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Postpartum depression (PPD)

HELLO, First of all thanks for making this forum for hopeless people like me. I am zaafnak 32 years old married housewife.I got married 4 years ago.Now i have 2 children. This is my second marriage . i got divorce before my this marriage. My first marriage was of my own choose and was love marriage. i got divorce because of some social issues at my Ex-Husband house regarding my existence, therefore my Ex-husband intentional divorced me and got 2nd marriage and thrown me into darkness . My feelings for him still remains because i got divorce without reason. After getting divorce , i became alcoholic and started taking sleeping pills just to forget him and punishing myself because my this tragedy thrown me into darkness. Well just after 3-4 years , my mother insisted me to get marry then i got arranged marriage .So later after an year ,i got pregnant but again that tragedy was stuck in to mind . i used to have sleeping pills just to calm my self and at the same time during the pregnancy period the behaviour of my husband was very harsh and unbearable until now.So, later after the birth of my 1st child , my husband's behaviour was same and at that time tragedy of my divorce and separation from my beloved was revolving and sleeping pills were continued . Well, one of my psychiatrist suggested me to give birth to another child so that you can forget the tragedy . And doctor started treating me with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that is mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event because i was having fixed thoughts about my Ex-Husband's injustice and harshness of my current husband and at the very same time suicidal thoughts were also included in me. Psychiatrist started giving me more heavy doses of sleep and comfort. So , the current situation is that i am experiencing chronic insomnia and doctor yesterday again changed my tablets for sleep. i have repeatedly mood swings , low mood, liveliness ,restlessness zero sleep.
  zaaf11 on 2019-04-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I need a very deep and and detailed history/symptoms In your own words.

Answers below ones as well .........

A) constipation historxy. B) headache if any. C) must select one option, weakness or restlessness, which is more.
D) your detailed daily routine, like active or sadantry life style etc If possible hourly basis details required .. E) is it a reoccurring problems F) you were physically active or inactive just before this condition ? G) do you feel more thirsty or thirstless ? H) do you feel cold in body or hot mostly ? I) any foul smelling gases ? J) when your suffering or pain or symptoms aggressive and when and how ameliorate ? For more please click my name.
Ibrahim3 3 years ago
Hi Zaafnak

It seems you are confused whether to respond me or Ibrahim. Therefore I deleted my questionnaire so that yo focus on one prescriber at a moment.

If at any time you want a second opinion I would be happy to look into your case.

Take care.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-10 08:21:54]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
I also wish to say that its been 4 years since your last marriage. You are now witnessing a new phase of life where now apart from being a wife you are also a mother of two children.

Whatever happened in the past have happened. No amount of thought in this regard will change it or bring any new outcome. It will remain as it is and as it was. Even after 50 years the incident happened will remain the same. It will never change.

Only one thing can change here is your reaction towards the incident. Your perception your notion about it can be changed. You need to focus on present circumstances and the future it holds. Clinging on past incidents have the capacity to ruin present prospects. In this circumstance you just keep moving to and from from present to past and past to present finding no peace of mind. But the more you shift your awareness towards the present the more clarity mind gains. Even if the present circumstances is no good but it gives you ample clarity on how to move things from this point. Childrens role model are their parents. And you need to be their role models by displaying peace, love and courage instead of losing yourself to alcohols and sleeping pills.

The past is dead now with no life of its own except the elixir you are giving by revisting it again and again. Your first husband is now living his own life and you your own. He is not and was not concerned about you and it should be the same from your side. Sometimes some chapters of life needs to be closed, torn and rewritten the way you want to 'see' it. Theres a saying that the same boiling water that softens potatoes, hardens eggs. Its all about what you are made of not your circumstances. If you want to live life then use the forward gears not the reverse one.

Hope you rethink on the way you think. Lastly some quotes worth quoting in this regard:

Watch your thoughts, they become your words.
Watch your words, they become your actions.
Watch your actions, they become your habits.
Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

You are what your deep, driving desire is.
As your desire is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny.

Hope you gain enough awareness and live your life the way it should be lived.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
B. Sometimes half head , sometimes full head.
C. Weakness
E. Yes
F. Yes
J. Aggressive
zaaf11 3 years ago
Zaaf- Ibrahim has been suspended from the forum.

I hope soul-spirit sees this and puts his questions back here,
So you can work with him on healing.
simone717 3 years ago
Hi Zaafnak

Answer the following question for analysis. Answer the way you want:

1) Your mentality/emotions during childhood. The way you saw yourself in your childhood.
2) Your thought process before your first marriage.
3) Any previous/present illness.(Anything small/big)
4) Any important incidents of your life worth mentioning apart from above.
5) Whats your reaction when you see somebody in pain.
6) Your social circle.
7) Any recurring dreams or dreams having same subject.
8) When in anxiety what thoughts come to your mind and whats your general reaction.
9) What brings down anxiety.
10) Do you crave company, consolation.
11) Your emotional traits like anger,love,selfishness etc.
12) Your relation with your husband and childrens.
13) Any fear/phobia/likes/dislike.
14) Height/Weight/Body build.
15) Do you feel lethargic.

Anything else you want to add that seems important or typical
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-12 09:32:32]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Also have you ever had Homoeopathic remedies before. If yes then which one and when.
Which allopathic remedies you are using now.
Are you still an alcoholic. Times when you drink.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-12 08:43:00]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
1. In childhood, i had always find myself perfect.
2. My thought process was that i used to live life.
3. Postpartum depression, severe Insomnia (if not taking very very high doses, Breathing problem ( and i am also marginally chain smoker) and i escape smoking saturday and sunday and i feels no any need of it on saturdays and sundays and during smoking or by no smoking , i shiver also sometimes when i escape high doses of sleep , calm and anxiety ) and i can smoke somehow calm me very very little bit.
4. In 1st marriage , when my 1st husband divorced me without any reason and left out of country by marrying with another girl.
5. I feel sympathy and want to help her out.
6.I am completely alone with two kids , used to talk to my sisters on phone only and husband is harsh and does not even think of me and my illness seriously and insults me .
7. I used to see very very bad dreams regarding my 1st husband divorce where i stop him of not leaving me sometimes repeatedly same dreams about him and sometimes horror.
8. Suicidal thoughts and shivering and breathing problem.
9. Those high doses of allopathic remedies.
10. Not at all
11. liveliness , dead emotions
12. I have 2 kids , 1 of 3 years baby-boy , 2 of 1 year. Husband is always insulting towards me , does not care about me.
13. NO
14. i am normal, weight 62 , and sometimes my body swells when i take high doses of allopathic medicines.
15. sometimes.

I m used to take Tegrial ,Sert , Seroxat , Olanzia (These tablets Doctor has suggested me last week and i am take it since last week ) Reaction: dizziness , chest burning , Nausea , body swelling . I have never used homeopathic remedies in my life.
I have left drinking since 4 years just after second marriage .
zaaf11 3 years ago
Ok last few questions:
-When somebody insults you whats your reaction. Like do you become aggresive or subdue your anger or prone to weep or any other things.
-Regarding dreams do you still see those dreams you mentioned above. What kind of horror dreams you see.
-What happens when somebody consoles you.
-Do you live active life or sedentary life.Are you in any Job.
-Lastly Is there any particular time when depression is more. And is the insult only mentally or is it also physical.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
When someone insults me as i earlier mentioned liveliness i dont reply like nothing effects me .

I see like my first husband leaving me and i m begging weeping not to leave me and he left out of country and thrown me into darkness and when i wake up after dream at morning my anxiety increases and i weep , as i dont want to see him in dream why is deliberately coming into my dreams and throwing me again into darkness as already i m experiencing disorders regarding him until now.

I have trust issues i dont trust anyone now.

I am a housewife living my life at just my house and i keep talking to my relatives on call.

when i dont take tablets that i mentioned and that i am taking since a week . Or when i am thinking about my first husband and his injustice for me which i dont want to think and as i mentioned above after dream my depression boosts .

and more i want to add is that the tablets that i told you before are reacting me like , i feel a lot of hunger and i eat a lot. Means i cant control my hunger now.
zaaf11 3 years ago
As far as dreams are concerned you are seeing him still in your dream is because all these years you have thought much about him. Most of the time you thought how and why he treated me like this. Because of this these thoughts went deep into your mind. In simple words the thought became a part of your inner mind and because of this you started seeing his dreams. Whenever you think anything too much then you also start seeing those dreams in various forms. It happens a lot.

Regarding trust issue its normal that you don't trust anyone now because after all these incidents if you started trusting anyone blindly then that would have been abnormal. It sometimes takes time to regain trust.

And do you feel sadness or anger over the insults by your first husband. Which is more. Please specify.

I asked about your reaction to insults because your answer to part (J) of Ibrahim was 'aggressive'. May be you misinterpreted the question. And I also misinterpreted your answer that when in pain you act aggressive.

Don't worry everything will be Ok because change means life.

First of all you need good sleep. For that and also for your present problem I will write the name of the remedies and how to take it. Slowly you can do away with allopathic remedies after that.

In the meantime if you think there are other things you want to tell(like you told about hunger) that will help in selecting the right remedy then you are most welcome.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-13 20:56:29]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Also if you want you can edit your posts afterwards I have seen it. Means if you want to delete some things you can do so after I have read it. Because sometimes people don't want the world to know what is happening in their private life.
Which country you are from. Are homoeopathic remedies easily available there.

If its easily available then bring Passiflora Incarnata(ask for its Mother Tincture).
And If you have to order them then I will other remedies.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I may not be able to reply tomorrow. Kind of busy. Something important came up.
[Edited by Soul_Spirit on 2019-04-13 20:29:38]
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
ok sir and what are the doses that you are suggesting to me of Passiflora Incarnata . How and what quantity should i take? and kindly tell should i stop taking allopathic ?
zaaf11 3 years ago

You Got to bring the following remedies:
1) Natrum Muriaticum 1M (Homoeopathic dilution)
2) Staphysagria 200 (Homoeopathic dilution)
3) Passiflora Incarnata (Mother Tincture)

I will tell you the dosage and the frequency once you have the above remedies.

Take care.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Hello sir , I finally bought these above three remedies . So, now tell me dosages of these remedies .
And , secondly, also suggest me that should i shop taking Allopathic tablets if i am taking these homeopathic remedies?
zaaf11 3 years ago

Please talk to your dr who prescribed the allopathic
And ask him if it is safe to stop immediately or
How to slowly stop.

With some of these meds you will have very
Bad reactions if you suddenly quit taking them.
Find out what your dr says first.

You do not want to be having a side effect
From stopping those meds and mistake
That for reactions to a remedy.
simone717 3 years ago
Well, i want to clear here something that currently the allopathic tablets that my doctor has prescribed me , i am giving gap while taking them like; if doctor has prescribed me to take daily , i dont take tablets daily. Moreover it is fact that i know that Allopathic doctor wont allow me to take homeopathic remedies because some are non-believers. So , in this way, personally i am not taking tablets punctually . So , i can slowly stop them by/with taking homeopathic. So kindly prescribe me dosages.
zaaf11 3 years ago
Most of the medicine are anti convulsant meds including anti depressant. Its true that abrupt stopping them tend to give side effects more or less akin to abrupt withdrawl of alcohols,smoking and other recreational drugs and more.
Passiflora that I prescribed will fill the gap here as its ability to be an anti convulsant too.
I would refrain from using your allopathic drugs with Passiflora tincture as there is good possibility of interactions between the two.
If it has been dilution I would have left some space for your allopathic drugs.
If you want to talk to your dr then go ahead but as you said some are non beleivers he will straightaway say a big No.

So as for the dosage I will start with Passiflora( See if mother tincture is written on it and not homeopathic dilutuion). '

-Do Not take the allopathic medicine with it as it will tend to react.

You have to take Passiflora three times a day.
One in the morning, other evening(pref. 6 pm) and lastly half an hour before sleep.

For morning and evening dose:
Pour 10 drops in half cup of water. Mix it well. And drink it,

For night dose half an hour before sleep:
Pour 20 drops in half a cup of water. Mix it well. Drink it.

Note:Do not have food and water half an hour before taking the remedy and also don't take water and food half an hour after taking the remedy. After half an hour you may take food/water if you want.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Do this from next morning.

Next day provide feedback regarding your sleep and overall effect because I might decrease or increase the dose based on it.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Did you take Passiflora. Its been two days.
You didn't provide feedback regarding its effect on your sleep and other symptoms.
I told you I need to adjust its dosage as and when required.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
Yes I have seen people not responding. Sometimes they don't take the way its been told and sometimes they don't take it after reading the literature on net thinking this remedy is not for me.

At least tell I want another prescriber to look into my case if they feel uncomfortable.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago
hello sir, First of all, I am really sorry for not contacting back timely ,i was out of town towards my relative. I just reached home today. But i have never forgotten to take your prescribed remedy. And completely left taking that Allopathic medicines. I am take Passiflora since 3 weeks and it really does work.I can also say that there could be also enviromental impact on my mind , there i met with my friends and family spend quality time .Earlier, i used to be hyper active all the time, i could not sleep .But currently i can sleep , my anxiety is also controlled somehow. But when my husband's harsh attitude hits me again anxiety triggers. Well i am taking Passiflora ONLY. But what about Staphysagria 200 and Natrum Muriaticum 1M which you asked to buy, So when should i use them? Kindly tell the dosages and method of using?
zaaf11 3 years ago
Its Ok. I was worried where you were gone. Yes environment also helps. But it was the 'same you' who was happy in that environment. Means its all in the mind. Just go with the flow. No need to think any positive or negative thoughts. Just be you.

Regarding Passiflora:
If sleep is good then take 10 drops three times otherwise take the way you were taking before i.e. 10,10,20 drops three times.

Natrum mur:

It has to be taken Only One Time: Take it at night. 4 to 5 drops directly on tongue. Do not eat or drink anything before and after taking the remedy. DO NOT take it again. Means you have to take it only one time and stop. I will tell when to take again.

Report after a week. That time I may start Staphysagria.
Soul_Spirit 3 years ago

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