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To Naz T (Hazro)

I have just received your email and am deeply concerned at the immense suffering that you have undergone for the last 10 years in a manner that I feel is so unnecessary if only the correct remedies were used at the beginning of your suffering. I hope to first stabilize your lungs and later eradicate this disease from your system.

I have decided to try to help you on the ABC so that others too can come to my assistance in the event that I do not succeed in at least alleviating your Asthma. I would like you to understand clearly that my therapy which I have used in many cases is by no means a quick fix but you may like to remember that I have a few cases that were perhaps not as bad as yours that I have cured. There is one shining example of my grand niece who is now 22 years old who also like you finished a Ventolin inhaler in under a month and today does not have any asthma at all after suffering from it from the time she was a 3 year old. I was able to help her to overcome her asthma in about 9 months under my therapy which is the standard treatment that I use for Asthmatics like you.

I would like to start you off on Tuberculinum 200c which you will take just one dose of 4 pellets under the tongue when you are not suffering from a cold which you state is very often. This remedy will hopefully reduce your getting infected by colds which may be the reason for your daily fight against asthma.

I recommend that you inhale steam from an open electric kettle or jug which you will place between your legs while seated on a low chair. You will inhale the steam for at least 5 minutes as often as possible and at least 3 times daily to ensure that the phlegm in your lungs is coughed out. You can get someone to thump the back of your chest while you are lying face downwards across your bed with your chest propped up by pillows and slightly higher than your face and you will discover that the phlegm that you can bring out from your lungs will be in cupfullsl. This should help to clear the air passages in your lungs which are obviously blocked and which will have to be brought back to normal ASAP.

You will use Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose which is made by inserting 2 drops of the liquid remedy into a 500ml bottle of spring water which is shaken hard every time before you sip a teaspoonful which is a dose just once daily.

You will use Ars Alb 200 in the dry pellets if you have an attack when you feel that you cannot breathe when you would use an inhaler. You will soon discover that you will not require the Ars A when the Nat Sulph takes over which will be in 24 hours or less.

You will STOP all other drugs and remedies that you are taking today.

You will report your response daily if possible on this forum for the first week and every other day thereafter till further notice.

I hope and pray that my therapy will help you.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Thank you very much for your time and advice,i am very grateful for your reply and i understand that you have helped your grand niece overcome asthma and been able to advice and help other patients aswell.

I will follow your instuctions as you will ask and if at any time i need to ask or clarify anything then i will do so!
I will order the medicine now so that i can recieve asap!

You have asked me order
nat sulph 6c
arsenic album 200
tuberculinum 200c

im just worried because there are many types of tuberculinum e.g


which one of the above would you like i order!
there are so many of them!
pls could you confirm which one,thank you!
hazro last decade
tuberculinum kent
or just tuberculinum.
kuldeep last decade
Tuberculinum is a deep acting medicine. It is better to wait atleast for a week and observe response.

One medicine at a time is proper homeopathy.

It is possible that your asthma get suppressed,by following this poly medicine therapy.You may feel you got cured of Asthma, but, may land into serious trouble some time later.

Please read the thread theory of suppression before you proceed.

If you still want to go ahead with the indicated therapy, I won't disturb you.

I thought a word of caution is necessary, as all are not well aware of the pitfalls with wrong homeopathic therapies.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Kuldeep,

Please could you enlighten me before i order Tuberculinum,how you its
Tuberculinum Kent and and not any of the other please?

hazro last decade
I agree with Kuldeep that the Tuberculinum 200c you order should be the Kent.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I have just today recieved the medication as mentioned in our previous discussion!

Tuberculinum kent 200c
Nat Sulph 6c
Ars Alb 200

Before i start the medication i would like to know what im prohibted from other than drugs or remedies for my illness.

From my past experience of homeopathic medication there are certain rules that you have to abide by

No caffiene...
No mint...

e.g no chocolate,no coffee,no tea!
e.g no sweets with mint allowed,or toothpaste with mint

Also that when taking this medicine that there should a gap of an hour!
Maybe I have confused you with my last paragraph!
medication MUST be taken either 1hour before or 1hour after food!

You are allowed to have De-caffienated tea which availabe in big stores.

Thats the only thing that i can remember from my past experience of homepathic medication!

Is it the same for what im going to take now?

If not what is it please?

Is there anything that i should know,which isnt mentioned in your column?

Also is there any particular time you would like i take the Tuberculinum kent pellets?
e.i morning or at night

And the Nat sulph is this to be taken dircetly from the bottle or diluted?

What is the best time to take this?
e.i before i go to sleep,or first thing in the morning

I am right to think that you dont put 2 drops of Nat Suph everytime i take the medicine,its only at the beginning and no more drops to be used until this bottle has finished and now bottle is being used!

A gentleman named Murthy has made a comment on the forum in regards to the Tuberculinum kent could please have a look at this and tell me what you think!

Im sorry if im asking to many questions and coming across as stupid,its only becuase everything else has failed for me and im very hopeful that this remedy could help me/cure me!
I want to make sure that i do as required....
I honestly dont feel ashmed to ask about anything its only good for me and those who are reading this or even suffering from such a horrible illness.

Many thanks

hazro last decade
Please follow my instructions containted in my first post to you above.

I regret that I cannot reply all your questions.

Start with ONE dose of Tuberculinium 200. Use just 4 pellets under your tongue.

You will only insert 2 drops into a 500ml bottle of spring water which you can get from your nearest supermarket. You do not have to repeat the process every time but it is essential that you shake the bottle every time before you sip just 1 teaspoonful daily.

You will use 4 pellets of Ars Alb 200 if you have an attack and cannot breathe on a SOS basis only.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dr livera, my uncle have all the symptoms of asthma that hazro have. He is 60 year old. He also has high blood pressure. Can he take all three remedies:
Tuberculinium kent 200, is that one time only?
Ars alb 200
Nat sulp 6c
KUMARS last decade
To Kumars

You do not need to give your uncle the Typerculinum 200. This remedy was indicated for Hazro but unless your uncle has the same symptoms it is not necessary.

You may give him the Nat Sulp 6c in the wet dose which I presume you already know how to make and you will give him just 1 teaspoonful after shaking the bottle (Succussing) it before every dose just ONCE daily. When the patient responds we will change the wet dose to the Split dose which is when you take the teaspoon from the bottle and mix it with a half cup of water from which he will sip a teaspoonful.

The Ars Alb 200 is to be only used if he has a spasm of Asthma when he cannot breathe. You will find that he will be relieved within about 20 minutes.

Please note that I am not qualified to be a Dr but I do have many years of experience in the treatment of patients with Homeopathic remedies.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for responding so soon. My uncle does have same symptoms.Does he take Tuberculinum kent only one time and then get back to you, and it is not a problem with his high blood pressure? Please clarify this.
KUMARS last decade
If as you state he has parallel symptoms, he may also take the Tuberculinum 200 just once and he can start the course of Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose the day after.

The remedies that I have prescribed will not exacerbate his BP. Arnica is a remedy that I have often prescribed for Hypertension but I would prefer not to prescribe it to him right now as I am not certain how it may affect the response of his Asthma to the Nat Sulph.
Joe De Livera last decade
There are more than 50 homeopathic medicines for Asthma.

A medicine prescribed without taking a complete case, may suppress.

Read the thread

The theory of suppression from the beginning.

If you want to get correct advice, let me know.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Joe,

Im sorry that i havnt responded to the forum for many days this has been because i suffered a severe asthma attack even before i started the remedy that you have prescribed.
I had a bad cold and from this it developed into a chest infection and then had a very bad asthma attack which resulted in me being taken to hospital eventually.
i have completed the medicine course that i was put on by the hospital and my gp during that awful period and today i have taken my first dose of Tuberculinium today and im going to start the wet dose of nat sulph 6c tommorow.
i do have one question though do i take Tuberculinium just one dose per day?
Or do i take it for one day and then stop it and start the nat sulph 6c remedy?
hazro last decade
You will take just 1 dose of Tubericulinum. This is NOT a daily dose.

To Hazro

You can take the Nat Sulph 6c as prescribed just once daily.

If you get an Asthmatic attack and you find that you cannot breathe, you can take one dose of 4 pellets Ars Alb 200c. This will usually enable you to breathe in about 20 minutes.

You are also advised to use steam inhalation twice daily as this helps to liquify the phlegm in your lungs which you can cough out.

Please report your response often.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Hazro

Tuberculinum is a deep acting medicine.

You should wait for atleast three weeks,after taking a single dose.

Any other medicine taken the next day, may cause complex reactions.

It is your health and your choice, but, as a person, who witnessed these phenomena, am advising you to be more cautious.

All the best.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Hazro

I see that for once Murthy has corroborated my advice about the Tuberculinum.

As for his warning you NOT to use the Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose which too he warns you will cause complex reactions, you are advised to ignore his advice which he insists on giving in order to confuse the patient as he was not the prescriber.

The Ars Alb that I prescribed should only be used on a SOS basis when you would otherwise have used your inhaler.

Remember to use the steam therapy which I consider essential for your case.

It is obvious to me and to many others that Murthy suffers from some mental derangement for which he should self prescribe a suitable remedy for himself.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

Can't you convince the patient to follow your advice without taking my name?

If you look at the posts made by me, on this thread, I never uttered your name, and never said anything bad about you, in the posts addressed to the patient.

I am just discussing a prescription, it's usefulness and probable complications.

We may have many personal issues to settle, but, please understand, this is not the way to do it.

I have already opened a thread 'Dear Joe' for you to vent out all your frustration.

I will bring it up again. Please come there. We will discuss about the correctness of our philosophies there.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy

I am happy to note that you are now responding positively to the dose that I am giving you of your own medicine.

I have used the same tactics that you have used against me, ever since you decided to infest the ABC recently and I can assure you that as long as you keep on attacking me, I shall continue to insult you in the same manner that you have done in the past till such time as you get it into your thick head that I am quite capable of paying you back with the same coin, and with interest.

I have often requested you politely to stay away from my posts to my patients who have already responded to my therapy. You often have confused them with your inane sermons about repetition of the remedy and other nonsense. You will note that in the past few days my patients have ordered you to SHUT UP, but unfortunately you do not seem to understand that instead of helping the cause of spreading your own interpretation of hyper classical homeopathy that you are determined to protect, for some reason I do not understand, you still persist in butting into my posts and this naturally compels me to retaliate in harsh language which I do not like to use against anyone unless they ask for it, as you have done.

The choice is in your own hands. KEEP OFF my patients in future and I shall not resort to attacking you wherever and whenever I can as I am now doing.

Go back to the Gentleman that you were 3 years ago when we were brothers on the ABC.

Joe De Livera last decade
O.K. Joe

The choice is yours. I only wish 'THE LUNATIC' title doesn't stick to you permanently, which I am sure is going to happen if you don't change the way you react to my well meaning advices.

There is no question of not advising the patient against wrong/useless prescriprions, and there is no way I give exception to Joe.

I will not bother to see, who is the presciber, but, will bother about what he is telling.

Have fun.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Joe

I am afraid you will get more reviews like this,in google.

' I hadn ' t heard of Joe de Livera before , but Googling found this thread : ... Ps Joe De Liverarnica is another complete and utter lunatic . ...'

As a good friend of you , I don't want this to happen.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Joe,

Im sorry once again for not responding on this forum since the 19th Nov,this was because ive had a viral infection of the throat which resulted in me taking paracetamol 500mg X 2 tablets every 4 hours during the time of my viral infection and having to gargle salt in warm water for this problem to be cured.

Im feeling better now and ive just taken my wet dose of
Nat sulph for the first time.

My reason for not taking the wet dose when i was suffering from the throat infection was because i didnt want to take 2 different types of form of medicine e.g allopathic and homeopathic

I can apologise for the delay of starting my remedy for my asthma illness but believe me i dont have any control over my weak immune system.

From my understanding i will take arsenic album instead of my ventolin inhaler when its needed or for immediate relief?

Thank you
hazro last decade
To Hazro

There is no need to apologize for starting late on the Asthma therapy. You must remember that you can still take the Nat Sulpy 6c in the wet dose even while takng other drugs for other ailments.

Your weak immune system that you referred to is a matter for some concern and I would like to have more details of how often you have caught colds and other URT infections if any in the past. URT= Upper respiratory tract.

You can take the Ars Alb in the dry pellets if and when you cannot breathe but you will notice in a few days that your attacks will be controlled by the Nat Sulph 6c when you will not require the inhaler or the Ars Alb 200.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

Just thought id let you know how im getting on with the therapy!

As your aware i took my first dose of the Nat sulph yesterday and started the steam therapy aswell.

During the night i woke up a few times and i needed my inhaler but i tried my best by taking the arsenic album but i was still suffering from wheezing and breathing problems so i had to use the inhaler because i was never going get any sleep unless i used my inhaler.I also had to do the same today during the day aswell.(i did wait atleast 20 mins before i used my inhaler though)

I started my steam therapy and i know that the mucus /phelegm is very very thick because nothing is changing in my chest and lungs which are full but i will continue to use the steam therapy 2 times a day and i do understand that its was my first time aswell.

Your question in regards to how often im having colds then im usually having a bad cold once every 6/8weeks but suffering from a mild cold quiet regulary.

Chest infections are common and i do remember that when i last had an infection which wasnt long ago i was given Augmentin 625mg anti-biotics course,which im sure doesnt help my immune system.

I hope im not confusing things but whenever i get up in the morning im always sneezing atleast 2-4 times.

Many thanks

hazro last decade
Stop the steam therapy as it was reported that some patients react negatively to the steam. The idea in using steam is to soften the mucus in the lungs which blocks the trachea but if you feel that the steam exacerbates your problem do not use it.

Let us use only the Nat Sulpn 6c in the wet dose just once daily and observe how you respond.

Your resistance to frequent colds can be built up with Tuberculinum 200 taken in one dose of 4 dry pellets under the tongue. Please note that this may only be taken when you are without any other ailment and in just one dose and repeated a month after. It may not be used on a daily basis.
Your sneezing may also be helped by the Tuberculinum 200 although for this ailment I use Bacillinum 200 which is a close relative which I have observed gives almost instant results.

As you are already aware Augmentine would have caused you much distress and the grave disadvantage is that it keeps on doing more damage than it does to help you for many weeks into the future after your course.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Im still taking my Nat sulph and i have stopped the steam therapy for the time being and see how my body reacts to the wet dose.

Just thought id let you know that the cattarh/mucus in my lungs or chest is still there and is still very thick and i havnt coughed any up.

In Regards to my sleep im still waking up in the night and using my inhaler.

I understand that the Tuberculinum can only be taken once a month, but does that mean on the day i will take the Tuberculinum that on that same day i wont take the wet dose then?

If i was to take the Bacillinum 200 would this be taken everyday or just once a month like Tuberculinum 200?


hazro last decade

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