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my condition is just like the lady who had posted depression problem. i also have a son - 8 and daughter - 3. i am working. my husband also is working. he loves me physically more. but i am the one who likes to be loved emotionally. many a times the situation is that i calmly reaspond to his call. but when i am emotionally better. i equally participate.

i am suffering from PMS for which i had gone to a dr. who gave me sepia 30 and conium 30. this relieved more than 80% of my symptoms. my last period was on 26.4.2006. since yesterday i am feeling very irritable, tensed, headache, annoyed. i am not happy at all. my husband always counters whatever i say. but he has different attitude for the same thing if his mother or sister (married) says. my husband rarely accompanies me to my mom's place. but takes me always with him. he has some inferiority complex which he does not admit. but always insists on me going with him. but will rarely follow what i say. such small things irritate me and i get trapped into the vicious circle of unending depression. which is very difficult to comeout. as i dont have any emotional support.

dr. pankaj please advise me. i am dying of this depression.
the medicine that worked for me does not seem to work anymore.

please prescribe what should i do.

  sepia on 2006-05-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
your mental and physical symptoms do match that of sepia.

its evident that you need to go for higher potency (sepia 200).

take only 3 doses of sepia 200c at intervals of 6 hours. note your symptoms for a week.

do not take conium any more.
rishimba last decade
thanks for how long should i take sepia 200.
sepia last decade
Take Sepia as suggested by Rishimba....if it works fine...otherwise I will go deeper into your case history since you made a request to me.

Come to terms with life....how?

Talk to any 70 year old who has been through a full life and ask him/her...that at anytime in his/her life when he/she needed emotional support...who came to the rescue. The answer mostly is: None......only faith in GOD.

This is a world full of self-centred people and each one looks from the angle of his / her own advantage. Sometimes we (means you and me) ourselves also are not free from this problem.
Fortunately...on ABC there are many who are willing to discuss your problems and suggest alternatives.

GOD made you and set up up here on this earth. He gave you your parents. HE gives you set backs in life to bring you closer to HIM.

Apart from homeopathic medicine...it will be your faith in GOD that will bring you the cure and solution to your problems.

No two individuals in this world agree completely on all matters. So don't expect...neither force a concencus on all matters with your husband. Recognise areas of dis-agreement. Argue only to a point where you can return back to friendliness. Look for the humour in the sitution.

Leave the rest to GOD and seek his Divine intervention. HIS power is much greater and if you are seeking something that is good for both of you in the long run..GOD will surely make it happen.

If something is still not happening...there is the Karmic balance of a previous life coming in the way !!!! Yours or your husband's.

By the way ...some women don't want their husbands to visit her folks too often !!
Gud luck...will write more later.
best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

One way to neutralise past Karmic debt is to do self-less sevice to God's creatures i.e. fellow human beings....without discrimination and without expectation of anything in return.

SAI BABA says : 'The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray'.

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
self-less *service
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dr. Pankaj,

i am very very thankful for your reply and kind suggestions. i am happy and thankful that you have got my pulse. i am vey happy and jolly person, when my husband doesn't tease or nag me for many days, but the moment anything happens it is like a rock for me. i have strong faith in God and i feel these are our good deeds and positive feeling about others that take us to God.

after getting free (post period), i am very happy chirping and get aroused for 3-4 days but this time this thing did not happen and i have noticable sadness.

dr. saheb my Dr. gave me a ready to use bottle of tablets mixed with sepia dilution and one with conium. he has also charged handsomely. i can not stop these medicines without seeking his advice. patients don't have access to their prescription paper at his clininc. but since i have worked in a homoeopathic mfg. firm so i could quickly read while he was writing.

since i am not planning to quit his medicine, please tell me can i take sepia 200 along with conium. and is the dosage for sepia 200 - 3 doses at 6 hour. and then in the next week and so on.

or if i am regularly guided by you then i will definitely follow your treatment only and quit the above treatment. because i can comfortably interact with you. and post my responses to medicine immediately.

waiting for your reply.
sepia last decade
i live in New Delhi - India.
sepia last decade
no..remedy is natrum muriaticum..headache and irritability after menses..nat-m--sepia no have irritability after menses...also sensitive to inslt nat-m....particular if dont show sadness to rudenesss-keep to self......
John Stanton last decade

please note that she had been taking sepia 30 and she got 80 % relieved by it.

moreover, she has written so much about her husband which makes and important mental sepia symptom.

thus, the first step is to go for a higher potency of the same remedy. i have noticed earlier that sepia works in 200c best on menstrual and mental symptoms.

if she doesnt get 100% relief, the next step would be to take the case afresh and solve it.

hope you agree with me.
rishimba last decade
well note had been taken --aso note of changes---never had symptoms as such after menses before as mentioned by patient...irritability and headache ...if not experienced before then sepia no longer needed---and if YOU take note --conium was alos used--so you decide what remedy did what.....also it is ni=ot said that only the area in which she had concern was 80 % bettr and not a transfer of symptomology in another area..which may be menses symptom menioned....

you dont go higher in potency when new symptoms occur---in organon ---new remedy is indicated...BUT if she in ca had such menses characteristic in life sometime --even years ago--then ok--sepia allowed---YET noone asked her that--now that shows lack of prescribers ability to ascertain the truth...so all in allto defend your position as such---only implies lack of understanding fully homoeopatic principls...

anyway==from her telling how she warms up when treated fine--not sepia--this nat-m ....as told sensitive to rudeness..sepia dont care...nat-m does and hides
John Stanton last decade
Nat Mur = suppressed anger and grief.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
If she is a sepia patient....she will have back ache lower down the spine ..along with other symptoms. (Sepia..do you have it ???).
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I am very thankful to all the doctors there for their concern.

i have two children 7.5 and 3 years old. i am suffering from this PMS may be after my second delivery. earlier i never had or never noticed. but now for the last 4-5 months, the situation has become worse. i can not be happy. and this has disturbed my daily life. though i never miss my work at home or office. i try to remain active but mentally i am not happy. there is nothing to bother about. with the grace of god things are going well.

so i decided to go for homoeopathic treatment. i have listed out all my symptoms according to their severety. i am mailing those to your respective addressess. i have also marked that what happened to those symptoms after one months' treatment. pre and post period.

i will strictly follow what u all say.

yesterday i got Sepia 200 and took one dose of 4 tablets at night next on today morning. the next one i will take after six hours. then when i have to take the next dose. please tell me and also have a glance at the symptoms.

thanks a lot.
sepia last decade
Rihimba's mail address is not available. so i could not send my list of symptoms to him.
sepia last decade

you have to take only three doses.

do not take anything more. just notice your symptoms and come back to the forum.

your problem is mainly mental and thus would definitely help you. thats the reason i asked you to change the potency.

the moderator doesnt allow us to provide e-mail addresses, else i would have given you.

you can still put in your mental and physical symptoms here.

rishimba last decade
yes to me also it seems that my problem is more of mental type. all the doctors please help me to overcome this.

i have taken three doses.

my LMP - last Menstrual period
was on 26.4.2006 and before that it was 26.3.2006. next due must be around 24.5.2006.

i dont have any bad eating habits. my diet is purely veg no meat no eggs. i dont take cheese and rarely take white bread may be twice a month.

my diet and daily routine:-
get up at 5.45 a.m.
at 6.10 a.m. drink 1 litre to 1.2 litre water on empty stomach without brushing teeth.

8.30 a.m. breakfast - one prantha (indian name for bread made from brown flour), 2 serving spoons cooked vegetable, one cup 75 ml tea.

12.00- two oranges, one banana

1.00 p.m.- lunch - two roti (indian name for bread made from brown bread), vegetable or beans, curd.

2.20p.m- 75 ml tea+2 biscuits

6.00 pm - 50 ml tea+2 biscuits

8.00 p.m.-250 ml milk without sugar

8.45 - dinner- 2 brown breads+pulses+ salad or 1 brown bread+rice+pulses+salad.

for the last two months, i have been taking one medium beetroot daily with dinner, which helps motion in the morning. as i got gall bladder removed in october 2005. a small polyp was incidentally found on it.

in the list of symptoms, i have marked symptoms which were there before treatment as severe mild and tolerable. and after treatment X, * and **.
X means- these symptoms had completely vanished.

* - means these symptoms were mildly there.

** - these were noticable - slightly higher than mild.

i also get ovulation period everymonth. i am experiencing this pain since yesterday. it is mild continuous pain in lower abdomen. upto March 2006 i used to take MEFTAL SPAS an allopathic medicine for pain and the same i used to take during period. but after that i am not taking any medicine. kindly suggest medicine for this abdominal pain.

thanks for your concern i will be glad to provide any other information if required.
sepia last decade

please note the changes in you for a week and come back only after that.

wish u all the best.
rishimba last decade
Homeopathy believes that the origin of the physical ailment is from the mental field.

That is why....an important rule is ....mental symptoms first then the physical.

Even when cure begins...the mental symptoms begin to show improvement....most times leading to personality changes.

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
u r right Dr. pankaj. physical symptoms are something that bother me only not to other family members or people around me. but mental symptoms change the whole environment. but now i hope to emerge winner with the guidance that i am getting from you all.

Buddhism says - oneness of self and enviornment. that is if we feel good our environment will be good and if we feel bad our enviornment will also be bad.

i am trying my best to be winner.
sepia last decade
budadhism also says---it matters not if enviremnet bad or good...for in desire lies the root of discontent..


even desire for wellness...hmmm
John Stanton last decade
Some please help!!!
Every month I go through this major depression stage and it is driving me crazy. I wake up in the morning crying, I go to bed crying, I feel like my life is worthless, I feel like I am not acomplishing anything and I tell my boyfriend I don't want to be with him. Then after a week I want him back and my attitude is fine; he is really fed up with me. My doc prescribed PRozac but I did not get the prescrition filled. It is killing to keep going through this. Please Please Please help. Is Sepia good for me.
dayday34 last decade
day-day 34
---relax...how is this realted to menses?please explain...what meds/drugs using?prescription?

youuse drugs in past or current?cannabis;cocAIN;Ecstacy...etc

whajob you have?

when did this start?explain the circumstances and everything envolved
John Stanton last decade
Right now I am taking these pills called PMS balance. I am 34 years old, 165lbs and I am 5'5'. I have never taken any drugs at all.

I get this way everytime I am about to start my menastration. My doctor said it is PMS and proscrided Prozac but I can't take that, the side effects are not good at all. Also when I am not on my menses, I am so jolly, happy and full of life. Today, I didn't even want to come to work, I felt like staying in the bed, which is what I usally do. HELP. i can't keep going through this each month.
dayday34 last decade
ok-relax---we'll help--just need clarify......always been this way since menses started (puberty)? please explain

what other compaints are asociatedwith menses?emotionl/mental/physical?
John Stanton last decade
thank you.
I don't think I was aware of the moodiness until this past year and it is getting worst but I get headaches where I have to lay down for about an hour and close my eyes, sometime I get nauseated from the headaches, I have major cravings, I just cant seem to get motivated.
dayday34 last decade

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