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my withdrawal from arnica/eczema test case

Previously I agreed to serve as a test case of arnica in the wet dose on my eczema. I am posting this as a follow up to be fair in case anyone was really paying attention.

I withdrew from the experiment several weeks ago, not because the arnica didn't have an effect, it did, but I am looking for something else.

While on the arnica therapy my eczema got much better. I was only on it for a few weeks, so its impossible for me to say what might have happened had I continued... cure or no cure, I cannot say. I can say that while on the therapy, I did have one food related flare up, it was then that I decided I wanted to find a solution that went deeper. based on my reading of homeopathic materials, and based on my experience with arnica, I gained some hope that I might find a remedy that would resolve my issues on a deeper level. my history of eczema is very long, since birth, and is in my family history. It also appeared in my son, worse than with me. so, it is very chronic, a miasm.

I did much reading, and after very careful selection, decided that lycopodium fit me, physically and mentally, better than all other remedies associated with eczema. I took a dose of 30c a few weeks ago, and noticed many changes... better digestion, better sleep, better sex life, more at peace, and better skin. I have taken a total of 4 doses now in 2 weeks and my eczema is much better, though after a few days the effects of the remedy appear to fade a bit... overall I found the effects amazing. even had better vision for a day or two. my eczema is not totally gone, but is it very much diminished now, and I don't seem to react to foods as before, at least for now.... where should I go from here?

  john34 on 2006-10-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Generalmanager would have a final word in your case. Wait till he comes.
Kuldeep last decade
wait as much as you can, and if problems relapse,take a sigle dose of lyco 30C.

Again wait for response.

no odors on you, around you and in your mouth,while taking the medicine.
gavinimurthy last decade
'john34' :

SINCE you seem to be having a academically bent-of-mind 'to understand the deeper in'tricacy of exzema', these 'relative theory' by Nesha-India, might interest you. Let us know of your thoughts / perceptions on the following :

In many little words, you have confirmed that taking Arnica for eczema (or for that matter for ANY & ALL diseases), even for months together has got no curative effect. AND once you stop Arnica, the symptoms would gradually re-surface.

THIS IS A TYPICAL uncommon 'SUPPRESSION', caused by a very low diminishing sustaining potency. Even if Arnica were to be taken for years together, the suppression (now a suppressed chronic miasm - on the guide-lines of Allopathic perceptions) of the disease WILL or MAY not surface 'BUT' defintely RE-surface ONCE again when Arnica is discontinued. AND probably with a new chronic perverted disease due to consequences of above suppressive remedies (atleast theoritically).

AND that is the precise reason the Arnica propogator (as in joepathy) has to take the Arnica non-stop since last more than 10 years. If the Arnica propogator stops Arnica even for a week, his BP & other diseases starts behaving erratically, as he himself self-confesses.

IF YOU PREFER TO EXPERIMENT, YOU CAN REPLACE arnica WITH ANY OTHER PLANT REMEDY (like bell, opium, lyco...) (and not mineral remedies like ferr, sul, calc. ....) and you would get the SAME VERY results of SUPPRESSION or say sustaining 'AMELIORATION' alias 'PROPHYLACTIC' effect and surprisingly for ANY & ALL diseases. The criteria being that THESE MEDICINES HAVE TO BE TAKEN IN 'a very low diminishing sustaining potency' (that is in the WET DOSE (sic) ) OR we can even say as a never ending 'PLACEBO" dose.

BTW : You can think of Psorinum-1m, One single dose every 50th day for total 3 doses (in 150 days). Psorinum is 1000% complimentary to Lycopodium (that is Lyco. & Psor.) both follow each other very well, where ever Lyco is indicated. You can continue to take Lyco, intermittently, as and when you require.

As it is 'Lyco,' usually & mostly does not work alone and inter-currently you have to take a complimentary remedy like Psor., .......

SOMETHING on 'Psorinum' :
Psorinum digs deeper into the back-ground of Skin disorders (for literal meaning = even previous births or say hereditary factor). Psor. with careful periodical repeated doses, eliminates tendencies (family-histories) of Skin disorders, which includes the innocent tendency to have skin darkening with age (that is mal-nutrition and mal-absorption in the G.I.Tract).

Nesha-India would urge you to read the following link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/51562/ , titled : 'ECZEMA - Causes & Treatment'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read Other articles / posts by Nesha-India :
Nesha-India last decade
To Nesha and GM-

I honestly am can't confirm or deny if the arnica was suppression, I withdrew from the experiment after less than three weeks. not enough time I think to say for sure either way. Though i did have an eczema flare up during the arnica due to a food reaction I think... I did not rebound and have a flare-up after I stopped. But, i started the lycopodium within a week of stopping, so its hard to say.

I can say that i noticed a huge difference between the lycopodium and arnica in that the lycopodium went very 'deep' and affected many different aspects of my health. for example, about a week ago, i woke up in the middle of the night and i was having an asthma attack and could not breath. I had forgotten that in my childhood had this happen relatively often, but it had not happened in over 20 years. The next day it was gone, but it has come back once or twice since in lesser severity. I assume this is a good sign of progress, but I don't know. My eczema is also much less severe.

I have read about Psorinum, and I would appear to be an appropriate candidate based on my family history of skin disease... i will need to give this some careful though, and probably as GM suggests, wait a bit to see what unfolds... what do you think?

john34 last decade

I just want to say that this is fantastic to hear! I know you've been busy trying to solve this issue for you and for your son and this is just fabulous!

I'm happy for you and I was watching your arnica trial - just out of curiousity.

I hope that the Sulphur is working just as well for your son. It (sulphur) truly changed my daughter's life. She is absolutely eczema-free and even the irritation around her mouth is finally gone (though that took a different remedy).

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. :)
josiewales last decade

its great to hear from you, I sometimes wondered how you made out. Its great to hear a real success story as there seem to be so few...

Max has come so far, the eczema is gone, just left with with hives that come and go, a little redness. Hopefully the sulphur remedy will do the trick. We should know in a few months.

re my case, time will tell. after dealing with skin issues for 34+ years, I have leared a bit about suppression and its effects, vs real healing.... i will not give up in trying to get the latter.

Has your daughter been able to handle foods that caused her problems in the past? my hope for Max is not that he can eat junk food, just to be able to eat normal foods....

john34 last decade

Interestingly, we've not seen any 'reactions' to any foods. We never were really sure what she was allergic to or sensitive to (as all her allergy tests came out negative except for a delayed, slight reaction to corn) except that I am certain she was reacting to corn when she was on Neocate.

But, I'm going very slowly with foods and haven't 'officially' added any highly allergenic foods to her diet (I'm very hesitant to try egg and dairy, especially, even though she didn't test positive to them). She gets a bit of wheat and corn, though, in Cheerios (of all things) and sometimes an organic cracker. I've not seen the eczema return, despite eating corn. I haven't introduced fresh corn or in large amounts. I won't do that for a long, long time. But, mostly her diet is 'whole' foods still.

I don't want her to eat junk food, either (my older kids eat very well, but they do eat 'junk' every now and again) but it would be nice not to have to constantly *think* about it, right?

I think you can definitely look forward to a time that Max can eat a normal diet. I've seen it, not only with my own daughter, but on another board that I belong to.
josiewales last decade
Guys, homeopathy can do wonders with the correct remedy, in the correct potency and carefully taken.As both of you have experienced.The healing takes place at a tremendously deep level as if one is born again.That includes one's mental peace.

Congratulations on your success.

rajivprasad last decade

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