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Tui will not available for next few months. I may try to do something for you if you want. Please give full description with all of your present problems.
freehomeoforall last year
Thank you very kindly for stepping in. Tui is helping me with two things:

(1) Cough. I got a cough after taking Phosphorus. You can see above conversation and it is definitely an aggravation from overdosing the Phosphorus (it was prescribed by a homeopath). It has been 1.5 years and I still have the cough. Dry cough. Comes on immediately upon laying down. I have to sleep propped up on pillows all night long or I cough. I simply cannot lay down. Sometimes the cold or talking or singing will set it off, but mostly lying down. Cough drops help temporarily. Tui prescribed Nux Vomic 200c to antidote the Phosphorus. Then Arsenicum for cough, no lessening of cough, but I did have an aggravation to Arsenicum. Then Tui prescribed Pulsatilla 30c one dose daily for three days. No aggravation to Pulsatilla and it seems the cough is very slightly better. How to proceed?

(2) Menopause. I am 50 years old. About 1 year ago my periods got very heavy and my breasts grew a full cup size. I have always had light periods with a 29 day cycle - very regular, lasting four days and no pain. Now my periods are very heavy, bleeding heavy at night, and lasting 6-7 days. Still no pain and only a small amount of clotting. Bright red blood.
Tui prescribed Trillium and Arnica during the bleeding and Amm Carb 200c every 10 days. I had aggravation from Amm Carb - my vagina got very dry, my sexual desire complete disappeared, started having hot flushes during the day, and my hair started falling out. She wanted me to wait until the symptoms calmed down. I was checking in. I still have low sex drive and light hairfall - but my vagina is not dry and no more hot flushes. My period is going to start in a couple of days and I am wondering what to do?? Also over the last year, I am just warmer...no hot flashes, but I don't much like being in the sun anymore because I feel lightheaded because of being hot. I used to love the sun.

As you may notice, I am sensitive to remedies, so I like to start at a lower potency until I know I am okay. The Amm Carb 200c was very much too strong for me. Thank you.
magicandmiracles1 last year
Aralia Racemosa 3X
5drops with 3 spoons water
3 times a day.
Keep updating everyday.
May Be Need To Add More. At First Let's See The Result Of 1st One.
freehomeoforall last year
Thank you so much. I will have to order this one. Is this one for my period or cough? I may not get it before my period.
magicandmiracles1 last year
Oh, I see it is for cough. I can only order as low as 4X on ABCHomeopathy...is 4X okay? or is there somewhere else to get a 3X?
magicandmiracles1 last year
Try to collect in 3X potency.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-03-22 00:09:57]
freehomeoforall last year
I can only find Aralia as low as 4X or Q. I am in the United States and have limited access to lower potency remedies it seems. ABC and Washington only have it as low as 4X.
magicandmiracles1 last year
Okay. Take Aralia Racemosa 6C
3drops with 3 spoons distilled water
3 times a day.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-03-22 00:32:13]
freehomeoforall last year
I have taken Aralia 6c (3 drops in 3 spoons 3 times a day) for the last two days. I cannot say I have seen any change yet, but I don't know how long it is supposed to take.

Just for the record, I forgot to mention I have already tried Spongia and Pulsatilla.
magicandmiracles1 last year
freehomeoforall last year
Thank you. How often shall I check back? I know you are busy helping others and don't want to inundate you with correspondence.
magicandmiracles1 last year
You may update anytime. I will check.
freehomeoforall last year
I have been taking Aralia 6c (3 drops in 3 spoons 3 times a day) for one week now. My cough has improved 40%, maybe 50%. Thank you so much for this.

I am still sleeping sitting up, but I have been able to remove one of the pillows, and I can turn to the right and left now without having a coughing fit, whereas before I could only be on my back. Each night get a little better.

I am so very grateful for your assistance, and I hope you are blessed a 1000 times in return for all you do to help others.

Continue as instructed?
magicandmiracles1 last year
Everything is from God.
We or medicine is a medium.

Continue the suggested.
freehomeoforall last year
I am checking in on my remedy for cough - Aralia 6c (3 drops in 3 spoons 3 times a day).

I have taken this remedy for 14 days now and my cough is 75% less. I still need to elevate myself a little bit at night but it is less. I am able to sleep with only two pillows now, instead of four, and I can sleep on my right and left sides.

I am not having any coughing fits in the middle of the night, just some throat clearing. And some throat clearing or a little coughing when I first wake up in the morning, and it passes.

Thank you!

Continue three times per day?
magicandmiracles1 last year
You may reduce the dosage now. 2times per day.
freehomeoforall last year
You have several IDs. Inform to moderator. It is not legal here. I think it is done mistakenly.
freehomeoforall last year
Thank you. I will decrease my dose to 2x per day.

Yes, I noticed my mistake with IDs last night and informed the moderator. I am sorry for the confusion. Another family member was logged in and I did not realize it when I posted. It should be corrected shortly.
magicandmiracles1 last year
I am checking in on my treatment for cough.

I took Aralia 6c (3 drops in 3 spoons at 3 times per day) for 2 weeks.

Then 2 times per day for approximately 3 weeks.

It has been a total of approximately five weeks of treatment so far and my cough is about 90% better.

I am still sleeping with two pillows, because I cough if I lay on my right side and I am flat. I do not cough if I lay on my left side and I am flat.

This is much improvement. Thank you. Continue...?
magicandmiracles1 last year
Continue Aralia.
Take 6doses of Spongia 30
3pills 3times a day.
30 minutes gap between 2 remedies.
freehomeoforall last year
Thank you.

Just to clarify...I take Spongia 30 3x per day for TWO days only, which makes a total of six doses?

Also, I should tell you that I was on Spongia 30c 2x a day for two months for this cough. This was prescribed by the homeopath that had prescribed the Phosphorus that caused the cough. It helped reduce the cough somewhat. I got dry skin and an irritable bladder while I was on it, but this went away when I stopped. He then switched the remedy to Pulsatilla 200 for the cough, which helped a bit, but gave me terrible heartburn, so I stopped. This was about one year ago. I have learned that I am not someone who can take daily doses of higher potencies.

Shall I still take the Spongia for the six doses only?

Thank you kindly.
magicandmiracles1 last year
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-05-04 22:47:00]
freehomeoforall last year
I will take the Spongia. Thank you kindly.
magicandmiracles1 last year
I took the Spongia 30 as instructed. In the last three weeks I have had flare-ups of the cough. My cough is currently worse.

I am still taking Aralia 6c 2x per day.

Thank you.
magicandmiracles1 last year
Had suggested to take Spongia only 6doses. You are knocking after 1month!!!. Why didn't you update when it was becoming worse?!!!

What ever. Please give full details now.
freehomeoforall last year
[Edited by emeraldbridges on 2020-06-15 01:37:26]
emeraldbridges last year

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