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Urgent query post TB

Hi, I am a 30 year old female who used to be unwell quite often as a child. I had Tuberculosis when I was 11 years old, and completed my course of medication back then, which took about a year. Ever since puberty, I have had pcos and menstrual problems with ovarian pain.

I am wondering if there is any remedy that will help expel the ill effects of TB and cure all past irregularities from my body.

Recently I read about the remedy Tuberculinum Bovinum and was wondering if that would be right for me, or dangerous since it is a nosode. Please help.
  Buink on 2019-05-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
In order to benefit from homeopathic remedies,
Nosodes etc your entire case needs to be taken.
The remedy or series of remedies are chosen
By matching your symptoms with the materia medica.

A close match triggers your life force to heal-
Because our bodies will not tolerate any substance
Close to what is a disease state or unbalanced state.
This is why remedies are highly diluted and they
Are a molecular water copy of the substance.
The body recognizes the similarity if the remedy
Is correct, then the body raises life force to
Clear out the remedy and at same time clear
The real imbalance.

There are over 5000 remedies in the materia
Medica- one should not self medicate unless
It is for acute problems( cold, flu, indigestion)

There are no doctors On here- would be best
To see a good homeopath in person.

I know you are in London. Please google mike
Andrews homeopathy- he is a homeopathic
Supervisor of new homeopaths. He will do a free
15 minute Skype appt to see if you and he are
A good match to work together. If not, I am sure
He could direct you to competent other prescribers.

He is a good homeopath- I have interacted with
Him in the past, where he has helped educate
Me on some of his research.
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simone717 last year
Even though Tuberculinum is a good remedy to negate ill effects of TB, it's actually a series of medicines that makes the constitution robust and eliminate the toxins related to the disease.

In the past you have taken Calc. carb and Sepia and have reported that you did well on them, this is because they were anti tubercular remedies from anti miasmatic point of view.

So to answer if you can take tuberculinum now, certain questions need to be answered. How is your sensitivity? How are your eliminative organs doing? Is there a need to take tuberculinum based on prevailing symptoms? If not,is it going to be taken as an anti miasmatic and what would be the impact if you are in the middle of any treatment?
maheeru last year
Hi Maheeru,

I am sensitive by nature. That said I don’t weep at the drop of a hat but I am not apathetic to external and internal disturbances. I did benefit a good deal from Sepia and Calc Carb. Nowadays I have switched to Pulsatilla 6c and Sepia 6c morning and night, and it keeps my body and mind in balance. When the pain in my ovary resurfaces, I take a dose of Folliculinum 200 about once a month. My organs are in good shape now, but I have been fighting to beat these problems ever since I can remember.

When I was 11, I developed some cysts in the right side of my neck, just below my right ear, which turned out to be Tuberculosis. They operated it at the time and things seemed okay. I took the TB medicine for a year which I believe makes you further immune to the disease. Also, I would have malaria very often, almost annually, until the doctors gave me an anti malarial course. So needless to say my immune system was heavily compromised as a child, but I always bounced back.

As an adult I now understand the heavy blows my body had to take back then, including the strong medication. When you are constitutionally sensitive, you feel these things even more. ISo I wonder if part of it could be remedied. It is interesting that you note I benefited from Sepia and Calc Carb because they are anti tubercular remedies from an anti miasmatic point of view, this in a way confirms my instincts. Could my problems be due to residues of past illnesses? You seem to be get it well. Please help.
Buink last year
Are you taking puls 6c and sepia 6c under anybody's guidance? If yes what do they say about taking Tuberculinum?

Given your sensitivity, i'd rather you go with Bacillinum 200c. How do you generally do with dry cold and wet cold?

You have a baggage esp. history of malaria and tuberculosis. Even though remedies may be needed to address these, this should be integrated along with current treatment(a full case will be important to say what can you take currently) appropriately. And if you choose to take nosodes you will have to temporarily stop other medicines. If it's essential I will take the full case otherwise I will stop with light advice. A full case involves time and effort commitment.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-05-25 21:34:25]
maheeru last year
Hi Buink,

You can click Maheeru’s name and see his contact info.
simone717 last year
Dr Maheeru,

I would be glad if you took up my full case and can contact you personally for the same. Let me know how I should get in touch.

I actually went ahead and administered a dose of Tuberculinum 1M before I read your reply, and I can feel some slight changes for the better. However, I would love some comprehensive guidance on complimentary remedies henceforth. Hope you can help.

Thanks to Simone717 as well for her contribution to the thread and thoughtful assistance.

Buink last year
Hi- just click his user name at the bottom of his post.
His email and past threads will show up. Send him
An email.
simone717 last year
Hi Buink

Like Simone says every username when clicked shows the profile and profiles carry either contact email id or phone number or both depending on who leaves what. It's the only way to find out contact details of any member out here. If somebody has not left any detail then no luck.

I'm all for self-prescribing and self empowerment. If one has followed me well, then they would understand that. But I really can not support impulsive self prescribing. If you can not wait a few days for a response then that's not good at all.

Now the deed done, wait, observe and a single dose won't do---will have to repeat three to four doses giving 15 to 30 days gap.
maheeru last year
I would have absolutely had the same reaction if I were you, and your way of politely dressing me down amuses me. I think I needed to hear that. The thing is, I have operated on the basis of instinct and self education for so long when it comes to my health because no help has quite worked, that sometimes I jump the gun in frustration. I assure you it’s not imaginary, and I am not prone to impulsive remedial behavior either. If you think I can possibly switch to the nosode of your recommendation safely then I will do so in a time frame you suggest. If not, I will stick to what you say.

Sending you an email with my username Buink in subject line.

Buink last year
No problem with your self help or frustrated with others' help not helping quite--it's relatable. Only problem is you raise a question then not waiting for an answer you go ahead with the dose. With self help you need to show some discipline. Maintain a note book---will help you. Write down the date and time and record changes over next few weeks on it. Also when you choose a medicine and a potency write down 5 or 10 strong reasons why you choose them---include one or two h'paths quotes who support the remedy for that symptom set. This would help you in long run.

No need to switch to Bacillinum---switching remedies often is not a good idea. Continue Tuberculinum doses. Also now I know that you are an artist, Tuberculinum is a good choice. Even before I would have recommended Tuber. in due course but Bacillinum was a safe choice to start with in sensitive patients.
maheeru last year
Dear Dr Maheeru,

I have responded really well to Tuberculinum 1M. A single dose has brought about considerable results and I am quite certain I am in the right direction. It has been about 10 days and I can feel I will be needing a second dose soon. Since you mentioned I could repeat the remedy in 15 to 30 days, any advise on how many repetitions I could safely make every 15 days or whenever the symptoms come back? I know it depends partly on individual response, but if you advise me to only take the nosode, say 4 or 5 times in total, for instance, then I will stick to it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks so much.
Buink 11 months ago
Hi Buink

A good response till now. Do not mechanically set the gap as 15 days, you can based on intuition, decide the gap between 15 and 30 days.

You can repeat for three to four times normally. If you can tolerate more you can do it for six doses maximum. If you continue to do well on these doses and any other medicine does not come up strongly in the intervening period, then we can try 10M as well. In patients who have had TB in the past, ascending potencies of 1M, 10M upto 50M have provided resiliency against the recurrence.
maheeru 11 months ago
Thank you Dr. Maheeru,

If I continue to do well and switch from 1M to 10M, should I take it towards the end (the 4th or 6th dose), in other words should it be the last dose or the last two doses?

Best Regards
Buink 11 months ago
If you can tolerate six doses then after that 10M doses can be done. We need to wait and see how things move.
maheeru 11 months ago
Dear Dr. Maheeru,

I have taken my 6th dose of Tuberculinum 1M and have been feeling the good effects wearing off slowly post the 4th dose. I think I am ready for 10M as a following potency like you had suggested. Could you please tell me how many doses of the 10M I could take safely at a gap of 15-30 days? I think Tuberculinum has benefitted me in a lot of ways and I very much hope the effects would be permanent.

Thanks and Regards
Buink 9 months ago
Yeah it's time to move onto 10M. Gap would be 30-60 days approximately based on the feeling that it needs to be repeated than a mechanical gap.

You shall take three to four doses.
maheeru 9 months ago

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