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dreadful eczema with my 5 month old

hi, found this forum accidently so im not sure if anyone can help.
I have a 5 month old daughter who is suffering dreadfully with eczema all over her body.
it appeared to start after her first immunizations at 6 weeks, and has gradually got worse. She has changed from being an easy good natured baby into a fretful, aggitated one, that is hard to handle. She barely sleeps in the day, and cries alot of the time. She scratches her head all the time,causing it to bleed.
Doctor prescribed cortizone, which we have stopped using, in favour of herbal creams from a private doctor.
Out of desperation i changed the formula milk to a soya one and for 5 days she seemed greatly improved. But it has returned, not half asa bad though. I dont know what to do to help her, if anyone can offer advice id be very grateful.
  marie w on 2006-04-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am horrified at the damage that a vaccination has done to your daughter. I hope that patents will read your post and postpone vaccinating their babies till they are over 2 years old and then only give them the essential vaccinations and not every one that the doctors wish to inject into their babies.

Arnica has helped many cases of chronic Eczema in adults but I have not used it for babies.

You can however use the split dose method that I have detailed in my post on:

The idea is to get Arnica 6c pellets and insert 3 pellets into a 500ml bottle of spring water.

After they dissolve in 2 minutes, you shake the bottle hard to aerate the water and take a teaspoon from the bottle and mix it with a half cup of fresh water from another bottle.

You give your baby a teaspoonful from the cup twice daily and toss the water from the cup out. You make a fresh solution for each dose and shake the bottle before you take a teaspoonful.

Observe how your baby reacts to the medicine and if she does not react in a week you are advised to use other remedies.
Joe De Livera last decade
thank you Jo for your advice.
I was wondering just how many people have noticed these kind of problems after immunizations.
I have a 3 year old daughter also, who had all of her jabs with no side effects, so I just assumed that my second would be ok too. I honestly was not aware of any risks. Hd i been informed, i would perhaps not feel as confused and cross now.
The problem is i cannot prove that the eczema started at the point of immunization. All i know is she was fine until then. She also struggled to eat for weeks afterwards , which was most stressful.
Are doctors covering something up here???
marie w last decade
Healthcare throughout the world is a vast money making machine.

It is remarkably how the majority of people take pills daily as their normal routine.

It is the after effects of these drugs, vitamins jabs etc that makes the otherwise healthy human to be dependent on more and more drugs where he is compelled to take more and perhaps more exotic drugs to overcome the after effects of those that he has already taken.

Vaccines are so very unnecessary to be used for the first year of a baby's life and even after when only the essential ones should be used instead of the standard 'jabs' that are pumped in by doctors as routine.

I hope that your baby can benefit from the Arnica I suggested in my last post.
Joe De Livera last decade
my son has the same prob ever since he got his vaccination. he is 5 now and we are still trying to find a remedy.

marie, i think what joe has posted makes a lot of sense. vaccination is a money making machine and the more u read the more u will realise how unnecessary some of them are for such small babies. but what can we do? state regulations etc made me do it the first time. i am having my second baby next week and i am petrified thinking if it becomes a repetition again. most pediatrician will frown if u tell them u dont want ur child to be vaccinated. asking for mercury free vaccines might be a good idea.

good luck with your remedy search.
nineclouds last decade
Hi Marie,

Need more information about your baby in order to suggest a remedy.

Try to answer as many questions as possible. Some may be irrelevant.Just skip those.

1. What is the main reason you need treatment?

2. Describe your complaints giving the following details:

Complaint 1 :
A. Location (Part of body affected)
B. Sensation (Type of Pain)
C. Time (When does it happen, Variations during the day/night)
D. What makes you feel better or worse.
E. Accompanying complaints.

Complaint 2 :
A. Location (Part of body affected)
B. Sensation (Type of Pain)
C. Time (When does it happen, Variations during the day/night)
D. What makes you feel better or worse.
E. Accompanying complaints.

3. Past Illness history?

4. Ailments in the family? (BP, Diabetes, TB, Cancer etc )

5. What medication are you taking currently (or taken in the past)?

6. What foods do you crave? List from the strongest craving to the weakest.

7. What foods do you have an aversion to?

8. What foods aggravate you? (including allergies)

9. Level of thirst? Normal water intake during a day?

10. Digestive functions (Appetite, bowel , acidity, bloating , gases etc.)

11. Energy level throughout the day? Rate it from 1-10 (10 being excellent).

12. Perspiration: How much do you perspire? Where? Smell/ stain of the sweat? Are the stains easily washable?

13. How is your sleep? What position do you prefer to sleep in? Is there any position you cannot sleep in? Do you walk/talk/grind your teeth when you are asleep?

14. Describe your dreams in detail? Do you had any recurring dreams or images/ pictures/ themes?

15. Gynecological History

a. Describe your menses (periods): Pain or associated complaints during menses? Colour / amount / odour ? Clots? Stains easily washable?

b. Leucorrhoea? When? Stains ? Of what colour ? Easily washable?

16. Obstetric History:
pregnancies / abortions / deliveries ( normal/ caesarian/ forceps) etc . Any complaints during pregnancy?

17. Which season do you like the most? Why? Do you need fan ? How much covering do you take? Woolen clothes? What temp of water do you prefer for taking bath?

18. Is there anything else in the environment you are sensitive to? ( car sickness etcÂ…)

19. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you? Describe in detail.

20. What part of your life do you have the most difficulty coping with? Why is that?

21. What was your childhood like? Describe your parents and your relationship with them. Describe your relationship with your siblings and other extended family members. Did anything in your childhood have a profound effect on you? Describe your school and college life.

23. What is your occupation? What differentiates you from the other people in your place of employment? What difficulties do you have at work?

24. What is your self-confidence level ?

25. What fears do you have? Do you have any phobias?

26. What parts of yourself or your life would you change if it were at all possible?

27. What do you do to relax?

28. Describe all other aspects of your nature in detail.
magicure last decade
1. eczema
2. eczema, started on head and cheeks, slowly spread to body. It is red and often weepy behind knees, elbow joint and forhead. Chest is red and hot to touch. Face and legs very dry, flaky. Mouth area looks chapped.
Suffers with cradle cap also.
When she wakes in the morning she is at her best. Usually just the face is a little flared. As the morning progresses the eczema worsens.
By 5-6 pm she is at her worst.
Did enjoy baths, but sometimes gets very upset, and scrapes at chest, which reddens.
3. fine at birth, long labour, veuntouse delivery. Everything fine until first immunizations at approx seven weeks. She reacted to jabs by screaming all day, her legs swelled and hurt. Was informed this is a good reaction??????by health visitor. After jabs, her feeding went haywire. for weeks refused feeds until ravenous in mid afternoon. Sloppy stools, constant spitting up. Changed formula, seemed to settle. but eczema worsened.
4. husband suffers from hayfever. my father had leaukeamia, husbands father heart disease and stroke.
9. She will not take water, is currently on formula soya milk, which worked for around 5 days, then symptoms came back.
10. bowels fine.
11. struggles to settle in day, unless asleep on someone. Sleeps well at night.
I am weaning on milk free rice, carrot, potato , corgette, banana, avocado. She eats very well.
Currently using double base cream for skin and baleum soya oil in bath. Also using creams from private herbal doc, but i cannot say what is in it. Will try to speak to her asap.
I hpe this is enough info, if not please feel free to ask more.
many thanks.
marie w last decade
I would say stop immunizations not just indefinitely but permanently if you wish for any possible cure to work.

WNCGirl last decade
yes, i have delayed her 3rd immunizations, until i have a little more understanding about what she is going through. Like mant other parents, i want my baby to be just fine, so at the moment i am pulled in many directions. Obviously i am pressured to give the jabs, but my instinct tells me not to.
I wish the gps and halth visitors were more supportive, i get the feeling i should shut up and put up. Constantly being told, shell grow out of it.
marie w last decade

Need more info for suggesting a remedy.

Please answer question no: 12,17,18,28

Write about her nature.Clingy/happy/cranky/irritable...
magicure last decade
17. had always loved the bath, but just recently she gets very distressed. She arches her back as if in pain and scrapes her chest. I tend to give very luke warm baths.She doesnt like me even applying cream to her, she becomes aggitated. She wasnt always this way.
18.i wish i knew if she was sensitive to anything else. But i cant figure any triggers out. She begins the day relitively well, but by lunch time she can be going downhill. i have noticed that once we are out and about her skin can settle. For example in the car or out for a walk. I wondered at one point if it was me she reacted to.
im still not sure if it is cows milk intolerance. the soya milk worked for a while but is not now.
28. At the moment she is not as settled as she should be. She is very loveble, enjoys a cuddle, which surprises me considering what she goes through with her skin. She smiles easily, and is very alert. She cannot settle to sleep in the day unless she is in the comfort of someone. Or in the car or pram. She doesnt like being walked away from, for example if i leave the room to get something.
i suppose she is a bit of a mixture. As soon as she wakes she is smily, happy. She loves to be sang to and smiled at. She watches her elder sister all day. Doesnt like to be alone though.
Before the exzema she was a lot more calm natured, not fussy at all.
i hope this is enough, let me know if you need anything else.
marie w last decade
Hi Marie,

Give her Pulstilla 30C. Mix 2 drops of Pulsatilla,in 3 spoonfulls of water, and give it to her at bedtime.

Repeat this for three consecutive nights.

Post back about her condition

Take care...
magicure last decade
thankyou, which one should i get, there appears to be two different ones.
marie w last decade
Get Pulsatilla Nigricans 30C.

Post back about her condition.
magicure last decade
Hi marie w. I have a 5 year old who was covered in eczema and had diarrhoea at 8 weeks. When I improved my diet, (Breastfed baby) she stopped losing weight and gradually improved her eczema. Whilst breastfeeding I stopped dairy products (instant improvement), and eventually finished up on a diet of rice, meat, potatoes and pears. She didn't sleep through the night until 1 year old, but is now fantastic and rarely gets eczema. She reacts to many foods and as long as she doesnt eat them, is healthy. She is allergic to dust and I cover her mattress with a dustmite cover, pulled up the carpets, dyson vaccumn, freeze soft toys (she only has 2) and wash a lot. I find that if her system isn't fighting dustmites, she's a lot healthier to fight the other allergies. By the way she has been immunized, sometimes with homeopathic support and always after the recommended age (as I feel the older she is the stronger her immune system becomes). It has been too long a journey to detail, but if you want to ask anything feel free.
mislyn last decade

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