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Dear Joe,

Im still taking my Nat sulph and i have stopped the steam therapy for the time being and see how my body reacts to the wet dose.

Just thought id let you know that the cattarh/mucus in my lungs or chest is still there and is still very thick and i havnt coughed any up.

In Regards to my sleep im still waking up in the night and using my inhaler.

I understand that the Tuberculinum can only be taken once a month, but does that mean on the day i will take the Tuberculinum that on that same day i wont take the wet dose then?

If i was to take the Bacillinum 200 would this be taken everyday or just once a month like Tuberculinum 200?


hazro last decade
To Hazro

It is obvious that Nat Sulph 6c is not the remedy for you as you have used it for the past 4 days with no relief.

You are advised to stop the Nat Sulph and to replace it with Blatta Orientalis 6c which is to be used precisely in the same manner.

Please report response in 2 days after you start on this remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

Please dont think im questioning you but do you think that maybe i should try buying the nat sulph from a different shop?

hazro last decade
Blatta Orientalis

Indian cockroach...Tritution of live insect.

Found accidentally to relieve Asthma in a patient who took tea in which a beetle had been infused; it has since proved to have a wide range in asthmatic cases. In the acute attack it acts better in lower potencies;the higher being given in more chronic stages.

It is especially suited to corpulent people; and to malarial cases; CASES AGGRAVATION RAINY WEATHER. Has saved cases in which suffocation was threatened by great accumulation of mucus. Useful in cases of bronchitis and phithsis where there is much DYSPONEA.

Ref: Clarke.


Blatta orientalis has obtained a good clinical record in acute and chronic asthmas, and is well worthy a trail in obstinate cases; precise indications are wanting.

Source: http://www.hpathy.com/diseases/asthma1-symptoms-treatment-cu...


(Reversed Kent's Repertory)
Presented by Sylvain Cazalet

Blatta Orientalis

Head, pain, lancinating, temples (p. 187)

Face, discoloration, yellow (p. 363)

Respiration, asthmatic (p. 763)
Respiration, difficult (p. 766)

Chest, pain, sides, right (p. 846)

Back, pain, aching, right (p. 913)

Extremities, cramps, leg (p. 974)
Extremities, pain, leg (p. 1074)
Extremities, pain, foot (p. 1078)
Extremities, pain, toes, fifth (p. 1082)


Indian Cockroach

A remedy for asthma. Especially when associated with bronchitis. Indicated after arsenic when this is insufficient.

Cough with dyspnœa in bronchitis and phthisis. Acts best in stout and corpulent patients. Much pus-like mucus.

Dose.--Lowest potencies during an attack. After the spasm, for the remaining cough, use the higher. Stop with improvement to prevent return of aggravation

Source: http://www.homeoint.org/books/boericmm/b/blatta-o.htm


gavinimurthy last decade
From what I gathered Blatta Orientalis is definitely worth a try, as many authors are sugesting it based on the 'clinical' findings.

The important thing is to stop it, the moment you get relief.

If you have any other symptoms as detailed above, from Kent's reversed repertory, or if you have difficult or labored respiration (dyspnoea) along with the asthma, or if your asthma is aggravated in rainy weather, you may atleast get temporary relief.

Please post response .

Good suggestion Joe.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Hazro

The thought did occur to me but I felt that the fact that you aggravated to the steam is the reason why I decided to change you over to Blatta O.

You will notice that Murthy has emphasized that it is the extract of the Indian Cockroach and I cannot help wondering if there is some affinity between Murthy and the insect. If you read the Repertory extracts he has kindly provided you will note that it may suit you better. You will be the best judge if this remedy can help you and you should know within a day after you first take it.

I have had some excellent results with this remedy and you are advised to use it and report your response in 24 hours.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

You can't even accept a complement with grace.

The information regarding live cockroach is given ,so as the information is complete.

It is interesting that you see a chance to pontificate in that also.

gavinimurthy last decade
Though Hazro didn't get benefit from Nat.sulph, the aggravation from steam is one of the indications for it; not other wise.

The patients who get aggravated by Humidity are likely to get help from Nat.sulph.

I don't see the logic in advising to stop Nat.sulph, simply because the steam is not helping to relieve the asthma.

The fact is, we are going on a trial and error method, and the first trial failed. Now we are on the second trial.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

Remember what I told you earlier ?

That I am quite capable of paying you back in the same coin with interest ?

All you have to do is to stop interfering with my posts and all will be well.

Remember that you only have 4 years of background in Homeopathy and you have only very seldom tried to help anyone. Yet you do delight in pontificating on your hyper classical concept of Homeopathy and this is where I beg to differ as I have scored with my Joepathy which I am convinced will win.

If you persist in criticizing my every post as you have done since you returned to the ABC, I have no alternative but to put you in your place.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,

I will order the Blatta O 200 and soon i start this i will report my response in 24hours.

I would like to mention that from my own experience of having asthma for many many years that i know that whenever i have been able to cough up the mucus/phelegm from my lungs and chest this has made my life very very easy and normal...

If there is anything out there that would first of all enable this very very thick mucus/phelegm to be coughed out and then when this has happened that a remedy that would stop the production of mucus/phelegm!

I know what im going to write might come across stupid to yourself and the people reading this column...
but il try to explain to the best of my ability that for the mucus/phelegm to be coughed out its has to go through the process of being 'COOKED'
this word which im using is the only word which i can find to explain the process..
basically you if the mucus/phelegm in the lungs or chest isnt cooked when your trying to cough it out it, if and when you do cough it out its in the form of a water colour...(which means it isnt cooked)
And when the mucus/phelegm in the chest/lungs is 'COOKED' or going through the process of being 'COOKED' its coughed up easier and its colour is green or greenish/yellowish in some cases ,i know it sound digusting but i wouldnt have any other way of explaining it..

I know what i have wrote wont make any sense and maybe some people will think i dont have the slightest clue what im writing but it is true...

The mucus/phelegm in the chest is usually green or greenish for most people whenever they cough it up,this usually happens to anybody that suffers from a cold or just after having a cold and its coughed with ease and these people dont have to have asthma to cough it up most people would only cough it when have had cold and they start to feel better from a cold..

In my case i feel i have alot of mucus/phelegm in my chest/lungs area and it isnt cooked and me suffering from a cold most of the time doesnt help doesnt help me aswell,just adds more misery to my case..

I hope i havnt confused yourself or my case by adding what i have added just thought id give you some information in regards to what i think...

Many thanks

hazro last decade
Dear Joe

If you are hellbent in 'paying me back with interest' and keep up your tirade against me, you are welcome to do so.

Even q u a c k s do suggest a good 'clinical' medicine once in a while, and you are no exception.

I will always appreciate reasonably good prescriptions, whoever may be the prescriber.

If you feel, it is my confirmation that your pathy works, you are mistaken.

My vigil against your useless prescriptions will continue.

You may get a 'well done' complement too, once in a while, which has been rare so far.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Hazro

I understood all that you told about your mucus, and your inability to get rid of.

You need Antimonium Tartaricum sooner than later.

If Blatta fails to releive you completely, this will be the next medicine, we have to try.

procure it in 200 potency and keep it ready.

gavinimurthy last decade
ant.tart is a complimentary to Blatta, and is a good follower to Blatta.

gavinimurthy last decade
Whether the medicine would be ANTIM TART or Ipecac would depend upon whether the tongue is coated or not.
If the tongue is clean, Ipecac would be the medicine
robina last decade

Stomach.--Tongue usually clean. Mouth, moist; much saliva. Constant nausea and vomiting, with pale, twitching of face. Vomits food, bile, blood, mucus. Stomach feels relaxed, as if hanging down. Hiccough.

Respiratory.--Dyspnœa; constant constriction in chest. Asthma. Yearly attacks of difficult shortness of breathing. Continued sneezing; coryza; wheezing cough. Cough incessant and violent, with every breath. Chest seems full of phlegm, but does not yield to coughing. Bubbling rales. Suffocative cough; child becomes stiff, and blue in the face. Whooping-cough, with nosebleed, and from mouth. Bleeding from lungs, with nausea; feeling of constriction; rattling cough. Croup. Hæmoptysis from slightest exertion (Millef). Hoarseness, especially at end of a cold. Complete aphonia.



Stomach.--Difficult deglutition of liquids. Vomiting in any position, excepting lying on right side. Nausea, retching, and vomiting, especially after food, with deathly faintness and prostration. Thirst for cold water, little and often, and desire for apples, fruits, and acids generally. Nausea produces fear; with pressure in præcordial region, followed by headache with yawning and lachrymation and vomiting.

Respiratory Organs.--Hoarseness. Great rattling of mucus, but very little is expectorated. Velvety feeling in chest. Burning sensation in chest, which ascends to throat. Rapid, short, difficult breathing; seems as if he would suffocate; must sit up. Emphysema of the aged. Coughing and gaping consecutively. Bronchial tubes overloaded with mucus. Cough excited by eating, with pain in chest and larynx. Œdema and impending paralysis of lungs. Much palpitation, with uncomfortable hot feeling. Pulse rapid, weak, trembling. Dizziness, with cough. Dyspnœa relieved by eructation. Cough and dyspnœa better lying on right side--(opposite Badiaga).


I will give my comments on how to differentiate between these two medicines later.

gavinimurthy last decade
The tongue is not the guide to differentiate between Ant.tart and Ipecac.

The tongue of Ipecac is normally clean and that of the ant.tart is normally coated, but the absence of coating on the tongue doesn't contra indicate Ant.tart.

In analysis of a case, the absence of a symptom doesn't contra indicate a medicine. However the presence of a charecteristic symptom, while all other symptoms match is a good confirmation.

In cases of Asthma, the group of symptoms related as a whole to Asthma, should be the sole guide.

Ant.tart has the inability to expel the mucus, in the highest degree.

Whereas, Ipecac has the constriction of the precordia as a prominent symptom, which is not prominent in Ant.tart.

So, a person who is gasping for air, with inability to expel the phelgum, and with a sick continence, need Ant.tart, even if his tongue is clean.

I am sure this case will get benefit from Ant.tart.

Generally, the coating on the tongue becomes important,in case of digestive disturbances.

That is why it is said, one should know what is to be included in the totality, and what is to be excluded.

If a patient has 50 symptoms, all 50 will not and should not be considered for arraiving at totality.

I will open a seperate thread on 'totality of symptoms' shortly.

gavinimurthy last decade

For your chronic asthma, you can try Symbicort astrazeneca dot com slash productbrowse slash 6_95.aspx. It is proven to work well by millions of patients in over 80 countries already. Ask your doctor about it if you think it is right for you.

If you are coughing up green or yellow mucus at any time, it means your bronchii (airways) are infected. This is NOT good in any way - it can make your asthma worse permanently for a start. Again, see your doctor immediately for treatment.

Your description of expectorating mucus being 'cooked' is typical of an asthamtic who is not getting any effective relief from the illness. Your bronchii walls are in such spasm that only the coughing action expectorates the mucus. The normal acion is for cilia (small hairs) on the surface of the bronchii to sweep mucus and dust out of your lungs (please look this up if you do not believe me - herbs2000 dot com slash disorders slash bronchitis.htm). Asthma causes these cilia to stop working, and thus the mucus to accumulate and cause difficulty with breathing - hence wheezing and asthma.

Therefore you need to relieve the bronchial swelling in order to deal with the mucus problems (and prevent bronchitis and influenza, etc).

Good luck!
ZepOz last decade
In reply to your observation of cooked and uncooked mucus - Clear mucus is usually due to an allergy, green or yellow is from infection. Therefore when you have only clear mucus see if you can associate it with something you may be allergic to. If it is a food, it is probably something you crave.

As far as finding something to get that mucus out of your chest, please try lobelia inflata. It is not a homeopathic remedy, it is an herbal tea, extract or tincture. If you order it commercially as a liquid, put two drops only in 1/3 cup of water and drink it all. You can take this dose as often as necessary, even every 30-40 minutes. You do not want to increase the amount of drops because it will cause vomiting, but I have seen my smoker friends take several drops at a time straight from the dropper. My non-smoker asthmatic friends cough up handsful of mucus after taking lobelia, and when they take too much, they just vomit.

You can order the loose herb if you like the results, using one cup of the herb to 4-6 cups of water, boil down to 2-3 cups of liquid and pour into a quart jar and add a cup of liquor, any kind you like. In this case, you can use 3-4 of the drops instead of two.

Lobelia is the only thing I have ever seen that does such good for the bronchials.

I am not a doctor, but I have seen this work many times. I would also suggest you reread the instructions Joe gave regarding having someone pound your back when your head is lower than your chest. Good luck.
patti3046 last decade
To Joe,

I have recieved the Blatta Orientalis 6c and the Bacillinum 200!

You would like i use the Blatta Orientalis in the same way i used when i was taking the Nat sulph?

In regards to the
Bacillinum 200 how often would you like i take this?

What do you think of the post about Antimonium Tartaricum?

I Have read the post from patti3046 and find this very intresting(Lobelia inflata )


hazro last decade
To Patti3046

I would like to thank you first of all for providing me and many others who are in hope of curing a very horrible illness with the detailed information on this forum!

Your information about Lobelia Inflata is very Intresting and brings hope into my life.

In my case,mucus is a big problem for me and this makes my life impossible without the inhaler and many other medicines.
For any mucus to be coughed out would be a blessing for me!
This has been my problem for a long time now, my chest and lungs are full of mucus, basically they are jammed full of mucus,so for the mucus to be coughed out it needs the mucus to be elimanated or atleast 'COOKED' to be coughed out.

For the mucus to be coughed out when in the form of being cooked comes out very easily and sometimes in handsful.

It would be great for me to have my mucus coughed out in large amounts and if the mucus is cooked more easier. If this mucus is coughed out it would basically change my life for me.

As you know by reading my case that any information from yourself or others on this forum is appreciated from me.

I hope you dont mind me asking Joe to have a look into what has been mentioned on the forum and to evaluate if i should take this remedy or not at this moment of time!

I just want to thank you and all the people who can share there information on this forum and hopefully i can find the cure that i have been looking for many years now.

Many Thanks

hazro last decade
Don't worry! I will save you the wait. He will swear that either Nat. Sulph or Arnica 30C will be the correct remedy.
ZepOz last decade
To ZepOz,

How would you know that?

Do you suffer from asthma aswell?

Have tou ever taken the remedies which have recommended by Joe or anybody else?

The reason that im asking these questions is like your trying to say that you know something and that me or maybe others dont!


hazro last decade
To Joe,

I hope your alright and so is everything around you aswell.
I havent seen any post from you for quite a while now,im worried!

I have had to revert back to the allopathic medicine(inhalers and prednisolone)
because i havnt heard from you and im in very bad condition with my asthma and very severe cold!
I still havnt taken my new remedy (blatta Orientalis or Bacillinum) because i need some clarifacation on the remedy.

I hope i havnt put you in a spot of bother with my case and if you feel that im bugging you then please feel free to tell me,i honestly dont want you feeling uncomfortable with me or my case.
I can only apologise if upset you in anyway!


hazro last decade
Dear Hazro

Two options are available to you.

If you want to take Joe's opinion you can email him to the email address available in the profile.

Otherwise, if you are willing to post a complete case, one of us will try to help you.

gavinimurthy last decade

You have totally confused me. What does my experience with asthma have to do with how easily anyone can predict Joe's selection of remedies? Nothing, as far as I can see. And besides, homeopathy is not a hobby for me as it is for Joe.

Yes, I have considerable experience with asthma - many decades of experience. Please re-read my post here in this topic made on 4 December, if you have not already read it.
ZepOz last decade

I dont think you have understood what iv asked you!

Maybe if try to understand what its like for a patient whose had severe Asthma for 18 years and tried many types of treatment(allopathic,homepathic and herbal)in this country and abroard.
And ive heard from many people like yourself who think they understand what the patient is suffering from but i dont feel its a crime for me ask what ive asked!
when you have every Tom,Dick and Harry adding there opinion about something without explaining where and how they achieved this information,its very frustating!
Dont get me wrong im not having a go at you,but i havnt and many others havnt been able to eat,sleep,work and live life the way normal people do, and have been on continuous medicine for 18years and regular visits to emergency departments of hospital and have an oxygen cylinder in our bedroom for asthma then maybe you will understand why ive questioned you.
I dont feel sorry for myself and i dont want you to aswell but im not a muppet or an experiment for people to play with.
All im asking is if you read what you wrote on the 4/12/2006 where and how does this explain to me or anybody else, how you understand asthma!
Maybe my words are coming across as harsh but if you try to undestand this is the patients point of view!
I can go the anybodies forum and start adding post,but what do i know?,have i introduced myself?, or do i like just adding information because i have nothing to do in my life and its entertainment?
These questions are not aimed at you so dont think im slagging you off!

Try to understand what i have wrote and i hope we can keep in touch and the information and advice that you provide could prove to be very valuable to me and many others!
I hope that this post of mine doesnt bring divisions between me and you,i really do!
I hope that i recieve some post from you very soon.

Many thanks
hazro last decade

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