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Autism of my two sons

Hello Doctor/Members,

I have two autistic boys with 5 and 3 yeras old. I am giving them supplements such as vitamin B complex, vitamin A, D as well as cytovibidus (increases good bacteria in the stomach). I have also tried biochemic medicine consulting a doctor in Sydney. But unfortunately, nothing helped. They do not speak especially the younger boy but understand lot more. The elder boy uses few words but not in a meaningful way. The elder boy love songs and remember a lot of songs(few lines or few words of a song). The elder son do not feed himself and swallow everything.

Any way, finally they do not speak. Elder son generally do not understand communication.

Looking forward for comments /remedies.


  Nitish on 2006-07-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Refer to thread:
girilal last decade
Use Baryta carb.

Use 1 dose 1M on Day one
use 1 dose 10M on Day two
use 1 dose CM on Day three

Wait at least 4 weeks to judge results.

Do NOT use more than ONE remedy at a time.
walkin last decade
Dear Doctors and members,
As suggested by Walkin I have given Bryta Carb to my sons by did not see any marked improvement.

Please doctors give me some suggestions so that I could do/try some thing else.

Looking forward for your reply.

Nitish last decade
I have had some success in stimulating the mind in the cases of a few patients with Arnica 1M in the wet dose and it may perhaps help your boys.

Arnica 1M seems to increase the flow of blood to the brain thereby stimulating it and has helped the patients, one of whom was an 83 year old man who had lost his motor functions in his extremeties and the other a 21 year old victim of a motor accident who was in a coma for 2 months and woke up within a week with this therapy.

The wet dose is made by inserting 3 pellets or 2 drops of the Arnica 1M into a 500ml bottle of spring water and you shake it hard every time before you give your sons 1 teaspoonful twice daily.

Please report their response from time to time and note that this is not an instant fix of their problem. If there is no improvement within 2 weeks you can presume that this therapy is not helping.
Joe De Livera last decade
Have they been vaccinated?

See my website: www.recoveredfromautism.com.

Have you tried DMG for speech? It is not a remedy but a supplement.
busymominme last decade
top remedies are


it all depends on the diathesis and the nature of the patient.

please describe the nature of the boys and then administer the remedies..
rishimba last decade
hi ..

i dont have any cure only what i have been reading ..

i have found very safe heavy metals chelation ....

greensparrow last decade
Hi Nitish,
I would suggest that do not try chelation unless they are approved. I don't know where do you stay but in USA there is an excellent program for autism called son-rise. I am doing for my son. If you want more information yoy are welcome to write. All the best!
Dipika last decade
Hello Dipika,

Many thanks for the information. I have heared about the son-rise program in USA. But so far I know it is a training program but found effective. Could you please let me know how effective it was for your son. If possible let me know your contact number.

I am living in Australia.


Nitish last decade
Dear Joe De Livera,

Many thanks for your advise. I will try it and let you know what happens.


Nitish last decade
Dear Rishimba,

The nature of my elder son is,

Presently flapping his both hands with making noise, does not understand what I try to communicate but know few or many words but can not use in right time. Does not feed himselves. Does not play with toys but likes to spend times in the bed. Loves to see pictures but does not follow instructions of others. Loves music and songs very much.

The younger son looks intelligent but does not speak at all. Some time play with toys but other time stick with watch, mobile, ornaments, sun glass etc. Loves to see movies and travelling out side. Communicate in his own way pulling our hands to some objects. However, failed to communicate in general way especially if he is asked to do some thing. Sleeps well and catch a cold very easily.


Nitish last decade
based on the limited information you have given it is difficult to pin point the correct remedy.

however, you have not mentioned that the boys are shy or they hide their faces from strangers etc. also, if they are not narrow chested and have a good bone structure, you can rule out BARYTA CARB.

you can try NAT MUR 1M weekly one dose ( 3 doses max.) for the elder one.

you can try CALC PHOS 200C ( weekly one dose ( 3 doses max.) for the younger one.

watch for these few weeks and then report back.
rishimba last decade
Dear Rishimba,

Thank you very much for your response. My younger son is a bit shy and some times try to hide his face from strangers. May be they have good bone structure and are not narrow chested.

Additionally, my elder son is toilet trained but has not any specific foods that he loves/likes but eats (swallow everything does not bite) almost everything if we put it in his mouth. He does little physical movement and afraid of climbing high.

My younger one loves rocking especially he loves to sat on my laps and rocking his head on my chest. He loves fast food such as Pizza. KFC, fried rice and meat, yogurt. He bites food while he is eating but does not pick up of his own. Now-a-days he does not want to go to the school although initially he was interested.

Please let me know if you need any more information.


Nitish last decade
Hello Dipika,

Many thanks for your nice information. Could you please let me know some thing about son rise program and how effective for your son. I am presently living in Australia. If possible please let me know your phone number I would like to talk to you.


Nitish last decade
Hi Nitish,

My son also an autistic child. He is 5 yrs old now. I've quit my job in Mr 06 to concetrate on his intervention development. Before he did not speak a word at all or have any basic common sense. Now in Sep 06 he can say more than 100 single words and beginning to use 3 words combination. The speech therapist was very amaxed and puzzled too how this happen in short time. Don;t worry, your kids will do the same. I am in Sydney too. I would like to help and share my experience with you what I have done to my child.

All the best, Mrs Kogeelam
kogeelam last decade
Hi Kogeelam,

Many thanks for your nice reply. I am looking forward to talk to you very soon.

My telephone number is
02-6771-2180 (home)
02-6773-2625 (work)


Nitish last decade
I heard of someone's autistic child who went in to a procedure (mri or something.) they give very small doses of phenolsulfyltransferase for this procedure. the parents said this brought their child mostly 'out' of autism, but the dr wouldn't give it for autism because FDA did not approve it for that. I've looked up Phenol (carbolic acid) and sulfyl (sulfur) and transferase (coenzyme catalyst). Is the product Carboneum Sulphuratum closely related to this drug in any way?
PuddysMom last decade
I would suggest the reason the phenolsulfyltransferase worked for the child is because many children with autism suffer from something called PST deficiency. They are lacking this chemical in their body and so cannot properly process phenols. Phenols are compounds found in all fruits and vegetables but more so in fruits like apples, pears, and bananas. Children with PST deficiency sometimes have red ears, or red cheeks, dark circles under the eyes, tantrums, aggressive behaviors, defiant behaviors, increased laughing, hypotonia (low muscle tone), and stimming behaviors (spinning in circles,toe walking, lining things up), and high yeast levels with rashes. Some have all of the symtpoms, some only have a few. These are many of the classic signs of autism.

My son takes an enzyme (NoFenol) to help his body process the phenols. The enzyme helps him process them normally so that he does not experience any symptoms from them. Although his need for the enzymes has dropped off dramatically since he has recovered via the homeopathy and NAET.

So, as for your question, I am assuming in the child's case you describe, the phenolsulfyltransferase filled his deficiency. To use Carboneum Sulphuratum would be to use homeopathic medicine in an allopathic manner. This does not usually work. However, if the symptom picture of Carboneum Sulphuratum matches that of your child, then it may work.

I looked at Boericke's materia medica and indeed someone of the symptoms are a match - particularly too if the child has eye stims or problems. It has:

irritable, anxious, intolerant, changeable mood, dementia alternating with excitement;
ears feel obstructed;
pain, soreness, and rumbling in abdomen;
wasted muscles, gait unsteady, tottering (hypotonia - we used to call my son's walk after bananas, his drunken sailor walk);
burning, itching skin

Remember that in homeopathy, the symptoms have to match the remedy - it is like cures like. It is not like allopathic medicine where the medicine is typically the opposite - trying to counter or suppress the symptoms.

Interesting idea! I'm glad you posted this!
I hope my response helps.
busymominme last decade
There are many more remedies indicated for autism such as Tuberculinum, Tarentula, Carcinosinum. It all depends upon the symptom picture.

Do read a good materia medica to see if the remedies fit your child before administering lots of remedies willy nilly. Treating autism is a very involved and complex undertaking and one best done with a professional homeopath (even if worked long distance over the phone).

While usually homeopathy is harmless and safe, it is possible to exacerbate the symptoms, confuse the vital force, and make the situation worse with the wrong remedy.
busymominme last decade
Dear Nitish, some very good advice from busy directly above, be careful, autism is a very complicated business to treat, and I would most deffinately not be taking random advice from people on the internet who have not even asked for a full and proper case history.

I have treated a few children with this condition in the past (not with Arnica either, what the hell?!), as well as a number with other 'learning difficulties' and/or mental/emotional disabilities, and in almost all of these I have found bad reactions to vaccination to be the cause.

A question was asked about this above, but unless I am mistaken, you didn't reply to this, so tell us, is there such a history in your sons?

Best wishes.

Hahnemania last decade
Oh, also, is there any history of vaccination, ear piercing, or puncturing with dirty objects (such as rusty nails etc) in YOURSELF while carrying either of them.

Hahnemania last decade
Children with PST deficiency sometimes have red ears, or red cheeks, dark circles under the eyes, tantrums, aggressive behaviors, defiant behaviors, increased laughing, hypotonia (low muscle tone), and stimming behaviors (spinning in circles,toe walking, lining things up), and high yeast levels with rashes. Some have all of the symtpoms, some only have a few. These are many of the classic signs of autism.

OH MY GOODNESS, You just described my daughter! Dark circles under her eyes, tantrums,aggressive, laughing, she doesn't spin in circles, but she swings her head from side to side real fast like she's trying to get dizzy, she beats her head on the back of our couch. Do you think the enzyme (NoFenol) would help her? I'm desperate! We've been going through this for 12 years. The best her neurologist would do is L-carnitine. I've been trying b6, and alpha-lipoic acid on my own. Like you said, some things just make it worse.
PuddysMom last decade
You can find more information here: www.houstonni.com. And here: www.enzymestuff.com/nofenolfile.htm

Yes, the self-injurious behaviors (head banging) is included under symptoms as well.

It's important to start slow (1/8 of a capsule sprinkled on 1st bite of each meal) as it can cause yeast die off (nauseau, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, headache, stuffy nose, sore throat). We found the powder worked better than the chewables. Thanks to the homeopathy, I think he needs less and less as his body repairs itself.

Hope that helps! :)

(sorry to Nitish for the diversion.)
busymominme last decade
You two moms certainly know your stuff. I'm learning lots on this thread!

Hahnemania last decade
Dear Jacob,

My elder son was vaccinated against DPT, BCG, rump, measeles and rubella before he was diagnosed austistic. Initially I was not aware of Autism so I failed to observe any significant changes after vaccination. But initially he looked normal and everything looks normal. I suspect that some thing is not normal around the age of one year 3 months . My son was not responding well if I called him by his name.Then I talked to the doctor in Japan but doctor said it is OK even my wife disagreed with me. But ultimately he was found austistic. So, I failed to recognise the effect of vaccination.

In case of my younger son I suspect something is not right around the age of nine months. To me he was not responding 100% if I called him but all others including the doctors in Australia disagreed with me but ultimately at the age of 1.6 year he was also diagnosed autistic. But he was given DPT and BCG before the age of 9 months. Around the 8-9 months he had suffered from severe diahorrea and brobably yeast infection.

This information might help to diagnosis the cause of their autism!!

Many thanks for your cooperation.


Nitish last decade

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