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Hello Homeofreeforall,

1 week on Calc carb 30 daily.

No gains to report, no real change.

It seems like he is back to his previous self.

Stimming on Ipad all the time
Jumping on couch
Biting hand and slapping chest with excited or frustrated
Night sweat
verbal stimming even though he can repeat words (echolalia)
tapping on objects and tapping on his own hands

Please advise on what I can do

Thank you,
Skyblade 2 years ago
Stop and report after 3 days.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Hi Homeofreeforall,

So we stopped Calc Carb 30 3 days past.

-He has calmed down a bit so much better to focus now.

-Stimming in Ipad decreased but still there. Now he will watch full shows again.

- Hand biting still there, but lessened.
- night sweat on Day 1, not on Day 2 (will update and note that within the following days)

I'm considering Belladonna 200c for hand biting but I will await for advice first and foremost.

Many thanks
Skyblade 2 years ago
Are you trying to stop only hand biting?

Don't use Belladonna. He is not so.

Give Another Dose Of Thuja 1M.

3pills only.

Keep In Hand: Silicea 30- Pill Form

Keep Updating.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Hi Homeofreeforall,

Ok, I understand, Will do one dose of Thuja 1M in 1 day.

I will report back afterwards.

Thank you so much!
Skyblade 2 years ago
Hello Homeofreeforall,

Day 1 on Thuja 1M.

Morning he was very happy, excited and still engaging. Laughing lots with parents and smiling eating all breakfast.

School noted: had an excellent session today. He was very focused and compliant at the table and required no redirections to sit appropriately at the table. He vocally asked for many of the reinforcements that he wanted today. He was also very compliant throughout the session.

Evening: Ate all his food and cleaned his plate.

Any advice to proceed, much appreciated!!
Skyblade 2 years ago
Very Good!
Wait and keep updating.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Hi Homeofreeforall,

Day 3 since the initial Thuja given. In waiting we noticed a few things coming back from when we originally tried thuja a few weeks back.

Walking in circle
Opening and closing doors
Mouth opening crooked in a surprised face while verbal stimming with hand movments (flaps) and fingers spaced open.

I hope this is temporary cause I'm not sure what I should be expecting...
Skyblade 2 years ago
Okay. Should wait.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Hi Freehomeoforall,

I'll keep waiting.

Day 6 after update.

Walking in ciclres that started after initial dose stopped.
Opening and closing doors that had started initial; stopped.

Calmer demeanor again (still very active though)

He is obsessed with throwing toys and objects instead of functional play and OCD on Zippers by zipping and unzipping. This is unrelated to homeopathic remedies. We started an AMD ion cleanse footbath 2 weeks ago and I believe he is showing some herx reaction from that.

Shall I continue to wait? Your advise is appreciated!
Skyblade 2 years ago
No more Thuja. Wait 4 days more. Keep updating.
Did you collect Silicea 30 pill form?
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-03-08 18:02:05]
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
We have Silcea 30c pellets on hand but the pill form we cant get so I had to order online. It would be here in less 2 weeks if I order online today.

Can I use the pellets or is the pill version important?
Skyblade 2 years ago
Okay. Can use pallet form.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Ok, shall I start in 4 days time?
Skyblade 2 years ago
Wait. Don't give anything now. Keep updating. Don't want to give anything within 10 days of the last dose of Thuja. The gap time may be increased. Keep updating.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Understood, thank you. I will wait
Skyblade 2 years ago
After 10 days of the last dose of Thuja, give full details about his full body, mind, behaviour, activities, likes and dislikes, sleep, digestion, memory etc.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Hello Freehomeoforall,

After 10 days of the last dose of Thuja, give full details about his full body, mind, behaviour, activities, likes and dislikes, sleep, digestion, memory etc.

Body- body is hyper still but can focus for longer periods now. Some facial tics only when verbal stimming. Touches his hand to his chin a lot; this is new the last 3 days. Still biting hand and slapping chest when extremely excited or anxiety.

Mind- brain is calmer even tho his body is not. He is thinking clearer and articulating more. I tell him to go pee and he goes to the washroom on his own and pulls down diaper and flushes. He is repeating a lot on tv, what we are eating and trying more words more frequently!

Behaviors- lots of stimming behaviours. Stimming on ipad on intro videos and ending credits of shows. Stimming on throwing objects on ground. But overall he is happy all day, compliant and very little tantrums.

Sleep- has been great. 9PM -8AM daily.he still sweats in the hair head nightly.

Digestion- good semi solid stool 3x daily. Brown color. No bloating. He is eating much better and cleaning his plate at dinnertime.

Likes and Dislikes- he likes social games and getting more into playing with his younger sister. He is tolerating the full tv shows now rather than just intro videos only. He wants to play tickle games with his parents and attempts hide and seek games now. He loves getting tickled when we find him. He likes outdoors.

He dislikes vegetables, writing and being told No.

Memory- great improvement here. He is singing songs he learned in school. Repeating random words only to find out he was learning them day before in school. He is attempting to watch songs online and sing along to them attempting all words! He is remembering answers to questions like "what is your name?" Age? He is very good at navigating iPad speech folder and finds the words on his talking device in record speed and attempting to make 3 word sentences with them now.

Please advise our next step please sir,
Thank you so much.
[Edited by Skyblade on 2020-03-16 04:15:58]
Skyblade 2 years ago
I am not seeing any more problems in him. Do you think, he has any more problems?
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Please send me a video clip of him to my mail id: freehomeoforall(at)gmail(dot)com
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Hello Freehomeoforall,

Thank you for your response.

He is 6years old and his speech isnt conversational. He only labels when asked "what is this?" No conversation.

He stims on objects all day and not functional playinging

When he has heightened emotions of anxiety, anger or excitement he hits himself or bites his hand until it bleeds.

I will send videos soon via the email you sent me.

Do you think its possible for Autism to be overcome or is the damage already done from his vax?

Thank you in advance for candor and advise.
Skyblade 2 years ago
Some child during this age is like as your child. It is normal. If his sleeping, eating, circulatory organs, speech seems normal, then he is normal. Some child acts more violent when becomes angry. It is normal at his age.
Obviously he had a bad effects of Vaccine. And is responding good by the remedy.
Actually, autism is not very easy to understand. Parents can realise what is going on. If his mother thinks that, he is abnormal, then we should find out the cause and solution.
Please send me video clip of his behaviour, playing, speaking time to time.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Hello Freehoneoforall,

I tried to send videos even short ones but they weren't being accept on my gmail due to file size.

Let me try to explain and then I'll attempt video again.

Speech is not normal. He is echolalic where he just copies after me. He needs to be told to "say this". He has functional labeling but zero conversation language. Speaks like an 2 year old but is 6 years in body.

Mind- restless ADHD, always moving or walking constantly. Cannot sit still unless holding iPad.

Body- good balance but stimulatory behaviour takes up his entire day. He doesnt interact with people on his own he would rather open and close doors, throw toys across room to watch them fall visually and verbal stim with hand flapping while watching tv.

Sensory- when he hears fast marching band music or waltz he gets hyper. When he heard gregorian chat or Tibetan bowl music he is calmer. When he hears his sister cry he covers his face and ears and starts to hit himself.

I hope this helps to paint a pi true of him.

He is always jumping, moving, stimming or busy mind.
Skyblade 2 years ago
Give him a dose of Silicea 30
How to give:
In next morning when he wakes up:
Take a cup of distilled water. The cup should be cleaned by plain distilled water before use.
Put 2 pallets of Silicea 30 in the water. Let them dissolved. Use a cleaned spoon and gently mix it till the disappearance of the pallets in water.
Just give 1 teaspoon from the cup in empty stomach. Don't let him drink or eat anything within 20 minutes.
Single dose only then no medicine without my suggestion.
Keep updating
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
As it is not a normal case I have to see some video clips of the child. Contact with me via email. I'll give you a link to send me some video clips.
freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Hello Sir,

I emailed you via my personal gmail account; Surname Jagessar

Hope it will be received well.

Many thanks
Skyblade 2 years ago

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