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why the thyroid gland is not functioning - obesity and the rest of it

All sickness comes from stress, if the Thyroid gland is not working then you have a stress, below I explain how it works.

The do-gooders

The positive negative are the people whose good hangs on the outside for everybody to see. They are to do-gooders. Their positivity is nice, considerate, discreet, and well-mannered but often out of place, unusable, unacceptable, untimely, irritating, senseless, etc. those people usually sincerely wish to do the world and others some real good – they are just unable to see that the good they might not be considered so good by the other. The other might need some negativity in his life at that moment as he is learning something from it.
For example: a do-gooder might stuff his friend full of delicacies and feel happy about his good deed, without even checking first if his friend was hungry. During the forcible feeding, he fails to notice the torture on the face of his friend who has to muster all his willpower not to spoil the pleasure of the do-gooder. No doubt, his digestion will have something to say about the whole business.

The person who likes to do good should always remember that his good deeds might not be what the others want or need. By doing this, he will save himself from a lot of disappointment. A do-gooder usually doesn’t realize that he is not considering other people to be human. He sees the famous, the eminent and their own nearest and dearest but fail to notice the lesser individuals. In taking care for one, they trample others under their feet and God forbid if those dare to open their mouth to protest.

A do-gooder perceives himself as positive. Others usually have a different opinion of him. Until the others are keeping their silence – they want to be good too – the do-gooder doesn’t even begin to suspect that there might be something wrong with his thinking. Should someone tell him the truth right in his face, his reasonable mind might just wake up. Now he can become a truly good person – only he might seem a little rough on the outside. But this is the slight negativity of an otherwise good thing.

The good deeds of a do-gooder is never satisfied with one successful project – he tears himself to pieces to succeed in everything. Unfortunately, life is not just good, and so his disappointments accumulate into bitterness. He usually doesn’t show his anger but as time goes by, his zest of life runs low. His hidden angers may be buried so deep that even the most skillful provocation will remain unanswered. I have seen the anger of such a person erupt in her grandchild as her child, too, had been taught to control herself fully. The anger of two generations broke loose in the form of epilepsy in the third.

A do-gooder is further characterized by the need to reach his goal for whatever cost, by sticking to his ideals, by a willingness to take all responsibility when something goes wrong and by mobilizing all his strength to achieve a goal. His trying too hard is usually followed by depression, as others usually show much less appreciation for his efforts than he had hoped for. Overeating and –drinking help to alleviate the disappointment and the calories gathered in the process add to the heavy artillery he needs to prepare for his next battle.
The effort of a do-gooder may be considerable but it is scattered and doesn’t serve its intended purpose. Only the good that is accepted is real good. As long as a person, wishing good and engaging in good deeds, doesn’t stop forcing his positivity on others, it will disappear without result and sense, leaving a void in its place. It is filled by growing negativity, mostly in the form of anger.

Anger makes one fat. Fatty tissue is the storehouse of anger.
Negativity accumulates slowly. Everybody has got so used to the good deeds of the do-gooder that the destruction created by hidden negativity often becomes apparent only when it is too late. Physical and psychological collapse arrives unnoticed and hits hard. Such a person will lament his misfortune – he hasn’t done anything wrong. And all this because people won’t acknowledge that there is no good without evil. The person who knows this doesn’t hurry to call himself good or point an accusing finger at someone else.

If a do-gooder happens to be reading this page, he will, in all probability, skim over it quickly – this has nothing to do with him.

The most common examples of this extreme are women and fat people. Unfortunately, their number is growing on the account of men and thin people.

Reducing one’s weight with medication doesn’t work. Hard effort, torturing oneself and suppressing one’s appetite might bring on a temporary weight-loss but in this case the person has turned into a slave to his body. By freeing himself of excessive weight, he will be free of shame of showing his body to others but all the other stresses, including the ones that had caused the obesity in the first place, still remain.

A lot of fat people are afraid to go on a diet or use medication for reducing weight. Subconsciously, they are afraid to lose their power of resistance as anger increases the readiness to fight. Somebody not knowing how to release his fear and anger, who suppresses his fear by force and tortures his body for the sake of looking good, will have to be sorry later.

This is the reason people often fall ill after taking diet pills for a while. Now they would be happy to weight even more than before if only they could be rid of the pain and symptoms. Unfortunately, the disease won’t allow it any more. Before, they could hide their negativity inside and, despite of all difficulties, continue to be good. Now the sickness brings an unhappy frown on one’s face and all optimism is gone. When before, those people were able to provide for the family and do some good to others then now, a fear of the future creeps in.

The negative energy, accumulated in the fatty tissue has to concentrate into something dense to be able to fit in the body. In such a way, various tumors may are born. Whoever realizes his mistakes, will not blame the diet pill or the pharmaceutical company. Instead, he will let go of his angers by forgiving and the tumor will go away. The biggest tumor in my practice to disappear this way was an ovarian cyst in the size of a head of a new-born baby that took less than 4 weeks to vanish.

Fear makes thin.
The person, overweight before, now keeps losing weight and the lurking doubt about having some terminal illness is making him climb the walls. Actually, the situation is far from being as bad as that. But things are quite serious still – if a person has lost the ability to think straight then we are dealing with serious neurosis already. The problem of obesity is not a joking matter. A lot of otherwise great people are depressed because of it, their dignity injured.

There are different ways a person can gather weight.

Somebody growing fat in the area of the neck, shoulders and arms has an anger of not being loved; anger because of everything he does is a failure, because other are not following his lead. In other words – the anger of things not going my way. Usually obesity is not limited by this area alone.

Who has a fat trunk has made all the angry accusations and guilt fit in his body, no matter for what or who the target may have been. Including his own person, of course.

An overweight person is a fighter, seeking the reason for his unhappy life – that is. He is an accuser. On the other hand, he becomes very touchy if being accused himself. The more he keeps accusing others in his fear of being at fault, the more pounds will gather around his waist. His demanding will to perceive life as good has, quite unnoticed to them, turned into anger although they do their best to turn life for the better or others to do so. All controlling, demanding and forbidding is always connected to anger. These people become very unhappy if other see them as negative. As time goes by, this grows into an angry wish to control other people’s lives.

Their drive to achieve something that would allow them to feel superior can never find fulfillment. Disappointment grows into a wide variety of angers: An anger for things never done, for words never said, for tears never wept and fights never fought. Angry self-accusation accumulates one pound after another around one’s waist. When somebody like that gets a promotion and his need for ruling is satisfied, the weight will vanish. But it will literally melt away if the individual in question is afraid to lose his job.

Obese people are typical do-gooders as it is usually not the other people that they hate. Their anger is directed towards more general targets: the injustices and difficulties of life. They are irritated by stupidity, senselessness, wastefulness, laziness, high cost of living, leaking plumbing, industrial waste, incompetent politicians, economic slump, own financial difficulties and those who are causing it…

A do-gooder never burst out his bitterness to a stranger. Who knows what may come from it! Usually the one to suffer are the innocent members of his family. And in particular, the children. They have no right to protest for they are in eternal debt to their parents.

When we are scolding our child, it is as if we would like to make him into a small, unfeeling and easily manipulated thing. We don’t see that we can turn a child into a machine but machines wear out. When the child cries, the parent will get irritated. His guilt is letting him know that it is there. But the parent doesn’t want to be guilty. And makes both parent and child even more angrier. And both will gain weight.

When scolding a child, we are scolding ourselves in the child.

People often ask what makes their children say, “Please don’t scold me – give me a hiding if you have to but stop nagging me!” the pure spirit of a child knows that physical pain is a small matter compared to mental violence. When a mother really lets her child have it, her burden of guilt will increase. She herself may not notice it but her child will. No child wants his parents to feel bad.

When the accumulation of similar stresses in an organ causes the organ to fall ill then the anger a fat person puts in his struggle of life is as unlimited as life itself and can keep gathering all over the body for a very long time until erupting in an organ, an insoluble problem has appeared in the person’s life.

If someone’s lower part of the body gathers more fat then this person’ is enraged by economic matters, work and money – no matter to what or to who these may be connected with. The lower part of the body is the past. Who fails to release the anger for the past will have no other choice than to have a large backside where all the angers of his childhood and youth can reside. Here are the mother’s anger felt for the father because he fails to do what she wants, together with the common angers of all women towards men in general.

The upper body is the future. A person feeling that he has to push into the future with anger has a large upper body. He is determined to reach the future despite all difficulties.

The midriff is the present – today. Whoever won’t let the past go, will always experience his journey to the future as an angry fight. Such a person cannot but have a fat trunk. Somebody releasing yesterday’s worries from him with playful ease has a notable slim waist compared to the rest of the body.

Someone who wishes to demonstrate his good intent to every to everybody else, to prove that he is good – that is, to be visibly good – will grow fat. He may even be ashamed of himself for being so good and feel uncomfortable if others notice it but the inner yearning gets the better of him. Usually such people don’t admit to themselves that they are angry. They sincerely don’t know what anger is. Others make him mad, sure. They may even hate angry people. This particular method of fighting for good is quite common. Such a person is irritated by other people moaning, criticizing and accusing.

“Stop complaining, this solves nothing! I simply can’t bear this accusing. What a senseless waste of time!” he will burst out in irritation. It is a good thing if the stress can leave the body in an audible form. Then, at least, his getting mad served a purpose. Usually such a person doesn’t realize that he is taking a double amount of anger in him – his own anger and the anger of blaming others. A short while after the outburst, he starts feeling bad, thinking his blood pressure must have gone up and connecting it with the incident. He curses himself for butting in. why did he have to open his big mouth again? This, already is direct self-accusation, although not acknowledged. This is added to the fear for his health as he is not sure what might be the matter. It could very well be something more serious than just hypertension.

“Its something awful how I can’t bear whiners – they make me so mad! I feel ready to burst with anger – they don’t understand anything. They keep repeating the same song over and over! They are walking through life with blinders over their eyes.”

Well, well, well… You see: this, exactly, is your own stress speaking. This is why you keep attracting such people to you, to make you mad. If they wouldn’t, you couldn’t feel angry. But you want to – you want to so badly!

You are attracting the feeling of bursting with anger. And if this stress is not enough to cause you a brain stroke, you’ll at least bump yourself somewhere and get a black mark. This way, your body signals you of the current situation. The current situation is the reflection of the general situation.

Somebody, whose fear of not being loved is smaller, doesn’t care so much about the opinion of other people. He doesn’t worry about any unintentional slip of the tongue as he doesn’t think he was wrong. He doesn’t get stressed from situations like that and accordingly, doesn’t grow overweight so easily.

Medically speaking, overweight people have a slow metabolism. The clinical indicators of metabolism can be determined by different test on the thyroid gland.

Let us now consider the problem of obesity from a new and more simple angle, the way of thinking I am introducing in my teaching of healing people.

The thyroid gland is situated in the middle of the fifth chakra – the chakra of communication. Accordingly, the overweight people must have something wrong with their communication with the world – i.e. the people, the animals, nature. It doesn’t count if the fat person himself is sure that he has always got along just fine with the whole world and the people in it and adored all animals. If the thyroid gland is not functioning the way it should then the communication with the world must be difficult, tense, too much to take, full of disappointments and giving up, trying too hard, senseless. The constant and nagging fear of being run down by life causes malfunction of the thyroid gland. These all are the indicators of an angry fight for life.
The 5th chakra is located in the region governed by the fear of not being loved. The head with all its vitally important brain centers, including those who managing the metabolism of the body, is situated above. The fears of not being loved, of nobody caring for me, the fear that despite my best efforts nothing will go the way I planned blocks down normal communication between the brain and the rest of the body.

The cramp seizing the communication centre doesn’t allow the brain centers to see the trouble the rest of the body is in. A head of a person who has not been taught or who has not learned to communicate properly has no idea of what his body is doing. At the same time, his body hasn’t the faintest idea what his head is thinking about. Proper communication joins the human body into a normally functioning whole. Correct thinking unites a family, an organization, a country and the whole humanity into one. Until we have not mastered the art of reading each others’ minds we still need to communicate verbally. Insincerity can always be recognized on the subconscious level, even if one hasn’t taken a special course in communication.

Small children are taught to say hello. A happy “hello” from a child will never fail to make you smile back as the feeling behind the greeting was one of sincere joy. The pure love of a child asks nothing in return from the person he is greeting. If we could remember and use this small word for opening our communication, if we would take the trouble to greet children back then they would never start walking with their on the ground and their mouth shut tight to avoid the obligation to greet a grown-up. A sincere and heartfelt “hello”, without any fear or anger in it, opens all doors. When entering a room and greeting, try stopping at the door for a moment and wait for the answer in order to sense the communication begin. Following good manners mechanically gives no effect.

Although we humans, people are relatively sensitive, we often allow out of fear of not being loved to mix up our understanding. This is because we hardly ever stop to analyze our feelings.
The Thyroid gland of a person habitually running away from his fears will become hyperactive. Such a person will quickly lose weight. Somebody else, trying to find a material solution to his problem, will sit down to think and get fat. By taking different paths they both land in the same place – the swamp of anger. The only difference is that one of them got thin in running away and the other got fat staying put.

Being overweight shows that the person wants to receive more from life than he is ready to give back.

Being underweight shows a readiness to give more to life than to get back.

A normal, slim build shows that the person’s view on giving and getting are in healthy balance.

“Give what and take what,” you may ask. Each one of you has to find his own answer, as there are as many goals as there are people. One wants to be rich, another is proud of not giving a damn for money. One is dreaming about a peaceful mind, not allowing a moment’s peace to everyone else at the same time. Another would like to travel all over the world but the minute he gets his hands on some money, he senselessly wastes it all. Someone else wants peace and quiet but the moment he is left alone at home, he finds out that he can’t take it. So he slams the door behind him and goes out to find somebody to talk to.

Everyone has different goals in life. Would you be ready to part with everything you have accumulated in your life? Would you feel more secure about the future then?

Fatty tissue is the store of your ability to fight the battle of life today and, the older you grow, tomorrow. Your human logic says, “Why should I give away what’s mine? Everybody should be responsible for his own life, after all. I have given more than anyone else as it is.” You have stored up a lot and you feel secure for that. Your fatty tissue is the same.

To someone else life has given less and accordingly – he has to give back less. Everyone according to his ability. You have been given more so you should give more. There’s no way you can measure the share other people have contributed. One person gives away something material and considers it a big deal. Somebody else gives all the strength of his spirit – the greatest gift one can offer – but an outsider can’t see it. And still those two things get weighted by the same measure.

The unwillingness to give up something of one’s own is a sly of stress. Fat is also, symbolically spoken, something of our own: a larder for the rainy day. Release your stress and the fatty tissue surrounding you like a wall can start to melt. How many fears for tomorrow you have gathered in it!

To say nothing about your angry readiness to stand up and fight! One person fights like a soldier, another sends the soldier off to war. One fights with his mouth – another, with his pen. One fights with his action – another, with his thought. Which of those is you? Think, release your anger and your unwillingness to give.

Trying to find a physical solution to a psychological problem always lands you in more trouble than you began with. The outcome is an angry battle of life, but remember – there is no battle without violence – that is, without anger. Anger destroys. The person giving in without a fight is also destroyed, by the way. The only way to win is to correct your way of thinking.

There are some fat people, especially women, who never as much as raise their voice in anger. They never try to bend other people to their will. Women like that usually don’t have a family where they could demonstrate their power. Among friends, they are always sweet and discreet. They have hidden their anger deep inside and their resilience and endurance is remarkable. Their strength is their kindness and wishes to understand others.

The senseless need to increase superficial positivity often grows into advertising – beginning from singing one’s own praise and ending in huge advertising campaigns and underhanded competition. A decent, if somewhat modest person, deep down aware that he is doing his job as well or better than the next person with a glib smile and smooth manners, often has to fight back disappointment when having to witness the other’s success and his own failure. All the important clients prefer the competition and he can be grateful for the leftovers.

A modest person has trouble communicating. He may also be so sensitive to lies that he with all his being will protest against showing himself for what he is not. Having to work next to a particularly outgoing, he may grow dark and moody, withdrawing into his shell. In a state of mind like that, effective work is out of the question. And as always, conclusions are drawn by appearances: he is ill-mannered and in addition to this, he can’t do his job either. And they are right – his work is not what it should be.

If you are one of those people who feel uncomfortable in the hypocritical atmosphere of business life, my advice to you is: be just the way you are – sincere, warm and plump! Let go of your fear of not being loved together with all the other stresses that are hurting you and making you mad and before you know, the client of your dreams will appear – someone warm and sincere who will be overjoyed for having found a warm a warm-hearted businessman (or woman), wondering how he could have missed you before.

When, for example, you go to a beauty salon and notice that your hairdresser is feeling sad or irritated, and then all she needs is some love. She will try not to let her bad mood show but you feel uncomfortable anyway. Let go of your reluctance for having to deal with someone in a bad mood or your disgust for irritated people or any other similar stress, rooting from your upbringing or lifestyle. Don’t forget that you were the one who came to the hairdressers’ in the first place. So, in addition to a hairdo, there has to be a lesson for you here and a very important lesson at that – one you’ll understand only some time later.

Let go of your fear that you might get a haircut similar to your hairdresser’s mood – then you don’t have to get mad later if you do. In your mind, take a big warm handful of love from your heart – you have enough to spare – and put it where the hairdresser’s heart is.

And when you end up with a surprisingly pleasant hairdo, then you should know that you have your own wisdom and kindness to thank for it. after you have gone, the hairdresser will think, “What a nice client, she even took my lousy mood with her!”

This holds true wherever your life might take you. Let go of your stresses by forgiving and you’ll feel good everywhere you go. And should you find yourself in a foreign country among strange people with yet stranger manners, you’ll be able to understand them. You’ll never have to think them to be
- below you – making you feel very high and mighty, an attitude which never fails to draw a painful lesson or
- better than you – this will make you bend over with humility, an attitude that will only draw more humiliation to you.

All kinds of unpleasantness is always drawn to a person buy his own thoughts.

Let’s go back to the example of the hairdresser to analyze some more options to behave in a situation like that. You notice that your hairdresser is in a bad mood. The nice – not to say, too nice – a person you are, you let your concern show, “Is there anything the matter? You are looking awful! Is there anything I can do?” Such an behavior may have exactly the opposite effect to what you desire: instead of feeling better, the other person may get mad at you. She had tried hard not to let her feelings show. She doesn’t want to discuss her problems with you – she would just want to be rid of them. The only way you can help in a situation like that is to release your fear of seeming heartless for not taking her trouble in heart.

How much are people really willing to help a person in trouble? An empty gesture, a rhetorical question that nobody expects an answer to – that is usually how far it goes. Social graces and good manners dictate it. and if you are so naïve as to fall for it then you’ll have to learn. Someone really willing to help can be recognized for his serious attitude and few words in a difficult situation.

It may also be that your hairdresser is the one to irritate you with her superfluous kindness and too much talk. You on the other hand, are the kind of person who can’t bear anything excessive in communication or giving. So you are the one who has to forgive your intolerance – that is, your fear – and you’ll not be bothered by it any longer even if the other person does nothing to change her manners.

Life is easy one just have to know the rules.

  Alexthink on 2006-07-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
When I began reading this post, at the first paragraph I was saying, 'Oh, my goodness, all my life I have been such a do-gooder! And the times people didn't appreciate it was my fault? Can it be?'

I have recognized over time two things: that my do-good ways have only taught the other person to keep taking and not give back because I was not able to show my needs for my do-goodness, and that my 'helping, guiding' was usually taken by the other person as being bossy and interfering. I rationalized that by saying as long as I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do I was not resposible by how the other person took it.

And now I am reading that I am angry and holding that anger in my abundance of fatty tissue. You are right in that my first thought is to deny that, and it must be true that I truly don't know what anger is. I have always avoided anger and angry people because the situations were always ugly and unbearable. Twenty years ago I was told by a healer that he thought I was filled with rage. I didn't see it and I went through some processes of forgiving my parents and trying to reconcile with them. And even Oprah says it's not the fat that is the problem, it's the issues that the fat is covering up. So I am saying to myself, this must be right and why don't I see it? So I am praying that I will and I will find techniques to release this anger.

You wrote 'The good deeds of a do-gooder is never satisfied with one successful project – he tears himself to pieces to succeed in everything. Unfortunately, life is not just good, and so his disappointments accumulate into bitterness. He usually doesn’t show his anger but as time goes by, his zest of life runs low. His hidden angers may be buried so deep that even the most skillful provocation will remain unanswered. I have seen the anger of such a person erupt in her grandchild as her child, too, had been taught to control herself fully. The anger of two generations broke loose in the form of epilepsy in the third.' My son has Burger's disease, which is kidney failure, gratefully in the beginning stages, and a kidney stone. I asked him what p---ed him off. Now I am hit with the realization that this child, who I thought had escaped the merry go round of the dysfunctional family might be paying the price for my trying to survive in a world for which I did not have the proper skills.

You wrote 'The effort of a do-gooder may be considerable but it is scattered and doesn’t serve its intended purpose. Only the good that is accepted is real good. As long as a person, wishing good and engaging in good deeds, doesn’t stop forcing his positivity on others, it will disappear without result and sense, leaving a void in its place. It is filled by growing negativity, mostly in the form of anger.' I guess that is what happened to me. I took care of my alcoholic mother for a year; she was bedbound and I got her back on her feet, but she got really mad at me. After that I went downhill, and that was 1991. Before that I would not take any medication for anything, and now I am on so many medications, and finally getting a little physically stable, so I really need to get to the bottom of my problems and if that is to find my anger and release it, I need some skills to do that. Luckily at this time of my life I have no other commitments and I can take time for myself.

My thyroid does not test abnormal. However, I do hold my weight in my trunk and in the midriff area. That is so frustrating for me as my wrists and ankles are small and that is what led me to suspect Cushings, and the doctor does verify that I have all the symptoms of Cushings, but my lab tests do not indicate Cushings and she is calling it metabolic syndrome, so what you are saying makes a lot of sense. I must be holding anger and guilt inside that area, and I do recognize that I have guilt, even though logically I say that guilt over 45 seconds has no purpose, and when a guilty thought comes up I say why am I thinking about that, I am not a bad person, and whatever shameful thing I think I did was miniscule in the grand scheme of things. I do not see the anger, but am accepting that I must have it. Now how do I access it?

I desperately want to get off medication, but I was in such bad shape for the last year and a half, I cannot go cold turkey. I have been taking Mr. Joe's recommendation of Arnica 30C wet dose for the last three days and have been able to cut my diabetic medication down. I am grateful for that, and I am able to be grateful for small things now as I fit your pattern of never being good enough. That is the reason I was a workaholic for so many years, working hard so no one would be able to criticize me because criticism is so painful for me. I see what being a workaholic, overachiever did for my body and now I am taking it easier and just doing whatever God puts in front of me.

I am repeating forgiveness phrases several times a day. I am not able to feel anything when I say them, but I keep saying them anyway, waiting to be able to say them from the heart.

I appreciate you and all the others on ABC forum. I have learned a lot just reading the old posts. And if you have suggestions about how I proceed with my anger/forgiveness issues, I am ready to hear. Thank you for giving of your spirit.
patti3046 last decade
Dear Patti,

thank you for your response, you have already received your first lessons from me, others will follow in due time.
But please understand that the process of forgiving has to come from the heart, we don't forgive to get, but we forgive to wish our negativity (stresses) well and we thank it for coming by, so that we can learn from it.
Life starts with you, and so you start first with yourself, once you have mastered your life you can go on and help others, not earlier.
About your son's kidney failure, I'll will send you some information. But surely it is connected to you and your partner (father)

Alexthink last decade
It was out of curiosity that i read this post...and have read it several times over now...parts of it were like i was reading about me on so many occassions....thank you so much for awakening/ rekindling thoughts for the self....for only when the self is accepted and nurtured does it grow and radiate positivity around it!...this is easier said than done....how does one go about it??
thanks once again
vyushti last decade
Dear vyushti,
in case you want to know more about the causes that affect the thyroid gland, you can drop me a line. You'll find my details in my profile.

Alexthink last decade
Dear Dr. Beek,
I find it very fascinating to understand within the psychsomatic context , the origins of disbalanced mind and body conditions manifesting themselves as disorders in our body, and also the possible healing processes that aid, root out those disorders.
I would like to know more on hypothyroidism and other auto-immune disorders.
vyushti last decade
vyushti, this is just for you,
a little about life and how it all comes to gether.

Illness and dis-ease

Illness or physical “disease” is a state where negative energy has crossed the critical line and the whole system is out of balance. The body informs us of the situation so that we can do something to correct it. Our body has tried to send us signals of discomfort for a considerable while but we had just neither paid attention nor taken action, so the body falls ill. Mental anguish, when not taken into consideration, grows into physical pain. It draws our attention to the situation that has to be mended. Suppressing the signal of pain with analgesics only deepens the pathology. The disease has to grow in order for the person to notice the alarm signal.

Every illness has it roots in Stress. The amount of accumulated stress determines the nature of the illness. For example, when a person is tired, he has to sleep. The largest amount of energy is gathered in sleep. If the period of sleep is abnormally long, a serious leak of energy can be suspected. If there has been no physical over-exertion, the reason lies in an accumulation of stress. Excessive amounts of stress cause insomnia, a state where physical tiredness is no longer experienced – in that event sleep will not bring relief so it is no use taking a sleeping pill. You have to release your stresses and the illness will disappear. You’ll do your body no good by finding the culprit and blaming him for the situation – that is self-deception.

Each body has its own demand. Not every body can be trained to be a racehorse and not every racehorse can be turned into a farm horse, and neither of them can be made into a circus animal.

Each body has to accomplish its own mission. You have to calmly estimate your potential and live your life peacefully and in good health by using what you have and doing good. Should you now argue that you yourself would be satisfied with much less but your family demands more, then let’s be honest – your words and actions don’t speak the same language. Your family has been drawn to you because of your way of thinking – you resemble each other.

Illness is the result of wrong action, where the scales of good and bad are tipped in favor of the bad.

Man is born to learn, not just to enjoy a happy existence. We are born into a physical body and each lifetime is like a step in a school where we have to follow a certain curriculum before we deserve a vacation. At the end of each existence we leave behind our well-worn body and go on to the Spirit world to sum up your life, draw conclusions from it and make plans for our development in the next existence.

We have to learn life in all its diversity. Now you are pauper, now a king, now a criminal, now a saint, in one life you may be a simple worker, in the next, a creative genius, at one time an idler, at another, a tireless wanderer then a man, then a woman and so on and so on…

All the knowledge acquired is accumulated and kept safe in the Spirit’s consciousness. Each time we are born, we come back to learn something new, something characteristic of that particular period in history. Time does not stand still. The development of mankind spirals upwards, towards greater wisdom, on and on. Each time there will be people at our side, in some ways very similar to us, but still quite different in their actions and views. I am here to learn my lesson, another person to learn his, and somebody else has its own learning process to go through. On top of all this everybody is a teacher to everybody else. I am doing it my way, you are doing it yours and somebody else has its own way of learning. I am in no way superior to any other man.

Nobody has given us the right to compare ourselves to any other man or to compete with anyone else. We have the right to compare ourselves, as we are now, with the people we are yesterday. We have the right to compete with our selves. Why are famous sportsmen often so ill? Because they are acting against the Laws of Nature.

These laws are inevitable, eternal and have no exceptions. Remember Christ on the cross and the two robbers at his side. God did not forsake any one of them. We are all God’s children whatever or however you perceive as your God, we are all particles of It. Of All That Is and our wisdom is the wisdom of (y)our God.

The one, who, deep in his heart and not only in his words, really understands another person, has learned his lesson. He who passes judgment on his fellow man still has his lesson to learn and he will learn it – by personal experience.

There are endless ways to learn. One learns from books or from the words of a teacher – but anyone learning the wisdom of life is a teacher. Another person watches the next person to stub his toe on a rock and learns from that – he doesn’t need to go through the same process. A third learns only by personally stubbing his toe and usually not the first time. Everyone makes his own choices. He, who gets angry at the stone and keeps on blaming it, will continue stubbing his toes, and it could be that, like in school, he will continue doing the same thing in his next existence – until the lesson is finally learned.

Everything man meets in life is necessary to him in some way. No one is at fault. The bad that comes my way has been attracted by my own wrong thinking. Every difficulty is the result of incorrect thinking and if I hadn’t learned earlier, I’d better do it now. Also, if I don’t bother drawing any conclusions then my body will suffer until I do.

My body loves me, if it didn’t, it wouldn’t care what happens to me. Illness is a sign of love. Our body is unable to inform us in any other manner except by disease. Our Spirit has just not evolved enough. And yet, the more a person learns, the more he understands that mental distress hurts more than physical pain. He has learned a simple truth – a small mistake is followed by light punishment, a big mistake by a more serious problem. If somebody falls and breaks a leg then obviously he has let something of importance unnoticed – the fact that the sidewalk was slippery. The bone is fractured and the lesson learned, once and for all. If he were also to realize that he brought the accident on himself by being scared of falling, then he would become even wiser,

Mental agony accumulates until the last drop falls, the cup is full, and physical illness makes its appearance. The more stress is accumulated, the more serious the disease. Slow accumulation may result in cancer; a more rapid process may end in a heart attack or a stroke. In both cases the body became buried under a mountain of stress.

If the disease is not serious, we can burn up the accumulated negative energies in the process of ailing. In the case of chronic disorders the burning goes on continually, while new stress keeps flowing in, preventing the person from getting well, but all in all, sickness is still a lesson to give us greater wisdom. We are free to choose the way we learn, so that if I prefer to learn through suffering and illness, like the majority of mankind at the moment seems to, it’s my choice, and should I prefer to learn through teaching, by making it sing in my heart and using it with wisdom, it is still my choice. People often say, “That’s just not true, I don’t want to be sick”.
I believe them but they have to make their body believe it too. Let the sickness go, then your body will see that you really mean it.

Spirit is eternal – the body exists in time. Spirit is feeling – body is the thoughts. Spirit is ideal – body is material. But both of them have consciousness. Remember – thoughts are of the physical body.

All That Is develops through the progress of the Spirit. The Spirit acquires more elementary knowledge on the planet Earth. Man is the lowest reasonable being in All That Is. The wiser the Spirit becomes, the more complicated the lessons. Learning is accomplished through negativity, and yet there are always has to be good to balance evil.

Good is the evil learned in previous lives!

All that we used to perceive as bad in this life, and that after a while became understandable. Is the evil that has been learned in this life.

Everything that we are unwilling to understand in this life, that is, all we keep judging as evil, has to be learned the next time around.

The person who greets hardships with happiness is worthy of being a man.

If a person overcomes his difficulties with grace, then he can be called a Man. He is ready to move on in his development, knowing that the next difficulty will always be harder than the previous one. The greater the man, the greater the difficulty. He, who heaps small problems in front of himself so that his view is blocked by this mound of troubles, has not yet become great.

The divine laws says: the more that is given, the more will be expected.

Everything you do should be done with joy, no matter how insignificant the job may seem, then everything will run smoothly and you will be waiting to start the next task. The person who does his job well, as it should be done, has learned his lesson. The person who does it wrong is in the process of learning – through mistakes. Therefore the mistake serves a purpose. As such, it is punishment caused by wrong action. Every punishment is wrong – it equals double punishment. Instead, we should ask ourselves, “Did I learn from the mistake?”

Regret, pity, moaning, crying, guilt, despair or punishing yourself just makes it worse. You live – you make mistakes. You learn from your mistakes. These proverbs often come up in conversation, but its better to remember them promptly when you or someone else makes a mistake, and be happy when you have a right thought. Can you do that?

How often people say to me, “What’s there to be happy about? I would rather have my health like I used to – then I would be happy.” As long as you continue to think this way, it will be very difficult to help you.

There is no such thing as equality in the Spiritual realm. If you expect to get paid before you even begun doing something to earn it, you’ll be sorely disappointed. The level of the Spirit is always equal to the amount of work put into its development. Deceit is not possible in this work – in your own eyes a lie will always be a lie. It is no use fighting the laws of Nature, and as for fighting, you should fight for good, not against evil. There is a basic difference – one is good, the other is evil.

Love is the absolute and greatest power there is, but still few people know how to love.

Consider how you would feel if somebody told you, “I love you. I just do. I demand nothing. You can always count on me.”

Or imagine someone telling you, “I love you. Why can’t you love me the way I love you. Prove to me that you love me. If you loved me, you’d do anything for me.” Endless words, demanding, controlling, driving you into a corner.

The first version seems like something out of a fairy tale, but there is much more of this kind of love around than we would even dare to think. We Latvians (or even I Dutchman) don’t say those things very easily, but we feel them. If only we could trust our feelings more.

The other version is the everyday, oh-so-common possessive love, which destroys people, families, society, the Earth. Most of us have felt the sadness and defiance that the words, “I love you, I put food on the table and a roof over your head. You have to be good!” you are obliged to be!” arouse.

This is not love, this is possession. The tool in my hand belongs to me, too – but it broke anyway and there’s nothing I can do about it. You might have noticed how an old craftsman handles his ancient tools and how tenderly he picks them up and puts them back in their places again. Clearly he would never trade them for new ones. Then the time comes for the craftsman to leave this world… Someone else wants to use his screwdriver or chisel, but it literally falls to pieces. It was old and dried up, or so we think. No. the only thing that dried up was the source of loving care and attention.

If we could feel for everything, including other human beings, the way an old craftsman feels for his tools, we wouldn’t be have any sickness and the material side of life would be provided for as well.

The single state – one of the alternatives of human existence
For aeons, mankind has been yearning for perfection and yet, it is still unable to achieve it the right way.

It is a law of life that somebody will always be ahead, while somebody else has to come second, waiting to pass the other by to become first. If you are wise enough, you know that if you are second, it will only be a matter of time and patience when you will be able to pass him by as it is common human behavior for the leader to begin feeling comfortable in this position and to start taking it for granted.

Single people are the ones who are in the greatest hurry to become the first. Unmarried, divorced or widowed, they all are in a rush to achieve perfection before they have learned the lessons of the material life.

Each and every one of us has the wondrous yearning for being alone in us, but looking at single people, we see that only a few of them are really happy in their alones. Even those who, more than anything, wanted to free themselves from the painful burden of their marriage, don’t know what to do with their single state, now that they have it. What they would really want is to be still living in a family and continue their earthly lessons if only someone would provide them with a good husband or wife.

Why do we want to be alone so much? Why are we still so afraid of it?

We yearn to be alone because, for a man of feelings, this is the ideal state of being. We all have feelings and a desire to increase positivity.

We are frightened of being alone because we are still not free of our fear of not being loved. We are unable to grasp the inner meaning of being alone and value only what is on the outside.

Each woman has a man in her and each man has a woman in him. If you are able to balance your inner self with your outer self, then in this civilization, you have reached the level of perfection. To achieve this, you have to fully understand your parents. The term of understanding is forgiveness. It doesn’t matter how you do it – the way I teach or in some other manner suitable to you. Maybe each one of you will find his own method. And if sitting in meditation for hours does the trick for you then – go for it.

There aren’t too many of true spiritual giants around and those few don’t let their presence known by complaining. Their health is good. They go on their way, seeking for ways to grow in wisdom and to put it to work for the benefit of all. We never hear much about their doings. People consider them an oddity. Only in our spirit, we recognize the true value of their being and appreciate their greatness. But on the conscious level, we are still unable to read our spirit but if you release your stresses, you’ll be able to learn. You’ll become one of those spiritual giants and all the troubles of your soul and body will drop away from you.

A sense of mission has become a favorite topic lately. If you have come to this world to achieve wholeness on your own then this is your mission. You needn’t live by anyone else’s standards but your own. What you need is to do good to yourself and help others by doing that. Do you have such a goal? If not, then release your stresses so that the opposite sex could come to make perfection together with you. This way you’ll be helping others by helping yourself.

Recluses and saints are seen as the symbol of a solitary existence. They are usually pictured, meditating in a cave or on top of a mountain, far from the maddening crowd. But it is a hundred times harder, to hear the song of silence in the middle of a noisy marketplace. It is possible but only for someone who releases all his stresses, caused by emotion.

The person capable of that is a strong and wise spirit. Being one with everyone, he is still alone. For him, being becomes action.

There are a few serious young people, wise beyond their years who are unaware of their true being. They are sad because of the superficiality of others; they are unable to find a suitable partner. Mainly, we are talking about young men but there are girls, too with the same kind of problem. They don’t realize that they have set very high standards to themselves and others. They are the real men and women of the future but they are wearing themselves down with their stresses. If you feel that you are one of those then let go of your distress for the sake of all the empty phrases and senselessness, your fear of being left alone in the world, your feelings of hopelessness, etc.

On the other hand, imagine a young single woman declaring, “Who needs men anyway.” This is her mother’s “wisdom of life” speaking. The daughter is living it and not even suspecting that she does. Her mother was a wise woman – so wise in fact, that she had to suffer for her wisdom.

This is not wisdom, this is dogma. What the mother doesn’t realize is, that
- a woman needs a man to be a woman,
- a man needs a woman to be a man,
- the so-called wisdom of an embittered woman can never beat the wisdom of nature.

Truth can be hard to take. The fear to see and hear the truth makes people lie. The same fear makes one even lie to oneself without understanding how insincere and puffed up – that is, false – one becomes by doing it.

Animals and the so-called primitive people can see the truth very well – the so-called civilized man much worse.

What would you tell a middle-aged unmarried woman who knows all, has read all, who has had her gall-bladder removed together with all the stones in it, whose face has been covered by disfiguring skin-rash since she was a child?
The doctors have not been able to help her – what would you say to make her better? She is dead certain that she hasn’t the slightest fear of not being loved nor any anger in her. She thinks of herself as a nice person, through and through. All one can do for her is to write her a prescription. She may want it very much but despite everything, it is not possible for her to reach the spiritual level yet. She has to begin admitting her mistakes to herself first.

Painful loneliness is the privilege of a society of material well-being. Let’s think about what we consider good and what we perceive as evil. Let’s admit that we see the outer surface of things as the only reality there is. A person loving another human being with all his heart is never alone. A man who values material wealth above all is always alone as material values have no loving soul.

Your lack of understanding and incorrect evaluation of life has made you sick or to begin with, helpless. Admit it to your self and re-evaluate what you believe. It is easy to deny everything and hold your head high in the beginning but later on it will be very difficult to cure the wounds of your heart.

Ask yourself, “What do I want to be?” if you find the answer to be “a human being” then you have to make a choice between the natural and the human way of life and the unnatural dream. Realize that freedom is recognizing the inevitable. Man cannot alter the laws and course of life – he has to abide them.

Know that in reality everyone is alone. This is to be taken for a fact of life. In our everyday life someone wants to be alone, the other is afraid of being alone and the third hates being alone. One’s attitude will dictate the nature of his experience. Let go of your negative attitude towards loneliness and you’ll feel good. If you love life and people then the fact that you are physically alone will have no meaning – you will not feel lonely as you have your love that, flowing from you to other people, can only grow in time.

Some people – no matter if they are young or old – always seem to complain about being bored, having nothing to do and waiting for someone else to amuse them, to invite them, to talk to them, to care for them, to remember them… The best social care system in the world wouldn’t keep them satisfied. Their egotistical fear of not being loved has closed their reasonable mind. Their fear of dissatisfaction destroys their senses one by one – their vision, their hearing, their taste and feel as well as their memory and their mind. They are all suffering from the same kind of fault – they don’t want to give, they only want to get.

I’m sure you also know another type of person – the maverick, never bored by his own company, happily busy in some solitary and curious undertaking. One can only look by and wonder! I recently heard about an old lady soon to turn 100 who above all wished for a book about the history of Spain for her birthday. This is the sort of person who is living for eternity. Her eyes have not grown dim with shed tears. She is happy to sit in her room and read about Spain – the land of her dreams. She uses every minute God grants her to learn and God is sure to grant her many more as she has made good use of her time. And should someone be interested in sharing her life’s wisdom then, tenderly putting aside her book, she will gladly tell what she has learned – just like the good student of life she is, reciting her lessons. Only the ignorant would not find the time to listen her out.

this was just a little text which I normally send to my patients as part of their learning , it is of course much more detailed and is arranged according to the patient.
forgiveness opens the door, so that the healing can begin.
Alexthink last decade
To Patti

I was alerted to your post where you refer to me and my advice to use Arnica 30c in the wet dose for Diabetes among the many other ailments that I have discovered that it is the remedy beyond par.

You stated that in just 3 days you noticed an improvement in your ailment and I presume that your blood sugar levels have dropped. You state that you so desperately wished to get off medication but felt that you could not go cold turkey. The Arnica 30c has helped your Diabetes and I feel confident that if you use it twice daily in the future that you will soon get over your ailment and perhaps many others. Many who have used it and were helped have spread the word to others who continue to use it and pass on the message.

Quite frankly I cannot account for how Arnica can help so many ailments so very successfully. Many of these ailments are not listed for Arnica in the classical texts and if you read my post Arnica the Miracle Remedy you will realize that it has worked in so many wondrous ways to help those who were even rendered desparate with their ailments.

If you would like to list the ailments you are suffering from today preferably in the chronological order that you first experienced them, with the medication that you were prescribed, I can try to help you together with the advice that others on this forum have extended to you.

It is this form of caring and sharing that I am trying to promote on the ABC but unfortunately this is not always possible as there are a few elements that so delight in upsetting this atmosphere of love and understanding by their snide comments and attitude which I believe is their own way of achieving some notice and self glorification.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
You probably know that Homeopathy traces it origins to the 1700's when a German doctor, chemist, and medical translator named Samuel Hahnemann noticed that Cinchona bark, used to treat fevers, could actually cause fevers as well. Hahnemann experimented on himself to verify this hypothesis. He began to test the effects of other substances on himself, his family, and his friends. He found that certain substances used to treat a condition would cause the same symptoms as the condition when used in higher doses. The field of homeopathy was born. Homeopathic medicine uses very small doses of natural materials (plants, animals, or minerals) to stimulate a sick person's natural defenses. The medicines are selected on the basis of their ability to cause in overdose similar symptoms to those the person is experiencing. In Greek, Homoios means similar and pathos means disease or suffering.
Although I am not an expert in the field of Homeopathy, I am very much pro Homeopathy treatment. I for one believe in the healing powers of nature. I look at animals that have a developed instinct or intuitive knowledge that tells them when they need the help of our flora to counter or to balance problems that can occur after eating certain foods. In case of trauma’s most animals seek silence, a place of rest, where the body can heal in quietness. Animals know how important it is to be alone in times of sickness, not only to protect their own but also to give the body the opportunity to heal it self. At times with the help of plants and grasses and sometimes with eating clay to balance acid juices that have gathered in their stomach.
Fortunately animals do not gather stress in a way we humans do, therefore their symptoms of sickness are not that severe as compared to us, humans.
Many patients who come to me for help have crossed the critical line; they have been treated for a long time by modern medicine, prescribing them all kinds of highly poisoned chemicals, which destroys their natural immune system, and with no or little effect in the end.
I do not prescribe medication in the form of tablets, powders or pills, not even herbs, sometimes I prescribe eggshell or honey but this is how far it goes. I have read most of your articles and I admire your input and energy you put towards those who are need of your expertise.
As you may know, my help comes in the form of teaching people the cause of their illness and by teaching them the art of forgiving, so they can release the stress and be free.
I, like Samuel Hahnemann have tested and tried for many years the art of forgiving, and being the biggest skeptical person in the world it took a long time before I was convinced about the power of forgiveness. I believe that the natural way of fighting sickness (stress) together with natural available drugs and herbs will make this world a much healthier place.
Many thanks for your help, expertise and input.

Alexthink last decade
To Dr. Beek and Joe de Livera:

I respect both of you and I don't see a conflict for me at this time. Hopefully I will progress to the point where I don't even need homeopathy, even though I cannot see that far.

The first few days my BS was under 130. This morning FBS was 150; I have no idea why. I did cut my diabetic medication down those first few days. I am checking it four times a day, and feel comfortable adjusting my medication.

I will answer Joe's questions about my history. If you click on my nickname, you can see a history that another doctor asked for. It might help fill in. At 25 I was diagnosed with gallstones; I took lecithin, adjusted my diet and had little problem with them until the last 4-5 years. When the pain started I sought acupuncture, and twice got rid of the pain for a year or more. At 40 I was diagnosed with Cushings just from my symptoms. I never sought treatment. This past year my cortisol level was tested and it is normal, so no Cushings. My blood sugar and blood pressure have been up for the last five years, but I have been so against medication and I thought I could handle it with diet alone. January 2005, after four hard months of working 7 days a week, about 14 hours a day, I felt exhausted, and was diagnosed with diabetes. All of 2005 was nothing but exhaustion. I began on Metformin 500 mg qd, then bid, then tid with no relief. I switched doctors and in 2006 started on Metformin 850 tid and Actos 30mg qd, and for the last 60 days my blood sugar has been normal and I am starting to feel a little better. Also in 2006 I was started on Wellbutrin for depression (it helps) and am taking 300 mg qd, 200 a.m. and 100 p.m. and also started on Lisinopril 10 mg qd for hypertesion. At my visit last week she changed it to Atacan 10 mg because I was getting a cough from the Lisinopril.

All my life I depended on, and handed out, home remedies, but I have to say these drugs gave me my life back. And I know if I continue on them for the rest of my life I will have more side effects (I already have headaches nearly daily from the Metformin and weight gain from the Actos). That is why I searched HOMEOPATHY.

I know Dr. Beek has truth that I don't have, and I want what he has, and I want not just to treat my symptoms, but find out and get rid of the cause, and I can see how the body reflects thoughts (NOW I can see, not before) and I pray I am capable of having what Dr. Beek has.

I think both of you are very great men. Before I posted anything, I read and reread all of Dr. Beek's posts, and copied and pasted them and reread that. Then I saw Mr. Joe's posts on Arnica, Nat Phos and Nat Sulph, so I started reading all his posts. It is incredible that men of your stature are willing to share your knowledge so freely and I am amazed by each new piece of knowledge I see coming from either of your. I am sure I am not the only who is grateful for you two and your knowledge.

And as there are no coincidences, isn't it something that both you amazing healers are on the same site? We readers are SO lucky!
patti3046 last decade
I agree with patti that we are indeed blessed to find guidance thru so many on this forum who are willing to share, discuss and suggest thru experience. however we must also not forget to acknowledge the universe in gratitude for getting all of us together on this wonderful site.
thanks to all!
vyushti last decade
Dear Dr Beek,
I can not thank you enough for helping me through your teachings and personally guiding me, teaching me how to release stresses through forgiving.

The truth I'm learning has changed my life and marriage life. I know my life will continue to get better and better as I apply the knowledge gained the teachings.

You are doing a good job, keep it up! And I hope that people who really need healing will find you at the right time. Because from my dealings with you I know you have something that almost everyone needs but often as it is, it is only when the stresses build to an unbearable level that we all sometimes start to evaluate our way of live.

Thank you for changing lives, one at a time.
emma-sun last decade
To Dr Beek

I have read some of your articles but unfortunately they are invariably so long that I do not seem to have the time to read them fully especially since you do not prescribe any remedies but choose to use your own philosophy to help a patient who may be awaiting a remedy urgently for the ailment he has posted.

I am glad to note that you are appreciative of my approach to Homeopathic healing which you may have noted has attracted the wrath of the classical school merely because I treat the ailment in the allopathic manner instead of the classical which in many cases does not help the patient as fast.

You may have noticed that I have often recommended the use of Arnica for daily use especially to those over 50 years of age. I have used it myself nightly since 1996 and have no doubt that it has helped me to maintain my sense of wellness and I am convinced today that it is directly responsible for my low BP at 120/80 at my age of 76.

I note that in your articles you emphasize that stress is the cause of sickness. I would recommend that you consider the use of Arnica in the manner that I have done for the last 10+ years and you may discover that this remedy can help many to overcome their level of stress thereby avoiding the sickness that you have discovered can follow.

You may like to know that I have deliberately avoided using all allopathic drugs for the last 25 years but was compelled to take a course of an antibiotic immediately after my surgery 3 years ago. I have not used any drug since as I only use Homeopathic remedies of which I have about 500 in my stock which I use to treat patients which I do free of charge.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Thanks for your response, and your view. We both are here to offer our knowledge to those in need. One may come here to pick up a recipe another may visite this site for some comfort yet another will find a story that resembles his suffering. We are here to teach and to guide, others are here to learn and to try, that we are free to give a liitle.
once again I appreciate your knowledge and expertise that surely is helping a lot people, one thing is clear that the natural world is a far better supplier of medication (Homeopathic)and remedies then we will ever know,

Alexthink last decade
To Dr Beek

Isn't it a shame that other advisors on this and even other forums do not share our joint views on healing but prefer to pontificate their pseudo classical theories to healing, when they respond to a patient's cry for help ?

I would request you to please visit:


I have just posted a reply to it and am simply amazed how 2 qualified 'classical' homeopaths have caused so much distress to the patient, when it was obvious that their joint remedies were not doing the slightest good.

I presume that they will now stand their ground and maintain that it was not their remedy that was at fault but that it was the patient whose ailment was not conforming to their classical diagnosis and treatment !

At first they criticized me for having dared to indicate the remedy which I was confident would give the patient relief but this was shot down as according to these classical types, it
had first to cause the aggravation that has now been going for this patient for over the last month before it could give him some relief.

The question is when will the aggravation turn to relief ?

It is instances like this that have made me determined now more than before, to ensure that some rational thought is focussed in the treatment of an ailment by Homeopathy instead of delving into the nebulous 'classical' method which invariably causes more problems than it solves.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I've read some of the answers and it also wonders me (sometimes) how people can jump from one to another conclusion.
All I wish for is understanding, critizising is easy but if contructive and positive then that is worthwhile to work on.

There are many doctors, who wish well and do well, but unfortunately we cannot look into the hearts of our patients and see what is really bothering them, I have learned to listen, and if we listen carefully enough we can hear that it is sometimes better not to say nothing.
Time will tell (anyway)
Alexthink last decade
To Mr.Joe:

Not all homeopaths are critical of your approach:

The following is an excerpt from http://www.hpathy.com/homecures/lewis-toothache2.asp and was written by Elaine Lewis.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, homeopathy does it again! Do you know that there is supposedly no cure for this affliction? The next morning, I went to breakfast as usual and bravely drank my orange juice, bracing myself for the sharp pain I had come to know, when suddenly I realized that I was drinking with only minimal discomfort! This is less than 24 hours after the Nat-mur 30C I had taken the night before! From then on, the improvement was continuous and swift and I can tell you that as I write to you, roughly a week later, the pain is no more and the roof of my mouth feels normal, and actually, I've been eating normally for quite a number of days now! The dentist had given me a prescription for something to deaden the area so I'd be able to eat but I never needed it.

Some of you may be asking yourselves why a remedy should work when there are no constitutional indications. As much as we like to say that in homeopathy we prescribe for the patient and not the disease, in truth we do have remedies for disease, and this is a case in point. Similar examples would be:

Pulsatilla for ailments following the eating of too much fat, Argentum nitricum for ailments after eating too many sweets, Phosphorus for ailments after eating too much salt, and especially Arnica for practically any injury or any ailment following an injury, even nightmares where one dreams of the injury.

To be sure, Nat-mur. isn't the only remedy for Herpes Zoster. Rhus tox. is another big contender, and there are still many others. But Rhus tox. and Nat-mur. should be thought of first. Each of the remedies have their own characteristics, or keynotes, which can guide you to the remedy most appropriate for you. For instance: herpes with burning pains, better by warm applications should make you think of Arsenicum album. Herpes of the face with severe burning pains, bettter by cold applications should make you think of Apis. Itching along with the pain should make you think of Rhus tox. Think of Ranunculus bulbosus when the eruptions are on the chest along the intercostal nerves. Sulphur eruptions would be worse by the heat of the bed covers. Lachesis eruptions would be purplish in color. Nat-mur eruptions are known to be large and water-filled; and yet, that was certainly not in evidence in my case. My case matched no remedy in particular and yet Nat-mur., alone, effected a cure, and very swiftly and unambiguously; so, I have to conclude that, yes, sometimes a remedy is, in fact, a 'disease' remedy, and there's no other way to explain it.
patti3046 last decade
'Alexthink' :
Dr.Beek, just curious on this one : Are you, yourself going to take Arnica ?

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Dr. Beek,

Thanks for another wonderful article. Took me a while to find time to read it..

I just realized i am a do-gooder in some way myself... I am not 100% but i am when it comes to children. I find myself interfering with parenting a lot . this is totally not welcomed from parents and as a result i was hurt and hurt others several times and lost quite a few relations. And, like you said, accumulated some fat.

Also, what you mentioned about feeling superior or inferior to other.. This is exactly another thing that i figured our just last week. When i feel superior, the do-gooder comes out and when i feel inferior, i feel so indebted to them and feel tremendous gratitude (for no apparent reason like you said).

so far i have not come across a single person with whom i feel comfortable.. I always feel either superior or inferior. This another most important aspect of myself that i need to work on... and I think the work started today at this moment with your article..

I am sooo grateful for this article and also all others that you have been sending me..

himabindu last decade
to himabindu - Thank you for coming forward with your comments. I wonder how many of us are out there? I, for one, appreciate it immensely when other people post their comments about what is helping them.

to Dr. Beek - Thank you for giving of your spirit; to me that is better than money!

I am continuing on Mr. Joe's Arnica wet dose and monitoring my blood sugar. The highest it has been in days is 133, even 2 hour post prandial. I am very happy about that. I also note some deeper sleep, not always, but better than before. I am still awaiting your advice on further homeopathics as you offered earlier in this thread.

I am also progressing (inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter) in my emotional life. An incident with my father made me understand him a little bit better, that he is willing to do something, and indeed wants to do it, but is just unable; something just won't let him. I also see things in him that are in me that I didn't realize were there; and seeing these allows me to get rid of them.

I am interested in the various ways to get rid of anger. For example, does crying help? What about exercise, singing or prayer? Massage? I know yelling helps but I don't have anyone around to yell at; what about yelling at the walls? I have always been afraid to show anger because when growing up, anger always had such an ugly face.

If anyone has had success in this area, I am interested in hearing it. And of course I am always interested in Dr. Beek's comments.
patti3046 last decade
Hi Patti,

I learned to express my anger in several different ways.. one thing that helped me tremendously is meditation. pl. drop me an email so i can explain..
himabindu last decade
I would be grateful. I have done some meditation but mostly for relaxation.

Your emai is not listed on your profile. Mine is. Can you email me?
patti3046 last decade
is a fine tool, that can work miracles if practised correctly. A lot of people find relief with meditation, however, I would like to stress out again, that before one enters the practise of meditation one first has to free the mind of stress first, only then a workable state of meditation can be reached and the relaxtion and regenerating effect can take place with maximum result.

Before meditation, stretch and activate the spine, then empty the mind of those things bothering you the most: so first the streching of your spine (it is described im my earlier teachings) after that start to imagine a dark cloud in front of you (while sitting on the floor), put in all the negativity, wish it well, and thank it for coming to you so that you can learn from it. Continue repeating untill you feel it has flown away. Now thank your body and hug it, now you can enjoy your meditation. Do this every time before you want to meditate.

Alexthink last decade
Dear Dr Beek

Your articles are enlightening, thought provoking and interesting. What you have been discussing is the backbone/essence of all religions. Every religion teaches us to forgive, love, sacrifice, and to help others, so we can achieve peace and harmony in this life and after. It seems that most of us have forgotten the path to eternal happiness, in pursuit of material and self gratification, and your articles are reminder to all of us, of how we can change ourselves, and become a constructive/evolving and happy creation of GOD.

Thanks for showing us the light

sazim last decade
Dear sazim,
thanks for the reply, let me add one more things please.

Today in our human existence We Have done nothing more than to create more wealth and less understanding, trying to change what is beyond us instead of trying to understand and to change what is within us. Off course there has been development but without understanding of the bigger picture of All That Is.

We cultivated land without knowing the real impact towards life. We have mixed our believes in our self’s without understanding of what to belief in. Instead of living in harmony we live in fear, a constant competition of being better than the other, not knowing that there are no privileges in All That Is. The power of money is nothing compared with the power of All That Is. Religion is turned into a moneymaking business were the No haves lose and Haves are getting more. Multinational businesses are creating fear and make-believe, in order to become bigger and richer. “Super Nations” are playing the role of the All mighty, oppressing the rest of the world with there ideology.

No body can decide for someone else, this is against nature, we are all part of Nature and we can not stand above it. Today we are at fault, not because we are bad or stupid, it’s because we don’t know. As soon we receive knowledge and reason, only than we are able to understand and to change, without it, nothing will happen. Ones the wealthy understand that there wealth is given to them with reason, that they can use it as a tool instead of using it as a identification, if leaders of nations understand that they have to lead instead of the plunder and when we all start to understand that without Nature there will be no man, until than, we are doomed to lose it All.
The homeopathic doctors on this forum proof day in day out how important nature is. let's keep it this way.

Alexthink last decade
Hi Patti,

I will send you an email shortly. Like dr. Beek said, relieving stress before attempting would work and YOGA helped me a lot for that. But the progress i made after reading dr. Beek's articles is tremendous. Especially.. forgiving myself.. I seem to be able to forgive everyone else but not me.. the momement i consciously tried to understand my ignorace and forgive myself, most of the stress seemed to have been relieved. Any way this is dr. Beek's post and i would not like to side track it.. I will send an email in couple of days..

(thanks dr. Beek, for everything..)

I believe my email is visible to everyone now. I changed my profile..
himabindu last decade

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