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eczema in 4 month old baby

started with rash on both cheeks at two weeks old. spread down his body to stomach tops of arms, behind knees and cheeks. very angry. delayed vaccinations til four month...now gone worse. not going back for anymore. does any one know if he will get any resistance from first jab and why they need the same dip/tet/pertcussus 3 times anyway. went to homeopath, gave diluted sulphur to no avail yet. he is also teething. I read on the forum about bathing in Epsom salts and glyserine, this does really help when he is very irritable. neither myself or husband have allegies but my eldest daughter has eczema on her arm. he is totally breatfed and my diet has no dairy, no caffine or alcohol. it seems so unjust he suffers with this terrible itchy skin when i see so many babies with bottles full of cow's milk formulae, weened early and have skin like little peaches! is it maybe because i am too acidic therefore my milk is? I have took to drinking water with lime juice squeezed in. any other tried and tested theorys are very welcomed. yours tired mummy.
  adele b on 2006-04-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
can you email me the photographs.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
I just treated an almost similar case with Bufo Rana 30.
kuldeep last decade
unfortunately i do not have the facilities to email photo. is there any other questions i can answer that may help or should i try the bufo rana. Do you know the answer to why a baby needs to be given the DPT vaccine over three shots and if 1 shot maybe enough. the thoughts of giving him anymore toxins now he skin has worsened sickens me. thank you.
adele b last decade
what potency sulphur used?

wha complications during pregnancy/labour/birthing?

what exact state of health of mother?
when last illness of mother?symptoms?how treated?
yes -wisetohod off on furthere vaccines--til stabilize child's health

what exact vaccines given?when exacly (dates)?

child's weight?

any problem's feeding?

any other peculiar-semingly unrelated symptom occurring?please explain
John Stanton last decade
hi, thankyou for reply. doage of sulphur is diluted in spring water, to shake hard three times and drop one drop orally daily. only comp. during pregancy, slight aneamia -given iron. Capule tunnel in hands, low blood pressure. birth quick- 4 hours baby born with cord around next twice, slighly blue and given oxygen immedaitely afte delivery. fed well soon after had skin to skin contact.my health i would say very good, apart from being tired and now stressed with my beautiful baby's contant itch. Today he has been literally clawing around his ears, back of head and as soon as i undress him he claws at his stomach. he itches his legs and uses his feet to rub behind his knees. vaccines was dip,tetnus, pertcussis, polio and men c. given march 11th. his weight is good 16 lb + and breast feeds well. gave him a couple of ons of formulae and his skin on chest went bright red. his bowel movement not good can go almost a week. then passes a massive moveent. i find this bissare for breatsfed baby, my other two children both breast fed went very regular. this did not start after vaccinies already slowed down with bowel movements about 3 months old. eldest daughter intolerant to diary and eggs i do not take either for i feel he to will be the same after reacting to formuale. very happy child considering his discomfort. homepath did day he may go worse before he gets better with sulhpur mixture.
adele b last decade
just fed baby again before i retire. spent the whole fed restrainging his hand from vigourously rubbing , put socks on his hands or his face would be in shreads before morning, st side of his face and around his ear. he breaks wind wirhout trouble the smell is very pungant, i don't think linked to suphur was like that before. maybe due to his lack of bowel movement. gave him a bath tonight in glycerine, epsom salts and olive oil. rub more glycerine onto him before bed. x
adele b last decade
ok--start treatment single dose (3 pellets)nux vomica 200c --to be taken by MOTHER only--before bed --1 hour after her last eating..no repetition at all---wait 2 days--and in morning before first eating (1 hour) --mother ONLY take single (3 pelets) sulphur 30c..no repetition of dose at all..

mother is to avoid ALL things sweet (no birch bark extract either)---NO acidic foods and drinks (coffee;tea;alcoholic beveraqes;vinegar/pickled foods;fruits and fruit juices;NO carbonated soft drinks at all...etc)

no other meds/herbs to be used---must stop all milk proucing meds--going simplify--

no cremes/lotions at all on skin condition

if nable to follow restrictions then --i will not go any further--skin conditins are hard enough person to person to treat --let alone over net...if do follow guidelines and administer remedies as said..then keep me closely informed--by email or here--no matter..
John Stanton last decade
it is not fair on you or your little one to be suffering. But i cant help but feel a lttle upset by your comment about the formula fed babies. Im sure its not meant that way, but it sounds like they deserve to suffer instead.
I like you have a little one suffering terribly from eczema, i tried to breast feed, but due to a severe infection i switched to formula. She doesnt deserve to be going through the discomfort like so many others. I think you are right to delay more immunizations, i have delayed mine too. I f only we were treated fairly and given more information, we might not be suffering with our babies now.
good luck and i hope your remedy soon.
marie w last decade
ok. will do. should i continue with diluted sulhur tinture given by homepath practisioner? drinking fennel and lemon balm tea should i stop this also and have only water? left cheek now began to weep. have been applying glycerine to skin should i cease that also? the nux vom i can only get 30c should i therefor take 6/7 pellets. thanks so much will be in touch.
Marie so sorry if i upset you
i really did not mean to offend. i wish you luck in healing your baby too. x
adele b last decade
yes stop sulphur use..also fennel and lemon--no more---no ,use only nux-v 200c --do not use 30c..

as for skin covering---clean well with warm water---and small dilution calendula tincture until get nux vomica 200c--
will need follow up mos like sulph 200c or pulsatilla 30c...

how readily available are remedies to you? will need fast access o no nnecessary aggravtion is allowed to exist..
John Stanton last decade
i use weleda mail ordr for my homepathy treatments. heve ordered n.vom 200c this morning. can get 6c and 30c locally but have to order rest. if i need to follow up sulphur 200c should i order that now? will it work just as well with me taking med? delivery takes about 2 days, will take longer with it being easter.
due his 2nd lot of vaccines next week, not taking him but do u know if he will be
given some protection just by 1st lot?
adele b last decade
It is unlikely your baby received full "immunity" if you want to consider that from just one round. Although, it's hard to tell. My son received just one round and his tetanus titers were 3 times what is considered immune after just one shot. If he received all four he would probably have died. But not immune to pertussis or diptheria.

Have you tried changing laundry detergents? Three gave my kids all over exczema and one didn't. As soon as we switched - eczema went away. Also eliminate tomatoes, potatoes, and other night shade vegetables to see if that helps. If not, you may want to eliminate all gluten (wheat products). These are the things most responsible for eczema.

I would suggest ordering, "Vaccines: What CDC documents and science reveal" by Dr. Sheri Tenpenny. (can google) It is a video tape. It will help you feel more confident in your decision to either postpone or discontinue vaccinating altogether. Or just google vaccinations. It is amazing the info that is out there. I have tons on my site recoveredfromautism dot com. Although your baby has eczema and not autism, my son had similar issues.

Also, you may want to consider the remedy DPT which can address the problem from the vaccination. But I would work with a homeopath.

Hope that helps. Best wishes for you and your little one. It breaks my heart.
busymominme last decade
I will add a bit of advice for treatment: Here is a homotoxicological protocol for eczema. Please forgive my poor typing as I am writing fast.

Your main remedy:
Graphites Homacord in chronic cases, 8-10 drops 3-5 times daily)

Schweff-heel (8-10 drops 3 times daily

belladonna homaccord (in chronic cases, 8-10 drops 3 times daily)


Sulfur-Heel, 1 tab twice daily (8am, 4pm)
Hepeel,1 tab twice daily (12noon, 8pm)

Drops would be most effective for a baby.

Take away from food or any mint or menthol. Try to keep in baies mouth as long as posible. Try droppign drops into a little cup, mix with a tiny bit of water, adn using an oral syring, squiret a WEE bit into his or her mouth slowly over the course of say 10 minutes, to ensure the baby gets all the dose, and does not choke.

Check out our website at www.AaronsonsPharmacy.com
AaronsonsPharmacy last decade
A friend of mine just took her baby to see a dermatologist and he suggested "Doak Oil" for his bath every other day.

Only half a cap full. That seems to have really helped on his body - at least it got rid of the itching and he could sleep through the night.

Now he only has a little on his face - if it's really bad she will resort to using cortate (0.5% cortisone). Someone had also suggested Calendula cream - but that had no effect.

I also have eczema - and I have been on the Heel products - Hepeel, Sulphur and Graphite. After about 3 weeks I am noticing some improvement. The naturopath I am seeing said it could take a couple of months - since I have had it for over 20 years.

Hope you find something that works soon ... I understand how frustrating it can be ...
ChristinaB last decade
am using surcare laundry at moment what to you use busy mominme? where can i buy doak oil? have been seeing a homepath will ask her about dpt. x
adele b last decade

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