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Hi, I'm new to this site so any help would be really appreciated. I'm 20, female and have medium acne on my cheeks (more on my left), nose and chin. Some of it seems like it could be cystic.
I consulted a homeopath and had Graphites 200c (4 pills 2 times a day) for 5 days and now I'm on Biochemic cell salts (3 pills 2 times for 6 weeks -Its week 2 at the moment). I'm also having Pulsatilla 200c (4 pills 2 times) for 3 days since I felt my skin got worse. I just need to know how long it takes for the effect to take place because it seems like my skin has gotten a lot worse. Everything is pretty normal with me health wise…I sometimes feel dizzy and that’s probably because I have an iron problem. – for which I’m taking multi vitamins.
  malika on 2006-04-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have been able to cure many teenagers of their Acne with Arnica 30c taken in the liquid dose.

This is made by inserting 3 pellets of Arnica 30c into a 500ml bottle of spring water which is shaken hard prior to each dose.

Dosage is 1 teaspoonful taken twice daily.

You can expect your acne to improve in a week and in 2 weeks you can expect to be cured. You are however advised to use the Arnica for a few months in the future preferably in the lower potenct of 6c which you will make separately in another bottle.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe, Could you please explain about the 3 as one dose pellets? I am only asking because the size of the pellets and therefore what counts as a single dose varies a lot from country to country. In Germany Switzerland for instance 5 small globules are one dose. Here in England, 3 of the slightly larger globules than those in Germany count as one, but these are seldom used. One tablet or large size globule is the recognised one dose. Hence my confusion.
bolcsasszony last decade
I recommend and use the Liquid dose for all remedies since I was converted to it by Dr Luc de Schepper a year ago. I have discovered that it is far more effective than the dry pellets and use in exclusively

Please visit a post where I have explained in detail the concept of the Liquid dose which was first recorded by Hahnemann in his Sixth edition which has recently been resurrected by De Luc de Schepper:


You can use 3 pellets of any size in 500ml spring water to activate the remedy.

However if you still wish to use the dry pellets you may use 3 pellets which are usually in lactose balls from 2-3mm diameter. The manufacturers of the remedy would certainly advise you to use many pellets as this would increase the demand for their remedy but whether you take 3 or the whole vial of perhaps 50 pellets the dose still remains the same.

It is strange that no direct reference is usually made to this matter of the number of pellets that should be used for a dose as in most instances the homeopath gives the prescription without mentioning the number of pellets of the remedy that should be used.

You will observe that if the liquid dose method is used a vial of the remedy can be used for years as all that is required is just 3 pellets to activate a 500ml bottle of water.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe, Thank you for replying. Do you think I should have alredy seen results with the medicines I'm taking? And, are there any side effects to Arnica in terms of skin aggrevation, acne getting worse before it gets better etc?
malika last decade
It seems for the most part that much of the advise you have recieved has been more targeted towards a sort of symptom relief, rather than the possibel unlying cause of your acne. The most challengin part of any treatment is often diagnosis and identified cause. Graphites is typically used to help reduce phsyical scaring on the skin and is often prescibed by practitioners pre and post surgruy to reduce scaring. Graphites however, has littel effect, if any, on old scars which have already acumulated greater scar tissue. When prescribing Graphites, we typically suggest that our cusotmers use it orally for the first two weeks, 3 pellets five times a day, starting before, or as soon after the scaring as possible. We then suggest they also use a graphites cream, after the wound or scar is closed, to proved a secondary and complimentary delivery meathod and moisturization... but that is surgury, for acne oral woudl be the prefered route, as we want to avoid blocking pores as best we can.

with the case of acne, scaring is a continual problem, because with each breakout, scarign is goign to occure. Arnica, popularly known for its speed healing properties, will help your body clear the acne faster than it wodl without it. The problem still remains though that these remedies will not stop the acne process, which can be a result of many things.. which can be dificult to identify. Typically acne is a common bacterial culture flourishign in yoru pores so keepign your skin clean is essential.. first. So keepign yrou immune system as functional as possible will imrove things, particularly if your immune funtion is low. Acne can also be hormonal. Drink sufficient water durign the day to provide a relable means for toxins to be flushed out.

When lookign for homeopahtic treatments or remedies, keep that arnica and graphites in mind, but you should probably start lookgin for somethign that hits the problem on the head.

We typically favour Homotoxicology products because they eliminate some of the guess work involved in determining which dilutions and remedies to use... also, homotoxicological products work to reduce and remove the toxins that buildup and specifically cause the problem. Since there are multiple types of acne, which may be experienced simultaniously, there are two protocols that can be suggested.

Allow me to suggest the folowing general treatment:

Scweff-Heel (for general skin diseases)
Aesculous Compositum (peripheral circlation)
Arnica-Heel (intermediary remedy for healing)
Graphites Hommacord (for skin related problems and scaring)
Gynacoheel (for female patients, reduces inflammation from hormonal causes; optional and not for men)
Traumeel (possibly in alternation with,or instead of Arnica-heel)
Belladona homaccord (for acute inflamation)
Hormel (regualtor of endocrine glands)
selenium homaccord (acne conglobata)
Psorinoheel (constitutional remedy for unpleasnt skin odour)
Heel Detox Kit (for general body detoxification)

Echinacea Compositum and Thymuline 30ch for two weeks can boost the immune function, and help the body deal with foreign bacteria and viruses.

and there are more suggestable remedies. You must find a combintion that best works for you as no single remedy will be the be all and end all to cure anything. Ideally, a treatment course constituting of as many of these remedies as possible wil increase yoru succces rate. Homotoxicology is aimed more at curing than symptom treatmentd and is more broad in its effects and in who it will treat. if you are interested in onyl single remedies, you may be looking at a more complicated treatment course as each homotoxicological remediy consists of several single remdies.

We can send you a protocol if you're interested, and we can supply you with any homoepathic remedies you may need. I wish you the best of luck, Hope that helped.... wish the answer was simpler.


Andrew at AaronsonsPharmacy search google, the site wont allow me to post a link. We dotn haev a westore up, but all our contact info and info about us is there.
AaronsonsPharmacy last decade

and there are absolutely no side effects or drug interactiosn to worry abotu with homeopathy or homotoxicology.

The time needed to clear the probelm will generally reflect the length of time in which the individual has suffered from the symptoms, which come in stages changing as the difculty progresses or degresses. sometimes patients experience a set of symptoms moving in reverse, as the body is cleared of toxins and normalized.

There are other allopathic treatments (standard medicine) availabel also, but they are much more aggrssive and if one can treat with a natural means, such as homeopathy, all the better.

I aplogize for my terrible typing.. im writing quickly on my spare time... hope i helped.

AaronsonsPharmacy last decade
With homeopathy dosage amount is not near as important as dosage frequency and how you are dosing.

Take your oral doses atleast 15 minutes away from fod or drink to ensure a clear mouth. let tablets ro pellets lsowly disolve under the tounge, and if you have eaten any mint or menthol, you must wait atleast 2 hours because mint constricts te bloodvessiles under the tounge and the medication wont be picked up by the blood vessels.

It is better to take a small dose of 3 pellets 5 times a day that 5 pellets 3 times a day. You will get a better effect because the "message" that the remedy is sendign to yoru body, is sent mroe often, and with the same essential "volume"

Remeber, homeopathy is based around diluted compounds, so the amount you are ingesting bears a different result than when compared to standard medicine where larger doses means more action (to a point)

visit oru website and read our article on "what is homeopathy" in our health center section
AaronsonsPharmacy last decade
To Mallika

I believe you have already discovered that the remedies that you have used so far have only made a bad situation worse.

I have used Arnica successfully in the past in many cases of Acne with excellent results and although it is not listed in the classical homeopathic texts as being the remedy for acne I have no doubt that it is perhaps the best remedy for this ailment that affects many millions of teenagers.

You are advised to use it for a few weeks and experience the benefits that can accrue from it. I have never been informed of any aggravation from the use of this remedy which is one of the safest to be used on a daily basis.

You may like to know that I have used it daily since 1996 at night as owe to Arnica my sense of wellness at age 76 with a BP of 120/80.
Joe De Livera last decade
Okay, I thought I'd post this here too. Joe De Llvera, can I use 6c for my acne, since this is all I have at the time?
Sally Lue last decade
Yes you may use the 6c since you have it, but I have discovered through the years that the 30c is more effective than the 6c for Acne.

I take the 6c every night as a tonic and have done so for the last 10 years with excellent results.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks, sorry I posted this so many places, I just figured I would just post everywhere we'll I was at it. :-)
Thanks again!
Sally Lue
Sally Lue last decade
If i want to buy Arnica 30c is it Arnica Montana or Arnica Montana Radix? (I saw this on the left hand side of the web page...just want to make sure I get the right one).
Also, my homeopath has suggested evening primrose oil. Have you heard of it?
Thank you so much for all the info and advice!
malika last decade
...I for got to mention some more stuff... I'm 21 now so I figure my problem is hormonal since I only had to deal with one or two pimples at a time in high school. So can homeopathy help with a hormaonal problem like mine?
malika last decade
To Malika

You do not want the Radix which is the Arnica root. This is not generally used in Homeopathy but it is listed in the ABC store.

I would not recommend the Evening primrose oil as the Arnica alone can eradicate acne quite efficiently.

I am not sure about Arnica helping with hormonal problems but it will cure your acne.

It does so by increasing the flow of blood in the body and you will feel it after your night dose when you will observe that you sleep more deeply than before.

Start with the 30c to help with your acne and when this is stabilized change over to 6c both in the wet dose of course, and use it for life as I have done for the last 10 years nightly.
Joe De Livera last decade
It's worth noting that the fact that your acne got worse is not a sign that the remedies are not working, on the contrary , in my experience acne responds to treatment by getting worse before getting better.

Which cell salts are you taking? Ferr phos would balance your anemia. Kali Sulph and Calc Sulph have worked wonders for me.

Have you read up about Silicea? It's a very deep acting remedy and if you see yourself in the remedy picture , it might be the way to go. Also check out Hepar Sulph. Silicea throws infection to the surface, clears toxin in skin from deep down. Hepar will dry them up, speed healing.

I know all these suggestions are confusing, but as a female with the same symptoms as you, I have no more acne now from the above homeopathics i believe helped like nothing else, but don't expect miracles. Acne is long time coming, long time going. But the right remedies will work , you just have to find right ones for you! Don't give up till you do!

Also really monitor your nutrition and your digestion/elimination. The better your diet and the healthier your bowel movements, the clearer your skin. MUST Take Omega 3 oils like flax and fish oil. Make sure you are getting enough zinc.
Invest in good skin care. Dermalogica do a good range for acne prone skin. Stick with it as it helps a lot.
carlotta last decade
To Joe,
Ok so if I want to buy the Arnica I'm going to have to order it from India. So the name I should give is Arnica 30c in liquid form?

To Carlotta,
I know its so frustrating. I'm taking the Biochemic cell salts. I think its atleast been 4 1/2 weeks now. I've heard from any people and people on this site that you should see some effects in atleast 2 weeks.

Thank you both.
malika last decade
If you live in the US you can get Arnica from any health food store.

Washington Home Products manufactures remedies and you can also get it from the ABC store nearest you.

You are advised to stop all other remedies and drugs if you start the Arnica therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Since I don't have all of your symptoms, I cannot recommend with autheticity. However, I would advise that you pay attention to correct your menstrual cycle. Suppressed, scanty and irregular flow can cause problems like acne but .... of course this is not the only reason. Better go for evaluation in detail.
Romeo7 last decade
I spoke to my homeopath and she recommended I try this:

greatestherbsonearth.c o m /nsp/acne_remedy. htm
malika last decade
To Malika

You are invited to visit another thread which refers to the successful control of a chronic case of Acne::

Joe De Livera last decade
Ok you have convinced me. I'm going to go get it this weekend and I'll keep you posted on the progress.
Thanks a lot!
malika last decade
Hi Joe,
I just wanted to ask you a few things before starting Arnica. First, can I take other medications like tylenol, benadril etc when I'm taking it... (thses are for my migranes, allergies, cold etc). And Second I know Arnica is not like accutane or anything which makes the skin thin and your body takes a longer time to heal. So is it still safe for me to wax etc when I'm using Arnica?
malika last decade
If you stop using drugs completely as I have done for the last 30 years except for a brief period in 2003 when I was in surgery, you will doscover that you do not need any to keep you healthy.

You can use Homeopathic remedies to cure all ailments and reserve drugs like antibiotics for use only on a SOS basis.

The drugs you specified Tylenol, Benadril will not be required as the equivalents in Homeopathy are far more potent and do not have any side effects on the body.

You mentioned Migraines for which I presume you take Tylenol. The remedy is Bryonia 30c and your headache will be history in 15 minutes.

To stop a cold you use Ferr Phos 6x
To stop a throat infection you use Bell 30c
Allergies which cause coryza you select from a variety including Bacillinum which is the equivalent of a vaccine taken under strict supervision in 2 doses 3 weeks apart.
Otherwise you use Gelsemium 30 or Bryonia 30 or many others which one can use to see which helps best.

Arnica will help to tone your skin as it has mine whicih at 76 years is a prime example and is no diferent from yours, No wrinkes and looks as good as it was when I was a teenager with pimples like you.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
I just took my first dose of Arnica today. I will keep you posted on the progress. Just to check...I should not eat/drink anything 1/2 before and after right? (Thats what my homeopath had said). And I'm completly avoiding any sodas, coffee, tea and breathmints and drinking about 8 glasses of water daily.

You mentioned Bryonia 30c for migranes/ headaches? How should I have that?
malika last decade
Since you do not, as I presume, get Migraines frequently, you can use the pellets directly under the tongue.

Remember that the Arnica therapy is not an instant fix. You should observe some improvement in a week when I shall expect you to alert me.

Your understanding as per your post is correct.
Joe De Livera last decade

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