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DAYDAY 34 depression post here Page 2 of 3

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

i am practising for almost 13 years and after this much of experience i dont think i need to discuss things with anyone related to kent or how to solve the rubrics.

also, i am not here to educate the lads who only depend on the repertory. i have biuld up my own way of dealing with symptoms and that succeeds.

i recall in the last case, a lady took sepia as per my recommendation and she got her mental symptoms cured within a week.
you had chipped in with nat mur based on some weird analogy which was not heeded to by the patient.

probably, this incident hurt YOUR EGO and since then you cultivate a vengeance against me. i recall your posts to me are filled with hatred. i have many patients who are ignatia, infact my wife is ignatia patient. so, dont ever try to teach me the mentals of ignatia. i have treated depressions were the lady was ignatia, pulsatilla or nat mur as well. so, dont try to act smart with me with your nagging posts.

presently i am out of the country to iran on business and i dont have access to my scratch notebook where the rubrics were written, once i get back to dubai, i will write them here TO EDUCATE YOU.
rishimba last decade
rish -- i got to you rish--never let that happen..just relax---i dont sterotype remedies and patterns--too much chance for error---we all have biased ways--and to let that become envolved in treatment--one need be very careful.i dont expect you to know -i am not being sarcastic at this point...

simply said--i do apologize for pointing out things that disturbed you...i have knack for instigating...anyway....i need refocus...drama is over...

anyway that 'sepia lady' you mentioned emailed me ..and i told her she is to stick with rish(you)--i dont mix treatments--so she not satisfied as think..but sometimes we feel good believing in our own fantasies...aslo rish NEVER brag..13 years is not enoughto know what we need know...belittling to the cause (to heal)--as much as my ego bashing method---anyway..keep the mind clear--and ever study
John Stanton last decade
and take note of other symptomology..that was left out--fullpic...not partial..if satisfied--then no complaint exist--...even if patient dissects self into parts to be healed--we are to treat all of patient--so as state of total health is raised..
John Stanton last decade

these are the rubrics, i solved with kent for dayday34

1. mind, sadness, during menses:

2.aversion to husband:
( because its close to avertion to boyfriend and relation to menses in this regard is not in the repertory)

3.menses, copious flow,dark:

4.griping pain during menses:

5.irritable before menses:

6.irritable during menses:

7.faintness ( extreme tiredness)during menses:

8.weeping without knowing why:
( this again, is related to menses but in the repertory, its relation to menses is not given)



11. desires sweet:

all the above symptoms are covered with SEPIA and all the symptoms are related to menses, thus SEPIA has an edge over IGNATIA. most of the rubrics are exact as in the kent repertory and only two of them are approximated because the exact rubrics are not presentin the kent.

i hope this satisfies you to some extent although i know you will have something to say on this.
as i told you, all homoeopaths do not think alike and thus the difference in their remedies.

this is a message to dayday34 also.
i am not a single track SEPIA advocator. your symptoms are pointing towards SEPIA and thats the reason i recommended it.
rishimba last decade
rhish -the sadness for dayday didnt occur during menses--but 6 days after--headache before (1-2 days)-ceased on start of flow...good mood during..

reread case info...i pointed to all this for you--and still same wrong understanding of ACTUAL symptoms related by dayday..
John Stanton last decade

i quote what dayday34 wrote in her post..

5. Any pain or discomfort before, during or after the periods. describe all the physical sufferings associated with it.
I usually have cramps the day my menses starts and throught out my cycle but no pain before, just the headaches.

6. Mental symptoms before, during and after the periods.
Before I am tired and very irritable and after my period I am jolly, joyful and full of energy

here she says she is jolly and joyful after the periods.so, from where did u get the concept of 6 days.

further, where she has written that she has good mood during menses..

also, my rubrics are not for headaches, just the pains, during and before the menses.

if she has told you all such things earlier, its contradictory to what she told me.

anyway, i just wrote the rubrics to tell you that i dont guess, i really do the job.

also, i dont expect you to do QA on this because it was just to educate you.

let the QA be finally done by dayday34 as to what her real symptoms are, and then you find out whats the remedy.
rishimba last decade
i tell you again--GO TO 'depression ' thread written by sepia---go to end of that thread--dayday has writeninfo there...i elicited info--dates and such--no matter her words--here read and do th e calendar match...noexcuse for you---i tell you three times now---patient must be questioned thoroughly--so ascertain what exactly before or after means...some time ---time element is to be part of case symptom--loosing track of time---as prescriber---we dont make it mean what we want --we dig into the meaning of patients woeds--dig deeply--get to truth----so if have the time read the thread (towards end of)dayday's info....in fact that thread you posted for that person (sepia case)....so again --you show me un observancy....even after told....your ego must be bigger than mine...
John Stanton last decade
Hello everyone. If you both need me to recap my syptoms I will.

I started my menses on may 15th.

I had a major headach the day BEFORE.

I have cramps during and before my menses.

I am very moody, irritiable, tired, and I cry for no reason (after I cry I feel better)

I tend to hate my boyfriend a week or two before I start my menses. then when it starts I am fine, i want him around sometimes.

I failed to mention that my mense is usually 3 to 5 days with 1 day off inbetween the 3 to 5 days (meaningf I may be on for 2 days then off for 1 then back on for 2)

I went through a terrible break up about a year ago and it bothers me more and I think about it more the week or two before I start my menses.

I feel fat when I am on my menses (I didn't mention this but I am mentioning it now because I am thinking about how I need to lose weight now)

I hope this put some ease to what is going on here. Please don't battle over me I just want the best help or me so I can be happy.
dayday34 last decade
we are not battling over you--just a reason for venting--if not here somewhere else--ego's colide..

the dates you posted in other thread --are they correct? if so then ok..if not then make clear..

no take any remedy yet?if not why?

if waiting for us to agree..well beter to follow rhish advice and see response before following mine---then we can resume from ther--if need be...
John Stanton last decade
I ordered the sepia before i emailed you the last time but I didn't take it. I just got back from Las Vegas and I ordered Ignatia this morning. I have not taken anything because I am scared but I will.
dayday34 last decade

second thought dont take ignatia when get --not yet anyway....something you say makes me think natrum muriaticum

could please explain scared?
John Stanton last decade
I said scared because I am afraid that one won't work and I will be stuck feeling the way I felt last week. John this is getting worst each month and I am having a hard time dealling with this. I just want to have a full month of feeling happy about myself and why life. I am just scared that one or both won't work.
dayday34 last decade
ok--lets settl this--go to health food store ...natural store or call around--if in city willbe easy--find natrum muriaticum 200c --if cant locate--i will give address of pharmacy will have it there in 2 days or one depending when order...be serious and look..let me know...gte to it--take a day off and search--do whatever--and post back......we need have an intelligent co-operation between us...i give time and mind--you get remedt -take--and i monitor--and guide through each step...ok?
internet hard enough for treatmnet--but can be done---i know it can--we need get on same wave..clear?
John Stanton last decade
things are very clear now.

you start treatment with IGNATIA 200C as john said ( may be 2 doses at 6 hours interval) and then you got to close out the case with a single ( set ) dose of NAT MUR 200c.

this is the proper remedy i can give you now.


you are mistaken.
this is not a fight of our ego. i went by her symptoms and now i am going by her symptoms as well.

i know i as not wrong then and neither i am wrong now.

the health of my patients are above everything, there is no place of false ego clashes.
rishimba last decade
i only recommend natrum muriaticum at this point...1 dose...
John Stanton last decade
Ok, I will do that today. I will post as soon I find the find natrum muriaticum 200c.
dayday34 last decade
John, if you can recommend a pharmacy that would be great. The vitamin shoppe here in my sity has find natrum muriaticum 30C but not 200C. Should I get that (30c) doseage?
dayday34 last decade
yeah use 3oc for now---1 pellet natrum muriaticum 30c in 4 0z water-in drinking glass--stir heavvy --take 1 teaspoon dose of this solution..discard the rest--.wash glass well..

noother meds or remedies or anything topical--nothing in the least medicinal---strong smells..etc

MUST avoid all acidic foods and driks(coffee;teas;alcoholic beverages;fruits and fruit juices;pickled foods;vinegar;..eyc)

reduce salt use to jsut flavor--no salted foods..

wellspring pharmacy--5702535650--small vial pellets natrum muriaticum 200c...express mail --need request fastest mailing method---

also get nux vomica 200c;pulstatilla 200c ---jsut have on hand.. (pellets)

all clear?

kep me informed closley
John Stanton last decade
Yes, but once I take the Natrum Mur 30c. Do you still want me to purchase the Natrum Muriaticum?
Also, I had a mango this morning is that ok or should I wait til tomorrow to take the Nat. Mur. 30C.
dayday34 last decade
start tomorow morning ok----

yes order the nat m 200c and other meds i mention----
John Stanton last decade
menses started 2 days ago?how you feeling at this time?

will know if response is right from nat-m --have about 6 days til mood swing would be to occur.after menses ceases---that is approxiamately 'may 26th' there abouts--..this tell much --so have those other remeides menioned on hand...
John Stanton last decade
Yes my menses started on the 15th and I feel just fine. I am not tired or irritable my mood is great. I feel wonderful.

Also,it is my lunch time and I am going to the vitinam store to purchase the Nat. Mut 30c and I will order the others today as well.
Thanks a million.
dayday34 last decade
ok keep me closely informed
John Stanton last decade
JOhn, I just noticed that there are two different kinds of pulstatilla 200c. Which one should I get? Pulsatilla Nigricans or Pulsatilla Nuttaliana?
dayday34 last decade
John, I just went and purchased the Nat. Mur 30C fromt he vitiman store. So I will start tomorrow by taking 1 pellet and putting it in 4 oz of water and stir heavily. Then swollow 1 teaspoon and throw away the rest. Is this correct?
dayday34 last decade
yes--dose prepare/administer just as you say--ok

pulsatilla nigricans
John Stanton last decade

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