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7 month old baby with eczema

Hello My little boy of 7 months is suffering from what has been diagnosed as eczema predominantly on his:
face and head and eyelids
but he also has dry patches on his:
arms, shoulders and lower legs
1. he had a normal birth although I had antibiotics as my waters broke early and was also treated for thrush at the end of the pregnancy.
2. he was 100% breastfed until 5.5 months
3. The 'eczema' started around 3 months on his face around his ear area (coinciding with his first set of DTP & whooping cough vaccinations).
4. The rash has progressively got worse over the last month and now covers his entire face (apart from nose and chin)and forehead including eyelids. (This coincides with the introduction of solids)
5. He has only been introduced to baby rice, baby millet, carrot, broccoli, turnip, peas, sweet potato, parsnip, pumpkin, courgette. I introduced all these individually and did not notice any particular symptoms. Digestion is fine. I have recently gone back to 100% breastfeeding to see if this makes any difference. For the moment it is too early to tell.
6. He is still breastfed and has a little water to drink.
7. He generally itches his head and forehead at intervals throughout the day but especially at night and his sleep is very disturbed from the itching. He wakes up to every hour.
8. During the day he will only sleep in the pushchair when he is outside in the fresh air.
9. He has had homeopathy for this: calc carb 15CH dose 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, Medorrhinum 15CH every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month and a soup spoon of sulphur dose 15CH diluted in 25ml water daily. I felt his condition worsened and discontinued the treatment.
8. He is generally agitated because of the constant itching but up until all this took over he was a very calm, confident, sociable little baby.
9. I have certain food intolerances and candida and my husband had asthma when he was little.
Thanks in advance for any advice or help, especailly on behalf of my little one - I only have to cope with the stress and sleep deprivation.. he is having to cope with a whole lot more poor thing.
  Goldilocks1972 on 2006-05-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

what other illnesses has child had in health history?when?how treated?
what is mther'scurrent exact health status? what was mother's health status when child was 2-3 months age?

what treatments mother undergone since birth?when (in reference o child's age at that time)?reason for treatments? acciden's?injuries?emotinal traumas...etc pease explan this area

what is mother'exact typical die.?tellall.snacks?drinks?all...
John Stanton last decade
Hello and thanks for replying - here is some further detail:
1.He had his Diptheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio jabs at 3 mths, 4 months & 5 months.
2.He has not been ill - no temperature after the vaccines either - they were adminstered by a homeopath with Thuya. He had cradle cap for a short period at 2 months and again at 5.5 months.
3. I have had low iron levels throughout breastfeeding (also at the end of pregnancy) - at lowest when my little one was 2-3 months and have had to take a supplement for this from months 3 to 5. My levels are now ok.
4. I have also tried to exclude various things at different times from my diet from month 5.5 - 7 to see if this has had an effect (dairy, wheat, sugar, citrus, eggs, high histamine foods). I did think the dairy free slightly improved his eczema but only for a short period. During this period, I was taking a calcium supplement. I also felt that citrus had a negative effect on his eczema. At the time, I was in to juicing in a big way (carrots, beetroot, apples, greens, oranges, lemons, pineapples, paw paw).
5. I am on an anti-candida diet (started very recently at 7 months)and taking Nystatin for this.
6. I have taken mango, pineapple, soya, shellfish, chocolate out of my diet (5 months) and also took out pork and ham recently (6.5 months) as I felt these had a negative effect on him. I have started eating dairy again (yogurt, butter, cheese).
7.My typical diet at the moment (7 months) is high in meat (except pork), raw vegetables, butter and cheese, ryvita, rice, lentils, quinoa, oats, brazil and pistachio nuts,tortilla crisps olive and flax oil and decaff coffee. I also drink a lot of water. No alcohol.
8. I have a slightly dry itchiness on the side and underside of my breasts which comes and goes but have not yetsought any medical help for this.
9. I was due to return to work at 7 months (beginning of May -now)but have had to postpone this because I cannot leave my little one with a carer when he is in this state (constantly itching and agitated).
10. On the advice of an allergy doctor, I have suspended the weaning programme for the moment and he is now 100% back on the breast for the last 2 days.
11. Have seen various doctors aho have nothing other to offer than corticoids which I'm not happy about using. have seen 2 allergy doctors one determined by skin prick test that my little one had allergy to cow's milk, peanuts, egg white and was ok on fish and wheat. The other found no reaction to any of the above mentioned foods and found a reaction to almonds. He also tested my breastmilk which was negative. Am doing blood tests for the 5 mentioned foods tomorrow.
Hope this information is complete - please do not hesitate to request further detail. Thanking you in advance.
Goldilocks1972 last decade
I forgot to mention:
1. One doctor told us to try Nizoral shampoo (Ketocanazole) for 3 days am & pm - this did actually relieve the symptoms on his face and head - we also used an anti-histamine at the same time which made for a less disturbed night. Once we dicontinued the Nizoral and the anti-histamine, the symptoms returned within 48hrs.
2. I have just started to give him (since 1 week) infant probiotics :
lactobacillus rhamnosus & lactobacillus acidophilis by a company called ditopy. These however do have a trace of soya in them which i'm not sure is a great idea.
3. I have also just started to give him (since 1 week) a borage and vit E supplement especially for babies.
Goldilocks1972 last decade
I have a baby with eczema, too, and wanted to tell you that there is a company called Klaire labs that makes probiotics that are supposedly the best hypoallergenic ones on the market. They have to be ordered by a doctor, though. I'm sure your homeopath or allergist can get them for you.

Just google Klaire labs. HTH.

It is best to buy two and rotate them.
josiewales last decade
when did the itchiess start underside of breasts?any ointmenst/cremes anything at all applied?

what affect notiiced using borage/vit e oil suplement?

what are you doing currently about iron level?this is stable without suplementation?please explain

ALL sweets have been removed from your diet?

whatcondition of child's and mother's fingernais and around fingernals?how many white spts on mother's?child's?

what is child's weight?
mother's weight?height?age?
mother-how many pregnancies?

has mother recieved any immunizations of late?when last time?lease explain

how much antibiotic use in mother's health history?

how do you fel about chocolate--if allowed self to have?any problem ceasing use?
John Stanton last decade
1. itchiness for me started maybe around month 2 but didn't really bother me enough to worry and see a doc. Has come and gone and I kind of associated it with dry skin and full breasts. Have experienced it agin recently. No treatment creams though.
2.Have only been giving the supplement for 4 days now so it's a bit early to say. The pack suggests 1-2 months (SVR Topialyse). Hi skin has been maybe slightly better over the past couple of days - certainly less red but still as itchy but I would think this is more coincidence than anything else.
3. Currently doing nothing about iron level except for eating meat, broccoli. Would have to request a blood check to see if it's stable. I felt the lack of iron at 2-3 months as I was constantly exhausted. Although i am getting up very regularly during the night, I do not feel exhausted - a little tired at times but nothing by comparison to how I was feeling.
4.Yep, all sweets, no sugar at all at the moment including fruit (this is advised for the first month of the anti-candida diet - i can then introduce it with peel removed). Haven't had sugar for about a month but have only taken the fruit out in the last week since I started the anti-candida diet and Nystatin.
5.Fingernails on both of us are fine, no white spots although my usually strong nails have broken alot more easily recently and the skin on the sides of some nails has been slightly pulled. My little ones nails are slightly shiny - maybe from scratching? Apart from that nothing special to remark
6. Baby weighs:
7kg8 at 7 months and 5 days and measures 70cm. He was born at 3.55kg and 50cm.
I weigh:
57kg and measure 1.64m
7. This was my first pregnancy.
8. No immunizations for me of late.
9. Antibiotics for acne - long term use about 15 years ago for acne also long term use of the pill 9 years. Stopped years before I decided to get pregnant.
10. Chocolate - always loved it in general, hated it during pregnancy, made up for eating very little during pregnancy after the birth for the first 5.5 months. Have completely cut it out as i think it has a negative effect (plus apart from the pleasure - there's not that much nutritional goodness for me!). Was difficult to give up though.
Goldilocks1972 last decade
..don't know if this is relevant but the day it spread from his cheeks to the rest of his face and eyelids (6 mths), we'd been for a walk in the woods around a lake and it was a sunny day although we kept him as much in the shade as possible. We were originally worried he had been burnt as this is what it looked like but as I said previously his nose and chin were not affected so this couldn't have been the case. Since this time, the 'eczema' has not left these areas, apart from with the Nizoral. We use a copper/ zinc cream by Avene when his skin has wept - otherwise I use a beeswax, coconut oil cream to hydrate his skin all over. Baths are down to 2 per week with aleppo soap, the rest of the time I sponge him down from head to toe with mineral water. I had been sing oats in his bath but was advised to stop as this may lead to a gluten sensitivity.
Goldilocks1972 last decade
what particular type chocolate preferred?

beisde the possible gluten sensitivity how was the oats woking?what form did you use them in?how prepared?

what effect noticed baths have on the child's eczema?

slight itchiness undersid breasts--was this before or after iron supplementation usage?

what symptoms were you exactly experiencing prior to iron supplements use?please explain all aspects---physical/emotional/mental
John Stanton last decade
1. Dark or white chocolate preferred
2. I was putting oats in a sock in his bath and dabing the sock on to all parts of his body. It didn't seem to irritate but his skin still remained dry and grainy so not sure it helped that much either. We stopped this on the advice of a doctor at around 6 months. Now I only shower him down 2 x per week, rest of time he's flanneled down with mineral water. After his bath I use a beeswax & coconut hydrating butter all over his body. His skin is generally v sensitive so he gets red even if you apply pressure to his body to pick him up. He gets blotchy very quickly from being touched but these marks disappear quite quickly.
3. The itchiness for me was before using the iron supplementation and since on and off as I mentioned.
4. Prior to the iron supplements, I was phsically very very tired, lacking in energy, literally exhausted. My little boy was breastfeeding every 2 hrs day and night till 4.30am. My husband was working and we had recently moved to an area where we know nobody and have no family so I was getting no help apart from my husband at the weekends. The 'night shift' was always mine due to the. My baby tended to sleep best between 4.30am and 9.00am, this was his only undisturbed slot (it still is on good nights). I was getting up late, not feeling refreshed and feeling a little depressed that I could not get anything done in the house or for myself and also that I was not up and ready before 11am. I craved sugar at around 4pm and also felt I needed a nap which was rarely possiblea as my baby rarely slept during the day unless i took him out in the car or pushchair (same today). I was emotionally very sensitive and felt rather isolated.
Goldilocks1972 last decade
Hi John

Sorry to bug, just wondered if you'd seen my response, it seems to have gone v low down on the list so maybe you missed it. Thanks
Goldilocks1972 last decade
no --your not bugging--it was my lack of responding after i read post...should have acknowledge it was read...

since breat feed (which is wise )---mother and child are to be treate togther as one...

mother is to take single (2 pellets) dose sulphur 200c...
--on empty stomach -2 hours before first eating of day..

NO sweets and no acidic foods is what is required---but anti--candida diet is exactly right....

no other meds/herbs/skin cremes nothing at all.

go back to oats for skin coverig for chld--nothing else..

stop nystatin

use 'udo's choice super 8' probiotic---

how avaiable are homoeopathic remedies to yo?how long from 'need to have 'and 'getting'?

all clear?

keep me closely informed ok?
John Stanton last decade
remedy is to be taken just by mother---and only 1 dose ...no repaet at all..
John Stanton last decade
Hello and thanks for the quick reply, just a few quick questions:
1.when you say 2 pellets do you mean those that are about the size of 2 pin heads (of which there are about 80 in a 4g tube)?
2. when you say no acid food, does this include yogurt, too - if so for how long - have been taking live yogurt
3.no creams at all on baby even if he's itching and very dry?
4.am currently using a lactobacillus acidophillus supplement from PURE, 1.5 billion CFU for the candida, is this as good as the udo's choice super 8 probiotic?
5.can get homepathy v easily here from my chemist (Boiron, weleda, dolisos)
6. how quickly would you expect me to see a result in him, is it going to get worse before it gets better - what should i expect- will i have any side effects? sorry for all questions but have never used 200c only 5,9 & 15CH
Goldilocks1972 last decade
(1)--2 pelets either way

(2)--no yogurt at all----

(3)only oats as used before..

(4)udo's has other important bacteria in it...either use tha or use Lactobacillus plantarum and
Bifidobacterium bifidum with what using already..

(5) well if time delay ten will need to give speculative list so as mantain control of case---if aggravation occur.

(6) we will see respns to sulphur--less 3 days-if not by next morning--in some aspect...if not then either remdey a dud from manufacturer---or dumb choice by me..

aggavtion --could happen--depends what vent this eczema exist for.possble from genetic dispostion--with all the senstivities

if need kist let me know.

all clear?questions
John Stanton last decade
1.so I take just 3 of the 80 pellets, that's right isn't it?
2.can I do this before starting the probiotics you suggest or should I wait.
3. Yes, could you send me the list of sensitivities.
4. When can i resume the Nystatin and how long prior to taking the sulphur dose should I stop taking Nystatin.
5. Should I continue to give my little one the borage oil and probiotics I previously referred to.
I think that's about all my questions. Will you be around for follow-up if I need it?
Many thanks
Goldilocks1972 last decade
100% braest fed--stop all suppements to child---just breast milk for now..

only you take sulphur as directed single (2 pellet) dose.. lets start with sulphur 30c instead of 200c

never use nystatin again.

take sulphur before getting other probiotic ok in tis case..

start food resrtictions same day and continue..

remedies to obtain:
sulphur 30c
sulphur 200c
nux vomica 200c
calcarea carbonica 30c

must be 'c' potencies not 'x'--NOT 'CH' -- NOT 'd'

any questions?
John Stanton last decade
Will start with 2 pellets Sulphur 30C before food then what about the Sulphur 200c, nux vom and calc carb? Do I take this first dose of Sulphur 30C and wait and see?
Goldilocks1972 last decade
yes take sulphur 30c start treatment--wait and see....other remedies--use so offset/guide any extreme aggravtion that may occur..
John Stanton last decade
So, I'll start with that as you suggest and get back to you in case of aggravation. Thanks you for your help, I really appreciate the time you have spent on this, it's v kind of you. Hope you don't me asking, was just wondering what homeopathic title you hold?
Goldilocks1972 last decade
title? too many years in homoeopathy to deserve one...and still more to learn..

keep me informed no matter if aggravtion or not-- daily is best..
John Stanton last decade
I have a 7 month old son with severe eczema as well. It is worst on his cheeks, but his legs and the back of his head are also affected as are his ears. He also had cradle cap when he was very young and developed eczema around the same time your son did.
I wanted to know if the regimen prescribed here worked for you.
This is a miserable condition and my husband and I are desperate to find an answer.
crstnMama last decade

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