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PART 2 Why the thyroid gland is not functioning - Obesity and the rest of it 15



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why the thyroid gland is not functioning - obesity and the rest of it Page 2 of 2

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Hi Patti,

I will send you an email shortly. Like dr. Beek said, relieving stress before attempting would work and YOGA helped me a lot for that. But the progress i made after reading dr. Beek's articles is tremendous. Especially.. forgiving myself.. I seem to be able to forgive everyone else but not me.. the momement i consciously tried to understand my ignorace and forgive myself, most of the stress seemed to have been relieved. Any way this is dr. Beek's post and i would not like to side track it.. I will send an email in couple of days..

(thanks dr. Beek, for everything..)

I believe my email is visible to everyone now. I changed my profile..
himabindu last decade
Dear susan,

Part two should give the answers.

Alexthink last decade
link to the second part

part two of why the thyroid gland is not functioning - obesity and the rest of it

Alexthink last decade
Illness and dis-ease
Each body has its own demand. Not every body can be trained to be a racehorse and not every racehorse can be turned into a farm horse, and neither of them can be made into a circus animal.
Each body has to accomplish its own mission.You have to calmly estimate your potential and live your life peacefully and in good health by using what you have and doing good

then u wrote

Nobody has given us the right to compare ourselves to any other man or to compete with anyone else. We have the right to compare ourselves, as we are now, with the people we are yesterday. We have the right to compete with our selves. Why are famous sportsmen often so ill? Because they are acting against the Laws of Nature.

I don't quite understand this part here. Now these sportsmen have found their mission. They want to compete. It's what makes them happy. If this is what makes them happy and drives them,thus stress would be at the minimum. Now that satisfies both the criteria of not having stress as u signified. If that's true then why did u write that most sportsmen remain ill because they are going against nature. Could you pls. explain this as it totally confused me. On the same note, how can you say that these sportsmen on the spiritual level competing. They are only doing this because it's an art. To attain perfection you have to test urself. And how will you test urself, if you cannot compare. And again they might not even want to compete or compare but the world makes them and they are proud to represent their countries.

U talk about competing, stress etc, but somewhere on a reply you were so negative about conventional medicines, but so much in favour of natural medicines. Isn't that competing. Isn't that being negative to another theory. Thus in reality you are stressed??

you wrote

You have to calmly estimate your potential and live your life peacefully and in good health by using what you have and doing good. ----------------------

Again on the same note, these sportsmen chose to do this. They are not doing anything wrong. If illness comes to them, it's not their fault.

What is wrong and what is right. I can't even understant this part. I still remember this incident. I asked a really known sage in India what is right and what is wrong. He replied
'Son let's say someone was running away from 3-4 ppl who were trying to kill him. U are stading at ur gate when this guy who is being chased comes up to u and asks you to save him. U say go into my house. At that moment these 3-4 ppl who were chasing this guy turn the corner and come upto u and asks did u see anyone running from here. U say he went up the street and these guys go away. Now the question came up is that you did a good deed by saving this guy's life, but on the other hand you 'lied' to these ppl. And lying is not a good thing. So what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong only lives in our own heads. We can only do what we can do. leave the rest to God (i.e if u believe in God) to decide whether ur actions were just or not.

Illness is the result of wrong action, where the scales of good and bad are tipped in favor of the bad.

So how do u decide what is right and what is wrong. What is good and what is bad. Pls. explain to me from the example i gave.

you wrote

There are endless ways to learn. One learns from books or from the words of a teacher – but anyone learning the wisdom of life is a teacher. Another person watches the next person to stub his toe on a rock and learns from that – he doesn’t need to go through the same process. A third learns only by personally stubbing his toe and usually not the first time. Everyone makes his own choices. He, who gets angry at the stone and keeps on blaming it, will continue stubbing his toes, and it could be that, like in school, he will continue doing the same thing in his next existence – until the lesson is finally learned.

AGain very interesting. So learn things from books, from what a teacher tells me. What exactly are we trying to learn here?? Isn't everyone's experience their own and personal because every spirit might be on a different plane of existence. Again somewhere a book or teaching will tell me like 'be forgiving like Jesus'. Now isn't that competing, because the goal I have to reach to be happy and blissful, I should be forgiving like Jesus???????

you wrote

My body loves me, if it didn’t, it wouldn’t care what happens to me. Illness is a sign of love. Our body is unable to inform us in any other manner except by disease. Our Spirit has just not evolved enough. And yet, the more a person learns, the more he understands that mental distress hurts more than physical pain. He has learned a simple truth – a small mistake is followed by light punishment, a big mistake by a more serious problem. If somebody falls and breaks a leg then obviously he has let something of importance unnoticed – the fact that the sidewalk was slippery. The bone is fractured and the lesson learned, once and for all. If he were also to realize that he brought the accident on himself by being scared of falling, then he would become even wiser,
I was walking on the sidewalk, when this person who was drunk hit me with his bike. I broke my arm and a leg. What did I learn???? I should only walk on sideways by first checking no one driving is drunk. As that is almost impossible to do, I should maybe not walk on the sidewalk??? hmmm maybe centre of the road, or maybe I can ask someone to buy me a car or a truck...
(pardon my sarcasm)

you wrote

It is a law of life that somebody will always be ahead, while somebody else has to come second, waiting to pass the other by to become first. If you are wise enough, you know that if you are second, it will only be a matter of time and patience when you will be able to pass him by as it is common human behavior for the leader to begin feeling comfortable in this position and to start taking it for granted.
Now u talk about competing. Why do we want to know we are second or third and try to be first????????????
Too many contradictions

Single people are the ones who are in the greatest hurry to become the first. Unmarried, divorced or widowed, they all are in a rush to achieve perfection before they have learned the lessons of the material life.

can't agree on that. Know of so many single ppl. who are the most happiest and helping ppl. on this planet. One ex. everyone knows about Mother Teresa.

sorry I really don't have time to go through every single thing, and I don't like to be over negative, but really u r too much contradictive to ur own statements. If ur philosophy talks about stress being the cause, maybe someone elses says something else. How can u decide one top of another. How can u be so sure ur right and start handing out these lessons. How can u write about all these sportsmen being wrong about competing and then u talk about first and second.

I am outright sorry to everyone for writing this, don't want to really hurt someone's way of thinking, but here someone was putting down the love of my life which is sports and had to say what I thought.
jatan last decade
Dear Anda,

Cultivate your thoughts
Alexthink last decade
Dear Cynthia,

please read this!

Alexthink last decade
Dr. Beek, I have read and reread Part I & II of the Teaching. Thank you very much. I think I am ready for the next part. Best regards.

cks689 last decade
what do you do with a person
thats had their neck broken and a damaged pitruitry gland
and is fat all over???
alangail1 last decade
Dear Alangail1,

Everything that is broken can be mend, it needs understanding and the wil to do it.
Please tell me, have you read more of my postings?

If you want you can contact me directly (email address under my profile)and we could find out if you want to take a few lesson in understanding life.

Alexthink last decade

The above link is for my latest post (Senselessness)
Alexthink last decade
Dear C

Thought is energy. Energy has consciousness. If one has consciousness it is possible to communicate with it, it’s easier than you think!

A negative thought is always a teacher to you. When a student has understood what the teacher had to say, he has become wise. When the teacher sees that the student has become wise he has done a good job.

Reasons why we suffer are many but few. The disease in itself is nothing but an accumulation of negative energy (thoughts), my teaching will explain how we can survive without suffering. The ability to listen to one’s own thoughts allows us to deal successfully even with the most complicated or horrific and dangerous situations in life.

Forgiveness is the key to all our answers a readiness to communicate, a willingness to love our next without condition, a yearning to unite our soul and spirit in a perfect whole, brings harmony.

Forgiveness is clarity of the soul.
Alexthink last decade
Dear forum members,

this is to fresh up the reading of this article, still many questions about thyroid and obesity.

happy reading

Alexthink last decade
I have just finished this post from you, it opens up new possibilities for me, I'm happy that there are people, like you, who believe that our heads are playing a big part in what we are, and how we are
I will practice what i have learned here,

ciao and,
many thanks
R Machia
Alexthink last decade
‘Thought’ is more powerful then science has understood today.
So many of us convince ourselves that everything is all right with our lives when really it isn’t. We are cheating ourselves by calling negativity by another name and making ourselves forget its existence. Self-deception, however, doesn’t make a problem go away. Time is almost up for all of us. What is demanded of each and every one of us at this point in history, is to track down all the personal negativity we have gathered inside ourselves through the years, acknowledge it and release it by forgiving.
Alexthink last decade
Do you have excercises for me

R.Machia last decade
dear himabindu, lost your emails....sorry computer glitch.

Do not forget: I and my body form a whole – the human being – in the physical world but we are still not the same. When you contemplate this and give thanks to your body, you will be able to hear its answer. But he, who curses his body for illness and suffering and would prefer it not to exist, should know that by thinking in this way he has made his body sicker. Everyone has the possibility of improving his body within reasonable limits but this should be done with kindness.
Alexthink last decade
To M

if you have skype you can skype me, my skyoe name is

Alexthink last decade
Why it is thinking, because,

Every thought, event brings into action certain physical tissue, parts of the brain, nerve or muscle. Every situation good or bad will leave certain imprints in our Mind. This produces an actual physical change in the construction of the tissue. Therefore it is only necessary to have a certain number of thoughts on a given subject or event in order to bring about a complete change in physical organization of the body, if we don’t learn to recognize it then surely it will have severe consequences.

The operations of the mind are produced by two parallel modes of activity, the one conscious, and the other subconscious. The subconscious’ logical processes are carried on with a certainty and regularity which would be impossible if there exists the possibility of error.
Our mind is so designed that it prepares for us the most important fundamentals of cognition, whilst we have not the slightest idea of the modus operandi.

We are all aware how dependent we are upon the subconscious mind, and the greater, nobler, the more brilliant our thoughts are, the more it is obvious to ourselves that the origin lies beyond our understanding.
The value of the subconscious is enormous; it inspires us, it warns us, it furnishes us with names, facts and scenes from our memory. It directs our thoughts, feelings emotions, taste and smells and accomplishes tasks so intricate, that no conscious mind, even if it had the power, it does not have the capacity for it.

Alexthink last decade
Freshing up
Alexthink last decade
hello Dr BEEk,

I tried to get your contact but the email address on the forum does not work and the email bounced back to me.

My husband is diagnosed with
muscular dystrophy and we wanted to seek your advise.

Could you please email me your contact details.
thank you very much and will we eagerly waiting for your reply.
tomato last decade

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