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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

I started this topic. I was happy to see that this thread is active now.

I am taking Puls 200 C on alternate days as you suggested.

And Regarding the root canal.,

I don't have any pain now, from may be 3 months.

But i have a huge cavity on my right upper #2 molar, and just oppsite side of the mouth same molar. (right upper side). Doctor wanted to do root canal on both sides, but sice i am having insufficient benefits this year. She said she will postpone it until, Jan'2007.

On one side she did temporary filling, which i feel now is gone already. I sensed it because whatever i eat was getting stuck there. Depending on the piece stuck, i believe that it's a huge cavity, I don't know what will happen until January.

Can you please guide me on this?

anon99 last decade

Did you say your temporary filling is dissipating?

You might be interested to know that temporary fillings are available over the counter.

You can ask the pharmacist about them.
Pat2006 last decade
For libertyqueen, if you are used to drinking coffee , take chamomilla and if you are not you will get benefit from coffea cruda.
maheeru last decade
Thank You Maheeru. Love the smell of coffee but do not drink it.
libertyqueen last decade
Hello Pankaj

Has been a challenge to find Merc. Sol. Unavailable in stores...will have to order online. Tooth to be restored does have a porcelein crown with a silver (mercury) buildup which I will have replaced with gold buildup. I want to make sure I address the infection at the top of the pulp chamber as I have decided to not get a root canal. Please explain purpose of Merc. Sol and does it address infection?
Thank you,
libertyqueen last decade
Ask for Mercurius.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hello Pankaj,
There are many versions of Mercurius and previously you recommended Merc. Sol. so that's what I am going to get.
libertyqueen last decade

I have what seems to be an infected root. The throbbing has gone, but there still soreness and I feel sluggish - as if some of the toxins have got into my blood. Can anybody advise pls?

haelen last decade
1) I am in the UK and have no vested interest in any of you. 2) I am a professional and therefore have ethics, which means that I cannot sit by and read this advice without contributing.
Root canal treatment is usually only carried out when the tooth is dead or dying, therefore it is fallacious to accuse the dentist of killing the tooth. There is no such thing as an upper pulp chamber, and once the decay is in the pulp it will inexorably kill the pulp.
In reply to Libertyqueen, the tooth no longer has an absolute requirement for nutrients when it is fully formed, therefore it can function perfectly well without a blood supply, whic was only required as the tooth was forming.
If anyone reading the postings on this site believes that they can avoid root canal by taking h'pathic remedies then you are mistaken. MOST root canal treatments undertaken are of poor quality which is why they fail. If you go to a specialist, which yes is expensive, you stand a better chance of success. Some posts suggest that extraction is the ONLY choice. Nonsense. I would be willing to bet that no posters here are dental surgeons like me, so listen to me or your dentist, go get a second opinion if required, but stop all the conjecture ad mumbo jumbo. I have no objection to the use of your remedies for pain relief, but leave it at that.Hypericum and arnica will certainly do you no harm, but attempting to treat intracanal infections with 'remedies' will do you harm. My ex wife attended a 3 year course on dental homeopathy, and backs up my views.
small logarithm for you:

Pain--reversible or irreversible. If reversible dress with an oil of cloves(eugenol) material and wait to settle. If irreversible, begin root canal treatment, or extract. ANTIBIOTICS are not indicated, and any dentist who prescrives antibiotics without due reason is being negligent. The infections are in the tooth and surrounding tissues, and the treatment is managed surgically, without antibiotics, and certainly without homoeopathy. I draw your attention to the horizon study in the UK 4 years ago
henrydentist last decade
Hi Henry

You tried once already on the first page of this thread.

No body has taken notice of your advice.

Forget about it.People here are crazy ,and let them be.:-)

gavinimurthy last decade
Hi HenryDentist,

I'm based in the UK (London) but trust that you do not have a vested interest.

I have an excellent dentist. My only lament is that I don't have the funds to go privately so that the materials he is able to use are of better quality - and, debatably, the quality of attention greater.

I went as a 'drop in' yesterday as a temporary crown he'd installed during a bridge prep earlier in the week had altered my bite so bady that I was sounding like Sean Connery (without the accent). One of my incisors was 'banging' a lower molar which started to throb. I said I though there was a problem with it, but he said it was because it was being hit by the misaligned incisor.

However I have tenderness and slight swelling from the gum right down to my chin and the tooth is a little loose.

I have received both allopathic and homeopathic medicine for dental problems in the past (including antibiotics which I was allergic to.)

I don't doubt that this tooth will need attention when I return. I was simlpy seeking a remedy or two here in the interim.

haelen last decade
Hi Tim, The treatment of this problem is very very simple....the dentist will use the drill to slightly ease the contact between the two teeth so that they no longer make contact, and therefore the cycle is broken. you will have further discomfort for 12 to 24 hours, and the tooth will firm up in due course.
henrydentist last decade
Hi Henry,

That's exactly what the dentist did yesterday when I went to the 'drop in'. My bite's more or less back to normal.

What concerns me a little is the remaining tenderness (referring down to the chin area), and the fact that I feel 'woozy' and unwell - which of course could be *totally* unrelated to the tooth.

haelen last decade
Good. 1) tenderness will go away soon....unless you get a flare up ( a phoenix abscess) then you will get a swelling ( large ) that will probably require antibiotics, but in fact it is probably just simple irritation from the traumas. 2) It is unlikely to be making you unwell. This would only occur in the severest of infections. There is no doubt pain wears you down, and you probably did'nt sleep too well. Address the pain and inflammation with eg Ibuprofen if you can take , take some paracetamol if you have a fever, eat and drink properly and voila, you will feel better tomorrow.
However this forum is for people wanting to discuss the mythology of homoeopathy, so in respect to that I should probably not give you advice here.
henrydentist last decade
I appreciate and will take heed of your advice Henry.

However, the 'mythology' of homoeopathy is no more or less a mythology than that of any other modality IMHO.

haelen last decade
Homeopathy has cure. Dental sugery means removal. Killing germs and alongwith it so many good bacterias of the body and cutting and removal of parts is what the Alopathic science is?

I was advised removal of tooth but I did not go for Dental surgery. I used Plantago Q and am alright now. No surgery needed.

Follow what other doctors suggested on this forum for treatment by Homeopathic medicines and you will be bettter off.

Cutting and removal is easy but saving the denture is difficult but it is possible by Homeopathy.
Rajendra last decade

i have a large cavity on my left upper #2 molar. Actually i got it filled long time back. And now when i visited a dentist, he told me that the filling there came off, and there is hole there. And huge cavity which is almost going to the nerve. He suggested root canal, i would like to know if there is any alternative remedy in homeopathy which can cure this problem and also to prevent other cavities from growing. Please help somebody,i dont want go for root canal.


thank you
kimik last decade
'large cavity on left upper #2 molar'

What are the problems that you ae experiencing due to this Cavity?

Can you explain in detail?

Do you tolerate cold or hot on this tooth.

Any pain and if sdo when?

Are you able to clean the area by brush?
Rajendra last decade
Hi, my name is Tara and I recently about 5 days ago had a root canal, but the tooth my dentist performed the root canal is hurting worst than ever,I call my dentist right away and he set me up for an emergency appointment that day, when I got there he did another x-ray on the teeth he did the root canal on to see if any infection got in that to and when he came back he said it was negetive, but what he did discover was that I had a deep cavity in the tooth right next to it, but that isnt the tooth that is hurting it is the tooth he performed the root canal on so he gave me some amoxicillin should I just get the tooth pull out.
trwhite19 last decade
You take Arnica M. 30 2 pills three times a day for three days.

It should help in your pain.
Rajendra last decade
Dear Sir,

I am mini ,a 24 year old residing in the state of U.P,India.Sir,around 6-7 months back I experience some pain in my teeth on the inner left side.(4th left from the front).Earlier I also had pain on the inner right side (5th right from the front )but there is no pain left in it as of now.As I incidentally got to visit a dentist for my mothers treatment ,I thought might as well get myself checked.The doctor after the checkup told me that I have cavity on both the teeth though he said that the right side tooth has been affected to a larger extent as there was no pain left in it.He said Ineed a root canal treatment else it would create a bigger problem.

Sir ,I have heard that the root canal treatment is very painful and they even use an injection for reducing pain in the mouth.This scares me a lot.Can homeeopathy provided any treatment for removing cavities?Is there any way I can get rid of cavities and thereon with the rootcanal treatment with the help of homeopathy treatment?I am hereby putting certain symptoms or something I experience with my teeths now.

1.Pain in the teeth on the inner left side (4th)while eating or drinking something hot or cold.So I often avoid having anythin hot/cold from the left side of my mouth now.

2.No pain in the inner right side (5th from the front)teeth when having anything to eat be it hot or cold.

3.Black holes or something black on both these tooths.these black holes are visible on both sides though they are more prominent in the right side teeth.

Sir,I really need your help and advice on this matter.I have immense faith in homeopathy and its science and it really suits me.Please provide me with your valuable advice on this matter .I shall be really grateful to you.

Thanks a lot.

mini123 last decade

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