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i have started alloathic medicines for depression and anxiety,anger problem.

as a side effect of these medicines i am suffering from severe constipation as ineffectual urging and unsatifactory cleansing of stomach, with feeling of left in's which decreases my appetite all the day and makes me uncomfortable all the time.

I want to take homeopathy help for this special problem but taking homeopathic medicine should not decrease good effects of allopathic medicines which i am on for depression and my emotional problem so if anyone can refer some effective homeopathy remedy for all time use for chronic constipation.
  moksh on 2004-08-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Start with

Nux Vomica 200 one dose at bed time.

Natrum Mur 30 three times a day.

Post feed back.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Pankaj,

Do i take Nux Vomica 200 one dose at bed time DAILY or just ONCE and could you explain how many drops should one dose be of as nux vomica 200C potency is available in my city.

Natrum Mur i am not sure of but i think i had taken in past and it aggravated so should i try it again as you adviced Natrum Mur 30 and if it does opposite effect, then should i tell you.

moksh last decade
Take Nux Vomica for three consective nights.

Two drops in 1/10th glass of water.

since you have depression, bottled up anger etc.in conjunction with constipation, Natrum Mur is an excellent choice.

The aggrevation you might have experienced is a "Healing crisis" that occurs when the toxins begin to move out of the system.

Go to the Forum Archives and see some of my posts on this subject of "homeopathic aggravation".

You just have to "cross over " this phase of the "healing crisis" or "homeopathic aggravation"

during this time, reduce the medicine intake.

Take Natrum Mur 30 regular for about two weeks.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
This medication will not only give relief from constipation, it will also solve many of the problems of the "mind".

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear pankaj,

I have taken Natrum Mur 30 for a day, i makes me uncomfortable. I also have socialphobia like people watching me and lack of confidence and nervousness felling going out, i feel the increase in this problem after taking naturm mur 30 from past 2 days and my irritabilty also increased as i feel annoyed a lot when people make sudden unnecessary noises like giving loud horns while driving and also i am suspicious alot with feeling of lots of depression.

I am also taking allopathic medicine to help depression and anxiety, fear problem of mine.

Is it ok take your mentioned medicines along to help my emotional state and this side effect of severe constipation.

Please suggest
moksh last decade
continue with Nux Vomica.

Stop Natrum Mur.

Additionally take ;

Ambra Grasia 30c four times a day.

Report results after 10 days.
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
dear pankaj,

I went to allopath dr, he told that i am having delusions along with the existing problem as mentioned earlier ,like i get very annoyed if a person continously makes sudden and sharp noises in my presence like spitting and coughing heavily and i also feel some persons does it continously to annoy me ,i dont know why may be they see lack of confidence on my face.

I get lot angry when some continoulsy does these kind of things while giving me a look. i know i should not get hurt by these clumsy things but i cant help it and i found these kind of things just bad luck or unnatural.

I was very scared when this dr told me that along with my lot of depression, anxiety and anger problem - i have these delusions which makes very nervous and angry when people look at me and do these kind of unexplained things.I am very superstituos and suspisioness has grown up with yrs in me

He has put me on anti depressants ,but they are very costly and have lots of side effects like severe constipation

whats your opinion on all this and advices

moksh last decade
what allopathic medicines curently using (brand names)? how long been using?
what was symptomology that lead to you using theses medicines? please explain thoroughly
John Stanton last decade
The allopathic medicines i have been using are paroxitine(paxil in US) along with olanzapine(zypera i think its called in US) as adviced by dr but they are very costly and have lots of side effects, even releif felt is to some parts of total problem and some parts go untreated like irritability and getting depression and so much anger when person do these unsual things like continousally spitting ,coughing - making sudden loud noises, hitting table-chairs agian and again.

I mean to say i dont get annoyed everytime these noises or things are done but some persons does it continously while i am passing by or in my presence- it hurts me a lot and makes me a lot angry.

From the very start i have been over senstive person and have failures in life with anxiety problems, lack of confidence, nervousness, social phobia,get hurt easy. i am even very superstituos, Now i think somethoughts coming to mind are bad omen and are bad luck which makes me a lot nervous with depression and anxiety.this is all part of my psychological-emotional suffering.
moksh last decade
When exactly start using ?

what cicumstance finally 'trigger' ;that you decided to go allopathic doctor to get above said medicines?

please explain thoroughly the changes you have noticed in your symptomology since startting treatment with paxil and olanzapine medicines?
John Stanton last decade
When exactly start using paxil and olanzapine ?
John Stanton last decade
I start using these medicines ,you can anti depressants around 3 years back and this so much anger,irritability caused by these unsual things by some pesons like continousally spitting ,coughing - making sudden loud noises, hitting table-chairs agian and again in my presence or while lokking at me ,which gives me so much depression and nervousness with so much felt inside anger that why these unexplainable things are happening with me again and again.

All this make me take anti depressants as advised by allopath doctors but these so called delusions at present have incresed are hurt me more than even when gives me so much irritabilty and anger,
along with this i have so much depression and anxiety disorders like social phobia and i have also become so much superstitous and even suspicious and sometime thinks like i am cursed or something unatural happening with me.
moksh last decade
are you able/willing stop ALL! allopathic medicines?
John Stanton last decade
Actually my condition is lot worse now, even anti depressants which gave me relief in past ,i feel they are not as effective as used to be in past and little relief i feel by taking them but i cant stay a day without them specially this depression and lot of anger caused by people doing annoying things like spiting, coughing heavily and make sudden sharp continuos noises.

I feel like hiting these people who does these things continously when i pass by them or while in my presence. this thing is lot troublesome and gives me a lot ofdepression and specially anger with irritability.

I tried ambra gracia 30c as suggested by Pankaj varma but i didnt feel much relief with it.

I havent tried Nux Vom 200c as sugested by him as i want to clear as per by my little knowlege decrease effects of other medicines(may be i am wrong) but i have become a lot over sensitive now from what i used to be in past.

I further want to know if taking nux vom will decrease the effects of anti depressants(allopathic)ot not which i am presently on.
moksh last decade
I think your case is rather complex and needs physical examination.

in view of the fact that you have been taking anti-depressants, it has become further complicated. Needs physical examination....unable to identify true mental symptoms.....which is a must in homeopathy.

don't waste time on the net to seek a way out.

See a good homeopath in your neighbour hood.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
hello pankaj,

I know my case is complex thats why i am taking anti depressants but for getting additional help , i have tried a lot of homeopaths but self help by reading on internet or suggestions on internet proves more fruitful for me at times.

Homeopaths i have seen a lot but none of them seem helping rather some increased problem

Anti depressants are helping but some problems like anger,irritability by kind of nuisance caused by some people in particular as explained earlier is not that much relived and at times troubles me a lot.
anti depressants have side effects too like chronic constipation and insomnia.

all this anger,irritability problem with insomnia and constipation , i want to get helped by suggestions of experts like you.

Nux Vom 200c i have purchased but i fear it may not act anti dote for good effects of ant depressants(just my thought) and if you still think its worth trying, you may suggest what ever you feel like.
moksh last decade
anti-depressants will interfere with cure...

what do you attribute all this anger to?please explain this ilness' evolution--start from beginning and explain clearly -thoroughly..include all other illnesses treated for ....etc
John Stanton last decade
Since my teen age i am having this depression started as not being able to
make carrer, repeted failures in love, in finding friends.

This anger as i remember started when lots of persosn behave in unrespectful manner without any reason, i feel anger also till now as sometimes unrespectful gestures happens with me without any reason and i feel some people pick on me as i am also reserved , shy kind of fellow of very sensitive nature and am not talkitive kind so some take is as a weakness(all this nature of mine) as by indian culture.

I feel sometime somepersons without any reason picks on me just to draw attention or show me inferior and that gives me a lot of anger but i dont show it.
This nuisance creating way by spiting or coughing heavily in a continous way by a cruel kind of smile or comfort i can see on some people faces who does these kind of things more often just to irritate me also by making sudden sharp noises and may be because they dont like me because i think i not any normal kind of guy or just because of bad luck.

All mentioned above is my anger and irritability problem which at present is lot worse now and turns into depression and lack of confidence and so much inner anger which i dont express most of times.
I dont havehad any goodjob as i want till now , never found love and seems like none of my dreams have come true rather i am suffering from depression-emotional illness that i have to take on ant depressants which now also seems to releif me less.
moksh last decade
Is there any homeopathic medicine which can used to treat chronic constipation as a side effect of anti depressants without interefering there anti depressant action at least.
moksh last decade
no---constipation is side effect of medicine(s) you are taking--particularly olanzapine..
John Stanton last decade
so any homeopathy medicines to help this(constipation chronic)
moksh last decade
Internet question-answers have a limitaiton.
Go to an experienced homeopath in your neighbour-hood....he needs to physically examine you.

A good homeopath will also read tell-tale signs on the face..during a physical examination.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
r u happy with this medicine?
kfnccc last decade
I hope u ll be ok
kfnccc last decade

You should not stop allopathic medications,suddenly.

Take Pankaj's advice,go to a homopath and folllow his advice.

bandarbabu2000 last decade

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