But thanks, I know you're trying to help.
[Edited by tod86 on 2018-07-30 18:12:55]
tod86 5 years ago
Yes you can continue arsenic...
[Edited by KR on 2018-07-30 18:26:53]
KR 5 years ago

Good to know you are aware about the food choices.
I really hope these remedies provide relief to you.
simone717 5 years ago
Hi Dr,

Can I ask you for help with one more thing. This is really killing me and making me depressed more than anything right now.

I'm also having premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction issues. Can't get it hard enough and keep it hard.

If I could get this fixed for now, I would be very happy! I haven't been able to perform sexually for months. I lost the drive too. I was hoping the acid reflux pills could help with this, but they haven't. Thinking it could be related but who knows.

Thank you!!
tod86 5 years ago
No problem
take this medicine, after 5 days tell me about the negatives and positives in all the problems including this..watch ur body response
KR 5 years ago
Ok thanks
tod86 5 years ago
Thank you Simone. That's very sweet.
tod86 5 years ago
Hi Dr. KR,

I have some updates for you. I am on day 2 of taking Robinia 3x.

It is really weird because at first I started feeling better. I started to have more energy. This was the first day and I am taking 4 pellets 4 times a day like you said.

But the thing is that, I get really sleepy after eating my lunch now after taking Robinia. I ended up taking a nap after lunch the last 2 days. I napped for 2 hours. I couldn't help it because I felt so sleepy! As you know, lying down for me is one of the worst things after a meal.

Because of this, I feel worse and feel I am eating less. I even took an Acid reflux pill after the nap to help me feel better.
tod86 5 years ago
Switch it to 3 times a day

Give feedback after 3 days

till then arrange lycopodium 200c..will tell you later how to take it and when
[Edited by KR on 2018-08-05 03:52:47]
KR 5 years ago

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