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Trying to get better with depression/anxiety/tiredness 17



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Depression, chronic tiredness

I am new to the forum. I am trying to copy and paste a survey filled, but a message YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO POST EXTERNAL URLS TO THIS FORUM appars.
What exactly I suppoused todo?
  argentaria on 2006-05-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please put down all your mental and physical problems in the 'post reply' box.

describe all about the ailments and about yourself;
ie. your gender, personality type, likes and dislikes, response to various climates, fears and dreams, cravings and aversions, thirst, hunger, sweat etc.

tell us how do you consider yourself different from others.
rishimba last decade
I have add a description about myself in my profile. It was impossible to me to post a reply with all this info. Once a tried I have received a message that said YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED YET TO POST EXTERNAL URLS
argentaria last decade
1)country:Buenos Aires, Argentina
2) climate:Warm (20-30ºc summer/5-15ºc winter; high humidity); I prefer warm and sunny weather
3) Sex: Female
4)Age: 56
5)Weight- 105lbs
6)Your Height- 5'1'
7)What are you doing at present- My whole life worked at home, taking care my children and nowadays my grandchildren and dogs
8).Single/Married/Separated/Divorced/Widow/widower- Married since 35 years. Mother of 4. Grandmother of 3
argentaria last decade
Sorry this is the complete text with my profile
1)country:Buenos Aires, Argentina
2) climate:Warm (20-30ºc summer/5-15ºc winter; high humidity); I prefer warm and sunny weather
3) Sex: Female
4)Age: 56
5)Weight- 105lbs
6)Your Height- 5'1'
8)What are you doing at present- My whole life worked at home, taking care my children and nowadays my grandchildren and dogs
9)Single/Married/Separated/Divorced/Widow/widower- Married since 35 years. Mother of 4. Grandmother of 3
10) List of your complain: Chronic tiredness; depression, panic attack, agora phobia, back pain, stomach burn sentation
11)One situation that had a big effect on you: Car accident 32 years ago, 11th and 12th dorsal vertebra broken. (didn`t affect the ability to walk); Mother`s death 30 years ago (at the age of 50); personal drama lived by my son 3 years ago.
12)Situations that affect the most: The ring of the phone expecting bad news, social meetings. Prefer the low profile.
13) Other symptoms: Suddenly the hands start to sweat, insomnia, dry skin, low pressure, back pain, lack of energy. Sudden change in the body`s temperature feeling
14)List of medicine tried( homoeopathy): In the past sepia, arsenicum album, vulcanum, helidborus niger, fluorica acid
15) Currents medicines: Phosphorus 4M every day; Faba Fabrifuga 130M any other day (homeopathic); Clomazepan 0.125 mg a day (allopathic)
16)Family background: A sister who suffers panic attacks since 20 years.
17)Desire or aversion of food/ habits: Preference to sweets, flours and corns; aversion to red and chicken meats and fats. I actually eat a few, I smoke on a regular basis since 40 years (10 a day average). Don´t work out but I do a lot of home work. I prefer to keep awaked too late in the night and sleep in the morning
18)Temper: Impatient, obsessed by the order, I am not public speaking person. Hardly express the feelings. Always feeling guilty wich lead to make everything in order to don^t have this feeling.Extreme fear to drive
19) Extra information: 4 cesarean sections
argentaria last decade
Do you feel energetic at night and sleepy/tired during fore-noon?


Eye sight? Blurring? foggy?

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Are you talking of low blood pressure...what readings??

(you said ...low pressure).
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Medical problems your parents went through ???
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
headaches and foggy eye sight when my neck is numb.
Yes I meant low blood pressure, my mistake sorry.
My father had stomach ulcer operation.
My mother died at the age of 50.Unkown reason. I will post in spanish the diagnostic and the teraphy suggested those days.
Suddenly she died.
argentaria last decade
Do you mean head ache starts with numbness from back of upper neck and spreads to head...then eyes.

At that time difficulty in lifting/opening eyelids???

Any heart palpitations??
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Do you like sleeping and /or lying down with head held high ...like 2/3 pillows...or keeping head on the arms of a sofa???
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Any throat pain?
difficulty in swallowing?
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I don't know Spanish....but did your mother die of Cereberal Meningitis??

Person dies suddenly in 2 or 3 days after symptoms appear...if timely medical attention not given.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
colagenopatía is a chronic rheumatic disease of unknown etiología in which the lymphocytes invade the glands exocrinas,

This page was originally written in spanish but by clicking on 'tranlate, ' it translated it into Spanish. Looks like it does not translate 100% The word exocrinas sounds like exocrine.

CORTICOIDES most likely means cortisone.

Happyface last decade
thanks Happyface.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

a few questions,

1. which time of the day you feel the worst,

2. is your thirst less, normal or exessive,

3. do you feel better when somebody consoles you during your tough times.

4. do you think there is some grief in your life which affects you always.
rishimba last decade
Regarding my mom diagnostic was similar to lupus -a kind of colagenopatia-(every medical tests were made). She started to feel breathing failure and 10 months later after taking a remedy with cortisone she died.
I have not throat pain. Just once during a panick atack last december i felt difficulty in swallowing.
I have not such extreme symptom (difficulty to open eyelids). I feel more confortable resting without pillows; the moment of the day i feel the worst is the afternoon especially after food intake-remember I have a very small food intake-. I consider my thirst normal.
If there is some grief in my life that affects me always? I should say that it is myself. I have fear to keep each one in his proper place because i feel guilty acting this way. I am always submitted to others because my own decision. And that make me feel guilty once again; becasue I am never my priority. It`s really hard to explain. I hope you understand my explanation.
zorro_- last decade
Sorry I forget to mention. I am posting by my mother. Because she doesn´t speak english.
zorro_- last decade

When I was doing research for colagenopatia, I ran into the word Lupus.

What I know of Lupus is that women primarily get this desease and normally do not live to be past 50.

I did meet a woman who told me her aunt was cured of Lupus with homeopathy and is currently around 60 years old.
Happyface last decade
Exactly she died at the age of 50 ( I mean my grandmother).
Every other deteails and information is regarding my mother (argentaria is her nick). And she didn`t be diagnosed with lupus. Her symptoms are chronic tiredness and depression.
zorro_- last decade

You will be cured with homeopathy. Homeopathy cures all deseases even if not 100% but you will feel much better and will live a good long life.

I believe all deseases start with stress so do things to help alleviate stress like meditation, martial arts, yoga and of course homepathy.

Have you looked for a homeopath that can help you?

Pankaj will be of great help for you, but keep looking for help offline also.

Give Pankaj as many symptoms as you can. Keep a list during the day to give to him.

Take care and you will be fine. You will live a long happy life.
Happyface last decade
I am really sorry about this misunderstanding. From now on; i will post under the argentaria nick, speaking in first person trasncripting what my mother ask me. Thanks
PS: I mentioned lupus because Pankaj Varma asked about parent`s clincal history of Argentanria
zorro_- last decade
Incidentally ...I can give you all following info about LUPUS:

French Dermatologist Cazenave applied the latin word'Lupus' (meaning wolf) to describe the skin rash that spreads over the bridge of nose and cheeks in a butterfly shape.

Women much more vulnerable to this disease than men. Ususally appears in women between the age of 20 - 40 years...although it can occur at any age.

Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain normally accompanies the eruption.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Pl. give to your mother a dose of Thuja 200 C....the next 2/3 days whatever symptoms emerge...pl. post here.

Give it in the morning first thing..on empty stomach....Ask her to rinse her mouth with water and then give med.
Teeth brushing, eating etc. 45 minutes after med is given.

She shud not take coffee, garlic, high spiced foods etc for time being.

Has she got brittle twisted nail (s), dry hair, warts, flaulence etc.

Did she ever get fever, urine infection...swelling up of skin / eruptions etc??

Pl. post your mother's full medical history from childhood till now.

Another medicine will have to be given.

Post....like you are doing it for your mother...not self...easier to understand.

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Here is Argentaria`s medical history.
During her childhood she suffered bordetella pertussis infection or convulsive cough; chickenpox; measles;adenoids operation.
As a teenager just rubella.
And in her 20`s kidneys prolapse; kidneys infection due to bend ureter;car accident (11th and 12nd dorsal vertebra broken, didn´t affect the ability to walk);ovary cyst; 4 cesarean sections (during the first one appendix was removed and during the last one fallopian tubes were removed).
She rearly get sick. No fever , no flu. She has low body temperature under 36ºc. Low blood pressure. Another symptom she mentioned is a red patch around the wounds, although she has a fast and good wound healing.
zorro_- last decade
Have seen your reply...after some analyisis will come back to you.

Give Thuja as suggested earlier.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

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