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Hello Freehomeoforall,

Day 1
AM Thuja 1M (3 pellets)

School reported he was in good spirits, happy mood and focused on all his tasks. He mastered a few of his programs today with ease.

Afternoon, he was crying during circle time but singing and still complied with the instructions.

PM - at home he was running around, not his typical hyperactivity of jumping on the couch, instead he was running back and forth in the kitchen, mouth open breathing panting a little. Walking backwards for fun and unclear but humming tunes a lot today. Ate all his food on his plate clean.

He went to bed earlier than usual (9PM) instead of 10:30PM.

Do you think I need to dose in the evening?

Thank you in advance
Skyblade 2 years ago
No. No medicine without my suggestion. And no any other. Wait 10 days more. Keep updating.
Best of luck.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Will do. Thank you Freehomeoforall,

Day 3
AM Thuja 1M empty stomach. No other homeo meds.

BEFORE taking remedy - He Wakes up hyper(running back and forth in kitchen) panting mouth open, walking backwards which is new and started since taking Thuja.

AFTER taking Thuja 1M - he is Calmer immediately after taking it and runs less. More focus in school morning. This last for a few hours and his focus starts to wear off in the afternoon.

In the Afternoon and PM (evening) He is Emotional, crying for no reason on and off and hyperactivity increases again. Running starts back up. Lots of verbal noises and sounds with stimming and facial tics**. This continues until he goes to bed and wakes up the next morning -before- taking thuja again.

**Facial tics** is when his mouth is opened in a surprised look and fingers spread apart like giving a high-five or jazzy hands (similar to hand flapping)

Will update if anything changes from this description until Day 10. Thank you
[Edited by Skyblade on 2020-02-02 01:31:21]
Skyblade 2 years ago
Did you give another dose of Thuja 1M.
I told you not to give more. Wait and see.
Please cofirm me if you have given another dose of Thuja 1M.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Apologies. I missed understood the previous message I thought you meant no other meds except thuja.

I did give on Day 3 in morning.

I will not give anything and stop thuja for the remaining days.
Skyblade 2 years ago
Okay. When any remedy is given in 1M potency, do not repeat it within 15 days. Sometimes single dose is enough and need not to repeat.
No problem.
Best of luck.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Hi freehomeoforall,

I understand now, thank you for explaining.

Since stopping all meds going on 3 days with no meds.

He has been sleeping 1 hour earlier at 9PM now.
More imaginative play with toys using pretend doctor kit on us.
Allowing younger sister to play around him.

Behaviors that have popped up since the first Thuja 1M:

-Still lots of running in kitchen back and forth and spinning in circles popped up.
-walking backwards from wall to wall by touching nose to wall and walking back to the other end (this is new since 3 days ago)
-touchy feeling by rubbing hands on our skin (new since yesterday)
-tapping on hand of his own hands (old behavior popped up)
-following me around everywhere and wanting me be next to him all the time.
-more emotional and weepy during the afternoon after 2PM.
-Randomly he would slap his chest hard and grunt for a few seconds and then stop. (old behavior)
- more jargon speech nonsensical

Better eye contact
more smiling in context and want to play more.
lots of repeating words after us even sentences (not clear though) More echolielac
Singing full songs when we ask (not clear words but tune is there)

Warmer than usual but no fever
Small zit on upper lip showed up yesterday
saliva noises in throat
spinning in circles

A few old behavioral stims popped up this week I'm not sure why.

Please help with you guidance
[Edited by Skyblade on 2020-02-04 14:42:32]
Skyblade 2 years ago
Very good! Thanks to God and be religious.

Please wait more days and pray for him. And keep updating.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago

Thank you so much, freehomeoforall

Yes, we pray daily and thank God for his healing.

Day 7 after Thuja 1M:

My son has been doing well in programs from ABA school, mastering concepts faster.

80% less crying now from initial Thuja 1M, just briefly in evening before home time few mins. No reason.
50% Less rubbing of his hands on parents skin.
95% stopped hitting head!

New Behavior started yesterday:
Now he is squeezing diaper until urine comes out and then trying to squeeze his private part, it's a little red. He is making alerting gestures when he goes No.2 (poo) by pulling at the back of his diaper.

-Going to bed at 9pm instead of 10:30pm.
-Waking up happy and calmer instead of hyper right away.
-Trying to functional play with fire station toy and doctor kit toy on his own!

Same/No change behavior:
-Covers ears and eyes during noises like crying baby.
-Still tapping on back of his own hands, toys and hard surfaces with finger taps.
-verbal stimming noises and hand/finger movements like (jazz hands)
-slapping chest still when overly excited or angry
- still hyperactive during daytime; lots of running and jumping

Thank you again so much!!!

Any advise and guidance welcomed
[Edited by Skyblade on 2020-02-07 18:27:30]
Skyblade 2 years ago
Please wait for more days. But keep updating.
We have applied 2 doses more wrongly. So have to wait.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
I will - thank you.

Just commented because of the new diaper pulling/squeezing behavior.

I'll update on Day 10/Day 15 in due time.

Many thanks
Skyblade 2 years ago
Hello Homeofreeforall,

Just an update.

It has been 12 days since that last Thuja 1M dose when you asked me to stop. No meds since.

Everything has settled down nicely. No reactions lingered since initial dose.

No more crying.

He is calmer than before but still naturally hyperactive.

More present and attempting to play with sister.

Shall I keep waiting more days?

Please advise me if you'd like a full report.

Thank you very much! God bless
[Edited by Skyblade on 2020-02-12 20:23:17]
Skyblade 2 years ago
Do you see the changes are noticed gradually and gently?
It is expected to happen that.
I want to wait whole month.
Keep patience and keep updating.
He is still nonverbal? Does he try?
Dose he like eggs?
Does he dislike milk?
Does he sweat more on head? Mostly when sleeps?
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Hello Homeofreeforall,

Thank you for your response.

He is pre-verbal meaning he is repeating us more frequently. La bels 1 word objects when asked "what's this?" He using simple phrases for wants/needs; "I want juice" I am all done" Not conversational.

He loves eggs, daily.

We are dairy free, so we never tried milk.

He sweats a lot during sleep. His head is soaked (this has always been like this)
Skyblade 2 years ago
Got it.
At first we should be with Thuja.
Next target Calcium Carbonicum

Keep in hand: Calcium Carbonicum 30
Pill form.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-02-13 01:52:28]
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Thank you for your response.

I will order Calc Carb 30 and keep it on hand in a few days after waiting 10 more days.

I wanted to share my now 6 year old description:

very skinny athletic build
good balance
very hyperactive and moving, jumping, climbing
soft spoken words
light pencil grip

spinning around in circles
biting left hand
tapping on hands with finger
drools especially when watching tv
breath smells like ammonia or earthy smell
sweats at night only head/hair
grunts and verbal stims

Thank you very much again.
[Edited by Skyblade on 2020-02-13 19:51:14]
Skyblade 2 years ago
Hello Homeofreeforall,

Another week of patience (no meds) and you were right.

Everything within this week as calmed down.

-Running back and forth reduced (not gone because he is always hyper since before)

-hyperactivity reduced (not gone because he was always hyper but less)

-Backwards walking is gone

-Spinning around in circles is gone but still walks in a big radius no longer spinning for dizzy.

-tapping on hands has reduced

I received in the mail Calc Carb 30 on hand and I'll await your instructions.

Thank you and God Bless

Behaviours that have always been there and still here:

-Biting left hand
-Drooling with mouth open
-Sweating of head during sleep
-breath smells earthy
-slapping chest when emotion is highten (excited or angry)
-Cover ears and closes eyes
-Crying during transitioning from one activity or place to another.
-pulling or pushing private part and squeezing diaper
[Edited by Skyblade on 2020-02-19 14:50:31]
Skyblade 2 years ago
Please Start: Calcium Carbonicum 30
3pills in the morning in empty stomach.
Don't give anything to eat or drink within 20 minutes and don't let him brush. Just use plain water to wash his mouth. He may do usual thing after 20 minutes.
Continue this and keep updating.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Thank you for your response.

I will follow this instruction accordingly.

Calc Carb 30C AM 3 pellets.

Daily? Or How many days?

Thank you
Skyblade 2 years ago
Daily and continue.
But Keep updating.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Hello Freehomeoforall,

Just a quick update that I found interesting.

Day 1 and 2 on Calc Carb 30
His night sweating disappeared
His hand biting reduced dramatically
His chest hutting stopped
His appetite increased

Day 3 same dose...
Night sweat is back
Hand biting is back
Chest hitting is back

I found it strange that the first 2 days we saw something changed and it went back go his "normal" after 3rd day.

Any advice on this please
Skyblade 2 years ago
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Dear freehomeo,

Why not stop Cal Carb and see how long these
Improvements last? Perhaps, the child only needs
It once every 3 days, or once a week. It sounds
Like he is having aggravation from too many doses.
simone717 2 years ago
Dear simone.
I didn't see any abnormality till now. As the patient is child, Calcium Carbonicum can be repeated daily. Sweating is not his main problem. It is just a key for me. We have to discover more thing. As he is updating time to time it is easy to make change the frequency. Let's see.

Keep updating.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Hi Homeofreeforall

I will keep updating this week to see how he progresses with calc carb.

Dear Simone- thanknyou for the insight definitely something I will keep in mind for future. I appreciate it.
Skyblade 2 years ago
Hello Homeofreeforall,

1 week on Calc carb 30 daily.

No gains to report, no real change.

It seems like he is back to his previous self.

Stimming on Ipad all the time
Jumping on couch
Biting hand and slapping chest with excited or frustrated
Night sweat
verbal stimming even though he can repeat words (echolalia)
tapping on objects and tapping on his own hands

Please advise on what I can do

Thank you,
Skyblade 2 years ago

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