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Dr. Jitesh Eczema/red skin/rash on hand

I am 30 year old female.

I am having Eczema/red skin/rash/dry skin on hand(below elbow). Its mainly due to use of detergent powder for cleaning.

I tried applying coconut oil at night but that is not helping.

Skin has become as if burned and has become reddish, dry. At some places, skin has started to crack and i can see blood over there. No pus.

Kindly advise.
  pri86 on 2020-05-25
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H/o C/C : Write every complaint individually with-
·         Onset, decline, causation.
·         Side.
·         Location & Extension
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·         Modalities : Movements/ Positions/ Thermals/ Food Habits/ Seasonal/
¾     Concomitant.
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·         Require Sweater in Winter ?
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Dr.Jitesh Sharma
drjitesh 3 years ago
30 year old female.
Height : 5'7"
Weight : 60

Red skin/rash/dry skin on hand(below elbow). Its mainly due to use of detergent powder for cleaning.

Skin has become as if burned and has become reddish, dry. At some places, skin has started to crack and i can see blood over there. No pus.

It has started some 06 month ago with dryness in hand and fingers. Skin was damaging with use of soap and detergent. Applied lotion and got some relief. However, after some time dryness in skin has increased. It is now extended to half of hand below elbow. From past 15 days, dry skin got converted to reddish skin and skin has started cracking. I am feeling pain/itching in the affected area.

E. Past H/o : Taking 25mg Thyrox medicine daily for hypothyroid since delivery of first baby

Blood Group : A+

F. Family H/o : No major issues.

G. Physical Generals :
· Habit : No alcohol/smoking etc
· Diet : Veg
· Appetite : Any alteration?No

Whether patient can tolerate hunger? : No
· Desire : Tea, cold drink
· Mouth : no odour
· Tongue : No coating but numerous blackish spots on tongue from long time.

·Perspiration : normal

·Sleep : normal
o Time : Daytime 1530 to 1700hr / Night time : 23.30 to 0630hr.

o Sound/ Natural: disturbed. gets annoyed on small issues. same thoughts disturbs sleeping sometime.

o Position :lies on back
o Bed+ Pillow :YES
o Talking/ Walking sleep during: NO
o Eyes closed sleep during.
· Dreams : not much

o Menstrual History : normal 28/30 days cycle

H. Mind :
· Education : Post Graduate
· Occupation : Home maker
· marital Status : Married

o Family : Separate
o Financial Condition : Sound

o Nature : Irritable. Small small issues bothers much.

o Desires Company or Not : Yes
o Close to : Mother
o Fear of/ Stage courage : No
o Playful
o Any impactful/ disturbing incidence in childhood. No

o Angry when? How is it expressed : Small things irritates alot. Pampered child of parents but after marriage have to do household work. That become reason for other irritation. Anger expressed on family members, child. High pitch voice. Shouting. Then starts crying.

o Timid / Daring: Daring

·After Marriage.

o Family: Separate
o Financial Condition : Sound
o Short Tempered
o Angry when ? How is it expressed:
Small things irritates alot. Pampered child of parents but after marriage have to do household work. That become reason for other irritation. Anger expressed on family members, child. High pitch voice. Shouting. Then starts crying

o Talkative
o Reaction to Criticism: cannot tolerate. starts shouting on the person.

o Happy When? : travelling

o Weeps when : after fighting with inlaws/husband.

Thermals :

Bathing : Hot
Fanning : requires
Covering : Thin

·Open air : desires
· Require Sweater in Winter ? yes
pri86 3 years ago
what all homoeopathic medicine you have taken ?
with their effects ?
drjitesh 3 years ago
No homeo medicines taken for skin issue.

However, i do take

Carbo veg 30 sometime for bloating issues.

Aconite 30 for headache. It help alot.

Forgot to mention about headache issue in my previous post.Because of my short temper nature, i get frequent headaches. i get irritated very frequently on small issues. i take Paracetamol for managing headache. Aconite also help me in that.
pri86 3 years ago
describe your headache
when gets more and when it get increases
which part
how you feel better
drjitesh 3 years ago
Headache i get for two reason :

1. Whenevr i keep weekly fast. Not able to tolerate hunger. This leads to headache.

2. Irritation : Whenever someone is not agreeing with me or does thing which i dont like. I have long list which i dont like. for others it is trivial issues. like i dont like others walking without sleepers(specially my kid), hanging clothes not in a particular order etc. i hate dust.

Even my 03 year kid is able to irritate me easily. I shout on him/family members very frequently on small small issues.

Headache is mainly on forehead. But sometime it is on full head also. i apply balm on my forehead to get relief.

i feel better after my anger is out. After shouting/fighting/cursing on others. Crying also help. I keep on thinking about issues for days and days if i dont express or try to control anger. This also leads to Headache.

Nk fixed time for headache. I sleep with headache and still can have headache in morning.
pri86 3 years ago
take PSORINUM 200
you have to take only two doses only
one dose one week , then another dose next week

report after 15 days

Dr.Jitesh Sharma
drjitesh 3 years ago
Thank you.
pri86 3 years ago
its 02 week after i have started Psorinum 200.

1st week :
Less headache
less irrrlitation

2nd week :
My period started. Flow has increased. First time my whole body was paining. Headache on day prior to starting of period. Stopped with Paracetamol.
Headache for two days after Period were over. Again taken paracetamol.

Eczema on hand has reduced almost 50%. i am applying vaceline/moisturising lotion at night time on affected area. That is also helping.

Should i continue taking Psorinum ?
pri86 3 years ago
Dr. Jitesh,

Kindly have a look and pls reply.

Thanks and regards
pri86 3 years ago
hello pri
my apologies I was busy in hospital
if you ever feel I m not replying please mail at drjiteshsharma at live.com
yes please take only one dose more

then report after 10 days

Dr.Jitesh Sharma
drjitesh 3 years ago

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