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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
sir i am 36 female i have three kids..city toronto//belong//pakistan///patient of high blood p since again 2003 when i went pakistan i came in cananda 2000.since 2000to 2003 i dont take any medicine for my bp and sleep less ness
when i went pakistan i had nose bleed .so my family doct call me so he dognosis that i have high bp 160/100/pluse 100so he gave allopathic medicine accuprail
when i came backe in toronto i have felt chest pain so my family doc send me to the blood p specilist he gave the two medicine accurtic for my bp and atenolfor my palpation and sleeping pills so right now iuse these three medicine since may 2006 my blood p sundenly shoot up some times .i feel high palpation like over 100..
my mother has a blood p and my father has againa suger and kindny problem...my father had a bypass in 1993..
right now ihave high bp feel depression..and stomach problem too..
my all reports are fine blood test chest/ thyriod //kindney test///everythings r fine
but right now i feel some times panic attacks thinking all the time ...food is not going properly digest...all doctor said u have stress problem...i feel all the time tired whole day dizzy headches
thinking about my illness missing parents too
before all these situition i was strong nerves i did all my job and house work fastly ..and dont feel any tiredness but right now i feel all the time tired weakness i dont like company ..i dont like talking with people i dont like nosis because my mind dont accept these things//i dont feel hungry..all the time i feel nausia .after every two days i vomit my doctor give me one medicine for my stomach problem i cannot digest fat and salt i like only salty food.. dont like sweet things///i feel hot flases too at my face and head heart....(i use dutric and beta blockers) thank you
uzma khanum last decade
sir one more thing which i note that when some other person talks with me a lot i feel nervoues.panicy and feel hot at my face this time i think when should he or she stop talking . even iam a talktive person.but right now i dont feel well..i am tired for this situition before i did not feel like this ...may be this is a side effect of my allopathic medicine or may be i am phyicly and mentaly tired i quit my job too i was a cashier in a big gerocey store . we can say highbp+stress+tired+ indigestion even i dont like to see tv programme i feel bored.when i go to malls libaray where there is rush and lot of people i feel dizzy palpation..nervoess and i wanna run out of the place...thank you
uzma khanum last decade

Take Nux Vomica as suggested .
On getting up in the morning ...on empty stomach take Natrum Mur 200c..one dose each day.

Let me know progress in one week after you start with the meds.
Get Nux Vomica 200C also fast.

Best / Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Uzma.

The symptoms you are experiencing are very typical of the remedy Pulsatilla, especially those of your latter post, for which this remedy could be considered as almost specific. However, it is of course hard to ascertain how much of this may be caused by the medication you are currently taking, so without actually attending to your case personally, I could not say for sure. However, even when a patient is on allopathic drugs, the constitution will usually find a way of throwing out some good personality type indications, and as stated, those listed above are very typical of Puls. I would advise caution though, as the application of the actual similium whilst under the influence of allopathic medication can greatly change the levels required of such drugs, and if you choose to apply this remedy, this should therefore only be done under observation, or after these drugs have been stopped.

I would also avoid taking more than one remedy at at a time or for long periods, as suggested elsewhere, as this is not good Homoeopathy at all, and in the long term will only cause problems.

Best wishes :)
Hahnemania last decade
P.S Yes Nux vomica also covers a lot of your present symptoms, is a related remedy, and often indicated in cases where many drugs have been used, but this is only an acute remedy, and therefore would not treat the underlying condition for which you originally sought treatment. My advice would therefore be to try Nux first, and if in gradually asending potencies this provides only superficial relief, as I think it will, then apply the Pulsatilla, which should cure the condition completely. It would be MUCH easier if you could stop your current medication before treatment, and to ascertain how much of your symptomologyis being caused by these, but of course this needs to be carried out under strict supervision, which none of us here are able to provide.

Good luck.
Hahnemania last decade
Uzma..donot leave your allopathic drugs for BP yet.

BP is serious matter...not to be dealt in a frivilous way.

Keep trying homeoapthic meds....until a stable answer is arrived at.

Nux Vomica is for clearing negative impact of allopathic drugs.

Natrum Mur is specific for people who have BP, have depression, great desire for salty foods, headache on rising from bed in the morning, lethargy etc....so be careful before accepting other recommendations.

Everybody posting advice on Forum....don't treat them as equal.... ..becoz some have very little experience and a few have lot of experience.....quality of advice is much different.

Some others are just trying to gain importance by counting the number of posts they have made on ABC in a year....without regard to quality of advice. They are suggesting the same single medicine for all ailments without bothering to analyse the ailment and its possible cure.

How ridiculous.

Best / Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
H...mania !!

What kind of mania is this...you think Pulsatilla will stablise her BP ???????

Which homeopathic text is saying that Pulsatilla will cure high BP ?????

And she shud stop taking BP allopathic meds right now ?????

Do you know high BP causes blindness, stroke in the brain, kidney failure, heart attack, paralysis..etc etc...with in days. It is one of the largest killers in this world.

And you are so sure that thru internet ...she will get perfect advice that will cure her exclusively thru homeopathy....even when she is already in a depressed state.

For any patient... chance of complete cure thru internet advice is not more than 70 to 80 %...because of the inherent short comings.

The patient is far away...we don't even get to see a photo of the patient....and you are giving her 100% guarantee of cure and asking her to immediately stop taking allopathic meds !!!!!!

Great mania !!!!

Best / Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Watch out for Hahnemania. There is something terribly wrong with his advice.

Possibly another person looking for guinea pigs.
Pat2006 last decade
dear sir verma thank you very much.from yestraday i starting nux vom30 4 times a day. today i take first nux vom in the(morning)and then nat mur 200 eamty stomach..sir i wanna ask i thing which part of blood prssure dystolic or systolic pressure.nat mur effects?in this week my bp is little bit lower side.some times 99/59/79pulse.. some time 117//80//84but always it is shoot up evening between 6oclock..150/90/84some days night time 8oclock175/100/100 ..but better now .sir when ever i have low or high bp i feel headches in my back side of the head upper side of the neck..in this week i feel little panic attacks..and thats it..thank you very much
i will be waiting for you reply and take care
uzma khanum last decade
These two meds will take care of both systolic and dystolic Blood Presure readings.

When you see much relief...reduce the no of doses per day.

Remember to change your diet.

Best /Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
The headaches also expected to go away with these meds.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Revision in dosage.

Take Natrum Mur 200c....two doses per day...morning and evening.

Nux Vomica 30 C three doses per day ...two during day and one at night.

Gap of atleast one hour between the two meds.

No coffee, spicy foods, heavy meats etc.

Better take soups.

Best / Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
thank you very much sir verma
take care
uzma khanum last decade
Wow, there are certainly some agitated people here. Firstly, to Pankaj Varma, I did not suggest that the patient stop her BP meds, I said this would have to be carefully observed if she decided to do so, as the correct remedy reduces the need. I find it always helps to read someones words fully before posting, which prevents any confusion. Secondly, I KNOW Pulsatilla can cure high blood pressure, as I have seen this in clinical practice, whether it is listed or not, I would have to check, as I do not just rely on physicalities when prescribing, as this is obvioulsy not REAL Homoeopathy. Personally, I usually prescribe on miasmatic diathesis and personality, primarily, when this is indicated, as it would seem to be in the above case, given the history, but I do understand there are also pseudo Homoeopaths who prescribe very much as they would allopathic drugs, i.e on physical indications only, and thats just fine by me, as long as I don't have to clear up the mess after (as I have had to oh so many times), but I just prefer to stick to the original concept. I have also self-proved Pulsatilla around 30 times, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what it can do ;)

And to pat, hmm, heh, I don't even think I will honour that comment with a response, except maybe...just because you are incapable of understanding something that doesnt mean it is wrong ;)

Anyway, I will leave you to your erm...methods, as obviously the choice of which treatment is pursued is very up to the patient, and I see this choice has been made...unfortunate though, because it's not really Homoeopathy, either in methodof selection OR dosing, but have fun with it anyway.

Hahnemania last decade
Whatever you are saying..we have read in homeopathic books over and over and over again many many times.

It has been discussed here under many threads...seeeee Archives.

The taste of the pudding is in its eating.

If you can benefit people here ..they will all give you lot of respect. If you just want to repeat what homeopathy is..which is written in books....people don't have much time /or they have heard a lot about it already.

Over the years...each practioner develops his own way ...based on his experiences about what works and what doesn't.

See also Joe's posts about Classical Homeopath's...his point may be diametrically opposite to yours (and even I don't agree with him on everything...but he surely is giving you 'Food for Thought' ).

He is making an important point..Classical Homeopaths say one thing in public...but in actual practice use many different methods...which are not in line with the teachings of Classical Homeopathy.

Good luck
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
dear sir verma.i am taking the medicines that you suggested (nux 30//nat mur200)but sir i still have some problem of vomiting after any meal i take during the day but not regular once a week my family docter gave me allopathic medicine(pariet///rabeprazole sodium 10mg twice a day for my acid control) but i feel alittle bit betterby using this medicine but today i had vomiting in the evening (itook my lunch at 12.30)but i felt that my food is still in my stomach means when i take my lunch i still feel the haveiness //burp//gas/// nusia everytime after taking my meal(during 6//7 hours till my dinner time, i asked my docter to give me a medicine which will digest my food but doctor said this only acid which disturbs you but i think so my pancers( liver don't work properly ..) when i was in pakistan and not in canada when my first child was born even then i had a bp problem with my food not digest and if i eat any oily think i start vomiting at that time my pakistan docters gave me lot's of medicines at that time i used a homeopathic medicine ( chelidonium) i was relifed with that medicine . My father has a problem that his
pancers are not working well and he takes the medicine which name is placill(allopathic med but i think spelling is wrong)if you know hindi (its peeth ke vomit)peeth this hindi word...today i have very less bp 96/46//76 in the morning i took my bp after taking my medicines when i vomited today in this time i felt little headche/heaviness in my stomach blood p 150/86 pluse 113//(sir ihave nusia or voimting problem when i am tensed //stomach problem///high bp means with all of this i have vomiting and nusia ) i took only lunch and no breakfast im my lunch i took roti(bread) and very thin chicken curry which was less in spice i used olive oil ..i think i can't even digest little oil ... but what i wanna ask u that how long will i take soup i need energetic food like my normal diet but i kwon less salt less oil less spice .the toronto doctor never advise for diet my family doct said eat all the things i ask my doc i never eat fish he said why r u not eating fish .sir i used to eat fish before this condition but now i can't digest fish eg. tune and common fish but my main problem is i can not digest little oil right now. why??????in the last 6 months i used to eat all the things i could even digest them ...even if i am eating all the medicines ....i think i have stomach pro ///with it my liver is not working well.. this is only my thought.....thank you very much sorry if i took your time .. but i will await your reply...one more thing this is our fasting month means ramadan so i need your advice thanxs
uzma khanum last decade
Run all your symptoms on the ABC Remedy Finder and see which are the three meds that have teh highest score.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
ok sir but i need your advice too.. i am not sure about the comination of the medicine....take care uzma
uzma khanum last decade
The software results will help me to analyse your case better.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
dear sir verma in these week i feel better than before ..i m taking nux vom and nat mur .my docter told thats you have (emotinal problems)and your nerves is very much tenis.so keep your self relex.but this not in my hand..yes i have losts of emotinal problems i m very sinsitive since my childhood i had some bad experinces.i cannot describe here..anyways how long i continue my these two medicine..and please keep in you mind i need one medicne for my emotions and nerves and my mind.i still feel extrem tiredness nusia whole day . not feel hungery all the day but better than before....take care
uzma khanum last decade
Uzma...you will have to tell me what is causing the emotional distress now and what was the cause of emotional distress in your child hood.

Continue curent meds for atleast one week and then post progress.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
sir my father is a heart patient.since iwas in school.bad behavier of the peoples which make me very disheart..alot ofthinking. about
future and thinking about my blood p .stress i love my back country parents waana go back but husband job is here..after
every two days i feel that i am depressed when i was thinking about all of these problems my pluse rate go high like 123 feel pancy cold hand and feet..and feel hot in my face and heart head
uzma khanum last decade
i think i have habit to take every thing serious..but this is not in my hand..god knows better.isaw alot of people they donot take any thing serius.they look happy..but those people who r senetive from there chilhood they takes little little thing serious like me..ilose my weight i lose apetite..i take medicince for my sleep (isomia stress tension problem is our inhertice problem..paplation too this is all thing is my father side...mother has highbp..
uzma khanum last decade
Uzma...are you overweight?

Have you got your thyroid gland readings done...at any time.

Do you like eating eggs...more than usual ??

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
'Whatever you are saying..we have read in homeopathic books over and over and over again many many times.'
And obviously still not understood it, hence the necissity to deviate.

'The taste of the pudding is in its eating.'
Absolutely, and having practiced for 12 years, with cases now running into their thousands, of which only ONE has failed to show improvement, so far, I am pretty happy with the taste of my 'pudding' thanks.

'If you can benefit people here ..they will all give you lot of respect. If you just want to repeat what homeopathy is..which is written in books....people don't have much time /or they have heard a lot about it already.'
I am not here to gain respect, Homoeopathy is about healing, not personal agrandisment. I AM here because everywhere I go people ask me why something isn't done about the advice given here, which in the majority of cases, bares absolutely NO resemblance to Homoeopathy whatsoever, and can only serve to give this noble science a bad name. So I WILL promote true Homoeopathy here for that very purpose, if people follow my advice and actually achieve REAL cure from this as a sideline, rather than just supression or palliation, then so much the better.

'Over the years...each practioner develops his own way ...based on his experiences about what works and what doesn't.'
To an extent, but when a practioner blatantly abandons the founding principles, he is of course no longer practicing Homoeopathy at all.

'See also Joe's posts about Classical Homeopath's...his point may be diametrically opposite to yours (and even I don't agree with him on everything...but he surely is giving you 'Food for Thought' ).'
I have read a number of Joe's post, but they have given me only cause for concern, not food for thought.

'He is making an important point..Classical Homeopaths say one thing in public...but in actual practice use many different methods...which are not in line with the teachings of Classical Homeopathy.'
We do? How many classical Homoeopaths do you know exactly?

'Good luck'
When one follows the TRUE principles of, and practices REAL Homoeopathy, luck my friend, isn't an issue...
Hahnemania last decade
thank you all, members of fourm,sir verma i am not over weight i loss my weight10 pounds because of my stomach dis order.all time nusia..and acid reflex i dont like eggs but before all these problems as a common diet i used egg in my diet but now stop every thing which is harm ful to me my weight is 133lb////60kg
thank u.
uzma khanum last decade

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