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Acid Reflux

Hello to all,

I am a 36 year old female, I suffer from acid reflux, esophagitis and an ulcer in my duodenum. I have also been taking allopathic medication for high blood pressure since before and during my pregnancy - total 3 years.

Since learning about my GERD, I have made many life style changes. I eat very little fatty foods, no spicy food, no citric food, no chocolate, no coffee, only a couple sips of tea in morning. I have elivated my bed at head post 6 inches. I have so far lost 25 lbs from making these changes. I have also started walking briskly about 25 - 30 a day. I have never smoked, nor drank achohol. I have heard that cabbage juice helps with ulcers. I tried to juice cabbage (very difficult), instead I nibble on it at least twice a day. I also take digestive enzymes with lunch and dinner. I eat small meals, and do not lie down for at least 3 hours after.

My blood pressure started dropping a lot, so I spoke with my Dr. and made the decision to stop taking one of my meds. It was a calcium channel blocker. I researched it and found it to cause acid reflux ,as it relaxes all the soft muscles in the body. I am currently taking a beta blocker, this also has the same effect, but not as bad. I am trying to wean myself off the high blood pressure meds., I know I have to be careful.

I currently take labetelol 300mg twice daily and 12.5mg water pill once a day for my hypertension.

I was prescribed prevacid 30mg for about 6 weeks in March for my GERD. It may have helped an little, but I still experienced acid relux. I am currently on Pantoprazole 40mg. I still suffer from GERD.

I usually feel ok in the mornings. I try to drink a lot of water and have a very light breakfast - two slices of toast and sip of Indian chai. I usually feel the relux about 2-3 hours after lunch and sometimes after dinner. I feel heat at the base of my esophagus, and a roughness and lump in my throat. I also feel queezy sometimes. I taste acid in my mouth, which make even my lips sore never mind my tongue. When i am not talking the acid suppressing pills, the acid relux is worse.

I am 5'9'' and weigh 150 lbs. My husband and I desperately want another child. This is why I am taking beta bloocker for my hypertension, they are safer then ace inhibitors. I am so down about my health, I don't even know if having another child is an option for me now.

Sorry to go on a bit, i just thourght it would be better to give you more info. Please help me if you can.

Thanks for reading my post.

  Bali36 on 2006-06-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I should add, that I feel bloated when I experience acid reflux. Some days I have to burp a lot because of gas. I am really stressed about my acid reflux because I have read that it can lead to esophagal cancer. I know the worry only lead to more acid build up. I am really trying hard to resolve these problems without alopathic meds. I have started meditation and simple breathing techniques.

Thanks for listening.

Bali36 last decade
Hello Mrs.Bali,
If you can give the following details it would be much easier to suggest a course of medicine. You have given in good detail but this will simplify things for us.

How long have you been suffeirng from this condition?
Is there any heartburn?
Is there any belching?
Is there any pain in the abdomen?
aRe these symptoms related to eating?
Worse before or after food?
Does it disturb your sleep ?
After eating a little do you feel heavy and bloated?
any paritcular foods aggravate your complaint?
Do you tend to miss your meals?
Habit of stimulants like tea/ coffee?
Any stress?
Do you tend to go to bed immediately after eating?

How is your appetite, thirst, urination, bowel movement, menstrual cycle, perspiration, sleep?

any past history of significant illness for which you were under medication?

Any family history of similar complaint, hypertension, diabetes?

Dr.Venugopal Gouri.
DRVenugopal last decade

take 2 doses of CARBOVEG 30C once in morning and once in afternoon in empty stomach.

just before sleeping, take a dose of NUX VOM 30C.

take it everyday for a week.

report back your conditions.

we will proceed further based on your report.
rishimba last decade
Hello All

Thank you for your responses. I unfortunetly do not know exactly how long I have been suffering from acid reflux. My Doctor thinks it has been a while. I know I use to wake up with a parched throat, but assumed I was mildly dehydrated. I just didn't notice the symtoms of acid relux(I am so silly). I noticed the pain I was getting in the upper right hand side of my abdomen. This prompted my to see the doctor. I had a barium swallow test done and the findings were - Acid Reflux, Esophagistis(inflammation of the esophagus) and an ulcer in my duodenum. Yes, I do suffer from heartburn. I have belching sometimes. The pain in my abdomen is sometimes after I eat a meal, it is due to my ulcer in my duodenum - which has started to heal some what. I suffer from heart burn in the morning some days after I awake and drink some water. I also feel it about 2 hours after lunch adn sometimes after dinner. I do not eat heavy meals, - brown rice and vegetables or sushi(vege). I feel heart burn even after drinking water. I always drink my water about a half hour before I eat. Then I drink 2 hours after, that's when it hits. However, water does not bring it on, the heart burn feeling is already there.

The only thing that has disturbed my sleep is acid reflux. Only on three different occasions. I was awoken with acid in my mouth, very uncomfortable. On these occasions I must have burnt my esophagus, because I still have pain in it. I can feel this pain on the right, under my lower breast bone, I also feel it symetrically in my back(especially when I breath deeply). I have elevated my bed 6 inches from the head posts, this has helped a little to avoid night time acid reflux.

I do feel a little heavy and quite bloated after my lunch and dinner. My stomach starts to bulge out.

I kept a food diary for about 2 months. I found protein caused my acid reflux the most. I completely cut it out for 5 days. So now I know that it contributes significantly to my heart burn. I do not drink milk or eat yogurt. I eat a little meat only chicken. I find digestive enzymes help a little, I take one before my meal and one during if I am eating protein.

I do not miss meals ever since I was diagnosed with GERD, I eat small meals about fours times a day.

I drink no coffee ever since diagnosed, I only drink a few sips of Indian chai in the morning with my toast.

I wait at least 3 hours before I go to sleep after i eat even a morsel of food.

My appetite has decresed significantly, I have lost a total of 25 lbs. I think it is because I eat small meals and eat a lot healthier now. I urinate frequently, as I am on a water pill for my hypertension. I also try to drink a lot of water 6 - 7 glasses a day, to dilute the acid. My bowel movements use to be everyday, they are not always as frequent now. I drink aloe vera juice, this I find helps a little. My bowel movements are usually hard and they sink. I sometimes find it difficult to go, never use to. My menstrual cycle is regular, I think losing the weight has helped. I was not regular before. I feel less cramps now as well. I perspire a lot, especially on my face.

Dr Gouri please read my first post in regards to my hypertension. I do not know how long I have been suffering from it. I am trying very hard to wean my self of the drugs that I take. Hypertension runs in my family, my mum passed away at 56 from a stroke and pancreatic cancer(11 years ago). My dad, brother, sister all have hypertension. Another sister and I have acid reflux.

I have had two tubal pregnancies, then I was blessed with my darling daughter. I only have one tube now. I almost lost my life when the first tubal pregnacy ruptured, I lost a tremendous amount of blood. I did not take a transfusion, instead I ate iron rich foods and iron supplements.

I have iron and B12 deficiency. I take a supplement for the B12, however, I get very constipated when I take a iron supplement.

Stress - what can I say. I worked at a very high stress job for many years. Six months ago I left that job and reduced the amount of stress at the work place significantly, I think this has helped somewhat. I am stressed out because I want to have another child. The doctor tells me to think about it some more, as my acid reflux will get worse. I worry about it all the time. The doctor thinks I should be on acid suppressing pills for the rest of my life. I can't bear to think this way, this will mean I will not beable to have another baby. The acid suppressing pills are so bad for you (my opinion)and they have not been tested in pregnancy before. I really want my body to heal naturally. I believe with Gods good grace this will happen for me.

Any body please advise, I thank you sincerely for reading my long winded post.

Bali36 last decade
I thourght I should add that I do have hunger pangs on the occassion. Should I not be taking digestive enzymes? I just don't know what to do....

Bali36 last decade
I have had some success in the treatment of GERD using Nat Phos 6x and Arnica 30c in the wet dose.

You are invited to visit the following pages of the ABC which give extensive coverage of the treatment of your ailment:

GERD http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/25315/
NAT PHOS http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/69036/
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

I just posted a separate thread to get your attention, please view.


Bali36 last decade
your remedy is cal.carb 30 three times a day, it is best remedy when your degestive system is upset overall, it will slao helpful in B12 deficiency,
you can use it with carb.veg


ashfaq last decade
To Ashfaq

Have you every used or prescribed Nat Phos for GERD with the addition of Arnica ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Regret, I couldnt reply earlier.
Nux vomica 30c three times a day for five days followed by Kali bich 30c three times a day for five days would be of help to you.

China Q, twenty drops at bedtime would be of help to you.

But I suggest you follow only one prescription.

Dr.Venugopal Gouri.
DRVenugopal last decade
Thank you for your reply. I am currently trying the Nat Phos/Arnica remedy. I will consider your suggestions if this does not work for me.

Thank you, Bali
Bali36 last decade

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