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6 yr old son, ADD, food allergies, asthma etc. need help

My son has mostly classic add, but fits some of the description for the overfocused type. He is highly distracted, is impulsive, but not really hyperactive. I've known since 4 mos of age that he has allergies to foods, since I have these also, they are wheat, dairy, soy and citrus. At 18 mos I discovered he also has mold allergy. Since the age of 5 he started having rashes on the inside of his elbow. I do many things nutritionally, don't give him artificial anything or processed foods, supplement him with all the things recommended for add. I have not immunized him. He has always been so distracted, even as a baby I had to nurse him in the dark with no noise. He didn't sleep through the night til 13 months and for awhile as a baby was up every hour through the night. Now at 6 he sleeps very well, nothing wakes him. He is very chatty and charms store clerks with his exhuberant news about this toy or that. Most people find him very charming for the first little while. But I would say he could be telling anyone and isn't paying too much attention to their responses. I can put him in the car, close the door, walk around to my door and get in and he hasn't stopped talking the whole time. He is impulsive and often does not consider the consequences of his actions. He is not violent, but will sometimes shove his brother (2 yrs) when he thinks he won't get caught, has head butted him when he's horning in on his toys. He is capable of focused attention when it comes to building lego, like the 1000+ piece Millenium Falcon, which he built following the directions step by step for 3 days, but he can't finish his dinner unless we seclude him with only his fork and plate of food to play with and talk to. After about 5 pm he can be difficult to get along with. He takes piano lessons at 6 pm and does things like stick his bum in the air and slap it when the teacher is teaching a group lesson. Often when he's put in time out, he will come out resentful and angry at us and want to punish us somehow. If I make him color a picture instead, he usually does quite a good job and comes back with a good attitude. He will go off his head sometimes and just get crazy, or crazy and angry, and really seems like his brain is spinning out of control. He craves attention and sugar (though the sugar is limited). He will do silly ridiculous things to get others attention. This causes trouble at school. He will annoy and poke others when it's carpet time etc. He cannot complete his desk work unless the teacher is constantly prodding him. His teacher is very dynamic and has the kids stretching and exercising in class and keeps them moving around a lot of the time while they are learning. Even Sam's preschool teachers thought something was up with him. He's not confident athletically, but I put him in soccer and swimming to make sure he gets some exercise, because otherwise he wants to be sedentary. I push him to play soccer with me, go bike riding and he doesn't want to. However, in the playground at school he's quite active. He's playing piano quite well. He lies sometimes, but not very well and will often tell on himself. I think he doesn't understand very well what others know. He usually does not transition well between tasks, unless they are predictable. However, most times I turn off the TV it's a problem and he'll have a mini fit, and threaten to punish us, even though he only gets an hour of PBS and it always gets turned off after the same show. His eyes have circles under them, but not very dark unless he gets asthma. Asthma is triggered by a virus, not pollen or exercise. He'll get a cold, then get asthma. He always wants someone to do something with him, though he does things like building toys on his own. At school he tends to pick one friend he wants to be with, but he's friendly with and will play with everyone, though sometimes he'll want to be with that person exculusively. He can be generous, or selfish. He's kind and helpful with his brother and others sometimes, but often is very egocentric. He's been swearing lately, but that may just be a stage or an attention getter. I know you guys like a lot of info.
Any suggestions.
  j. Sidney on 2006-10-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
This is obviously a genetic tendency and the two factors of sugar hungar and talkativeness point to the remedy Psorinum.

BUT it may also indicate other factors if there is a long term hereditary strain.

Advise what caused the death of the last 4 - 5 generations of the family.
walkin last decade
Thanks for the help so far. The ADD comes from my side. I'm pretty certain my grandmother had it too. His allergies etc. are the same as mine, but I've never had asthma. A lot, but not all, of his behaviours are like mine and mine aren't as extreme. Something I didn't have for his info is that he was born as an emergency c-section because he was under distress. I had come to the hospital the previous day in the beginning stages of labour and in incredible pain, they gave me morphine. The next morning I started back into labour but the pain was normal. Eight hours later I was 6 cm and he was in distress and they took him out. It turned out that the placenta had partially come away the previous day and that was the reason for the pain, but they didn't realize it then. As part of the caesarean they gave me intravenous antibiotics which I'm sure Sam, as a baby, got too, though I did breast feed and take probiotics afterward.
j. Sidney last decade
I'm sorry I didn't read your question about the cause of deaths. All grandparents are still alive. I'm his mother. On my mothers side, her mother died of heart failure and her mom's father died of colon cancer (I am gluten sensitive and I believe the ADD and gluten problem comes from this side). My mother's father died young from alchoholism. I don't know about any other deaths on this side, but there tends to be a lot of heart problems (my mom is from Finland).On my father's side, his mom lived to be quite old and don't know what she died of, she had some dementia at the end. My dad's father died of lung cancer and this line of the family tends to die of some kind of cancer, but that all I know. On my husbands side we know less. His mother's mother died of TB in a remote town in very northern Alberta in Canada in her late 20's. And his mother's father died of I think pneumonia but was quite old. We do not know what any of my husband's father's parents died of, we could ask but even his father might not know. My husband's father's brothers and sisters have died of cancer and alzheimers.
j. Sidney last decade
Addition to above. Sorry it's hard to remember everything. My Dad's family also has blood sugar problems, some diabetes. My Dad's mother, my Dad and most of my family are careful about sugar and balancing meals with protein. I have one 4 siblings, one brother has bipolar.
j. Sidney last decade
I looked up psorinum. It seems to fit quite well. Do you have a change of opinion with the extra information I gave?
j. Sidney last decade

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